GEEKERY: The History of the Millennium Falcon


How did a Harry Harrison novel cover become the ship we all know?

The folks over at Kitbashed have put together a great conceptual history of the Millenium Falcon.

The Millennium Falcon underwent a long and arduous number of conceptual iterations before its final iconic shape emerged; the one we now once again see blasting its way across the big screen. In fact it wasn’t even known by its famous name until well into production, having up until then gone under the much mundane moniker: Pirate Ship.

The conceptualization mythology goes that the final design, perhaps best described as a ‘mandible’d saucer’, was inspired when George Lucas saw a burger with a bite taken out of it, and pinned an olive to its side.

Voila; Falcon.


From the first guitar shaped pirate ship sketch…

millennium falcon sketch

To Colin Cantwell’s first concept model…

cantwell falcon model

To Ralph McQuarrie’s famous concept painting…

McQuarrie falcon


For the details in between check out the full article at Kitbashed – take a look at the other great articles on the history and inspiration behind the franchise while you’re there. It’s well worth your time.

What is your favorite Star Wars ship?

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