Infinity: Have You Tried These Ways to Play?


There are many ways to play Infinity outside the official ITS system, if you are looking for some variety these might be for you!

The official mission system supported by Corvus Belli is the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) and is by far the most popular way to play. But thanks to some very creative fans there are also widely used alternatives that focus on different aspects of the game.

This guide will help you understand the differences in the systems and find the resources needed to play.

Infinity Tournament System (ITS)


Corvus Belli updates the ITS system every year, constantly tinkering with the format through including new missions, excluding less popular ones or introducing special rules. The system is also used for the worldwide ranking of players, with points earned through tournament performances.

Generally speaking, ITS has a focus on using specialist troops to achieve mission objectives, with the rest of the army included as support. This adds a layer of strategy to both list building and play as you need to make sure your list has enough specialist to achieve the mission objectives, but are escorted by more combat orientated troops.

If you intend to play in tournaments or have pickup games at your club it is worth getting familiar with ITS. The most recent ITS pack is available on the Corvus Belli website.


Yet Another Mission System (YAMS)

YAMS was created by the Wargaming Trader and is a fantastic gateway to ITS. Using randomly drawn cards players complete mini objectives to earn points. These range from capturing an area on the board to killing your opponent’s lieutenant.

The objectives let new players experience game play without the ITS focus on specialists and slowly exposes them to some of the interactions of the game.


20×20 Mission System

Created by Data Sphere author Prophet_of_Doom the 20×20 mission system provides 20 primary and 20 secondary missions that can be combined to create 400 unique missions. The goal was to create a mission system that better captured the setting of elite black ops teams clashing, and he did a fantastic job.

The missions tend to be less focused on specialists and provide a deeper narrative than ITS, encouraging creativity in list building that you don’t always see.

You will be tasked with escorting VIPs, hijacking drop ships, and stealing incriminating data. The missions are varied, fun and provide a lot of variety.

Dire Foes


These Corvus Belli mission packs are sold commercially and pit two factions against each other. The packs traditionally contain a Spec Ops character model for each faction and a civilian model. The packs also contain download codes for PDF missions that link into a short campaign. These campaigns are more focused on telling a story rather than being perfectly balanced.

The great thing about Dire Foes is the game designers have been given permission to get creative, putting the story before balance. These are best suited to experienced players as some of the missions do have extremely complex rules, but with the right opponent can be really enjoyable.

What systems have you experimented with? I’ve seen zombie scenarios and even dungeon crawlers starting to gain popularity…..


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  • WellSpokenMan

    There is also Recon, which has a 150 point limit and is good for quick games.

    • Recon is very good for new players getting familiarized with their troops then you can go full with ITS or the other fun systems!

  • georgelabour

    Not entirely related to the game itself but there is also the upcoming RPG from Modiphius entertainment.

    Sadly it keeps being delayed as they have to get approval on everything from Corvus Belli and that takes time. Especially when they find out that there’s a ‘secret’ that the CB intended for certain parts of the setting and they have to rewrite material to cohere to canon.

  • ZeeLobby

    Always like some good alternative playstyles. We might finally be getting into Infinity these holidays.

  • I think 20×20 provides the best casual pick-up games, and YAMS the best organized play. ITS is… well, if you want sanctioned play it’s your only option, but its focus on Specialists means it plays so little like basic rulebook games that it might as well be its own thing entirely.

    Dire Foes sets are interesting, but are going to confuse new (and some less-new) players and I strongly suspect most people buy them for the unique models rather than the scenarios.

    • WellSpokenMan

      There are many ITS missions where full points can be taken without a single specialist. Yes, there are missions that are very specialist intensive, like Highly Classified, but ITS is far less specialist intensive than it was a couple of years ago. To each their own, but avoiding ITS due to specialists is like never eating cookies again because you got a raisin once.

      • I’m not saying I dislike or avoid ITS. I’m saying that you do have to build and play around the format, and that is different from a straight out-of-the-book skirmish, and that takes time and experience to adapt to (not to mention collect models for if they’re as much of a PITA to get a hold of as they are in my neck of the woods), which may not be the best idea for new players who are still coming to grips with the intricacies of the game.

    • DrunkCorgi

      Why would you want to play without specialists? It’s the focus on completing missions over killing more points than your opponent that makes Infinity such an interesting game. Or am I interpreting your comment wrong?

      • Apparently I explained myself poorly.

        As I said to WellSpokenMan, ITS requires different enough list building and play that you have to learn it as its own thing separate from the basic skirmish scenario (or Icestorm, etc.) and I don’t think it’s particularly newbie-friendly or suitable for pick-up games because of it. I don’t dislike ITS, but I do think it’s the least useful of the three mission systems for general play.

  • peter

    Well you can play other then ITS, for fun.
    But the system is balanced around ITS, you will notice this when you have a little expierience in the game. And in the end, ITS is the only way to play