Konflikt ’47: New Soviet & English Units

Konflikt 47 logo wide

These new sculpts look fantastic – check it out!


Clockwork Goblin has been hard at work – these new sculpts look awesome. They’re planning on doing a lot of multipart kits that will allow for easy customization. While these concept designs aren’t final, there’s a lot to like and look forward to. W’e getting monster bears and robots!

via Warlord:

Soviet Daughters of the Motherland

Below you’ll see the first five models for the Daughters of the Motherland. The final unit is planned to have eight poses, plus options for LMG and Panzerfaust carrying models as well!


Seen below – an earlier armour and test pose… This squad of elite troopers is a combination propaganda exercise and test of a refined super serum from the Soviet command. These women can bench press a tractor and armed with the mighty AK’47, they are not to be messed with!


German Falken Jump Squad

“…they have interchangeable arms for maximum options, and separate heads as well, so you can customise to your hearts’ desire.”


Soviet Ursine Squad

This squad dwarfs even the Schreckwulfen and promises to be a brutal presence on the battlefield. They have separate heads and arms as well, so ambitious modellers have lots of opportunities to play!



Above: An early print of the Soviet Ursine Squad – shown on a 40mm base

A Little Additional Firepower…


Of course, all you German commanders are going to need a little extra firepower if you’re to tackle the great Soviet beasts shown above… and boy-oh-boy is it coming!



Alternative Heads Incoming!

Gas Mask heads are coming for various Heavy Infantry units in the game – as well as a little something more unique…

alt-head-preview4 alt-head-preview3 14481901_10153636220866653_2164789807849148944_o alt-head-preview2 alt-head-preview1

EVEN MORE teasing…

As if all of that weren’t enough… Russ also hinted at what he’s been working on more recently to expand the range… including ‘Book 2’ for late next year!

That is more than enough for now…I am holding back on the US and German Powered armour heavy weapon teams, the US 10 man Firefly squad (including BAR trooper) and something pretty cool for the British (which may link to book 2 oh my)…

…and in the coming few months, the mayhem is sure to escalate as the Soviets and British join the frey in force!


Above: There have been rumored sightings of the British and Soviet Starter Armies…


Above: The turret-mounted Zyukovoy Proyektor of the T-34/ZP


Above and below: British Automated Infantry are being readied for action


Get Your Konflikt happening today trooper!

  • euansmith

    There is some lovely stuff her; particularly the new Heavy Infantry, the Robots and the those amazing German Falken Jump Squad. It is a shame about the Daughters of Russian, though. Their armour and weird coats make their torsos too large for them to achieve a natural pose; just compare them to the nicely naturalistic poses on the Jump Squad.

    • Satyan Patel

      Between this, regular Bolt Action and new 40k terrain I’m gonna need a 2nd mortgage. Well maybe not 40k stuff as for its actually cheap.

  • Simon Chatterley

    The British Robots look…British.

    I know the Tommy helm and gun are uniquely British in style but it’s not even that. It’s like in South Park where Worcester Sauce makes everything taste British…these look like robotic versions of that.

    Plus I do love the Russian bears. Some great stuff coming from this. Just wish I could get some interest in it in my area but I’m likely to just buy to paint at the moment

  • Adrien Fowl

    I have immediately fallen in love with those Communist Daughters. They are what I was waiting for to start a new Russian army.

  • Agent OfBolas

    I’m not buying this story … The quality of Warlord miniatures is terrible, especially the metal ones, and the background of this game …

    Nah, sorry Warlord, this market hit is a miss.