Konflikt ’47: New Units for US & Germany

Two Thirds Deep
Allied Walkers Nazi Zombies & more hit the tabletop in Konflikt ’47.

Konflikt ’47 US Mudskipper Jump Walker $45

Leading the assault lands the Mudskipper – one of the newest walkers off the production line!

US M2A1 ‘Mudskipper’ Jump walker is a heavier platform deisigned to give the jump infantry some genuine punch as they advance in to enemy territory. With shock absorbers to handle the jumping manoeuvre and a stripped down chassis to save weight, the Mudskipper is proving a battle-winning addition to Jump Battalions.

The US M2A1 variant replaces the arm-mounted .50 cals with antitank rockets for additional firepower.

In Konflikt ’47

Cost: 240pts (Veteran)
Weapons: Twin forward-facing light autocannons, Forward-facing MMG, left and right armmounted HMG. 2 fists
Damage Value: 8+ (medium walker)
Replace HMGs with two arm-mounted bazookas for +10 points per arm.
Special Rules:



Konflikt ’47 German Totenkorps $29

Operation Cobra launches on 25 June 1944, shortly after the British begin Operation Goodwood on 18 July to fix the German defenders around Caen. After a slow beginning the operations gain traction and German defenders start to lose cohesion.

On 28 July the US achieve a breakthrough and prepare to exploit the gap they fought hard to create. The German High Command, likely Hitler himself, orders the release of their new secret weapon, Die Totenkorps or the Dead Corps.

Overnight the Allied forces begin to fall back in disarray. Reports from the front speak of corpses and zombies attacking the Allied troops from the darkness. Shock, fear and horror break the resolve of the US spearhead forces and by early August, any chance to exploit the breakthrough has been lost…


Totenkorps Squad

The animated corpses of the Totenkorps divide military opinion, whilst an ethical affront to even military minds, their impact on the battlefield and role in saving Germany in 1944 cannot be denied. The Korps now often finds itself held in reserve until required, normally kept as a weapon of last resort under the most fanatical and loyal SS Commanders.

Cost: 42pts (Inexperienced)
Composition: 6 Animated Corpses
Weapons: None
Add up to 18 additional corpses for +7pts each.
Special Rules:
Ignore Pin Markers and Morale checks. Not affected by Medics.





Konflikt ’47 Heavy Panzerschreck Anti-Tank Team $10


The panzerschreck was a German development of the bazooka, firing a large calibre shaped-charge rocket projectile. A blast shield was fitted to the weapon to protect the firer, giving it its distinctive appearance.

Carrying an even heavier version of the panzerschreck, heavy armoured infantry can get closer to their targets and wreak havoc on armoured vehicles.

Cost: 118pts (Veteran)
Team: 2 men
Weapons: 1 panzerschreck
Special Rules:
Large Infantry
Team Weapon
Shaped Charge


~Get in on the Weird World War!

  • Satyan Patel

    No US Mudskipper prices?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Warlord is doing some great work with these minis.