MaxMini: New Orc Halftrack Bike


MaxMini is back with a sweet new Orc Halftrack bike – check this out!

Kelly’s Heroes, eat your heart out! This orc is rocking in a halftrack bike Orcy-Style:

via MaxMini:

Those that have a soft spot for funky WW2 vehicles will quickly recognize what inspired us to do this one – it is based on iconic SdKfz2 Kettenkrad bike. It’s such a crazy one it fits an orc army more than well- especially when pimped up a bit with a “post-apo” feel.

Orc Halftrack Bike – 15.00€

The bike has been meticuously modeled by Kuba (with a bit of construction fixes by Przemek). Initially we thought about making it a bike-only, but we couldn’t resits adding a driver. To do this Zbyszek dug through our assets library and started from there (especially considering we have quite a bit of gems created by Konrad, Kazube and Zbyszek there :D).

The model is a full resin kit and gives you a flexibility of assembling it with or machine gun option (also it is very easy to mount other guns on the arm).

~Hmm, I wonder what scrapyards the Orks have been digging round in. Can we please get some Orks on these?

  • Mike X

    I love halftracks, but sidecars are seriously the stupidest invention. Even the selfie-stick makes more sense.

    • batthemadbat

      My Dad had a Moto Guzzi with a sidecar and as a kid I loved to go crusin in there. Driving on the backseat of a motorbike is by far less fun.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      (WW2 German Ren-enactor Disclaimer) I dunno, but as a recce vehicle I would rather the side car so I can use both arms to use my binocs, signal, or even use my firearm. I have ridden on the back of those with its little saddle grip, try using a bolt action rifle with one hand while being thrown around like a rodeo bull rider and tell me how it’s impractical! However, you are entitled to your opinion if you think it looks silly.
      However that ride has a very, very cushy seat for that side car.. mines just wood with a canvas cover!

      • Mike X

        Here’s my question, though: Why is it the military doesn’t use them anymore? You said it yourself, you’re a WW2 buff. That was decades ago. There are reasons they’re no longer employed. Yet we still have motorcycles…

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Because we really do not use motorcycles at all. AS they are just not life preserving as an armored vehicle. We also have drones, and aircraft and GPS to do our recce for us. Honestly The old cavalry days are numbered in a modern military. We have like 5 units, mainly special forces in the us that even use motorcycles.

  • Commissar Molotov

    With those monstrous treads, it seems like the wheel in front would be pretty useless for steering!

  • Aezeal

    If you are going to build a tracked vehicle (and I think a bigger engine than would ever fit in this machine would be required) then why limit it to a 2 person vehicle? Looks fun to have one for an ork player I guess. A squad of these would probably look ridiculous though.

  • dave long island

    Looks cool, I like the Ork driver, but shouldn’t they have a guy in the back manning (or Orking) the gun??

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    Its a shame to me these smaller model companies have their GW alternatives priced a fair bit higher than GW’s actual models!

    I can get 3 actual GW bikes with bitz to spare for less 2 of these… probably brexit plays a a part but meh… love the model cba with the price.

    • JPMcMillen

      Comparing the price of plastic vs resin isn’t that fair. If GW bikes were resin they would probably be at least 20.00€.