Pathfinder: ‘Horror Realms’ Now Available


Brave unspeakable terrors with the bravest heroes of Golarion in the latest campaign setting book for Pathfinder.

This new setting brings the horrors found in Horror Adventures to new regions with new locations, rules, and character options. A must for those that want to take their campaigns into a more nightmarish place. The book includes:

via Paizo:

  • Information on how the eerie corruptions introduced in Horror Adventures can be incorporated into the world of Golarion, along with details on three new corruptions to vex your players or empower your villains.
  • Seven locations ripe for exploration in horror-themed campaigns, including haunted villages, islands rampant with cannibals and necromancers, and more!
  • Numerous horror-themed class options for characters, including rules for corrupted animal companions, spirits from the depths of space, exploits of the sinister Outer Planes, haunting bardic performances, aberrant eidolons for summoners, and more!
  • Full details on three new categories of variant haunts—incursions into this reality from the First World, miraculous resonances from the gods, and technological surges.


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Horror Realms$22.99


~This is hitting the shelves now – go grab it!

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