Hobby: Thousand Sons Reincarnate Tomb Kings


Who would have thought the Tomb Kings have a new lease on live – as servants of Magnus the Red


Everyone and their brother knows the Thousand Sons are coming back with a vengeance in Wrath of Magnus.  The Thousand Sons are getting expanded into a full fledged line of minis, up from the previous single unit of Thousand Sons.  But even if they are a standalone faction, they are still Chaos Marines and I’m sure will have Battle Brothers access to the standard CSM codex.


That’s where the fun begins.


Remember earlier this year when GW retired the entire Tomb Kings range of models.  Many were heartbroken, as the somewhat boring tired range did have some standout models.

But with minor to no conversion work, and rebasing, modelers looking for something different can raid the old Tomb Kings Range for a badass Thousand Sons counts-as army marching across the battlefield in the service of the Changer of Ways.  Here’s just a few ideas to get your hobby brains bubbling:


Necrosphinx – AKA Maulerfiend

It’s a giant, Egyptian-themed artificial construct that runs forward and tears you apart in close combat.  Just paint it up in Thousand Sons colors to match your army. – DONE For extra credit, ditch the scorpion motifs and replace them with scarab or Thousand Sons bits.



Khemrian Warsphinx – AKA Forgefiend

The giant shooty version of the Maulerfiend  Build the nasty cat construct, stick either an Exalted Sorceror or a handful of Rubrics up top to represent the DAKKA and you are ready to make Magnus proud. For bonus points, get rid of the bones and standard on the fighting platform and Grimdark it up.



Ushabti w/ Great Bows AKA Obliterators

The Ushabti are fantastic bulky models that have a much more refined look than the the construction nightmare that is the Obliterators. Extra points if you can convert the occasional one to wield a grimdark heavy weapon. These guys would look great with a Tzaangor here and there as helpers.


Ushabti w/ Hand Weapons AKA Mutilators

Again, let’s take models we love and use them to replace models rarely if ever seen on the tabletop. Some Thousand Sons bits would go a long way.


necrostalkersSepulchral Stalkers AKA Chaos Bikers

OK, can we admit that Rubrics riding motorcycles is silly?  But creepy Egyptian-themed warp-powred snake constructs slithering along quickly – is pretty cool.  I’d be happy to see these models with some slight conversion work and a matching paint scheme represent the fast movers of Magnus’ legion. Some Cataphractii pauldrons and head swaps might be just the ticket.


Bonus! Casket Of Souls AKA… I have no idea

I just adore this model, but it may be a bridge too far in the Grimdark. I have some ideas of sticking an exalted Sorceror back there and some Rubric guards up front, but I have no idea what it would represent.  I’ll leave that hobby/design challenge to you.


Magnus says: “HOBBY IT UP!”


~ I wish you all happy modelling and good hunting for all those ebay auctions!

  • Diagoras

    There’s a reason mutilators are “rarely if ever seen on the battlefield”. That reason is not because they don’t look enough like undead jackal-men. It’s because they’re awful.

    • Arthfael

      A very lazy obliterator conversion is what they are. How they were ever released is beyond me.

      • kingcobra668

        I forgot they even existed (model and rule wise)

        • Commissar Molotov

          Have you ever seen them fielded on the table?

          …I sure haven’t.

          • kobalt60

            i have a near compulsive urge to buy GW models, leading to 20 year old unopened blisters, nearly every starter box, mostly untouched, etc, etc. Yes, i am an idiot, but even i didn’t buy the mutilators, because too ugly. Also, for the same reason, centurions.

          • ieyke

            Centurions aren’t great, but they’re a billion times better than the Mutilators.

    • Djbz

      The 200% better for the same price assault centurions don’t see the board most of the time because they are considered “bad”, what chance does the poor mutilators have?

      • nurglitch

        How are they 200% better?

        • Djbz

          They have higher strength and toughness,
          their siege drills are better than every weapon the mutilators can use and they come with a ranged weapon so they aren’t useless outside close combat.
          And they have ATSKNF and chapter tactics
          (200% was also an exaggeration for effect though obviously)

          • nurglitch

            Does that exceed the benefit of the Mutilators’ Invulnerable saving throw, deep strike capability, or extra attack?

          • Djbz


          • nurglitch


    • ColonelFazackerley

      Mark of Nurgle oblits are are good. Well, they were an edition or two ago. that T5 made them that bit harder to get rid off.

      Having said that the formation power creep may mean they are not any more.

    • A squad of 3 in a land raider with a warpsmith taken from that formation from traitors hate do pretty good work, but like all CC units in a LR they live or die by the LR

  • Charon

    Necrosphinx as Forgefiend/Maulerfiend is old news.

    • Electrobix

      Helpful comment. Would read again.

      • jeff white


    • Alpharius

      Oh hush now, it was a fun little article for once. Shhh, it will all be over soon.

  • SYSTem050

    I for one like that BoLS has taken the time (however small) to focus on the hobby, conversion side of 40k

    • Karru

      It is quite different from the constant min-max, “i-have-no-idea-why-this-game-is-so-broken-but-here-is-my-other-powergaming-list-of-not-fun” articles we see pretty much 2-3 times a week. More if there was a tournament just before. It’s good that they give something to the hobbyists.

  • yoash barak

    What makes you think the 1ksons have any of these units?
    None of them has been confirmed AFAIK.
    The engines are likely there, ture. But I bet there will be no bikers.

    • Prudent_Paratrooper

      You can Ally with CSM as BB and use them

  • ILikeToColourRed

    tl:dr here’s some models you can’t buy anymore, wouldn’t they make some great pieces for your army

    • euansmith

      If this was a Spikey Bitz article, it would probable have a link to where you could buy them 😉

      Still it is nice to see something about “Counts As” and conversions, which are my favourite bits of the hobby.

      • Ross Allan


  • Seienchin

    These models are not produced anymore and have become quite rare do to the bad sales of the TK range. Please do not destroy these artifacts of warhammer fantasy for conversion to warhammer 40k. If you dont care about the past then at least think about it from a monetary point of view. Three ushabti (unpainted or badly painted) go for at least 60€ on ebay here in Germany.

    • Alpharius

      Wel for the necrosphinx a round base instead of a square one doesn’t “destroy” the model.

  • durendin

    What’s more Ancient Egyptian – Thousand Sons or Necrons? Perhaps should have left the later to the Cthulhu mythos…!

    • euansmith

      I liked the old, implacable, emotionless Necrons from their first Codex.

    • ieyke

      The Necrons.
      They were Egyptians before the Egyptians existed.
      Technically, Egyptians and Thousands Sons are Necron themed.

  • David Leimbach

    If author likes the idea, but not enough to create it. Here, you do it.

  • Nicholas Bollaert

    I’ve seen people put the Casket part of the Casket of Souls on top of a vehicle.

    • euansmith

      Mounted on a Baneblade, it could look really cool.

  • Kaylum Dicks

    Trying to figure out the point of this article. Using Tomb King’s for conversion bases for Thousand sons mini’s is nothing new. You can’t google ‘Thousand Sons conversion’ without coming across dozens. Even more, since Tomb King’s was retired, the prices have sky-rocketed. Not only is this idea of using Straight TK mini’s as a stand in, lazy conversions, but it’s probably more expensive.

    • Electrobix

      The point is that Thousand Sons are getting some releases and people might want to expand on those. If articles and news was limited to what no one anywhere knew or had thought of then no one would have anything to read.

  • Satyan Patel

    Try finding anything Tomb King though. I like the conversion article, but I was rather sadden by the death of the Tomb Kings. However trying to hunt down expired models is quite expensive. In a sense it becomes a rare item.

  • NagaBaboon

    No No No No. I don’t need more reasons to buy a Thousand Sons army!!!!!!