Wonky: The Unstable Adult Party Game

Coming up on holiday party season – do you have something to play with your guests?

Radioactive and highly unstable WONKY® element cubes have been disturbed. As a member of the hazmat team players use Protocol Cards to restabilize the cubes, but beware of toppling, the cubes can cause “Side Effects.” First player to finish following all of their Protocol Cards wins the game.

Wonky: The Unstable Adult Party Game – $19.95

The Basics:

  • Age 21+
  • 2+ Players
In the Tube:
  • 9 custom Wonky cubes
  • 54 protocol cards
  • 20 side effect cards
  • Instructions

via USAopoly:UP ALL NIGHT TO GET WONKY: Your Protocol Cards will tell you which cubes to stack or what actions to take as you try to avoid toppling the cube tower. If you are the first player to empty your hand of all the Protocol Cards, you win the game! Sound easy? BEWARE! If the radioactive towers crash, new “Side Effects” cards will come into play and stranger things will happen! These new cards bring crazy challenges to the party as you test your dexterity and try to stabilize the tower.

Protocol Cards

Side Effect Cards

Please game responsibly.

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