Chaos Traitor Legions: REVIEW

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Chaos finally gets the supplement we have all been waiting for and Chaos players around the world are losing their minds over the arrival of this book!

This 134 page supplement is exactly what all the chaos players have been waiting for! Try and contain your excitement, go ahead, try it! We bet you can’t!


First off notice that the book is in soft cover and not hardcover like the Space Marine Codex. We are unsure as to why they decided to release it in softcover but this book is loaded with content, as it’s nearly as big as the Astartes codex itself.


The beginning of the book has all the fluff behind The Long War, then moves on through the rules for all the legions, and proceeds through all the special rules/ detachments.


We have seen a lot of the Datasheets and Warbands in previous books but it’s great to have them all in one place and easy to access. The book literally replaces Traitors Hate sans the Renegade Knight titan rules, and the Slaves to Darkness Detachment.


There is a Detachment for each legion and what is really cool about them is how they are all laid out the exact same, making it very easy to keep track of.

Check out the video below to see everything we have to say about the new Traitor Legions book in our First Look Review.

Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions: $35

traitor legions supplement

The Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines have waged terrible wars of hate and vengeance upon the Imperium of Mankind for ten thousand years. From the Daemon worlds of the Eye of Terror, they plot the destruction of the empire they once helped to build. They have neither forgotten nor forgiven the loyalists, nor the False Emperor whom they serve. These warriors will not rest until the galaxy is burning, and the Emperor’s putrid carcass is cast down from the Golden Throne into the filth where it belongs.

Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions is a 136-page, full-colour softback supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It contains a wealth of additional content and rules that any Chaos Space Marines army can use, with a huge array of rules for all nine of the Traitor Legions.

In The Book

– Datasheets for the following models:
– Kharn the Betrayer
– Ahriman
– Exalted Sorcerer
– Tzaangors
– Rubric Marines
– Scarab Occult Terminators
– Khorne Lord of Skulls
– Magnus the Red

– 26 Formations for Chaos Space Marines
– Chaos Warband
– Maelstrom of Gore
– The Lost and the Damned
– Helforged Warpack
– Heldrake Terror Pack
– Cult of Destruction
– Fist of the Gods
– Raptor Talon
– Terminator Annihilation Force
– Favoured of Chaos
– Trinity of Blood
– The Chosen of Abaddon
– The Bringers of Despair
– The Hounds of Abaddon
– Daemon Engine Pack
– Cyclopia Cabal
– The Tormented
– Black Legion Warband
– War Cabal
– War Coven
– Tzaangor Warherd
– Sekhmet Conclave
– Ahriman’s Exiles
– Rehati War Sect
– Plague Colony
– Kakophoni;

– Chaos Artefacts, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and an exclusive Detachment for each of the 9 Traitor Legions;

– Updated Disciplines of Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, as well as the Sinistrum, Heretech, Ectomancy and Geomortis Psychic Disciplines;

– Armoury of the Chaos Space Marines.

~We are extremely excited to have our hands on the book we have been waiting years for! Head over to Games Workshop and get your own copy of the Traitor Legions Supplement today!

  • Mr.Gold

    if only they made it a few pages longer and included the generic chaos warband from Traitors Hate as well as the Renegade knight rules this book would be perfect.

    • Randy Randalman

      But neither a generic Chaos Warband or a Renegade Knight are from or about the Legions.

    • Niklas Persson

      The Chaos Warband is on page 46. There’s even a picture of it in the article.

      • MPSwift

        ^This XD

  • Randy Randalman

    This is softbound because 1.) cheaper; and 2.) so was Angels of Death, which this book mirrors.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      I think it is progress. A £20 price tag certainly helped it sell. My local GW sold out on Saturday morning and the redshirt said it was sold out onlline too.

  • Charon

    Most of the Legion rules are actually pretty solid, sadly im stuck with Wordbearers.

    • Nyyppä

      Compared to WB a wet noodle is pretty damn solid. A matter of perspective i guess. I’m not playing the game before it’s fixed but honestly, if I’d have to pick a legion now I’d go for DG or BL. Not because they are the best but rather because they actually counter some of the things that make CSM so damn weak.

      • Charon

        While the power curve is mixed at best, I do not mind it too much as the bonus is minor in most cases. BUT I DO mind the lack of inspiration that went to some legions.
        It is not even fluffy or any different than the Black Crusade detachment, it has just less options, less synergy and and there was not even an effort made to include the dark apostle into the copy&paste detachments as a subsitute for the lord.
        At the moment there are 3 detachments that allow one (Lost and the damned, CAD, Lords of the Legion) but as you have to take mandatory lords, Princes or Smiths you wont be able to fit him in anyways.

        • Nyyppä

          I agree. MWG people pointed out that It is nice that GW, for once, did not take the “1 up” style with their releases. Well, looking at things that are not on top of the game at the moment that were released after last BA codex that route has not been taken many times and I don’t think that they would not “1 up” the now powerful “good guys” next time too.
          So, while I agree that it’s nice that this was not some huge power leap but rather an attempt to add flavor in to the faction in this particular situation I would have preferred the power leap over this. With some luck it would have been more imaginative too in the sense of being fluffy. One of those things would have been the WB having perils from summons only on double 6s instead of all doubles and adding 2 levels of psychic powers to apostles.

          • Charon

            Ther would have been a lot of possibilities.
            Counting a a daemon when casting conjurations, beein allowed to join or get joinded by models with the instability rule, Getting an “Lord Apostle” who can substitute a Lord or Sorc in a detachment (and gets bloodly options like a bike or a daemonic mount ffs).
            And please… if you hand out basically the same detachment bonus as the Black Crusade detachment then also let it stack with “Favored Scions” like the black crusade detachment.
            Also crusader is a terrible USR and not fitting for WB.

          • Nyyppä

            All true. In this release the fail is real.

    • Painjunky

      As a NL fan I feel your pain.

      Ive tried making a NL list that could rival my casual KDK list.
      Sadly NL just can’t compete.

      Even my DE, that right I said DE, would mop the floor with them.

  • Eric Etheridge

    Just got mine yesterday, really nice. I really hope people catch on that you can mix and match legions by formation, instead of just a single legion detachment

    • ZeeLobby


    • Nyyppä

      And when you do not want to? There are plenty of people who are fans of one specific one that they painted their whole army to look like.

      • Eric Etheridge

        That is obviously an option too. I just wanna run a proper crusade

        • Nyyppä

          That can be done from one legions perspective too.

          • Eric Etheridge

            Yeah it is
            Not seeing your point here

          • Nyyppä

            The point is that mixing legions is fine, sure, but it’s often like allying CSM AD with Daemons CAD. Why would you hinder Daemons by spending points for useless CSM? By same logic why would you ally DG with WB when DG is simply superior in every way.

          • Eric Etheridge

            Not necessarily for each formation, I’d go for some WB summoning shenanigans with a sorc while my DG picks up the slack in the core formation.

            Admittedly it will be needlessly complicated, but I don’t play warhammer because its simple.

          • Nyyppä

            There is no WB summoning shenanigans. CS summoning is almost infinitely better just because you can make the CS sorc a daemon. WB get to summon twice per game on average and at that point you give up a kill point to your opponent because the WB sorc died to perils.

          • Eric Etheridge

            Don’t they harness on a 3 up? Anyway I’d use 1k sons instead, I just said WB cause you brought theme up

          • Nyyppä

            WB are not daemons. That means that you either roll a yazzy when you summon or you perils. Perils means almost certainly that the unit takes a wound so basically it’s more likely that that sorcerer dies during the second attempt to summon. That’s not summoning shenanigans. It’s just useless crap.

          • Eric Etheridge

            I need to reread their rules, wasn’t intending to run them so I skimmed first time. Still probably gonna go 1k tho

          • Nyyppä

            That is wise if these are your 2 options.

          • Eric Etheridge

            Yeah going 1k for my wiz biz

  • Christie Bryden

    I think this is a good book, BUT I play thousand sons so everything was already in the wrath of magnus book, so I have no need to buy this, but many of my friends who also play chaos space marines (and have had them on the back burner till this) are looking forward to it.

  • eehaze

    You all think I can use Typhus’s zombies in a Lost and the Damned formation?

    • Karru

      Can’t see why not. The rule states that any Cultist unit in the same army as Typhus can be made into Plague Zombies. They are part of the same army when you take Typhus and the Lost and the Damned formation as part of your list.

      • eehaze

        Also states that they can’t have upgrades. Does that mean that they can’t be part of a Dearth Guard formation, or that they are allowed without a mark?

        • Karru

          Units that can take a Mark has to do so. Plague Zombies cannot take Marks and don’t have any other Mark, so you can take them.

  • Karru

    To me this release is solid. Everything in it is good for CSM, since now GW has a nice base to improve them for future book. It’s a pity that they didn’t give CSM players formations that would fit some legions better than others, like an Iron Warriors one that would make you ignore the Boon Table and instead increase their FNP for example. The Boon table is still the bane of CSM, since GW seems to think that it’s useful. Because of it, GW decides to give formations and detachment bonuses that focus around it which is not good.

    As much as I like RNG tables, CSM Boon table has never made any sense to me. They really should just return to mutations being upgrades instead. It makes a lot more sense since that way your Lord is actually a veteran of the long war, instead of being a fresh recruit.

    So basically a nice to do list for GW when it comes to CSM would be this:

    – Remove Boon table and make Mutations upgrades once again.
    – Give more Legion specific formations. Iron Warriors focusing more on Obliterators and getting benefits to their FNP, Alpha Legion getting better with Infiltrating and their Cultists and Night Lords being able to swarm the enemy with lightning fast units. Things like that, no “take this Cult Marine x7/8/9 and get this benefit” formations.
    – Make Cult Marines reasonably priced. CSM squads with Mark of Khorne and Nurgle are better than Berzerkers and Plague Marines. Noise Marines prices are good IMO since they are only 17pts and have access to Sonic Weaponry. Thousand Sons are still a joke for their price.
    – Options here are to make them either more powerful through extra abilities, unique equipment or rules.
    – For example, Plague Marines could get better FNP or even increased Toughness.
    – Khorne Berzerkers could get better CC weapons, something like Chain Axes are Rending or maybe just make them much faster movement wise.
    – Thousand Sons need a massive price drop to 19pts a model if they want to keep the Sorcerer as a must. This means that 10-man Thousand Sons squad is now 225pts. Then remove the Slow & Purposeful, replace it with Relentless, as long as the Sorcerer is still alive.
    – Improve the Daemon Engines. Forgefiend should get +1 BS if it stood still last turn, Maulerfiend could use more attack and Defiler needs a price drop.
    – Give Daemon Weapons back as unique wargear options for CSM. They shouldn’t be Relics and there should be one for each god as well as unmarked version.
    – Give CSM access to 2+ save without taking a Terminator Armour. Daemon Armour with 2+ save, 5++ save for 25pts sounds good.

    • Eric Etheridge

      I think a streamlined boon table could still be fun, just make it a d6 roll, on 1 nothing, 2 – 5 boon from a chaos God, 6 reroll and get the boon you roll twice, reroll and get 1 get chaos spawned, get 6 and demon prince

      The chaos God boons would be stats instead of special rules

      • Karru

        They could go with Warriors of Chaos Eye of the Gods table style. 2D6, no useless results outside BS in that table. If you roll a double 1’s, you roll for LD. Fail and you turn into a spawn, succeed and you become stupid. It wasn’t the main focus of the book either, which was nice. You could also get the benefit for entire unit, like Chosen.

        • Eric Etheridge

          They need to stop fearing it being op because most chars can get 3 tops anyway.

          Or hell, grant wargear

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      More than likely, they will dumb it down to 4 d6 tables, each tied to a Ruinous Power. Given the recent trend of severely downsizing wargear sections, purchased mutations, outside of Possessed, are unlikely to return.

  • Jeff

    If I have the other books, why would I want this? its just reprint crap already out there….the legion specific rules are probably two pages….

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Legion-specific stuff, apart from Tactical Objectives, has been spoiled already, and unless you want to run formations, the rest is unnecessary.

  • Vladamyr

    The only gripe I have about the book is the only formation that Bikes and Havocs are in is the Chaos Warband, would have liked to see them in a formation with a smaller tax