We Want Plastic Sisters – Not Placeholders!


One gamer knows what he wants and wonders why GW won’t just give in and take our money?

a guest editorial by Abe K. of OzDestro.com


Look, I’m just going to say it – were the Imperial Agents and Sisters of Battle ever popular armies? In my many moons, I have seen very few people field either – but that’s not to say there isn’t a place for them. The idea of the Sisters is awesome, and the hobby needs strong female role models in there to encourage female games to join – BUT why are Games Workshop releasing it like this? Surely a simple plastic boxed set in conjunction with the Codex Imperial Agents would be smarter and cheaepr in the long run, and if they did have PILES of Sisters of Battle lying around the warehouse, doens’t that tell them that this army isn’t that popular? Wouldn’t Imperial Agents with a Plastic Sisters of Battle box and a plastic Adeptus Arbites box have been a better idea? Both of these have been sort after by the community, feature in this Codex and it would be a solid release, with Adeptus Arbites also crossing over into the Genestealer Cult releases.


Hell the Immolator could be a dual kit with the Adeptus Arbites crowd control vehicle – BOOM – awesome!


It’s early days I know, but after some really smart releases in the past 4 months or so, this seems like a release right out of the bad old days of Games Workshop hurrying together a release and botching it up to then later get lost amongst newer releases or ‘the new shiny’.

I’m only concerned because this CAN work.


This could be an popular army with great new minis, but it’s starting to smell like Flesh Eater Courts to me.


Bring on plastic Sisters and plastic Adeptus Arbites, not these proxy placeholders…

~What do you think?

  • Pyrrhus of Epirus

    im not saying there isnt a world where sisters cant get new models, but given the popularity of them even years ago which wasnt very high, why would they revamp the line. There really isnt much demand besides a few dies hards still holding out hope. If there was ever an army in 40k to start the cull with for 8th edition, sisters is it.

    • Karru

      You mean just like Genestealer Cult didn’t have “any demand”? Sisters were about as popular as GSC, because their model availability. Sisters are Metal models that are currently priced way too high. Now, if they make them plastic with the basic squad box priced around 25-35€, GW will see a massive spike in popularity with Sisters. There are many players that enjoy playing Imperials, but don’t want to play Space Marines because they don’t like the models or they just don’t want to play them in general. Currently they have options for Ad Mech and Imperial Guard as far as plastic models and availability is concerned.

      Just saying that I have yet to meet someone IRL that doesn’t want to make a Sister army for themselves.

      • Pyrrhus of Epirus

        ah, i love anecdotal evidence, who dosnt. I contrast that with i play in a club with 35+ people, not one plays sisters, or has even mentioned it as something they are interested in.

        • Karru

          I see Neophytes there. I also see Adeptus Mechanicus there (Finnish store page if that matters). Both of them are very “niche” armies. Just like Sisters. Think it like this, if a “niche” army like that makes it to the “best sellers” it does have some major demand. Seeing Space Marines there isn’t a surprise as many people buy these for conversions and there are quite a few Marine players out there already. Neophytes and Ad Mech models are really only usable for their own armies. That should tell you something about demand.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            Admech is a popular tournament army, perhaps you should stick to things you know about because i know from your posts your not a tournament player. Popular tournament armies = strong sellers.

          • Karru

            Genestealer Cult is also getting popular there. Why wouldn’t Sisters if they get new codex AND new plastic models?

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a merry xmas.

          • Karru

            Out of interest, what do you have against Sister release?

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            I dont care about any army, but at a certain point with the rules bloat, you need to start cutting somewhere, and its easier to cut a army that hasnt been supported in a decade, than it is to take out the ultramarines, or necrons, or eldar.

            Do we really need what, 25 seperate armies where half of them are jsut minor variations of each other? i dont think so.

          • Valeli

            And you think that cutting entire ranges to get rid of special rules makes more sense than cutting back on, say, the 10,000 different formations around that each give special rules?

            Because that rule bloat could be cut without removing anyone’s army or (significantly) upsetting anyone.

            Why would you start with the amputation?

          • Drpx

            No they’re not.

          • Morgrim

            Exactly, so we should start dealing with the rules bloat with LESS SPACE MARINES. Spiky or not. I’m not as familiar with numbers this edition, but last ed there were more Sisters of Battle players in my area than Blood Angels or Space Wolves, and I’ve never heard of someone suggesting removing THOSE.

          • Muninwing

            if sisters are salamanders with breasts, then necrons are just marines with glowsticks…

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            You clearly dont understand the reference. Power armoured individuals that use boltguns/flamers/melta are actually similar to each other.

            What is similar to necrons and marines? Necrons dont have piwer armour, no bolters, far more resilience. They are nothing alike

          • Muninwing

            rule-wise, necrons are closer to marines than Sisters are. MEQ is a 3+ with S4 T4.

            Necrons are MEQ. Sisters are S3 T3.

            sure, the salamanders got buffed with the “we like flames” thing somewhere after the Sisters had a lock on it (pretty sure they got it in 5th for rules, 3rd for lore). then Chapter Tactics made it a bigger thing.

            sisters have the flame thing… sure… but they also have (or at least had)
            – fast close-range shooting jump troops
            – insane melee specialists (that have been rendered terribly by rules, but that’s a separate issue… arco-flagellants and Repentia should be a force to be reckoned with if they fix the rules)
            – a neat twist on Dreadnoughts
            – fast-moving midrange shooting in large numbers in a mobile squad instead of longrange heavies
            – barrage heavy support
            – Acts of Faith that are not psychic powers but something else entirely

            but sure, they’re fluff-wise just Space Marine chicks, right?

            not even. the SM are not so much religious as indoctrinated, whereas the Sororitas are the cream of the zealotry crop. hence acts of faith. and the SM are genetically engineered super-soldiers embedded with a piece of a 10,000-year-old science experiment conducted by a walking immortal, whereas the Sisters just wear heavy armor.

            i guess, if you simplify it down to “they use fire” then every space marine army that has flamers might as well just be Salamanders, and any daemons/CSM of Tzeentch too. they’re all the same.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus


          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            i could easily, easily refute every one of these points, but frankly i dont care. i said my opinion, your under no obligation to like it or agree.They are very similar and necrons play nothing like marines.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            In what way are they remotely similar? Sisters and Salamanders are both power armoured members of the imperium with similar guns (boltguns, flamers, melta), its an easy comparison to make.

            So in what way are necrons just marines with glowsticks? Please elaborate. They dont wear power armour, have the same allies matrix nor use the same guns

          • Cergorach

            Why do people keep thinking that the ‘tournament scene’ is a large customer pool for GW, think about how many of the same people you see on all the different tournaments, now how many tournaments there are in NA, the UK and the rest of the EU… Do you really think that few people make any dent in a GW revenue of $200 million, which might easily translate to $300+ million in MSRP product (GW still sells most product through third party sellers)…

            The tournament scene is a few percent at best…

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            a collector buys one package of scat bikes, a tournament player buys 6+ because of how strong they are. a collector buys one box of warp spiders (or none since the models are trash), a tournament player buys 3 boxes. see the difference.

            I ripped on a guy earleir for anecdotal evidence so im loathe to say this because it might be isolated, but of my club of 35+ guys, about 10 are tournament mentality guys, we buy the lionshare of the new warhammer from our FLGS.

            I personally just bought a warconvocation from scratch that i plan on building during xmas, im the first guy to actual buy the models at our store. No collectors cared, and the casual guys due to cost dont see the point in starting another army. I bought them to bring to an april tournament, and my store is $700 bucks richer.

          • Karru

            So using your logic, we should get rid of Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, CSM, Tyranids, Orks and Grey Knights as well? Those are not doing well in the tournament scene and aren’t appearing the Best Seller list on the GW site. Those CLEARLY don’t have ANY major demand, so let’s just get rid of them. Adeptus Mechanicus and Genestealer Cult can remain though because they are used by tournament players and as such have enough of a demand to exist, even though they are rule bloat. They didn’t exist in the game for a long time, but got new book with good rules and even more amazing models.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            you like to talk in circles to much, ive said my peace. Those armies have all been supported recently and have full model lines. Stevie Wonder can see the difference if you cant. CSM are still on the best sellers list btw in the form of the dark vengence battleset.

          • Karru

            So why not give Sisters same love then? Give them new models and rules and boom, you have more demand. Now they are also supported and shouldn’t be axed.

            Just because you personally don’t want to collect Sisters doesn’t mean GW should take them away from thousands of players out there.

          • Cergorach

            Wow! 35+ guys… How much of a dent do those folks make in $300 million?

            You think there are 30.000 such clubs world wide?


          • pskontz

            I am not a tourney player by any means but they also go through new armies like underwear. newest biggest things rotate in and out so many (not majority) do resale and buy stuff more consistently than the crazies like me (Im sitting near 38K of imperial from all factions in my game room). I cant say who buys more or less but collectors have a more lng term methodical purchases were hard core tourny players tend to rotate more.

            truth be told GW really needs both to stay on top. (I hate the internet for drawing battle lines between the two)

          • Moonsaves

            So what you’re saying is that as long as they got a rules boost to make them competitive there’d be no reason for them not to get a plastic release?

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            unfortunetly whatever my msg was, it gets lost when you start discussing the same issue and saying basically the exact same things to 4-5 different people. I feel overall the game has to many factions and needs to be pared down. Its easiest to start with both non popular factions (for whatever reason, age/cost) that dont have new models or new rules than to just come down and eliminate the ultramarines, or eldar.

          • Valeli

            You feel the game has too many factions?

            What negative impact have the sisters of battle (or any other faction around) had on your gaming experience, competitively or otherwise?

          • Muninwing

            point of order… what is the problem with a higher number of factions?

            “too many” is an arbitrary opinion. thus, let’s go with that phrasing.

            because what does it really hurt?

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            it hurts game balance trying to balance 25 factions vs say 7. if you cant understand basic things on game balance, why am i even talking to you. Oh ya, im not anymore, go stalk somebody elses comments days after the fact.

          • Michael Brown

            And what exactly are you as a tournament player not buying? Oh yeah those boxes of units, that in your eyes, are not optimal in tournaments. Casual players will still buy those boxes that you won’t. His point still stands, You’re a drop in the bucket.

          • Mike

            Sorry buddy but it seems you don’t know a lot of “collectors” I know personally several tournament players (tourneys) and collectors alike and I have to say the $ amount spent on the collectors side is far heavier. For instance your average tourney makes a list checks it twice and buys to fill. I know 3 people that have winning gt winning 1850 list and literally only have 2k pts in models total for that army. Where and I have another friend who has a (verifiable) 60k points in painted Eldar/Dark eldar including titans. At one points I myself had more than 7k pts in necrons alone.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            And yet, time and time again; GW has proved that there number one customer is…..The mom that comes into the store and buys 1 box and never buys again. That’s why they switched to one man stores.

          • frank

            i have yet to purchase the new codex but this is the first i hearing of my warp spiders being all of a sudden ridiculously good. not to complain I love them but still seems like that was not the normal for most peoples complaints about eldar in the current codex. what has changed about them they were always an under utilized but solid choice?

          • captkaruthors

            I like how you criticize people using anecdotal evidence…yet you are doing the same. LOL.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            its funny, its almost like in your zeal to add your 2 cents, you completely gloss over the fact that in the very post you quote, i myself reference anecdotal evidence and how im loathe to give it given my stance on it (but at a certain point when arguing with 6 guys who all are giving the same anecdotal storeis, i throw mine in). Your ability to read what somebody says, than regurgitate it back is unparalleled, you must be great at parties.

          • Muninwing

            when you use your anecdote as a broad sweeping generalization that is supposed to be taken as truth…

            then other people jump in with their anecdotal evidence that contradicts yours…

            they are not trying to say that they are right. they are trying to show you that your broad sweeping generalization is so broad as to be wrong, and are offering you data points.

            if you said “all fantasy novels are badly-written trash” (which crosses from opinion to critique), then fans of fantasy novels who are also well-read may offer you a selection of award-winning or well-recognized classics in the genre. that doesn’t mean they are attacking you. it means that your statement was probably incorrect, or arbitrary, or so subjective as to be indefensible.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            feel free to not reply to me any further, guys who stalk through my old comments to add thier two cents on what is my opinion whether they like it or not, get ignored. good day.

          • Muninwing

            i bet if you made balanced rules throughout the whole game, many armies would sell better…

            instead of the focus on the crazy tournament-driven WAAC army sales that then are deserted when the newest cherry-on-top tourney winner list comes along

            that was what killed 5th for me. the codex creep and the magnification of the “winning list” dominance changed how people interacted with their own armies and their gaming communities.

            there’s some bloat — i’ll give you that. but i wonder how many people actually care about the bloat because they have had definable issues with it, and how many just repeat blogs and pages like this where people use the term, and just assume that it’s a real issue despite it never actually being an issue for them…

          • Muninwing

            a collector buys one package of scat bikes because they like them.

            or (like i nearly did a couple years ago) decides to collect Biel-Tann and buys a whole windrider host for the lulz.

            or like me decides to expand my Dark Angels to include the greens, and ends up with a whole company (just before 6th, so before fielding a double-demi was even a thing).

            a tournament player might buy a whole new army when the flavor of the week advantage is something they are chasing… but what happens to their old army? some sell theirs and flood the aftermarket. some keep them as collectibles or past trophies (but then they are collectors).

            but i’m not focused on the tournament scene. i would rather play than paint, but i like my projects.

            i could field an easy 13,000 points of Imperials alone (DA, IH, IG, a Knight, and various Agents) right this second, and with a day and excusing bad/no paint i could easily add another 3000. tapping into my Chaos, DE, and my wife’s army, and we have an easy 24,000 points in our basement. and that’s not even addressing the old WHF stuff that is currently collecting dust… another 15-20k of points there…

            so tell me again why you dropping $700 on a cheez scat bike army to try to get an advantage is a big deal. and why that’s somehow overshadowing what others do.

          • Valeli

            I don’t know. Because people are crazy or (more likely) trolling.

            I have nothing against tournaments, but people who actively “compete” in 40k on a regular basis and fly cross country to various opens (vs just trying to win their normal games) are definitely not a majority.

          • Talos2

            Marines are rarely good at tournaments over the years yet have made up somewhere in the region of 80% of their sales. Not sure how that works

        • Cergorach

          I see Killzone on number 9 and Nephytes on number 12. No Orks, no Tyrandis, no Eldar (of any denomination), no IG, no Daemons and no Necrons. There is a bit in the starter box for CSM.

          The question is of course how accurate that data is. AOS on #1:Archaon Everchosen, #2

          Alarielle the Everqueen, #7 Shattered Dominion Scenery Set (a GW webstore only item), #15 Garden of Morr (which is out of stock)….

          Both from the EU page…

        • Valeli

          As opposed to your hard empirical evidence that no one likes them?

          If we want empirical evidence, all I have is that the silly new one-off model sold out super fast on the first set of pre-orders. Whatever that means. There probably weren’t a ton, and they’ll put it out again (fortunately, because you can also add me to the list of people that wants it).

          Clearly this indicates that, at the very least, /some/ people are interested.

        • Talos2

          I couldn’t stand any imperial marine model for most of my time in the hobby which is over 20yrs now, luckily those kind hearted people at gw gave us abnormal pariahs other races to use and kill those rubbish mahreeens with. I play in a few clubs there’s several at both that always say if sisters go plastic that’s what they’ll do next so I suspect your club is the odd one out here

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Mainly because they got new rules and new models that look amazing…. I am sure you would see Sisters spike up if they too got new models you know that are not from 1996, and are not 100 dollars American for ten…..

          • Muninwing

            maybe i should unload the ones i have on ebay before they lose value… pretty sure we have 20-30 untouched metals…

      • Jup. The current models are old, they are heavy, they are expensive and they never had a really good going army (Repentias suck, that walker-throne sucks and imo also the organ-vehicle sucks). But it has such a huge potential. GW made a pure bomb of awesomeness when releasing Dark Eldar, Harlequins and Genestealers. They could do the same for Arbites and Sisters. I always thought of having armies of these, dating back 20 years! Back then I’ve been a child without money, now I have the money, but no viable products/army to purchase in this direction.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          The part I like about your post the most is the admission of IMO. Dead serious. You make a few great points and I agree about now that that I have the money there is no viable product. In 2nd Ed the Sisters were a ton of fun but I had no money to buy them, everything went into my Dark Angels. Now that I have the cash the rules were subpar and the models, while nice enough, were static and very pricey.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Sisters was my first true army, that I paid for myself. However was so poor I couldn’t get all I needed then. Now, forget about it!

      • generalchaos34

        I REALLY REALLY want to have a sisters army, ive wanted a sisters army for well on 15 years. Its just the prices were always too high and due to how their books shuffled around or in magazines its never given me the chance to start. I just cant bring myself to spend $80 on mediocre metal models when I can get 30+ guardsman or 2 squads of Krieg for that price.

        • Muninwing

          there’s the rub… mediocre.

          i really have loved the art aesthetic of the SoB since i started the hobby in 3rd. but they have not gotten a single new model since i have played. and the old ones do not do a decent job capturing the aesthetic.

          the picture on the cover of the digital-only codex should serve as the standard. looking at other all-female model units (such as Wyches, Banshees, and Witch Elves) they have the tech to design kits at that level. but it’s just the fluff right now that are quality — the models have potential and the rules are mediocre as well.

          so of course they don’t sell well.

          playing to your username… it’s not like they would need even a subtle redo like the Thousand Sons got… or an update box like the WHF Gors got from the herd-box to the 7/8 armybook box… the old SoBs are contemporaries with other models that have been updated more than once since.

          while Daemonettes may have gone back to chicken-ladies with their plastic update, they are still far more detailed than the old crab-lady metals… and that’s about where SoB are coming from.

          so as much as i’d love in theory to have an awesome Sisters army, the availability, quality, materials, and price of their current models are all prohibitive.

      • Neil Carleton

        I thank the lack of popularity for Sisters of Battle is purely down to the fact they’ve never made it out of metal/finecast. The small elite army factions like Grey Knights may have been collectable in metal back in the day but for a cheaper troop force like Sisters it hasn’t been practical for many editions!

    • Simon

      I might disagree only on the basis that Raging Heroes has been doing very well with a product line using the same aesthetic as Sisters of Battle. They don’t have a game, which means folks buying those dolls must be collectors or players of another game.

      I don’t think we can base thoughts on the popularity of an army today on the popularity of an army from decades ago. A lot has happened in between in 40K, the wargaming hobby, and pop culture overall. The landscape is ever-changing.

      I’m pretty sure Sisters of Battle would not be the highest-selling army out there if released anew, but that another company is successful filling the Sisters of Battle space that GW neglected (and perhaps neglected for good reason, maybe the 90s wasn’t the time to release Sisters of Battle), suggests that there’s a viable market for the army.

    • Nick Vaughn

      If yesterday’s 2 minute online sell out of the new Canoness is any indication, the sisters are immensely popular.

      Sisters popularity at this time is a result of GWs own doing. Back in the mid 90s they might not have sold very well or not at all, which in turn had GW put them on the back burner for now 2 decades. As a result we are stuck with an army that costs $80 for a metal 10 lady squad without customizable options. Who wants to pay that when other army troop boxes are multi-unit plastic kits for half the cost? It’s a chicken and the egg thing, sisters don’t sell cuz they’re not in plastic, and GW hasnt done them in plastic because they don’t sell.

      I also doubt we see a culling. With the return of arguably even more niche armies like Harlequins and Genestealer Cults, GW knows how to resurrect an old faction and make them something fun and fluffy. Rumor mongers are still touting plastic sisters for 2017, and with the way the last year has gone, I actually believe it. I can guarantee the second those plastics go live we see another rapid sell out.

      • Munn

        The sell out is actually even worse than that. GW had to send out an email to store managers saying ‘Hey, this sold INSANELY more than we thought and not everyone is going to get one right away so keep people from buring anything down.’

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      You really can’t say there is no demand. Look at the huge sum of money Raging Heroes made from that kickstarter that was essentially SoB proxies.

      • Cosmic_Seth

        Hard to compare the two though, remember GW is a publicly traded company, and they represent half the gaming market. Even if GW made Raging Heroes, it wouldn’t have made them that much money due to such a small customer pool.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          2 million is a lot of money even to GW.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            Last time I checked… (jan 2016 figures), they are worth 286 million dollars. 2 mil is like 0.007 percent. Yes, it’s something, but not something they should chase.

          • Nameless

            0.7%… even at a cursory glance you should have known you where wrong.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            I just did 2/286 which equals 0.0069. I do suck at math though, but I thought that how one gets the percentage.

          • Nameless

            a percent is 1/100th of the total amount, think of it in similar terms as money where 1 cent is set to be 1/100th of a dollar/euro. now when you divide a number by itself, you get 1, but we want the total to be 100 (100% being all of something), so after division we multiply the answer by 100.

            so in the above case we have 2/286 x100 to get the amount as a percentage. hope that helps.

          • Muninwing

            part over total times 100… you forgot the x100.

            per cent, or for each hundred.

            0.0069 = 0.69%

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Last year their total revenue was 120 million pounds. We don’t know how much of that is mini sales from 40k, but perhaps its half (the rest being AoS, books, FW and licensing)? So maybe 60 million? Another 1.5 million pounds would be something like an extra 2 and a half percent.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            My brain translated the “2 million” into dollars, and I was using their net worth, ie stock values. I am not a math guy/ or an economics guy, and sometimes the numbers do spin, but the 2 million from Raging Heroes, is that profits, ie after subtracting cost of production?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            no, turnover from one Kickstarter. I compared it with GW’s yearly turnover to see what proportion such a thing would have increased their sales by.

            I suspect that a GW SoB release could potentially bring in even higher sales if they didn’t blight it with weird or underpowered rules, because of GW’s market position and access. Could be another cash cow like Imperial Knights were.

          • Muninwing

            i’ve been saying that if GW wanted to deal well with Sisters, they’d do a kickstarter.

            and Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here” set a precedent for established projects/businesses to use crowdfunding to create projects that they would not risk otherwise.

            so… imagine.

            redo the line.
            – do wyches-meet-chaplains for aesthetics.
            – offer rewards by static-price box ($40-50-60 for troop x10, elite/heavy/fast x10, vehicle), to be selected at the end.
            – start with the current line, with each currently-existing unit represented as the must-fund costs for the kickstarter to succeed
            – have a mid-goal stretch goal be a new rulebook, that includes new units, some which might have been funded before and others that would be funded after.

            if everyone who claims they want sisters would come out for the kickstarter, they’d fund easily.

            then again, if they were to release (online, via WD, etc) a solid teaser small formation (maybe hint at the re-inclusion of faith/miracles), it would drive up pledges and guarantee its success.

            and i’ll be honest. i’d throw $200 at it (if it happened after this summer) without batting an eyelash.

    • Marik

      The problem I have is that GW didn’t even give Sisters a chance to be popular. There are brand new armies we have no that didn’t even have rules before, or if they did they were only squad rules and not designed for an entire faction (AdMech, Deathwatch, Genestealer Cults, etc). Yet still, GW gave them a chance complete with good new rules and shiny plastic models, and Sisters would have been around the same size of release as these new armies in terms of how many kits they would have had to produce.

      This is the first time that we’ve seen “new” GW pull this and it’s disheartening to say the least, and it shows not that there isn’t a believed interest in Sisters, but that GW simply doesn’t want to give even give them a chance. Sisters, as well as non-Xenos female models in general, seem to be the bane of GW’s existence, and I hate to make this a sexist issue but how many women are on GW’s 40k design team? I know there are those working with Black Library and Forge World, but where’s the lead women designers?

      And that right there is the problem: GW is still a “Boys Club” game. That mentality has gone nowhere and has been there since I started playing in 2nd. Back then it was due to molding and modelling restraints, but now instead of actually making good on female models the company just makes up lore excuses as to why they don’t exist. The game (40k) needs to do a much better job at attracting female audiences to the game.

      I have tried to get female friends of mine into the game, but even they notice at a precursory glance a strong female presence in the game is sorely lacking, and when they DO fine the Sisters of Battle section they are immediately turned off by the price. Understandable, considering one Sisters of Battle unit now costs as much to buy as a video game with a multi-million dollar budget. The army they always seem to land on is the Eldar, yet again, same problem: female models look ugly for the most part, so they just don’t get into the hobby at all.

      Even though I won’t be buying a Sisters army now because of this debacle, I’m trying to look at the bright side: now that money can go towards a new Warzone Res army and an Infinity army. I’ll still buy my Chaos fix from GW every now and then, but this whole thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth about starting a new 40k army.

      • Valeli

        I sincerely doubt any problems are really related to sexism.

        Much of the imperium is vaguely inspired by facist earth history, and most of those armies (or most armies in any state on earth, for most of it’s history) have not featured strong female presences.

        Sure, that’s changing now. And I’m all for it. If someone wants to go out and die in the name of an abstract noun, more power to them, regardless of gender.

        But if you’re looking to recreate some sort of grim-dark fascist-theocratic mashup, I think it’s perfectly reasonable that the standard armies don’t feature 50% female models.

        Anyways. The SoB are different. They’re a relatively unique idea (imo) and they fit into that fascist-theocratic mashup quite nicely, while being women.

        So I think that GW has had it’s reasons for not putting out SoB (good ones or bad ones, I don’t know. I’m incline towards bad), but I’m quite sure it’s not “ok team, let’s make sure that we keep female models out of the game”.

        • Marik

          I would be inclined to believe that if it weren’t for A) GW’s track record, and B) the statements of the game’s original creator(s) about the subject matter.

          The goal, at least to the game’s creators, was to eventually have a more diverse spread of male-female models. The game’s creator even intended to have there be female Marines. The problem, back then at least, was that miniature production was pretty costly and time consuming, so they had to make certain concessions to make the game affordable and sadly female models got pushed to the side.

          However, what happened afterwards starting with 3rd edition was GW turning into the monster corporate entity whose practices many 40k loyalists have come to despise. It was with the hijacking of 40k via 3rd Edition that we started seeing the lore match the models, instead of improving both the models and the lore. The lore was made to match corporate’s financial limitations placed on the design and modelling team, which is why we went from no mention of there only being male Space Marines allowed to 3rd Edition where we were flooded with “nope, female marines not possible now.”

          Also yes, it’s not that they say things like “lets make sure we keep female models out of the game”, but the problem is still exclusion pure and simple, whether its intentional or not. Inclusion means they have to make the model kits and lore more diverse, which means paying somebody to make a few extra sculpts and to inject some life into the lore, and in modern times corporate entities no longer believe in the age old tenant that you have to spend money to make money.

          Is GW intentionally sexist? Hard to say, nobody can really confirm that nor would GW allow anything like that to ever be confirmed, so its pure conjecture at this point. However, the fact of the matter is that we have a game that is currently not at all friendly or accommodating to the fairer sex, regardless of what species you play. Even other industries which used to be male-centric have started to adapt to accommodate women as well with much success and praise, such as the video game industry.

          Terrans, Eldar and Tau are the only species (outside of Daemons) that have females in the lore, yet out of those three armies only three have dedicated female troop heads/bodies (and the quality of those sculpts can be questionable at best of times, trying to make awkward gender-neutral heads with the Eldar), with another only having a single female character (Tau) and the last having virtually no female models outside of Inquisitors and Sisters anymore (even though there is plenty of lore to suggest that female Guardsmen are abundant). Also, again, even just a few feminine heads would be fine for most troops as the armour is going to hide any morphological gender differences.

          Yet look at the rest of the 40k universe: Chaos doesn’t have females even though they can create super soldiers now using a variety of horific methods. Diehard fans and GW will claim there is no female Orks because they are plants…failing to mention the fact that even plants have genders as well. Tyranids not having female models makes sense, as they’ve evolved past the need for biological concepts as genders for breeding.

          Hell, even Necrons are guilty of gender bias. Yes, their mechanical beings now, but where are the Necron special characters with names that are clearly femanine? Where is the lore about the female Lords before they all entombed themselves into genderless forms? One can’t claim their historical proximity didn’t have major female leaders or such either, as there are plenty of Egyptian examples of women being very important and holding positions of power/command.

          It is really hard for me to believe that GW genuinely cares about the fairer sex, whether it be in their lore or in their desire to attract another gender other than males to the game. Their track record and current 40k miniature line just speaks too much volume about GWs view towards women, intentional or not. The fact remains that this game is still not very welcoming to women, from a lore or model perspective.

          So no, I doubt GW is intentionally sexist, but the problem is that they are doing little to fix the problem, and that’s exactly what they have done: little.

          • Reven

            Do you have any sources for the 50/50 men to women in the Imperial guard? The only time I’ve seen it brought up in the fluff was Commissar Cain saying that only 10% of the Guard was female, and most of those being in segregated regiments (thought it doesn’t make any difference in assignment.)

          • Muninwing

            in the Cain novels, he’s a part of a mixed-sex regiment (Valhallans). Cain notes that it’s not common, but it’s not unheard of. then he notes that there are plenty of all-female regiments.

            Catachan is a death-world, and they recruit the hardiest survivors. they could care less about sex. And Cadia is ruled by mandatory military service. meaning that if Cadian regiments are single-sex isolates, 50% of them are all-female.

            then again, the Vostroyans IIRC recruit the firstborn sons. and also in the Cain books, there’s a Tallarn regiment that is heavily religious, and have a culturally-based belief that women do not belong in military service. doubt they are going to have any mixed regiments, never mind all-female ones.

            so yeah… while i don’t know the actual numbers, and doubt it’s actually 50% outside of Cadians (since i cannot think of any all-female-only), in the millions or billions of soldiers there are more than enough justifications for female guard.

          • Reven

            Oh I know there is definitely female guard, and appreciate that fact. I just was wondering if there was anything to back it up since I used to believe and say the guard was about 50/50 until I read the cain book since to me I figured the guard doesn’t care one way or another.

          • Muninwing

            AFAIK, the “50%’ number might be a misremembering about Cadians.

            then again, Cadians are one of the most popular IG kits, so the fact that there are zero female models in a subfaction that would be 50% is indicative enough.

            but the guard is huge.

            i was just being thorough.

      • Iconoc1ast

        We are not bringing sexism into this again are we?

        • Marik

          Are you shocked? It’s almost 2017, virtually every other gaming company has joined the new millennium and started better accommodating the fairer sex in their products. GW has done nothing to fix the blatant gender problems in 40k.

          Also, before you start into me with lore examples, sit down and let me take you on a ride:
          1) The Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum, in many parts of the lore, are said to have equal parts male and female soldiers. Soooooo, where are the female soldier models? I’d be happy with even just a few femanine Cadian heads, even in a conversion kit. Yet we have none. 20 years ago if you said modelling limitations you would be well in your right, but with the technology and casting methods we have now? Not acceptable.

          2) Tau Empire are another. We have bare heads that are masculine, but none that are feminine, even though the lore again states that its pretty much an even split between males and females for the most part.

          3) “Space Marines can’t be female because-” let me stop you right there. The lore for Space Marines not being able to be female came with 3rd Edition. The game’s creator fully intended for there to be female models, but due to the cost associated with producing miniatures back then GW corporate took the path of least resistance and had the lore changed so they wouldn’t need to produce female Marine models. Even when people bring up the hormone issue they talk from a stand-point of having next-to-no knowledge of how hormones actually work.

          4) “Orks don’t have females because they’re plants.” Um….since when do plants not have genders? Just because they don’t typically show signs of sexual dimorphism does not mean they do not have genders. GW could even have fun with this, Fallout certainly did with the fact that Super Mutants look the same regardless of gender.

          5) Where are the female Necron characters? And no, I don’t mean they have to have a female sculpt or build either, yet in the lore and even in their naming they are all clearly male. Even their Egyptian influences don’t fit this, as Egypt had more than one great female ruler over the ages it was an empire.

          6) Tyranids make sense for not having gender designations, as that is now how they are a species propagate themselves, taking after insect casts.

          7) Lastly the Eldar. Eldar has done a good job for the most part, though I think some of the plastic female head sculpts could use another go-over.

          Is GW intentionally sexist? Probably not, but if that is not the case than it is clear they are behind the eight-ball in terms of keeping up with inclusiveness (something other game developers have had no problems doing in recent years). I don’t expect Marines to ever get females, but is it really so much to ask that the races that DO have females that those females at least be properly represented (both in terms of miniatures and quality)?

          • Oliver Grimwood

            Your history is a little off the all male Space Marine fluff was there as a thing in 1st Ed (Rogue Trader).

            Also Orks aren’t plants they are Fungi, and the majority of plant life is hermaphroditic anyway.

          • Hedwerx

            “The lore for Space Marines not being able to be female came with 3rd Edition.”

            Wrong. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium 1989. Page 9: ” These considerations mean that only a small proportion of people can become Space Marines. They must be male because zygotes are keyed to male hormones and tissue types.”

            Tau. The Strike Team, and Breacher Team both come with a bare female head. The Ghostkeel has a female pilot option. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e37f06750c626d3523c94a66cc9ea4fc50690e858f386fe8d42771859c32cdc8.jpg

      • Cosmic_Seth

        To be fair they did with Witch Hunters, but the book didn’t have legs, which is why they had stock of sister models for years.

    • Heinz Fiction

      I think Sisters would be very popular if they do them right. Meaning a well done codex after the new edition hit the shelves (not the last one before) and with a decent range of available plastic models. As the only female-heavy faction in the game and mostly space marine like design I’d predict they’d sell well.

    • pskontz

      weather you hate it or love it. the raging heroes kickstarter shows that there is a interest in the army.

      Sisters haven’t been popular for a few reasons first they haven’t had a good codex in decades. (like chaos and DE) so the tournament players shy away from them. they have’nt had new models in decades (so collectors shy away from them) the cost is way high for the metal they are.

      I know people who have interest but for the cost of a sister army they can put together 2-3 other armies and they go economical rout. Sadly the rumored plastics are coming out in January just in time for the three backers of raging heroes will be getting their shipments in (more or less haha) with hurt the initial release a little.

      Ill still buy some. however if tehy get a nice new codex with plastics I gurantee the number of players will increase. just a new book it will bounce up a little but not a lot.

      Id argue to cull 8th armies narrow down SM you got blue codex marines a little different, black coex marines a little different, green codex marines a little different, red codex marines a little different. but I wont argue that here, just waiting to see what happens

    • Reven

      My game group consists of about 15 people, 2 of us (One of them being me) play sisters. I also went in knowing that I was picking one of the least supported armies with very few customization options and excessive pricing. I played exclusively sisters for about 2 years before I finally picked up my guardsmen whom I play as an artillery regiment. We have one guy that bought quite a few deathwatch and genestealer cult when they came out since he enjoys playing new things, especially when they have rules as interesting as the GSCs.

      Everyone at the game store likes the looks of the Sisters (Except for very specific models whom didn’t age well such as the Mistress of Repentance… Seriously she looks and feels like she has Ice cream cones for breasts.) and they enjoy the theme. I know that if you look throughout forums people say they would spend a lot of money on sisters if they got good rules and cheaper models, but I personally don’t know if I would consider that as hard evidence. People say a lot of things on the internet. However if my Sisters were cut I would still play them. I would scrounge around 2nd hand sellers to increase my sister sizes and I would play them as Space Marines. As soon as the Immolator came back for pre-order I ordered on with another set of melta sisters.

      I understand that your 35+ play group may lack sister interest, but that is an still an excessively small number compared to the overall player/collector base.

      There was a poll done by dedicated 40k fans back in April since they were really curious about the current state of the community. Slightly over 1000 people responded and of them slightly over 70% Sisters of Battle need an update before the others followed by CSMs.

      I personally would find it hard to believe that very many people would like it if the Sisters were culled, even if it was more out of sympathy for those Sister fans who held out so long only to fall the same way as Bretonnia. The outcry from it maybe larger then you would expect.

      It is however very hard to be sure, people tend to hang out or communicate with people that have similar views and that can easily skew our views. Maybe I happen to see a lot of people that would like sisters or play sisters because I associate myself with people who would have such views. While you having been around people who lack it have skewed the opposite direction of me.

      Either way I will continue to hold out for my dear Sisters to be released.

    • SWISSchris

      I bought the inital pack of 6 metal sisters released in 2nd ed days and have them still BUT I agree that GW doesn’t think there is enough demand to justify the investment in new plastics. Just my opinion, but I reckon GW doesn’t really want them in the setting anymore. Simply: new plastics would be nice, but don’t hold your breath. The comment in the Magnus vid was super obviously a joke.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Before their second Codex was released, next to nobody gave a damn about Dark Eldar for quite some years. But the new Codex was released along with stellar new miniatures, and so they sure earned their place (in the long run, especially among casual gamers). Same can happen for SoB.

  • neshta

    Yes! This stupid idea that “Well no one wants them!?” is such flawed logic. Yes, no one wants to buy an all-metal army that costs triple that of every other army, odd isn’t it!?

    • Karru

      I never understood why so many say that “Sisters have no demand”. We have seen how “new” armies do in popularity once you release a lot of new plastic sets for them. Adeptus Mechanicus and Genestealer Cult, both of these are very similar to Sisters in terms of size and “niche” in the lore. For some reason they exploded in popularity on release. It’s almost as if some people would like to play something different from SM for a change and don’t want to sell their house to afford a 1500pts army of them.

      • Cergorach

        I don’t know how much houses cost where you live… But that must be hyperbole…

        GW is picking fruit twice, first with a holiday ‘rerelease’ of the metal sisters as a direct only item with possibly a limited release window. Folks that have the money and some that want to complete their army will buy it. Then at a later time GW will do a complete plastic release like with the other ‘niché’ lists with it’s own Codex. Most of the previous people will buy them again and a bunch of new fans…

        You don’t want it or can’t afford it, don’t buy it. I’m not…

        • Karru

          It was a joke, now laugh.

          85€ for a single unit of 10 Sisters is not good, especially for old metal models with maybe 3 different poses. My argument was against people, like Pyrrhus, who said that Sisters don’t have any demand right now. Well, clearly they don’t when you have to spend almost 100€ for your BASIC unit. Over that if you want to get yourself a transport.

          Now make that unit cost 30€ in plastic with multiple weapon options and see a massive spike in demand.

          • kingcobra668

            Imagine if you guys spent this much effort actually hobbying and playing the game.

            Holy crap, This is some sort of sickness.

          • Muninwing

            i can’t play at work. but i can complain.

          • kingcobra668

            Ugh, even the fact that you think that’s funny

          • Muninwing

            it’s not a joke. i’m sitting here right now reading articles. last night i was in a class when i made that response.

            i have a number of assignments right now that require me to be in the room, but not interacting/involved unless discipline becomes an issue. during this time, i have internet… my grades are current… my final project for the class was due last night… my plans are updated through january…

            so i read up on my hobbies.

            i cannot currently be playing warhammer. i can’t grab another teacher (like the gym teacher who has been painting up his tau) and commandeer a conference room.

            but i can comment on articles.

            so your “why don’t you…” snide remark is baseless and deflecting from the real issues. don’t change the subject.

          • kingcobra668

            Ugh, you are toxic.

          • Muninwing

            i honestly have no idea what you’re so butthurt about.

            people like to discuss their hobbies with likeminded individuals.

            you’re actually the most negative voice on this thread.

      • MechBattler

        Remember how Dark Eldar and Necrons exploded when they got their plastic rebirth? The same will happen with Sisters.

  • Horus84cmd
  • Andre mcinnis


    • Dan Wilson

      I, for one, think it’s utterly disgusting that GW haven’t cured cancer or world hunger yet. Thieving capitalist corporation!!!1!

  • Nyyppä

    What’s wrong with flesh eater courts?

    • Nothing. They just tend to feed on dead meat. Same as GW when it comes to sisters.

      • Nyyppä

        Roger that. I missed the reference. Thanks for enlightening me.

        • Cergorach

          Also an army they released nothing new for during AoS except an armybook…

          • Karru

            They technically did. They gave them new boxed sets like the Start Collecting! box and if I remember correctly a bigger “army box”. They also got reboxing for some units, like the Ghouls. Not “new” stuff, but still at least they got some deals.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            To be fair, a lot of the models were fairly nw to begin with.

          • Nyyppä

            Never played fantasy so I do not care.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            At the very least, I can play Sisters at my store now; they had a ‘no-digital’ rulebook which ticked me off (they made me use the white dwarfs…)

          • pskontz

            ouch cause those were so easy to get. it took forever to get a hands on a copy its like gW didnt want my to play them haha….

          • Valeli

            Yeah. I overpaid pretty horrifically to get the WD one on ebay.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            It was better anyway, digital removed characters further.

          • Valeli

            That sounds rather ridiculous… I can’t imagine why.

            It was a sad effort on GW’s part, but it’s not like it was a fan-made book or anything.

          • Cosmic_Seth

            I think the Sisters/Inquisitor books were the only digital only codex’s, and the store owner didn’t want to support a product that he can’t sell in store. He’s been feeling that GW doesn’t like independent store owners anymore.

      • Iconoc1ast


  • Lion El’ Jonson

    …If sales of the Blanche inspired mini is anything to go by….new Sisters will make up 60% of all 40k sales everyone!!!! 🙂

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Look, they sell Old stuff now. Just too get stocks away and customers Can buy the “old” sob. January they nicht give use New plastic ones. Just chill and wait

    • Karru

      This is precisely what I believe is going on. They sell their stock to make room for new ones and make some more money out of them.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Everything else would ne stupid. I got my metal squadcanoness and speciall snowflace canoness. I just wait now for ne plastics 😊

  • SupPupPup

    Flesh eater courts is awesome. Absolutely great use of older somewhat undervalued models.

    • Munn

      Only problem is it screwed over the rest of the Grand Alliance for matched play. Can’t summon anything from that book anymore with a wizard.

      • SupPupPup

        Summoning in general is not very effective, so I wouldn’t consider it much of a problem that you can’t summon a Terrorgheist. You could also take a detachment of FEC with a ghoul king on Terrorgheist, if you really need them.

        There are also many more efficient monsters to summon, like the morngul.

        • Munn

          Yeah, but when a tournament gives you 40% extra free points for summoning and 85% of your summing options are gone and the best remaining one is a 10 to cast forgeworld model. It’s not that they don’t still have options it’s that options they HAD are gone for no real reason. Like Celestine.

          • William Jameson

            RIP Celestine.
            May flights of weirdly-shaped cyborg cherub curtain-holders sing thee to thy rest. 🙁

          • SupPupPup

            So take it up with your tournament comp guys? I can’t see that being GWs problem

          • Munn

            If you don’t understand how tournament play works that’s fine but don’t let GW off the hook because your buddy says using Celestine is ‘totes okay bro!’

          • SupPupPup

            I’m confused. I think you’re responding to the wrong guy.

          • SupPupPup

            In response to summoning the mourngul.

            You can also do a nasty combo with Nagash, using his +3 to cast, plus assisted by ‘master of the black arts’ (+1 to cast), a mortis engine (+1) and a necromancer (+1).

            It can go from 10s to 4 or 5s to summon your mournguls!

  • ragelion

    My Varghulf Von Drasas grim tooth Holy paladin of the great king bloody fang takes offense. He shall throw down his glove. He shall take the crypt flayers born aloof via a holy blessing with his king and make war upon the people who put this heresy about the glorious court!

    For the great necro- I MEAN angel! The holy Nagash! May he guide our holy blades to victory.

  • Graham Bartram

    Damn I want some plastic Arbites. I play Ad-Mech only these days but they could sorely tempt to to diversify a bit.

  • Graham Bartram

    The Immolator as a dual kit with an Adeptus Arbites crowd control vehicle… .. I would buy that in a flash.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      With an Aqua-ram.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      You mean like the Repressor? Oh yee godz why did FW stop producing them. Now when I have the money, ebay is the only option which they go for 120 or more…

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    How many boxes do they need?

    A Named HQ Blister

    A Generic HQ Blister

    One box for the non-jump pack Sisters

    One box for jump pack Sisters

    Then you create a special weapons and heavy weapons sprue, that you can add to either squad to make the other varieties of Sister units.

    Sisters Repentia/Something else that uses parts of the same model

    Exorcist/Immolator (so Rhino with an Exorcist/Immolator combo Sprue)

    Penitent Engines/Something that uses the same Chassis

    That’s what, 4 totally brand new kits they need to make, a few upgrade sprues and a few blisters?

    Doesn’t seem that bad, honestly. They rolled out more with many of the new Sigmar armies, Genstealer Cult, Ad Mech, Harlequins and etc.

    • Michael Brown

      Hmm, I count 5 ( Non jump pack w/ Normal and heavy squad options, jump pack, Repentia, Immolator/Exorcist, and Penitent Engine) Hell, IG got a bigger release for 5th than that.

      • Munn

        You could absolutely cram all of the infantry and the canoness into the same kit except repentia. You could get the whole line down to 4 kits and a clampack pretty easily.

        • Michael Brown

          Yeah, but to give all of the options you’re talking about, we all know GW would limit the models in the box to only 5. Under my idea, the non jumpack ones would most likely be 10 per box, with only the jump pack ones as 5. ( i.e. following along the same ideas of how SM were boxed). It’s a tossup whether or not they’d separate the HW sisters into a 5 box like Devs were though.

  • kellykuciemba

    Many of the things we’ve asked about, we’ve wanted and heard rumors about have come to fruition in the last 5 years or so such as 30K, plastic Armor Mk’s II-VI, Warlord Titan, 1000 Sons, Genestealer Cults, Amazing DARK ELDAR and NECRON reboots, DEATHWATCH, SPACEHULK 3, BLOOD BOWL, Chaos Legions, updated ELDAR, etc. The concept of the IMPERIAL AGENTS combined CODEX has been rumored for years. The plastic Sisters is something many have wanted, many would buy into a reboot of this Army. For over a decade there hasn’t been a hardcover version of a current ADEPTUS SORORITAS for the thousands of people who have these armies to use. With this new release, and the direct only, repackaging of the old models it seems like a rebooted, re-sculpted version of this Army is NEVER going to happen. For a variety of reasons. Are they just selling off old stocks? Sure. Do they still have usable molds to make more to order? Possibly, as we’ve seen that’s a thing they do now. I know that attempts have been made on a plastic Sisters range. I will make a prediction that it will never happen. Not in the foreseeable future.

  • trygon

    I must point out that there is a big flaw in this discussion.

    It is what is considered an “army”. Warhammer 40,000 have grown a lot over the years. My first games where back in 1st ed, but 2nd ed was released just about then and I got my first models for 2nd Ed. Back then, the game was about small strike forces. A couple of units, a vehicle or two and so. But it was a popular game back then (even though almost everything was metal and the plastics was UGLY) and peoples collections grew. The game mechanics where pretty detailed with plenty of modifications (although today we are swamped by uncountable special rules… so not much change there actually), but this made the larger games slow and cumbersome to play.

    3rd Ed was of course the big thing for W40K enabling larger forces to be fielded with the Force Organisation Chart. What followed there after are more or less just evolving 3rd further and further. Games got bigger… as did the models. The Baneblade and the release of Apocalypse was a big game changer and large kits have been a normal part of W40K for over a decade now.

    Sadly this evolution have put the game me and a lot of ancient veterans loved at a crossroad. We all know of the rumours of a BIG make-over. A paradigm shift like from 2nd Ed to 3rd Ed (but most of us are scared of the destroying all the good fluff and make an AoS-disaster of it [AoS is a fluff-wise disaster in my opinion and the Old World had so much character. Instead it is all about Simarines and remnants of old armies that needed rebasing]).

    On one road, the game is more or less intact. It keeps growing and just keeps on focusing on 3+ save armies and special characters. Another road leads to a split. Making for one smaller skirmish game (in the lines of 2nd Ed and many other skirmish games now taking market shares from GW). Smaller forces and more details and rules for individual models. (I know there is Kill Team, but Kill Team is just a scheme to get people to start new armies for W40K). The last road… the one that is truly frightening is for it to go down the AoS path… a worsening of the situation today. A free for all – bring your own models as you like nightmare.

    So, an army is a larger Strike Force assembled to invade/defend against. It is grand scale. Like Epic… which W40K in some ways have become, but in 28mm scale.

    The Adeptus Sororitas and Adeptus Arbites, along with most of the units in Agens of the Imperium, are just support units that can be on location and assist Imperial assets succeed. The Battle Sisters are such a force that mainly supports and garrison Shrineworlds and other Ecclesiarchal institutions alongside auxilliareis as Frateris Militia, Planetary Defens Forces and Arbitrators.

    Neither Battle Sisters or Arbitrators are armies. They are armed forces and can be put to use in different combat situations as they arise. Not fielded en masse to defeat major enemies like the Imperial Guard or the Adeptus Astartes.

    But I do support the idea of Adeptus Sororitas getting a plastic kit. Just make basic bodies (legs, torso, arms, heads) and add an assortment of weapons to make most of the units at hand. Basically one or two kits in plastic for the whole range. Arbitrators could get one as well, with riot shields, shotguns, power mauls, webguns, cyberdoggies and so on.

    • Munn

      So wth is with space marines then? There are less TOTAL marines than their are sisters of battle PER ORDER, why do they get 85 different ‘armies’

      • Crevab

        I wish but last I checked there a fewer Sisters than marines

        • Valeli


          I’d have to brush up on my fluff, but I was fairly certain sisters were a good deal more common, with some being found on most worlds.

          • Crevab

            According to the 7thed fluff. “Several major orders of several thousand warriors. And many lesser Sisterhoods of a few hundred warriors.”

            And those garrisons of one to a few hundred Sisters are drawn from the orders.

            It’d take some pretty ridiculous definitions of “several” to get them to outnumber marines.

          • Munn

            there are only 20k marines dude.

          • Crevab

            Thats nice

          • Reven

            The Sisters are definitely an army as described by their codex.

            “The Sisters of Battle are the army of the Ecclesiarchy. Clad in ceramite power armour, they carry an awesome array of weaponry with which to vanquish their enemies; the incredible wealth of the Ecclesiarchy ensures that they are equipped with the best wargear the Imperium has to offer. The Sisters of Battle are trained to the peak of human ability and stand amongst Mankind’s most dedicated and disciplined warriors. Wherever there are foes of the Emperor, the Sisters of Battle will be found fighting with faith and steel”

            That is the second half of the second paragraph of the 7th edition digital codex.

            There are 6 Major orders of SoBs, each with several thousand sisters. Then there are “numerous” Minor Orders of militant sisters that can range from a handful of sisters guarding a relic to a thousand sisters.

            “The duties of the Adepta Sororitas are many and varied and the Orders Militant must necessarily spread their forces thin. Every concentration of the Adeptus Ministorum’s power must be defended, and a force of Battle Sisters will be present to guard every shrine and fortress-cathedral in the Imperium, as well as the priceless sacred relics housed within them. The complement of these garrisons may vary from a few hundred warriors to guard a reliquary-stronghold to a single Battle Sister maintaining a constant vigil over the bones of a fallen saint”

            “When the Ecclesiarch himself declares a War of Faith, it is the fanatically loyal Adepta Sororitas who provide its military might, slaying the Emperor’s enemies without mercy or compassion”

            As for Space Marines we know that there are general about 1000 chapters active at anytime. This is supposed to have stayed fairly consistent for most of the timeline. Each codex complaint chapter (which most are supposed to be) will have somewhere slightly above 1000 marines though due to constant wars numbers frequently drop below that threshold and some are extremely low such as lementors and celestial lions. There are non-codex chapters that have a substantially larger force, but those chapters are rare (examples being Black Templars and Space Wolves)

            The Space Marines aren’t supposed to be used as a full army either. They are supposed to be humanity’s last and greatest defense from anything that threatens it, including from itself. They rarely deploy at more then a few squads.

            It is extremely rare that someone will get to see a Space Marine in their lives, however anywhere that there that the Ecclesiarchy has power or reason to defend there will be Sisters of Battle…

            Unless the author forgets about them lol

  • Emprah

    Plastic molds are very expensive. I think they are testing the waters before investing in that.

    • Munn

      Which is silly when a 10 girl squad with no weapon options and a useless sergeant costs 5 dollars less than a goddamn wraithknight.

  • Michael Brown

    Part of the reason sisters isn’t more popular is the prohibitive expense of owning the army with it being metal.The logistics of moving such an army daily and constant retouches of paint due to chipping doesn’t help with it’s popularity either. IG used to be in the same boat until they went all plastic with it, and now, it’s a popular army. Chaos still has some room to go ( Noise Marines and Havocs, I’m looking at you), but is a popular army overall because it’s in plastic. Grey Knights weren’t very popular UNTIL they went all plastic. So why would anyone thinking Sisters wouldn’t become a very popular army if they went all plastic? The history is there if GW finally pays any attention to it.

    • Munn

      Buying a decent 1850 sisters list is the most expensive thing you can do in GW proper. The only thing that even comes close is Genestealer cults and that army might actually win some games and will look good doing it.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Also didn’t hurt they got new rules, fairly good rules at that! With new and exciting kits.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Iv wanted plastic sisters of battle since i was in primary school. If they are not here by the start of 8th im officially quiting 40k in favour of different systems and focusing my time and money on SDE ect

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      Take scouts with dark eldar witches 🙂 thez build great dominions. With the immolator up it is a pure funfest too field. Just melted so many termies and loughed. It is not competitive, but it is fun

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    To be real. As off now we know nothing. Calm down plastics will come, maybe the codex will be fun. Imagin that,knight getting wrecked by repentia comming from a valkyre. I will lol hard. Not spending stuff only for babycarrier? Plz jes! Just calm down. Gsc was good, TL looked fine. This might be a,pure trollfest too play 😆and i will lough a lot

    • Munn

      It’s exactly the same as the old sisters book and you still can’t use each other’s transports. The only meaningful differences are that Celestine and ServoSkulls are gone and the ecclesiarchy battle conclave is a formation instead of a unit(Which makes it WORSE.)

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        I got the slight feeling that you can use that fliers, or that it will be faq’ed. Servoskulls do hurt, yess. But the rest, meh. I give the benefit of a doubt. Lets wait. Also corteaz still is there. And maybe there is a substitude for servoskulls. Just wait a little. And tbh, this can not be worse then the old SoB dex.

        • Munn

          It’s the exact same thing except the best HQ is gone and the battle conclave got turned into a formation. The leaks are already out. It is EASILY worse than the old dex.

          • Valeli

            I wonder why they’d remove Celestine….

          • xMrBluex

            She is going to be in the new stand alone sisters codex coming with 8th edition. That’s what I am hoping anyway. Some rumors are Janurary and some are summer time. Which summer makes more sense cause if it was coming in January there would be no point in releasing this dex if the sisters would be changed right after.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Well karru reminded me that you can use one or the other, unless they instantly stop selling the digital sisters book. So.. these are just dogs of war when used out of this book.

  • Drpx

    And to think, FEC were the AoS army I had the most interest in getting when my Bretonnians lost what little support they had left. Fool me twice, GW, shame on me.

    • MKG35

      The Flesh eaters might have any real new models but its a fun army and the background fluff is pretty cool.
      Just check out Chris Tomlin and his Venetian Court

  • Dan Wilson

    See rumours for Jan….

    • Valeli

      Yeah. People are just having an overblown reaction. I’m still fairly confident they’re coming.

      (Although why Celestine is apparently not in the agents book is beyond me.)

      • xMrBluex

        BOLS had an article that said a Sisters full stand alone codex was coming in January. So it kind of makes sense that she isn’t in the Imperial Agents codex because a lot of the armies within IA has stand alone codecies but within this book you can’t take all of their things. If you want it all you would take their actual codex. So I am still holding out hope for now that Sisters will have new minis and a codex.

  • piglette

    There’s a lot of people out there like me: never collected Sisters, but wouldnin a heartbeat. They have been turned off thus far by some combination of price, lack of variety, metal models, and subpar rules.

    • Reven

      I do collect them and I have a fund that I’ve been saving up since these recent plastic sisters came up. Put a pause on my guardsmen for it. (After getting about 2k sisters I started building an Arty support guard to support them)

  • MechBattler

    Did we all forget that the end of the Magnus reveal video, GW themselves dropped the hint about the plastic sisters coming?

    Unless they were being EXTREMELY douchey trolls, they’ll arrive sooner or later. Hopefully with some new kits and a dedicated book.

    • Valeli

      They just said sisters right?

      To be fair, it’s entirely possible it was just in reference ot the sisters of silence (that did get released a bit thereafter).

      I do hope not. But it’s /possible/ it was just extraordinarily tactless and dumb rather than actively trolling.

      • MechBattler

        No. They explicitly said “plastic Sisters of Battle.”

        Check the last 10 seconds of the video here:

        • Muninwing

          i’m not the only person who just assumed that was a joke…

          some places (BoLS included) have run with the narrative that that’s a definite hint.

          some people took it as so definite that to not do it would be considered trolling. but that’s only if they didn;t mean it to be a joke.

          i’ll believe in plastic sisters when i see a boring pointless unboxing video of the line posted on spiky bits. or at least credible box pictures.

          • MechBattler

            Considering everything else in the video is real, I don’t see why they’d joke about the sisters.

          • Muninwing

            because the throwaway line at the end of a movie/video is usually where the jokes are?

            because even that — throwaway — is a hint that it’s not something they take seriously.

            if you were to ask a hundred 40k players for a list of the top three model sets they think should be done or redone, i’m betting that the Sisters would be on a majority of their lists. it would probably be in the top slot for many as well.

            they know it’s a desire.

            and if they had overlooked that, the Raging Heroes Kickstarter proved it.

            so if there’s another reason why they are just not considering the line (as has been established about Squats, despite the grognard-grumbling on that one reaching the volume of an avalanche), then it becomes a huge joke.

            if they assumed everyone would take it as they meant it, it wouldn’t even seem like a bad idea to make that joke. like it does now if they are not intending to release plastic sisters… but hindsight is 20/20

  • Mud_Duck

    “Hell the Immolator could be a dual kit with the Adeptus Arbites crowd control vehicle – BOOM – awesome!”

    You mean the Repressor. It does/ did exist as as a what, 80 dollar Forge World kit that some places didn’t allow without published rules, so another 80 bucks for that book, so….

    But Hells yes! Better Rhinos, yes please.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I would kill for a repressor to be plastic and the new sisters transport!

  • Arthfael

    Ok, what is it with Arbites? Sisters are a military force, Arbites are just… cops. I mean, this is 40k, they exist in 40k, so there is no reason they cannot be released. Same as militias, or even civilians and their pets, could get released. But they are not a priority. Sisters are an established major Imperial faction and they need some tabletop representation. And the old metal minis wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t this impractical and expensive. Stay on focus!

    • Muninwing

      Arbites are on the same scale as Genestealer Cults.

      • Arthfael

        OK, they’re somewhat on the same scale, so that is a valid point. They could also share a vehicle with sisters, and it would be easy to release one squad box with two options and rules to include them in Genestealer cult armies. Still, don’t see how, with all the cool releases we have had of late, people are not rejoicing at all the new stuff but complaining that they want even moar, and they want it now.

        • Muninwing

          well, the Sisters are a copy-paste from the digital, minus Celestine… meaning that they not only did not get anything new, they lost something.

          how much of that new book was more compilation than new? i could see people being a bit turned off. it’s like going to a world class restaurant on dollar hot dog day.

  • Gabor Fazekas

    why so focused on arbites? Im not realy intrested in 40k lore, even less in imperial lore, but it seems odd ppl want a police army, while lets say half of the curent armies are nowhere near the others. Yeah i see it would be fun but realy another Imperial faction? its boring already

    • Reven

      Personally I wouldn’t mind an Arbites army, but I would prefer it to be a Necromunda re-release with rules that let you field them as a if you want to, maybe for a casual game or for a narrative campaign type thing.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I wouldn’t have minded a squad or two in agents, that way you could have them as a supplement to your force, as in narrative they join up as militia to help coordinate defense of their world from attack, etc.

  • captkaruthors

    You don’t have any idea about portions of sales is to tournament players vs casual players either. Where’s your sales data from GW? Or your sales data from all stores in your city? County? State? If you don’t have that evidence, your opinion has as much weight as everyone else. But the people who own these armies want support for them. They have skin in that game. You don’t since you don’t play the army. That’s the difference. So pipe down.

  • Hussein Alobaidi

    OH MY! at the prices of those old metal SOB models :S, quite ridiculous and if they are testing the waters for the “new” sisters potential sales this is a god awful way to do it