40K: Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia Info


The next wave of info for Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia is making a splash – come see what’s coming your way!

The latest Games Workshop Campaign book is heading our way in January and it’s promising a big change to the status quo in the Dark Millennium.

via miniwars (translated and paraphrased from Spanish)

  • It is a hardcover book of 136 pages
  • It costs 40€
  • Contains the Triumvirate of the Imperium – Celestine the Living Saint, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl and Katarinya Greyfax the Ordo Inquisitor Hereticus.
  • This book tells the story of how Abaddon the Despoiler deals a severe blow to the Imperium with his attack on the planet Cadia.
  • Complete rules for the Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and Celestine.
  • Triumvirate Imperium – Rules to use these three characters together in one game.
  • Six new Relics for Ecclesiarchy and six Mechanicum Relics, which can be used by the forces of the Adept Sororitas and Cults Mechanicum.
  • Training for The Grand Convocation and Imperial Crusade – combines the Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii and the Imperial Knights in an army. The other combines the Black Templars and Adepta Sororitas .
  • Battlezone: Empyric Storms – rules for the effects of warp storms that hit Cadia.
  • Four new missions.

“Additionally available with the book of the Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia will be a deck of cards – Battlezone: Storms Empyric Cards. 36 cards detailing the events of warp storms. The cards can be used in any game of Warhammer 40,000 and serve for any army – contains additional rules for the psychic phase and additional effects for games.

There will be more special characters for Chaos.”


So it looks like Black Templars and the Sisters are teaming up with Ad Mech to take on Abaddon. But based on the title I don’t think it’s going to end well for the Imperium…


Are you ready for War in Cadia?

  • SilentPony

    Wasn’t this the plot of one of the Dawn of Wars?

    • Jim Jimjim


    • Golden Yak

      I wish – a Mechanicum army would’ve been rad in Dawn of War.

      Maybe the 3rd one will have a lot of expansions.

  • conor

    I’m happy about the grand convocation. It’s what the mechanicus should have always been in 40k.

    • Christopher Cromer

      I just hope that’s it’s a list or decurion And not just a formation like the war convo.

      • Karru

        I’m hoping for a detachment similar to the Sisters one. Combining Ad Mech into one big one would be nice to see.

  • DeCold

    Book name is Fall of Cadia, it has Abaddon on the cover and inside…only loyalist stuff. Really GW?

    • Sparti67

      Eldar Trickery again! Doh!

      • petrow84

        Ask not GW for a chaos fluff, for they will give you three answers, all of which are terrible to behold.

        • Plaguenumber3

          that and the fact that they JUST released a full chaos book that is both the tzeentch deamonkin AND Chaos Angel’s of death book as one.

    • orionburn

      Maybe it’ll be split into two books like they did with the Fenris campaign. Wasn’t the first book for the Wolves and the second book pretty much all Thousand Son stuff? I don’t own the books but thought that was the gist of it.

      • Djbz

        Curse of the Wulfen had Wolves and Daemons stuff.

      • Solaq

        The first book was Space Wolves and Knorne demons. The second book was Thousand Sons and Tzeentch demons.

      • Kaylum Dicks

        Traitors Hate had 2 separate books, one for Blood Angeles the other for Chaos. So maybe this is the same, the week after we may see the chaos side of things with a new Abbaddon mini.

    • Christie Bryden

      I know, they should have ateast brought out a new failidan modle

  • ejvter

    Who or what is the red suit of armor behind the right shoulder of the BT on the right side of the 2nd picture?

    • George

      Vampire Count?

      • ZeeLobby

        AoS 40K crossover confirmed!

    • Parthis

      Dark Eldar.

      • Jim Jimjim

        marilyn manson

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      its the Dark Eldar guy the Mechanicum went to the Dark Eldar city to get, he’s going to help fix the Golden Throne… Probably.

    • Look Eldar but not quite Dark Eldar…hmm…Exodite maybe…

    • Allgamer Man

      pic on white dwarf say “On the ice-wreathed moon of Klaisus the armies of the Imperium try to make their escape from the armies of the Despoiler, guided by the Living Saint’s visions. Their salvation comes from an unexpected quarter…”

      • Noah Jerge

        So Eldar helping them out through the Webway?

        • Allgamer Man

          no more info in White Dwarf screenshots ;( other info is the Greyfax She’s been held in stasis by Trazyn,she’s meant to be from another time, captured by Trazyn the Infinite hundreds if not thousands of years ago, which is why her wargear looks a little more archaic than that of other Inquisitors. She appears during the final battle for Cadia, released from a tesseract vault on Solemnace by Trazyn the Infinite, Inquisitor Greyfax allies with black templars and fight against the chaos, but Greyfax is utterly appalled to see the Imperial defenders of Cadia worshipping the Living Saint – it is nothing short of idolatry in her mind. She also sees the Wulfen of the Space Wolves running rampant, Imperial psykers using their powers without sanction and an alien abomination that seems to be tolerated by the warriors around her.

          • David Leimbach


        • Painjunky

          Not eldar… dark eldar.

    • Painjunky

      That’s a DE leading the muhreens to safety through the webway. That giant green light their all marching toward.

      This is from several sources so far.

    • Darren Powell

      Eldar guardian

  • George

    Was hoping for formations where I can actually make use of Crusader Squads…

    • OldHat

      You don’t know that you won’t get that.

    • Dumbcow1

      #Crusader_Formation_Please . Seems like GW fears the ZEAL of a crusader formation or detachments. Guess its either buy sister model’s or keep at that CAD lyfe

  • Private Skittles

    There’s an Eldar decked out like Shredder in that BT picture.

    • OldHat

      Ushering them into the Webway to escape Cadia, from what I read elsewhere.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        This has to be ultras super mega ultimate bad for fanatics like the Templars and Sisters to trust the Eldar.

        • OldHat

          Bingo! I think that is the twist that is coming. I mean “Fall of Cadia” sums it up.

        • David Leimbach

          Next up, Sisters ally with Nurgle to fight Khorne.

      • Dumbcow1


  • OldHat

    “Six new Relics for Ecclesiarchy and six Mechanicum Relics, which can be used by the forces of the Adept Sororitas and Cults Mechanicum.
    Training for The Grand Convocation and Imperial Crusade – combines the Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii and the Imperial Knights in an army. ”


    • Nicole Cass


  • Nonparity

    I really hope that all those warp storm will draw the attention of the Tyranids at some point in the storyline!!!

    • Golden Yak

      I think a chunk of tyranids are attacking the Blood Angel systems currently, which is sort’ve their contribution to the whole End Times events going on.

  • Munn

    Hey, lets shove two armies that don’t work very well together into the only new detachment sisters get. Seriously any other faction of space marine would be a better match for sisters and any other imperial army would be better for Black Templars. That detachment is silly.

    • George

      Templars feel the pain also with this detachment (unless there is no requirement to take both factions and can do a one or the other scenario, then that would work) as they have a total of 0 detachments or even formations that they can use which are beneficial to them (yay for not being able to swap out crusader squads for tactical squads).

      • Munn

        yep, between templars having 0 useful formations gor them and sisters just having 0 formations this book seems to be another slap for 2 armies already in a very dark place.

    • Damistar

      Unless you’ve read the fluff for the the last 20 years. The Black Templars have fought alongside the Battle Sisters since the fall of Goge Vandire at the end of the Age of Apostasy.

      • ZeeLobby

        Believe he’s talking rules.

      • Munn

        screw the fluff.

        • Damistar

          My mistake, I thought you understood that this is a background fluff book. I doubt GW gave any thought to what rules synergies / WAAC opportunities they could work into the game.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      From a fluff perspective, the BT and Sisters are perfect together. Both are fanatics.

      • nurglitch

        Both believe in the godhood of the Emperor.

    • Djbz

      How do they not work well together?
      Templars form the hard hitting close combat portion of the army while the Sisters provide the ranged fire support that a “fluffy” Black templars army sorely lacks.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I think he wants Ultramarines and Sisters because then the Space Marine units that will be selectable will not be as limited or as focused on a portion of the game that is… Less than good (i.e. melee).

        • John Bower

          I’ve a better idea, GK & SoB in a formation: Special rule, sacrifice a squad of SoB’s every turn to give GK instant Death vs Daemons.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I think it takes more than a turn to kill a bunch of sisters and then bath in their “sanctified” blood.

  • Sonic tooth

    call me a cheesebag but i think that pic of the templars with the inquisitor and mysterio in red is really really cool

  • Red_Five_Standing_By


  • Xodis

    Awesome….kinda hoped for CSM stuff with Abaddon on the cover though…just saying.

    • Nyyppä

      Fixed legion rules would have been nice.

      • Xodis

        Fixed points cost would have been better.

        • Nyyppä

          True that.

    • Djbz

      You missed the line: “There will be more special characters for Chaos.”

      • Xodis

        Didn’t miss it, just seemed pretty weak sauce comparably.

  • mgdavey

    All this has the stink of The End Times on it. A small release of special models and rules for a game that will be obsolete in six months. I’m not buying any new 40k until the dust settles.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      This is fluff that already occurred in an event once before. Furthermore they already released three major campaigns prior to this split into two books each. I do not think anything is going to happen for at least a year.

  • generalchaos34

    So let me get this right, lets make a book about the fall of the #1 recruiting world of the Astra Militarum (the one all other guard armies use as a baseline, essentially the Ultramarines of the Guard) and then NOT include any rules for them. Sounds reasonable…

    • ZeeLobby

      Guard aren’t selling well, so they might not make it to 8th.

      • Stealthbadger

        Why do you think guard aren’t selling well?

        • ZeeLobby


          • Stealthbadger
          • ZeeLobby

            That’s awesome!

            And the only evidence I have is anecdotal. Haven’t seen an IG player at our local stores since 6th. Knew two guys who shelved then around then. Only saw around 4/5 at the around 100 man events I go to several times a year. So no numbers. Just a gut feeling. Even hard to find YouTube videos with IG anymore, lol.

          • Stealthbadger

            I see them in bat reps but usually propping up another imperium ally. Pure guard is pretty rare in my experience too. Just wondered if you had inside info. I do love my guard but I’ve not had much getting them to work well.

            There some weirdness in points too. 5pts for a man with a las gun or 9pts for a skitarii vanguard, for four more points I get better bs, armour, and feel no pain. And a way better gun. Go figure.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Outside of some stagnant stock at local stores I have no real evidence. Trust me, I’d love to see some updates for them. Have a pretty big stormtrooper force (old and new) that just sits on the shelf. A little worried that in 40Ks end time there will be no place for the average human, and it’ll be all about God’s and superhumans like AoS.

          • Stealthbadger

            I really can’t se them scrapping the guard to be honest. Too many iconic units and they’re so heavily in the fluff. Gaunts Ghosts should be mandatory reading for all 40k players. That’d get more signed up for the Guard.

          • generalchaos34

            It all depends on where you live, im a long time guard player and there are a LOT of them around where I live, some of them even new players. Guard stuff may not sell as well as they used to simply because most guards players own everything guard + some, and are simply piecing things from forgeworld until they get something worth buying

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. No doubt. It’s always the case. Just following posts on forums indicates a drop off though. Most AM tactics threads are kind of dead or its the same old souls. Used to be much more active several years ago. I guess it’s hard to stay motivated when there’s long gaps with nothing exciting.

          • Shawn

            We’ve got several IG players in my area, but the seem to be into other games at the moment.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I have a feeling we will seem them slightly, as they will most likely be placed in the second half, as you know they will sell this as a two parter.

      • generalchaos34

        uugggh But I want new guard stuff NOW!!!! =P

        Seriously though, a new decurion, some sort of forces based around being highly defensive (formations that use fortifications as their base)

        • Stealthbadger

          I’d take any rework giving us a ‘core’ choice below 600 points to be honest.

          • generalchaos34

            id like to see something along the lines of a core that mirrors a traditional guard set up, maybe “2 platoons, 1 sentinel, 1 Leman Russ, 1 Scion squad” or even better a core that is mech based, so “2 Platoons, CCS, Scions, Russ, all in chimeras”

        • Severius_Tolluck

          I hear you. I just wish most of the formations didn’t focus on bane blades that they did get. At least with codex imperial agents / online codexes you can do all sorts of zany stuff to bolster them. I too hope for a fortification dormation, and something maybe with just foot slogging inf.

  • darkconsecrator

    It seems as if they had added these to the Imperial Agents that just came out it would save some money for the customer while also allowing a set up for other forces to recieve their time to shine

  • Artyom Trityak

    No new Necron stuff ? 🙁

  • Krizzab

    So Failbaddon found his arms…

  • Chris Tiedt

    Nah this will be fine. Cadiz will get stomped sure, but the demon primarchs will not accept failbaddon’s leadership and either undermine him, or break off completely and pursue their own goals which ultimately results in each of their destruction s as let’s face it no matter how much of a hard on every non imperial race loves to fight the Imperium as soon as uncle chaos comes around they will not be having any of their warp shenanigans and powerful as demon primarchs can be they aren’t “destroy every living being in the universe” strong. Blackheart also very much hates abbaddon and has amassed a pretty large following who is to say that he won’t come skipping out of the Maelstrom just to try and take the title of warmaster (desperate allies anyone?) Alpha legion very specifically aided Horus to put and end to the chaos gods so 10 to 1 they do the whole “I was a loyalist the whole time” thing (much like the classic I was chaos the whole time plot device GW is so fond of) there have been tons of hints of the old ones still existing and they could quite possibly swoop in to fix their colossal screw up. Here’s to hoping GW makes the illuminati starchild plot canon again as it was actually really awesome. Cypher has this whole time traveling thing going on with the goal of reaching Terra at the right time. As if every thing he has done was to trigger allow him to reach his goal (in some odd twist he was loyalist the whole time and personally gives the emperor the lion’s sword or even brings back lion el Johnson) which isn’t too far-fetched as his fluff CONSTANTLY depicts chaos suffering crippling losses wherever he turns up. I like the odds truth be told as while on the surface this appears to be a one sided fist fight in favor of chaos abbaddon has a ridiculous amount of stuff acting against him including and definitely not limited to his own faction. Even if Abbaddon isn’t secretly being punished by the chaos gods ot forever fail, “Chaos destroys Terra and breaks the imperium” doesn’t make as good of an addition to the story of 40k as “with his prize in sight abbaddon is slain and the imperium thwarts the prophecy of it’s death” because the imperium is the #1 source of the universe’s grimdarkness with the xenophobia, daily genocides, and sacrifice of billions of lives a day for basically nothing. GW wouldn’t remove the single largest producer of grimdarkon in their universe, but simply wipe the grin off imperial players faces for calling chaos a joke for almost 30 years now

    • Joel Miroi

      “Everything that has happened, will happen again. It is the way of things. Yet humanity’s death will eclipse the eldar’s annihilation tenfold, for we are evolving into a far more psychically powerful race. Uncontrolled psychic energy will tear reality apart. The warp’s entities will feed on the carcass of the galaxy. There must be control, and control must be maintained”
      – The Emperor

      Quite possible they want to reboot the universe because of how popular 30K is.