40K: Gathering Storm III’s Sparkling Clue


The new White Dwarf is almost here with info on the 3rd volume of Gathering Storm that is intriguing.

GW Artist Paul Dainton talks about the covers of the three Gathering Storm books and his themes and goals for them.



Here’s what he says about the cover of the third volume:

 “I’m still working on the last piece but I plan to make it brighter and more golden, like a spark of hope in a galaxy of darkness.”


 “like a spark of hope in a galaxy of darkness”


I’ll let you figure out what that means, but here’s some interesting other pieces of the puzzle:

  • Rumors talk of Abaddon and other chaos baddies getting minis with the next book.
  • There is talk of a Loyalist Primarch coming next (with contradictory talk of it being Guilliman, El’Jonson Dorn or Russ)
  • Black Library’s march fancy standard/limited edition release is Dante.
  • Custodes just showed up recently with new shiny models
  • Other bright sparkling folks I can think of are Celestine & The Sanguinor


~I’ll let you start up the speculation machine in 3,2,1…GO!


  • Stormcast Eternals!

    (this is meant to be a joke)

    • vlad78

      I’m not laughing. ;p

    • Koen Diepen Van

      I wouldn’t be surprised

    • Sentinel

      Don’t hold your breathe, the latest run of Storm Cast Eternals 2.0 now have added physical Bolters so it wouldn’t surprise me to see power axes and the like come next!

  • pompeyladBFP

    phalanx involved.. My moneys on Dorn, but what has Cawl got?!

    • georgelabour

      My money is on a sleeping Primarch. This is based purely on a few snippets from Fall of Cadia where Abadoon goes absolutely angry millenial snowflake after an underling tells him a single name in reference to what Cawl had in a stasis casket.

      And that casket required a modified triarii conveyor to haul around. Not to mention it was important enough to sacrifice an Ark Mechanicus to protect.

      • Benjamin E

        Ah yes, Millennials are the angry, pouty ones who throw fits and temper tantrums. Definitely not old people who can’t stop whining about millennials long enough to even comment about a wargaming article without throwing Millennials under the bus.

        If I had a dollar for every time an old git whined about millennials, I’d be able to fix the economy that y’all ruined.

        • georgelabour

          Well, someone just got triggered.

          • bfmusashi

            Dude, you made fun of everyone under the age of 36 in an attempt at humor and failed. It’s not his fault you suck.

          • georgelabour

            No. I made fun of every overly sensitive souls who jumps to conclusions, and become irrationally hostile before understanding the context of a statement.

          • bfmusashi

            No honey. Millennial is a term used in ‘generational studies’ to indicate someone born in or between 1980 and 1997 (though the specific range varies by source). You used it as a pejoratively to mean “overly sensitive souls who jumps to conclusions, and become irrationally hostile before understanding the context of a statement.” Bad form and a sad misuse of a word.
            You also used ‘triggered’ in a way that belittles people suffering from trauma. It is impolite to mock a person’s illness.
            It also doesn’t make sense from a nerd perspective either since Abaddon is at least ten millennia old at this point (decamillennial?).

          • Haighus

            Abaddon is definitely a Crusader, if we are gonna give him a generation. Pretty much only Bjorn is left of that generation for the Imperials. Although decamillennial has a ring to it…

          • bfmusashi

            Darn decamillennials running around with their claw/gun hands.

          • georgelabour

            No. I made fun of every overly sensitive souls who jumps to conclusions,
            and become irrationally hostile before understanding the context of a

  • Christian Zajac

    The Sanguinor joins the fray; is revealed to be the soul of Sanginius (or something like that).

    • jazeroth

      i’d be very happy with that

    • Ebsolom

      Lets see if he can live up to St Celestines bargain price of 200pts.

  • SilentPony

    Abaddon becomes a Demon Prince mix with the resurrected soul of Horus, the Emperor gives instructions on how to bring Gulliman back to life, Russ and the Lion come back, Lorgar and Mortarion join the fray, and it all ends on Terra with the Emperor and 3 Primarchs vs Horus and his fellows.

    Anything short of that is just bullhonky.

    • Aezeal

      Needs to be 10 vs 10 Primarchs (including resurrection, next lives etc). And then the old ones return.

      • SundaySilence

        Weren’t two of them missing?

        • Aezeal

          resurrection, next lives, reincarnation… I mentioned that already didn’t I? The never mentioned 2 where probably captured by chaos from the beginning, given daemon nurses, tortured all their lives etc etc and are either insanely powerfull chaos spawn or the most powerfull daemon princes ever.

          • Marti Barker

            You’ve obviously not read the HH series. The Ultramarines swell after Russ does what he’s made for, with confirmed 1 legion.

            But the primarchs 100% knew their other brothers, speak about them/about the fact they can’t speak about them. However the Primarchs do not know about Chaos early in the crusade, but that’s after the 2 have died/been exiled etc. That rules out the chaos capture/deamon prince theory.

          • Aezeal

            If they have been exiled that certainly doesn’t rule out Chaos getting their claws in them (neither does them — supposedly — dying.. I mean SO many have “died” yet return.)

            Actually chaos worship would be a pretty good reason for exile or death 😀

          • georgelabour

            Interesting thought on those missing primarchs. Mostly because of information given in the Red Tithe novella released this month.

            Apparently the Carcharodons Astra (space sharks) revere a figure known as the ‘exiled one’, and were cast out from Terra during the founding of the Imperium.

            They’re also expecting him to return someday and lead them back down into the galaxy proper.

            Now most people seem to think that they’re a Raven guard offshoot. However the novel., and short stories throw some tidbits out there where they mix up aspects associated with the World Eaters, and Night Lords. They also have some unique traits all their own.

            So…that’s likely all red herrings but it does make for an interesting what if.

          • SilentPony

            My take on it is they ARE Raven Guard exiles, but also a chimeric mix of loyalist elements of World Eaters and Night Lords. That the tenets of their exile was basically just go away and fight the enemies of the Imperium, take what you want when you need it, and never come back.

          • georgelabour

            That’s kind of what I’m going with as well. Hence why I said a lot of things in the novel are red herrings.

            But it still would be an interesting twist that very few of us saw coming.

            After all everyone expects Guilliman or Vulkan to show up and curb stompe Abaddon right before he sucker punches the golden throne.

            But how many of us would even dare dream of an unknown primarch coming back from a extragalactic voyage with an entire legion of Astartes who’ve been fighting entire hive fleets for the last few centuries?

          • SilentPony

            There’s a throw away line from one of the Heresy novels, in which the Emperor is asking Malcador if he should go forward on the Primarch project. Mal says something to the effect of “Yeah do it, but make them Sisters.”
            But the Emperor goes with Sons.

            Now St. Celestine comes in and says she’s part of a Grand Unfulfilled Design by the Emperor.
            What if she isn’t one of the lost 2, but a brand new 21st Primarch? Created either at the Emperor’s orders or by the Emperor’s own psychic might?
            THAT would be epic. A female Primarch squaring off against Magnus and Mortarion

          • Haighus

            That is because FW have made it pretty obvious they are the Terran elements of the Raven Guard sent into exile in the late Great Crusade. However, that does not preclude them from picking up geneseed from other Legions to resupply, resulting in a sort of mongrel lineage.

          • SilentPony

            And we know they’re still alive because Dorn mumbled to Malcador that there could be 2 more Legions and Primarchs on the walls of Terra and Malcador says something like “Don’t even think it, they’re long gone.”

  • Old zogwort

    Flash gits sparkle

    • ZeeLobby

      If only!

  • Sentinel

    Dante – The first Sigmarine! Follow Dante as he battles his way across the Eternal warp gates to face Archaon the Dispoiler, to stop him invading all the imperial realms in this gripping must buy novel from Black Library!

    • georgelabour

      Honestly. I’d buy that.

      Especially if it included a chaos warrior whose entire body looked like one big crescent moon, had three arms, and carried a plasma pistol.

  • Johan Strandh

    Dorn is rather golden. Maybe not very cheerful but at least he might symbolize at least a little hope.

  • So if there are only 3 books then there will likely only be 3 Triumvirates of minis then. Shame its would have been nice to see the Xenos get some love.

    • Iconoc1ast

      Eldar are xenos….

      • Well yeah, but I kinda thought it was obvious I was referring to the other xenos races Orks, Tau Tyranids & Necrons.

        • Scott Resnick

          There isn’t really any other Xenos that could mix like that. So far the Triumvirates have ushered in mix-factions. It’s not like you’re going to have a Weirdboy, Tau Ethereal and Necron Cryptek working together.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I dunno.. Trayzan can be pretty convincing…

        • Randy Randalman

          It isn’t an End Times or a precursor to an End Times. It’s just finally moving the story somewhere after two decades of rewriting old fluff.

          • But, with such potentially titanic events taking place it looks a lot like an End Times event. I’m not saying that we will be seeing a complete rebirth of the galaxy but we are seeing the start of what could well be a number of significant of events. The demon primarchs are returning as are (almost certainly) some of the loyal primarchs. These guys are almost living gods…Russ himself said that he will return for the final battle, the Wolf Time.

        • Iconoc1ast

          this is not the end times. GW have said so themselves.


          Necrons have some involvement with the current campaign.

          yeah i would like to see some more races getting some new stuff too but most are not involved in the fall of cadia.
          I am sure something will come in time though. ‘Nids havent had much for a while now….

          • rtheom

            You remember that they said the exact same thing just before (and maybe even during?) End Times right?

          • Iconoc1ast

            Nope. I did not play wfb.

          • deris87

            They can call it what they want, but if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s a spade. I may be mixing my idioms here.

            “The final advance of Chaos has begun, ancient powerful figures from the
            lore have returned, long hinted at plot threads are coming to fruition,
            and the iconic home worlds of 3 major factions have been literally or
            effectively destroyed. This is exactly what happened in End Times.”

          • Iconoc1ast

            Well call it what you will.
            Did you you read the post? I am inclined to take the word of the company at this stage.
            They said worlds are going to be destroyed.
            The beauty of wh40k is that can happen quite frequently without upsetting too much.
            Wfb was set on one world, which if you blow that up then everyone will have a bad day.

          • deris87

            I did read the post, did you read mine? It’s a pretty myopic description of End Times to say that all it amounted to was “world done blew up.” The broad strokes of the 40k books have been almost note for note matches to the ET. And of course they don’t want to compare the two–ET left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and alienated quite a few players. That they don’t want to spook customers doesn’t change the fact that what’s happened so far is mirroring ET extremely closely.

          • Iconoc1ast


          • deris87

            The flattery isn’t necessary, but I appreciate your concession.

            Seriously now, it’s a conspiracy thinking to call out obvious corporate spin? They can say it’s not ET all they want, but it rings pretty hollow when the books are literally advancing a near identical plot line. I’m sure they’re serious when they say they’re not blowing up the universe (and that is the only specific they committed to), but like I said, blowing up the planet was hardly the entirety of the ET campaign.

            The significance of the ET was that it completely redefined the game setting and status quo. The 40K books are ALREADY doing that, and based on the lingering plot threads that have been laid out they seem poised to not only keep going but get even crazier. You know things are different when the Dark Eldar are coming to fix the golden throne. Pretending these aren’t plot advancement of the same magnitude as ET was is just patently silly.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            But wasn’t that blurb in like not just this edition but in the last two? If I remember it was the 5th ed BRB that first even brought up the throne was failing.

          • deris87

            The Throne has been failing for years, but the Mechanicus making a deal with the Dark Eldar to fix it is new.

          • True. But, with such potentially titanic events taking place it looks a lot like an End Times event. I’m not saying that we will be seeing a complete rebirth of the galaxy but we are seeing the start of what could well be a number of significant of events. The demon primarchs are returning as are (almost certainly) some of the loyal primarchs. These guys are almost living gods…Russ himself said that he will return for the final battle, the Wolf Time.

            GW dismissing that 40k is having an End Times may well be their attempt avert some of the negative backlash that such associated with AoS.

          • It’s only fair to point out that GW has been referring to the current 40k era as the “Time of Ending”. Now, even if this is not the End Times, comparisons will rightly be drawn.

            I don’t think 40k will ever complete a full End Times event, unless if 40k suffers the same drop in popularity as Fantasy. Rather, I think they will effectively play out the End Times over an endless number of campaign books; 40k is Ragnarok played out blow by blow but never quite reaching a crescendo, barring a drop in popularity. As such GW can tweak the story to trim their product line and avoid much of the fall out they had with AoS.

    • Ebsolom

      What makes you think there are only three books?

    • kingcobra668

      You mean just like the second one that is purely xenos?

      • As I mentioned above I thought it was pretty obvious I was referring to the xenos races apart from the Eldar.

        It does seem to be that the 40k End Times revolves primarily between chaos & the Imperium.

        The Imperium is kinda the inheritor of the galaxy (from the Eldar) but just as the Eldar are seemingly returning to at least reclaim some of their vigour it would be nice to know that the other xenos races are staking their claim to the rotting carcass that is the Imperium rather than being side lined.

        As I said, this may change and I hope it does.

        • kingcobra668

          “As I said an hour after your comment” as if I’m pathologically returning here to keep up on your comments.

          Mean what you say, say what you mean.

          • To be honest I hadn’t spotted that your comment was an hour before mine.

            I apologise that my initial comment was not clear but easy up dude.

          • Sentinel

            I must agree with you about the ‘End Times Scenario’. GW will never call it that, as ET is confined to the history of W.F.B. However what I do see is GW applying the same themes over the same timescale, just calling it something different. I imagine the results will be considerably toned down to avoid mass hysteria and alienation, but I believe we could well see a radically different fluff and grouping of allies much akin to A.O.S. The difference being more money will be pumped into it and subsequently it will feel less hollow than what is now A.O.S.

  • spla5hmummy

    I was hoping for a plastic warhound in the third set of releases…hard to imagine one in gold though! Something that would synergise well with guard would be nice.

    • Scott Resnick

      That would cost Forgeworld money. GW and FW have a very strict hands off on each other’s stuff; as soon as a model becomes plastic, GW takes over the rules. Or more specifically, you’d end up with two types, like the Contemptors; GW made rules, but only with the plastic components, whiel FW has the ‘real ones’ with all the extras. Note that the Baneblade/Stormlord no longer shows up as FW, because GW took it over.

      • Mr_Pickles

        Now if only GW could “Take over” the Thunderhawk…

      • Statham

        I’d be fine with GW taking over something like the Warhound. It’s not going to cost them that much, given FW would still make every other variant of Titan, including Chaos ones and especially the Warlord. Just like I can’t imagine GW making plastic Marines for HH has made that much of a dent – they probably made up the difference in weapon sets.

  • Dan Wilson

    The Emperor…

  • PrimoFederalist

    Golden Throne/Emperor

  • Scott Resnick

    This is contradictory. In both books so far, they’ve only released three new models, and all three have had a connection to each other.

    You can’t have it both ways; if everyone wants new Chaos models, then it’s not going to focus on Blood Angels or even marines at all.

    On the other hand… the cover of the book that gave us Imperium heroes was a picture of Abbadon… so does that mean that the cover doesn’t mean jack, and shiny hope is worthless if it’s all about Chaos models and their formations?

    • Randy Randalman

      Or Abaddon will finally go against everything he believes and embrace demonhood, so GW is electing to save his model for the post-storyline releases.

      • Scott Resnick

        At the current pace, we have Gathering Storm 2 in February, and probably Gathering 3 in April. That leaves the rumored 8E to come in during the summer… that might be the perfect time to introduce a new Chaos under a new Abaddon.

        Chaos *is* really the only other faction that’s in a good place to create a large multi-faction detachment the way the Imperium and the Eldar did. So there’s a point in it’s favor.

        BUT… note that GS1 and GS2 take place at the same time, in different places. That means that there’s also a chance that GS3 has to involve other factions entirely, because Abby/Chaos can’t participate somewhere else at the same time.

        • euansmith

          Create a Chaos Unified faction, with the old Ruinous Powers hitting the canvas following a Royal Rumble against the Emperor?

          • Scott Resnick

            Possibly. But G1 and G2 are at the same time in different places. That means G3 might be the same. So unified Chaos that has NOTHING to do with Abby because his storyline is covered in G1?

        • Statham

          I’d actually be really surprised if Gathering Storm 3 wasn’t done in March, before they go onto the next stage of the story – presumably the next Black Crusade instalment or something along those lines.

      • Deathwing

        Abaddon on the cover of the imperial triumvirate when he is the foil to them would perfectly set up DANTE as the cover if he was to be the one holding chaos back in their book.

  • euansmith
  • 6Cobra

    “In the Dawning Light of the Far Future, There is a Gleam of Hope.”


  • Deathwing

    Lets not forget that it is perfectly plausible in the current fluff for Sigismund to return as well. The original emperors champion and First High Marshall of the Black Templars would be a fitting foil to Abadon.

    Dante is not a bad fit either, though he is going to have to get a hell of a lot better rules wise to stand half a chance against abadon in combat.

    • Haighus

      If his axe remains Ap2 at I6, he has a chance, especially with the Hatred granted by Abaddon’s claw. Would be very ironic if Dante took down Abaddon…