40K Lore: To Kill a Chaos God


The Eldar are next up in the 40K’s 2017 narrative arc. Here’s what they may have in mind to rock the galaxy to it’s core.


The Harlequins

The Harlequins have always been said to have some sort of ‘trick’ up their sleeves for saving the Eldar race and finally destroying Slaanesh once and for all.

Cegorach, the Laughing God, reportedly is the only intact Eldar god to escape the fall of the Eldar, and has been planning his ‘final act’ since the Fall of the Eldar.

‘On the last day Cegorach will gather all the dead of his peoples and give them to the mustering Lord of the Dead to aid him in combating the Prince of Pleasure so that they may be reborn in a new earthly shell.’ – Attributed to a disguised Cegorach

At the heart of the Black Library lies a crystalline book that is said to contain the words of Cegorach himself.

‘Now long awaited portents have come to pass, and the bands of light around the book have flicked and died, and within the pages are recorded Cegorach’s final jest, a way to trick Slaanesh into expending all her power not to destroy the Eldar, but to save them.’


The Craftworlds

Applying this piece of the puzzle to the Eldar lore, their nascent  God of the Dead, Ynnead, seems to figure into the end game scenario for the Eldar, now partially awoken by Eldrad during the events described in Death Masque at Port Demensus.

Iyanden Craftworld’s Iyanna Arienal, may also have a part in the master plan as well:

‘When Eldrad Ulthran brought warning to Iyanden of the Great Devourer he also told the Iyanden Seer Council that the Eldar races only ultimate hope against Slaanesh lay with Ynnead, the God of Death.

While most of Iyanden’s dismissed Ulthran, Arienal embraced this prophecy and in a brief moment recieved a glorious apotheosis where the spirits of living Eldar would become one with the dead. The resulting psychic backlash would stir Ynnead from his slumber, and at least defeat Slaanesh.’


The Dark Kin

The black hearted denizens of Commorragh too have a reason to rise up with their brothers and strike against Slaanesh. Only the Dark Prince’s destruction will free them of their need for souls to extend their lives.  There are no particular mysteries or prophesies, but the two usual suspects for being able to rally large factions of the Dark Kin to a major effort are Asdrubael Vect with his vast power over the Kabals, or the semi-legenday Arhra who could mobilize the entire Incubi cult to his cause in an an instant. Regardless of thier twisted Culture, they are good in a fight and the Eldar will need every able body they can find to aid them.

It’s clear the Eldar have a plan and we’ll hopefully get to see it in the weeks ahead.

~What do you think GW will be willing to have them pull off in the 2017 Grimdark shakeup?



  • calmsword

    Interesting enough, the Incubi serve as a kind of Eldar ‘inquisition’ that specifically go after any Eldar that might be tainted (Book: Archon).

  • DrLove42

    A lot of signs jn the lore recently have pointed towards a resurgance for the Eldar. Talk of ridding Slanesh, the light of Asuryan roaring into life…for once the Eldar may not be dumped on from a great height. But given GW anything is possible

    • Koen Diepen Van

      Wait what? The Eldar get dumped on?

      • DrLove42

        Hard to believe but very occassionally they do get a little shafted in the lore…

        • Josh Heinz

          Maybe, but from a tabletop perspective, they are anything BUT dumped out. I know it’s frustrating to read them getting trashed so often, but for those of us more interested in the crunch…
          It’s kind of like how they keep talking up Abbadon as this mega-badass huge threat, but it’s taken them until now to actually throw Chaos a bone rules-wise.

          • kingcobra668

            K… but this is all specifically fluff talk….

          • CMAngelos

            There are a lot of folks out there (unfortunately in my opinion) that care only about “Does x help me win? If not it’s rubbish”.

          • Josh Heinz

            Firstly, you might be only interested in fluff talk, but I’m not. Feel free to ignore my comment if it’s not relevant to you, but in my mind, bringing the crunchy parts into the fluffy parts is a completely valid line of discussion.
            Secondly, it’s not about “Does x help me win?” It’s about “Does x represent what I see in the fluff, and is it fun to play with?” Getting smashed by well written detachments when my army is *supposed* to be a major threat breaks my immersion badly, as does being stuck with either a generic CAD with a legion name stuck on it, or a mish-mash of heavily taxed formations that don’t make any sense together.
            Part of the point of the detachments are “This is how this army goes to war. This is what makes them special”. When almost every force org looks the same between armies that SHOULD be wildly different, it feels less like playing, say, Death Guard, and more like a random bunch of heretics who are slightly tougher and more expensive than normal. Traitor Legions was an awesome supplement not because it made Chaos a top tier army (which it didn’t), but because it made the legions *feel* different and special.

            So to recap, this isn’t me saying “Stop complaining about Eldar fluff, their codex is awesome!”, it’s just me saying that saying the Eldar are being dumped on is a rather big stretch.

          • StingrayP226

            Then take away some of that bone with the Alpha Legion… Seems like GW just wants me to play Eldar as they seem to hate the Thousand Sons and Alpha Legion the two Chaos Legions I like…

          • Josh Heinz

            I understand man; I never said it made all the legions awesome, but it made them a lot more fun than they were before!

          • 6Cobra

            Speaking of always losing in the background..

    • Frey Jepson

      I see what your saying story wise, but rules wise they have shat on everybody else for years with their rules.

  • Sleeplessknight

    Calling it. GW is going to write out Slaanesh to make new timeline 40k and product range more marketable to children and families.

    They’re probably going to make the Eldar death god the new Chaos god replacement.

    • NZNemesis

      I think you nailed it there buddy! Get rid of the “Whips and Chains” God for a more PG Deity.

    • Darth Bumbles

      Because it’s such a child friendly hobby. I mean, $70au for some necessary soldiers? Cheap as!

      • Also blood, gore, killing and violence… sounds like these are fine while some boobs aren’t. 🙂

        • Shatterclaw

          Blood and Gore are fine, Sex is bad, bdsm is reverse and abhorrence… Or so the right wing or is it left wing.. can tell them apart any more.. any way, for a large section of.. let’s say religious upstanding folks, who think there fighting to hold on to “family values” Sex is just horrible.. and if you show a teenager sex, that’s all there going to want.. so best to get rid of it.. ignoring such things as puberty, biological health, mental health and about ten to twenty other reason.. which is why on American t.v. you can show gun fire and people being killed, but educational show on a healthy body are framed sexual in nature.. are Morales corrupted and deviant and but be burned with touches and pitch forks..

          And do to the infection of American culture to the world.. well you get the idea.

          • wibbling

            Considering that Workshop are a UK company (which just doens’t have the same prudentattitude toward sex that the US does) it’s likely that Slaanesh, just like Nurgle; is waiting for a big product release event such as the Lord of Change saw.

          • A Smith

            Wasnt it already essentialy confirmed slanesh is getting revamped with a new look less sex more general excess?

            My money is on Nurgle is up Next in summer and come winter Slanesh will be re done and we will have been Given Demon Mortarion and maybe a loyalist primarch by then

          • 6Cobra

            Yeah, Americans.. who consume more narcotics and produce more ‘X’ rated films than any other country, but are somehow to blame for the prudish decisions of an English miniature-making company.

    • jeff white

      Yeah… Like on TV. Can show houses blowing up and people getting shot but gotsta blur out that cigarette and any half bear nips… The world is run by idiots.

      • euansmith

        If you want “bear nips” you need to turn to Natural History Channel. 😉

        • Simon Chatterley

          “Bear Nips”…there’s a safe for work goggle search I’m sure…

      • Heinz Fiction

        Not the world, just the U.S.

        • jeff white

          Nah… I am sticking with world.

    • bfmusashi

      When was 40k not marketed to children?

      • Sleeplessknight

        When was the last time you tried selling pleasure demons with exposed breasts to children and their parents?

        • bfmusashi

          Are you suggesting that’s a thing for adults? Is there some kind of second puberty that makes the screaming needle toothed crab woman with one boob a big deal later?
          I don’t think my folks had a problem with the model, but the dude playing it that spent a lot of time on the nipples was/is a problem.

  • Incubi beeing honourable, Harlequins leaving TBL for the last dance, Iyanna listening to Eldrad’s words… They all seem breadcrumbs now leading to this very moment.

    Hyped as hell here…

  • Ryan Williams

    Eldrad didn’t partially awaken Ynnead: the ritual failed, and drained every infinity circuit dry. A bolt of energy, tiny compared to what it was meant to be, was all that survived.

    I assume this plays some part in what’s coming. Avatars of Ynnead, maybe?

    • Darth Bumbles

      When was this?

      • dinodoc

        In the original 13th Crusade I guess.

      • Emprah

        I think it was the new Deathwatch board game.

      • Ryan Williams

        Death Masque.

    • Unlikely, but we can hope so hard…

    • AX_472

      Actually the partially awakened ynnead was “shattered” when the spell went wrong (don’t think it drained the infinity circuits either). I think the Death Jester did it deliberately. He put down his weapon and tried to reason with a deathwatch space marine knowing he was the lynch pin of the spell by supplying the laughing gods power. He dies, Ynnead “shatters” much like Khaine was shattered leading to an avatar. thought it at the time, i was sooooo disappointed when i read the deathmasqe book and that was the only thing i could come up with to mitigate the death jesters stupidity.

      • Ryan Williams

        Hence ‘the ritual failed.’

  • Sonic tooth

    why does everyone seem to hate the eldar? theyre by far my favorite faction in 40k

    • Mr.Fister

      people do not hate eldar they hate the current codex 🙂

    • Defenestratus

      They’re idiots. Eldar by far are the best faction in the universe.

    • Marco Paroli

      Oh no, are Aeldari that hate us… and themselves.

    • Shatterclaw

      Fluffy wise, love the Eldar, codex wise.. the player base knows there a typo in the wave seprepent rules.. the players know this, games work shop know this.. it sell more of that tank.. so it gets left in.. and players of Eldar use the rule knowing the range is very wrong.

      • Cody Jiru

        Must be a codex behind… 24” must be wrong.. How Earth-Shattering!!!!!!!

      • Pyrrhus of Epirus

        im sorry what is the typo in wave serpents and why does it even matter? nobody has used wave serpents competitively since the 7th edition codex dropped and made spider/scatbikes and wraithknights so good they became auto includes.

  • Matt Craufurd

    Larry your prudish obsession with GW squatting Slaanesh is tiresome in the extreme. You just churn out article after article. Stop trying to screw over people with Slaanesh armies.

    • Kevin Maloney

      To be fair, the Eldar have been plotting to kill Slaanesh since forever.

    • wibbling

      I’ve wondered if the Slaanesh issue is US specific or just BoLS specific. The US has a bonkers gun culture, yet seems to go into a flap over sexuality in a way that the UK doesn’t.

      • Silas7

        Why is everyone attributing this to US values?

        • Ryan Williams

          Let’s think about that for all of five seconds…

          • palaeomerus

            Then let’s watch some Spartacus, Game of Thrones, and Westworld reruns and think about it for another 45 or so minutes.

  • Emprah

    Is GW this stupid? Only time will tell.

    • Statham

      I’d rather them try and do something with the narrative – even if it doesn’t remove Slaanesh and only puts the Eldar on a more even footing against it – than spin their wheels for another thirty years.

    • Horus84cmd

      Yeah I mean GW don’t know what they are doing, right! You know….It is not like GW has seen a massive profits turn around since making radical and fundamental changes to a well established game system and background….oh wait…

  • Ben Martin

    Commorragh’s got it coming too. Has the situation around Khains Gate been resolved or not?

  • euansmith

    For a truly grim dark resolution, it should all go horribly, horribly wrong in the worst possible manner.

    • MechBattler

      Worse than committing so much sin and debauchery that an evil god is born ripping the galaxy a new @sshole in the process? That’s hard to imagine. What could be worse? Two new gods born making two new @ssholes, giving Slaanesh two little sisters?

      • petrow84

        Hire George RR Martin for some hold-the-door level ideas, and we’ll regret even the day when asked “how could this go even worse?”…

      • euansmith

        No, something bad. 😉

        • palaeomerus

          Slaanesh’s kid sister having demi-armies sounds pretty bad.

    • palaeomerus

      The Eldar create a God of Nu Metal w/ country influences and Mosh Line dancing consumes the universe?

  • edmundblack

    That first piece of art in the article is pretty cool – anyone got any idea who did or where it’s from?

    • Horus84cmd

      It was the cover art for a novel called Harlequin by Ian Watson. It is the second book in a trilogy call the Inquisitor War. It was originally publish late 80’s early 90’s and the re-published when GW created BL as it’s new publishing arm in 00’s. Currently, the series is out of print but is available in digital format. I think the cover art was by an awesome 40K illustrator called Clint Langley; he used to do loads of freelance work for GW around a decade ago, I don’t think he does so much now for GW, if at all.

      • edmundblack

        Nice one, thanks. 🙂 Clint’s work is superb, he’s done some great Grey Knight stuff too.

  • Jim Collins

    Thoughts on how they could run this :

    1. Fall of cadia stretch the EoT, the EoT arguably being slaanesh’s physical form. Weakening Slaanesh
    2. Mass suicide – Eldar have to be like the fiber of Slaanesh’s diet, feed them to the ynneead instead.
    3. Attack via their own souls. Some Eldrad master dick move other than the above.
    5. Since they are reborn, they get new names and…
    6. Profit.

    • euansmith

      “We should have guessed they were up to something… I mean, the entire Eldar race taking out life insurance like that…”

  • wibbling

    On page 51 of the Gathering Stomr:Fall of Cadia book, in top half of the page is a glorious picture of a Keeper of Secrets. It’s a lot more like the Conan The Destroyer ‘Dagoth’ head than the traditional bull/mask but it looks glorious, so maybe it’s that coming?

  • Sparti67

    We all know they kill Slanesh and start making cookies and crackers while living in a big tree.

    • palaeomerus

      Bloody SKULL cookies in PSYCHIC FIRE TREE than tears through the space-flesh of many universes.

  • John Barber

    Personally, I think the narrative will work in such a way that loosely ties in Slaanesh’s disappearance in the ’40k universe’ similar to its disappearance in Age of Sigmar. I’m sure the Aeldari will congratulate themselves and slap each other on the back but I’m also sure that something will go wrong and (hopefully) Slaanesh will return bigger and meaner.

    I personally think it’s doubtful that they’ll seriously retool Slaanesh, although honestly they’ve been backing away from it’s sexual perversion for a while though (although there are some hints here and there)

  • ChubToad

    Good bye spikey nipples and sexy daemonettes I guess…

  • EnTyme

    That Solitaire looks like he’s about the drop the sickest album of the year!