Age of Sigmar: Latest FAQs Added


Age of Sigmar fans, whip out your phones right now…

All you Age of Sigmar players, your new rules are waiting.



Age of Sigmar App Download


Go grab your app and updates it right away to get all the latest FAQs in the palm of your hand.

GW says:

“Go to the Gaming Aids section and download them there.If you’ve got the last batch of FAQs, delete the previous epub to download the new one.”


~Happy gaming!

  • Lord Elpus

    Mine still says from December..

    • SundaySilence

      Have you deleted the previous ones amd downloaded again? Mine say from Dec 2016 but they are new. First magenta text should be about multiple D3 wounds.

      • Lord Elpus

        Did that, yeah I never noticed about the d3 thing though… Guess I needed my morning Coffee!!

  • SundaySilence

    I swear that the first block of magenta text is in complete contradiction to what they said previously. It was written previously that you only roll one dice (D3, D6 etc) THEN multiply it. I prefer the rolling multiple dice approach anyway as it’s the done thing.

    • Aezeal

      You haven’t been paying attention.
      Well I admit when they released their FAQ (or maybe it was the draft) it was like y ou said. But it was updated within a few hours and changed.

  • zemlod

    On a side note: has anyone ever managed to successfuly run the app on a kindle?