BtGoA: New Algoryn Mag Cannon

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Give your Algoryn force some heavy fire power – the Mag Cannon is here!

Every army needs a weapon that can tear a tank in half.

via Warlord:

The Algoryn AI Troopers know their art of war, and now their combined arms tactics become stronger with the new Mag Cannon in their ranks!

Sometimes one shot is all you need, and you can’t go wrong with a shot so powerful it has the potential to cleave through entire vehicles and heavy infantry. The mag cannon is a single‐shot magnetic cannon and a very common weapon in Antarean space. A target struck and penetrated by a mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive.


Algoryn Mag Cannon setting up in the back lines

The Mag Cannon can deal huge amounts of damage and even a greater amount of fear on the tabletop. Any target pierced by the mag cannon suffers the massive damage rule, making it a very real threat to all types of vehicles. Keeping it within cover increases its chance of surviving but try and gain an advantageous height or set up within a crucial choke point, forcing your opponent into some real tough decisions.

Algoryn Mag Cannon – $16.00


  • 1 Artillery Piece/War Machine
  • 3 Crew
  • 1 Drone

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