Geekery: Star Wars in Less than 90 Seconds


And other Star Wars editing oddities.

Episode IV – Speeds up Every Time Someone Shoots a Laser

Episode VII – Black Lodge Edition

Episodes I-VI – All Together Now!

Episode V – Seagulls!


And if like glitchy cuts, profanity, and a ton of inside jokes that go back to 2003 go here.

  • euansmith

    “Episode V – Sea Gulls” was rather catchy.

    • Hedwerx

      ‘Waiting in the bushes of love’ is better imo.

      • euansmith

        That was excellent. Thanks for the heads-up; now I’ll worry every day, all day. Bad Lip Reading is so good.

        Seeing the transition between the original speeder prop crossing the desert to the CGI shot of the speeder entering Mos Eisley reminded me just what a slap in the face the “Special Edition” was. Bad, George!

        • Hedwerx

          I used to ride,

          Across the desert.

          You know, I used to glide,

          On my speeder.

          Pray that I don’t find any more,

          -Crispy bodies by the door.