Wyrmwood is Making The Ultimate GM Screen

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rosewood screen

The only GM screen you’ll ever need — magnetic panels, rotating components–this screen has it all. New from Wyrmwood, Kickstarting now.

Wyrmwood makes high quality gaming accessories. If you’ve never seen them before, welcome to the surface world. That big bright thing in the sky is the sun–and Wyrmwood is a team of crafters that hand-make absolutely gorgeous wooden gaming aids. Classic examples include , like dice towers, trays, and deck boxes.

And now, they’re kickstarting their latest project. A fully customizable wooden GM screen, built of magnetically interlocking wooden panels that you can assemble any way you like. Here’s a brief rundown of what they’re offering.

via Wyrmwood’s Kickstarter:

classic panel

“The Classic Panel is the foundation of the Wyrmwood GM Screen System. It takes the familiar Game Master Screen panel and enhances it with sturdy, luxurious construction, custom made in your choice of woods. You can choose to insert custom artwork on the player side of your screen, or allow the natural beauty of the wood to stand by itself.”

A two-sided panel with acrylic sheets on either side so you can insert your own charts, tables, artwork, or whatever else you may need.

lets rotate the panels

GM Screens exist to conceal information from the players. The Rotational Panel represents a 180° turn for GM Screen design – literally. Now, the screen itself is a narrative device to tell your story in new, exciting ways:

  • Maps on one or both sides reveal a newly entered area
  • Art of a villain shows players the enemy they’ve encountered
  • The landscape reveals the view through the character’s eyes
  • The contents of a treasure chest or vault, shown as it’s opened
  • An important piece of lore, revealed at a crucial moment

No mention of this particular panel’s most important feature: the ability to shout “let’s rotate the board,” any time you’re using it.

There are two announced stretch goals right now: a two-way dice tower allowing for public and private rolls, as well as a wooden initiative tracker that slots right in to any panel you’ve bought.

And according to their campaign page, this is just the core set–more panels/pieces for the G screen will be developed later, each one compatible with this. This project was fully funded within a matter of minutes–it won’t be long now before they unlock the first of their stretch goals. So you may want to get in now. These products are pricey, but the quality is unmatched.

Check Out Wyrmwood Gaming’s GM Screen Kickstarter


  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Saw this on Facebook. Very tempted.

  • Rob brown

    It’s just so very very expensive for a product that doesn’t solve a problem and needs further customisation. The finish is beautiful but $175 for the basic screen $250 for the nicer woods I just can’t justify. After all it’s not like DM screens are a consumable I still have ones from 20 years ago and GF9 release. Bespoke campaign screen for about $15.

    I’d love one as a present if someone was mad enough to buy me one, but could justify it for myself. Better to buy Paizo’s entire range of battle maps for the same amount.

  • Bran D

    Me bro got me a dice box for xmas, very nice stuff…I was always on the fence, because it’s a luxury item and spendy, but having one in hand i can say they are top notch in quality. If this is anything like their boxes then I’d say treat yourself… You deserve it DMs!

  • MMO Builder

    ..and that’s a no from me

  • Vepr

    Very cool but ouch my eyes on the price.