40K: Dawn of War III: Da Orks Preview

Ork Morkanaut

It’s Deffkoptas, Nobz and Moranauts, Oh My! Here come the Orks for Dawn of War III!

The last time we checked in with Dawn of War III we got a look behind the design process of Gorgutz, the Warboss of the Orks. Well the folks behind the madness are back with a trio of new spotlights focusing on some of the more iconic Ork units in the game.

via Dawn of War III

Beauty da Morkanaut

Ork Size comparison

“Morkanauts are massive battle engines that act as deadly effigies to the Ork god Mork. Piloted by Mekboys, these goliath contraptions serve a singular purpose: maximum carnage! Equipped with a kustom mega-kannon, the Morkanaut is loaded with an entire arsenal of weaponry – from twin-linked shootas to rokkit launchas! With this many tools at its disposal, it’s no wonder these machines pay tribute to the Ork’s god of kunnin’ brutality! Or is it brutal kunnin’? Bah, who cares!

There’s one Morkanaut in particular that stands out above the rest. Beauty is piloted by Wazmakka, a vain and kunnin’ Big Mek with a fondness for traktor beams. Beauty embodies everything that an Ork hopes for in a war machine: huge, loud, and capable of wanton destruction. Such massive constructs need a repair crew always at the ready, so it’s not unusual to see Gretchins scurrying in its wake.”


Rokkit Fist

Kustom Force Field

Gretchin Repair Squad


Ork Nobz

Ork Nobs

“Nobz are some of the biggest, baddest Orks around. Part of the ruling caste, Nobz are held in high regard because of their monstrous stature. Nobz only answer to the Warboss himself – bigger still – but their natural size still commands subservience from the rest of the warband. Boyz will naturally follow in the footsteps of the baddest Nob, but the more scars he has – the more respect is earned.

As if you couldn’t spot a Nob already, they’re also guardians to some of the best wargear around. Due to their noble standing, Nobz get the best pick of the loot – save for the Warboss, of course. As such, Nobz are often armed with an unnecessarily vast, but impressive collection of shiny bitz!”


Explosive Armour

Choppa Toss



Ork Deffkopta

Ork Deffkopta

“Piloted by berserk Flyboyz raving mad over the prospect of flight, Deffkoptas are aggressive attack choppers that often act as scouts for the rest of the warband. Their ramshackle rotor blades send them sputtering through the skies – so while they may not be stealthy, they are speedy enough to keep the pilot out of harm’s way.

The Flyboyz willing to pilot these flaming death traps tend to be as insane as they come. The unlucky foes of a large warband often report the Ork pilots making machine gun sounds and laughing maniacally as their Deffkoptas roar into view.

Some Orks elect to add more weaponry to their Deffkopta, and one of the most popular additions is to affix a massive, whirring buzzsaw blade to the front of the chassis. You know, to make low-altitude maneuvers a little more interesting.”


Buzzsaw Blitz

Strafing while shooting


Many of the Ork’s abilities also revolve around an ability to Loot Scrap to upgrade or augment their weapons. It seems like a unique mechanic for the Orks and something that will not only help them to become more dangerous but also give them a unique feel vs the other races.

These Ork units will have to do battle with their Eldar and Space Marine counter-parts. The pain train has left the station and Dawn of War III is well under development. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure!


Dawn of War III is currently scheduled for a 2017 release date… As long as Gork-n-Mork don’t stomp on everyone’s hopes and dreams!

  • Ve Ly Pè

    Doesn´t look totally finished yet. E.g. the rokkit fist looks great, but the gretchin repait squad looks still quite underwhelming.

  • NinjaWolfHybrid

    Less is more on the graphical effects. Looks like big battles are just going to be a clusterfuck of auras and explosions. Also I hate abilities like that “taunt” on the warboss.

    On the plus side, I love that new units will be making their way into the DoW series. Morkanaut model looks great. Deffkoptas should be fun.

    Hoping for striking scorpions and bikes/speeders.

  • Jooster

    Why does this look less like a DoW game and more like one of the 50 generic turn-based 40k games made by nobody companies?

    Granted, a polished one of those generic games, but it still hardly seems to be the quality I’d expect.

    • Mike X (Official)

      They said just after DoW3 was announced that they were inspired by MOBAs. So this iteration will be more like League of Legends or DOTA2.

  • Mike X (Official)

    This game looks so epic. I can’t wait to see how chaotic games will be with all these League of Legends-like powers going off.