Cypher Joins WHO?! More Beans are Spilling


When GW said they are shaking up the Grimdark in 2017 – they weren’t kidding!

GW’s is dropping a lot more details on Gathering Storm III this afternoon. Some of them will leave your head spinning! Here are some of the key items to get your motor running:


Gathering Storm III Plot:

“the Warmaster’s forces have appeared across the galaxy and have even laid siege to Macragge, home world of the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines. Besieged, the Ultramarines do not know why they are under attack, yet they will find out soon enough, for an unusual delegation has arrived…

…Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and the Ynnari – continue their quests, travelling through the Eldar webway to arrive in the Ultramar system. As you can probably tell from the title of the book, their arrival sparks one of the most miraculous, game-changing events in the history of Warhammer 40,000 – the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman, who must then come to terms with what the Imperium has become in the 9,000 years he’s been in stasis.

…The realm of Ultramar is the setting for the third book in the Gathering Storm series. The book contains a star map of the entire region, detailing the many worlds that Roboute Guilliman must rescue from the clutches of Chaos before he can look at saving the rest of the Imperium.

…Roboute Guilliman is a demigod of war, a symbol of freedom and Humanity’s best chance of saving the Emperor’s legacy. However, his noble countenance is troubled by the terrible state of the Imperium, and he must put aside his fears if he is to save Mankind.

Alongside Roboute Guilliman, this plastic set also contains Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights – one of Guilliman’s new and most trusted advisors – and the enigmatic Cypher, who joins Guilliman on his quest to save the Imperium. Or does he…?”


Ultramar – the setting for Gathering Storm III

Mini Goodness:

Hold onto your jaw – and get ready to board the CRAZY-TRAIN! You can spot the full mini pics here.

Cypher Details – my what a large sword you have…


cypher-detail1 cypherdetail2 cypher-detail3

Roboute Deails – move over Marneusroboutedetail1


Voldus Details – He likes books…

voldusdetail1 voldusdetail2

~ March is going to be amazing!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By


    I am sure he will get along with Greyfax.

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Fo sho

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      Would Ship Robout and Greyfax!

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        “I find your distrust of religion to be most… Errottc.”

    • SilentPony

      Well seeings how he was brought back with foul xenos science magic, she’s probably going to distrust him, or think him corrupted or an imposter.

      • NNextremNN

        Considering we are talking about a Inquisitor that was freed by Xenos and now travels with a Xenos trio that would be a bit hypocrite but we are talking about Inquisitor so who know XD

    • Victor Hartmann

      They can compare notes in study hall

  • Parthis

    “Hold onto your jaw – and get ready to board the CRAZY-TRAIN!”

    … /facepalm

    • kingcobra668

      Your need to declare your facepalm is the greatest facepalm of all.

      • euansmith

        With ‘uge hands! The greatest hands!

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      I’m with you, Parthis. I personally hate all that language on this site, too~

      • euansmith

        Clutch, dawg, that’s dope.

  • Parthis

    Cypher carrying The Lion’s sword, and Roboute carrying the Emperor’s is a nice touch.

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Lionel Johnson the poet?

      • EmperorOfMankind

        Probably where the name came from

        • Nothing “probably” about it:

          • Loki Nahat

            the internet seems to have damaged you

          • ??

          • Loki Nahat

            the op’s original comment was sarcastic, seems you’ve lost your /s filter 😉

          • And I was expected to draw that from “the internet seems to have damaged you” how?

          • Loki Nahat

            well, since you didn’t get op’s sarcasm, it was my infernal that it must have been the internet as it does those kinda things to people, although you could have been lobotomized prior, I guess? Either way, apologies!

          • I think you’re still trying to be clever, which didn’t work the first time either. You’re also still assuming the OP was being sarcastic; I see no evidence of this, and while I can count quite a number of people in my social circles who could probably recite The Dark Angel from memory, there’s as much overlap between between “lit nerds” and “40K players” as you might think. In fact, I’d go so far as to wager the majority of 40K players have never even heard of Lionel Johnson, and even those who have might not know the poem.

          • Loki Nahat

            Really, you don’t think OP was sarcastic? Guess that’s just perspective then, yeah I’m not surprised that many of the newbros don’t know of Lionel Johnson, literature has been ruined as a subject in schools today.

        • kingcobra668

          You mean the guy that wrote the poem, Dark. Angel? Nah.

          • vlad78

            Impossible, GW universe is totally original fictional setting born in a vacuum, they took no inspiration from the outside. (So said GW HQ during the CH debacle)

          • kingcobra668


          • SYSTem050

            Citation to court quotation please

          • euansmith

            People complain about the cost of GW minis; but they over look the cost of creating the fluff. Heck, developing the technology to send a self-loathing poet back in to the past to add some literary weight to they backstory, cost billions.

    • BloodPact

      it’s like poetry, it rhymes

  • rtheom

    Now those are some pretty sweet looking models. I’m still a huge fan of the original Cypher, but this is a very nice replacement.

    I don’t use any of these armies, but I am still going to have to purchase these.

    • bfmusashi

      I like his “oh, you’re going to make me get my other gun are you?” pose.

      • Donald Wendt

        As posted in the other news item regarding newcypher, “It’s skull o’clock.”

  • Cypher could never get that sword out of the scabbard… but it would be funny to see him try.

    • Parthis

      I think it’s more symbolic; I suspect it’s the reason Roboute trusts him.

      • LeroyJenkinss

        It’s synergy

      • At this point it is actually possible that Cypher is Holguin. The Lion gave him the sword for safekeeping after Roboute broke it. It would mean that Roboute actually knows him from way back when. But it would also mean that Cypher wasn’t a Fallen from Caliban, but one of the lieutenants that served under the Lion until Caliban broke apart.

        • SYSTem050

          Or the fallen aren’t the ones you should be worried about.

          • Roman Himmelhan

            That. exactly that. but no-one ever listens…

          • While logically, yes, they’re not that big a deal beyond the scars to the First Legion’s honor, a LOT of them end up aligning with Chaos and furthering their goals. Heck, Astelan alone is in it for himself which, at least, isn’t that despicable. However, he had dealings with Fallen that fell to Nurgle and fought alongside Typhus (which, again, connects to Heresy-era Calibanite renegades).

            So ignoring the Fallen isn’t the right thing to do either. They still need to be a priority, just not at the cost of everything else.

    • That was never his intention anyway. The blade is broken. Guilliman himself was the one who broke it asunder. Cypher is the bearer of the sword, not its user. He was supposed to take it back to Terra to beg forgiveness of the Emperor and see the sword repaired there.

      • Azrell

        what book was that in?

        • Victor Hartmann

          I think that was in Fellowship of the Ring when they brought the shards of Narsil to Rivendell and it was reforged as Anduril by the Eldar

          • Donald Wendt

            Was that before or after Atarax utterly failed to get out of the Swamp of Sadness?

          • Peter Utecht

            Wasn´t Cypher out on a galaxy wide trip to find Waldo?

          • Ryan Davis

            You good sir have just won the Internet! Thanks for playing you can collect your prize on the way out.

        • The breaking was in Angels of Caliban, as is the change of who is Cypher. The general quest of taking it back for redemption purposes and reforging has been around in pretty much every Dark Angels codex and the Eye of Terror campaign.

    • ellobouk

      The sword is broken… Cypher’s aim is to take it to Terra so that the Emperor might repair it, and in so doing find redemption for his moment of weakness.

      Tha’s like, Cypher 101

  • ZeeLobby

    They just had to steal the ruin storm from 30K again. I feel like I’ve heard this story before. 300 world’s attacked by chaos, Guilliman must save them, etc.

    • Crevab

      Yeah, “didn’t we just do this”?

    • amaximus167

      Kind of like the Thousand Son’s and Space Wolves fighting it out in one of their home systems and having said system wasted…

      …time is a flat circle.

    • benn grimm

      They have nothing new/interesting to say so they just plunder popular stories without really understanding what made them popular in the first place, beyond the obvious.

    • Sentinel

      Pretty much only this time, Guilliman depletes everything in the Imperial arsenal to defeat chaos only to be stabbed in the back by the vile Xenos races.

      • ZeeLobby

        Glad to see none of his intelligence was brought back with him. Must be something in the air in 40K. 😀

    • Philip Estabrook

      You cats are never happy.

      • ZeeLobby

        See. Now that’s just not true, I was happy when plots were original. This campaign is basically Oceans 40K. They’re running around to grab their crew, and they’ll defeat Abbadon in some ridiculous machination, lol.

  • SIA

    Isn’t Cypher’s bolt pistol one from the rumor engine?

    • ZeeLobby


    • kingcobra668


  • SilentPony

    God, I can see the TV interview now:
    “Grand Master Voldus, can you tell me about your facepaint?”
    “I like books.”

    • LeroyJenkinss

      It’s Gunna be the best face paint. No one can paint faces like I do.

    • palaeomerus

      This is the book I beat Pestileus the Favored of Mortarion to death with. THIS is the book I used to knock all the teeth out of the chaos dragon lord of Psimonitis Magnus III. THIS book I used to slay a blood thirster. And now that I have told them of this wonder thou must needs for thine own good die before forbidden knowldge corrupts thee and makes thee the plaything of the warp. The emperor protects. BLAM BLAM Can someone get me that towel over there? I got some reformed heretic in my eye. Thanks!

  • SilentPony

    Also what kind of BS tease is that? “and the enigmatic Cypher, who joins Guilliman on his quest to save the Imperium. Or does he…?”

    I dunno, DOES he? That seems pretty straight forward and black/white. Has he joined the quest? Is he there? Yes? Well, nuff said.

    • kingcobra668

      If you understand, what is the problem?

    • DaveTycho

      You do realise that Cypher is a massive troll.

      • Yeah, is he really on anybody’s side?

        • Shawn

          He’s on his own side. He’s been travelling the warp for centuries manipulating both Chaos and the Imperium to alter a terrible future that he’s seen. When Caliban was destroyed and the warp storm scattered the Fallen, he as scattered thousands of years in the future and not works to prevent that future from ever happening! Good theory, no? LOL.

  • DaveTycho

    So GW is retconning The Chapter’s Due then.

    • kingcobra668

      Care to expand on that?

      • DaveTycho

        The Chapter’s Due- set at the same time as the 13th black crusade has Ultramar invaded by Warsmith Honsou of the Iron Warriors and daemon prince M’Kar the Reborn. It’s the 6th novel in Graham McNeill’s Ultramarines series. No Guilliman in that though.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          They retconned all of the 13th Black Crusade already

          • DaveTycho

            True. 🙁 The original fluff was better imo.

          • Arthfael

            They are however including bits from the old fluff at the moment, aren’t they?

        • Azrell

          They write fluff with the careful thinking and attention to detail that they use writing the rules. :}

      • It was a novel by Graham McNeill, at the end of 999.M41. The Iron Warriors and co under M’Kar and Honsou assaulted Ultramar and laid siege to Macragge until Tigurius, Calgar and Uriel Ventris saved the day.

        Codex: SM 5th edition apparently acknowledges the Invasion of Ultramar for 854999.M41, but switches some main characters around and doesn’t acknowledge Ventris (which is a trend). The Chapter’s Due has been contradicted by various Codexes over the years, even as far as appearances of M’Kar are concerned – in the novel he’s out cold and banished for a time, but he’s also fought Mephiston in that timeframe according to C:BA.

        So yeah, I think The Chapter’s Due has been on shaky ground since it released.

        • DaveTycho

          The Chapter’s Due is based on the 5th ed description of the Ultramar invasion, just expanded upon by McNeill.

    • rtheom

      Unfortunately, despite being some of their best fiction, Graham McNeill’s books have never really been recognized in the official codex fluff. I’ve always found it to be unfortunate and weird that they’d have him writing fluff they didn’t actually seem to recognize, but I also figured this was the case for most books that weren’t in the Horus Heresy line. I don’t read enough of them to tell you if that’s true, though.

      • DaveTycho

        The plot of The Chapters Due is based on a snippet of info from the 5th ed space marine codex about M’Kar invading Ultramar. Also read the HH anthology The Mark of Calth. It connects the Calth war of 30k and the Ultramar invasion of 40k.

    • Stormandreas

      Novels are not official fluff at all. They are Novels, stories. A lot of novels have things in them that are contrary to the fluff, but overall, what is in the codices, rulebook and suppliments are the official fluff

      • DaveTycho

        The plot of the novel was based on a snippet of info from the 5th ed space marine codex about M’Kar invading Ultramar. Graham McNeill expanded on it, adding his own twist to it. There’s even connections to that in The HH novels.

      • Emprah

        Stupidest post on this entire site bro.

        • Stormandreas

          Despite it being correct. GG

          • Andersp90 .

            It’s not. According to GW, everything that comes out of BL is official fluff.

          • SYSTem050

            From a certain point of view. They themselves admit it can contrary and should always be viewed as potential propaganda.

            Saves them from actually paying attention

          • Cylux

            Until a codex or rule book contradicts it, then it isn’t.

          • Mira Bella

            Got any Proof for that claim?

    • Nilok

      Everything is canon, not everything is true.

      All of the stories exist, that doesn’t mean they actually took place, happened exactly as described, or weren’t created by someone for their own ends in the universe.

      • SYSTem050

        Exactly wish I had read that before my post above as you said it far better

  • Guillermo Cordido

    my wallet is asking for help.

  • jeff white

    nice looking models. can’t quite understand the torches, but ok. old man is lucky to have thighs at all after 9000 years not using them!

  • bfmusashi

    This gives me hope for a new Huron model with a pirate hat.

  • Dumbcow1

    Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and the Ynnari – continue their quests

    And where are we….?
    Forgot the finest Sons of Dorn?

    • bfmusashi

      I figured you guys were being saved for the big Ork fight. I hope it’s a combination of Kryptman’s gamble failing and Orks are riding carnifexes and Ghazkul growing to moon size.

      • Reven

        That’s no moon. It’s a Ghazkul!

  • Crevab

    So THIS is why Mat Ward had been seen back at GW.

    • Drpx

      He has been summoned for the wankiest of all Ultramarine fan-wanks.

  • piglette

    Can Curze come back?

  • Myu

    Guilliman is back!? This I must read

  • Loki Nahat

    So much for the grim dark then, next month, all 5 power rangers

    • Nilok

      You seem to forget how dark some of the series of Power Rangers became. One starts with most of the world’s population dead.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. But grim dark != People die. In that case almost every setting throughout history is grim dark. Grim dark was all about the setting. About the lost imperial guard platoon surrounded on all sides by twisted alien creatures that they could never comprehend. It was very dark sci fi horror. I still remember old codexes written from the imperial perspective where necrons were cold calculating killing machines, whereas now they’re allying robo-buddies with feelings.

        • Nilok

          Ya, it was basically a cross between the events from the future of Terminator and Mad Max where people are only surviving in a singe city while an army of robots try and kill of the rest of humanity while also sending Cylon-esk hybrid humans to infiltrate and destroy them from within who had been programmed from human stock.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Sounds grim dark to me, haha. I stand corrected. Lol

          • Nilok

            Ya, but because of how dark it was, they chose on of the silliest Sentai shows to draw they stock footage from, so all their vehicles had googly eyes, which the cast makes fun of.

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          Actually, there are stil lthese NEcrons around, as are those others. Never felt that necron realy lost something with the fluff change

      • Loki Nahat

        are you suggesting the possibility that the time-line will be reset to grim-dark and this was all a dream?

    • polyquaternium7

      You can cleary see the following chapters combined to form the big robot, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Imperial Fists and UltraMarines Probably going to be released in the Gathering Storm part 6

      • Loki Nahat

        It wouldnt be out of the realm of possibility, have you seen how many newsquirts are kicking around these days, feck, they even gave a necron a pokeball just so they could keep the memevibe going, *shakes head* the idiots are winning, I feel like I’m living in Nathan Barley here.

  • someone01

    copy-pasting entire articles from other web now???

    • Nyyppä

      This is not new.

  • thewickedworm

    ” detailing the many worlds that Roboute Guilliman must rescue from the clutches of Chaos before he can look at saving the rest of the Imperium”

    Translation: We’re gonna milk this for as long as we can!

    • TenDM

      That’s a good thing though. It’ll blow up in their face like End Times did if they make a million rapid changes. Slow and steady is the way to go.

      • Arthfael

        Yes please! I really don’t want them wasting a good story arc and jumping 200 years in the future.

      • thewickedworm

        True, just as long as he doesn’t spend the next decade trying to get out of Ultramar.

  • SilentPony

    Oh hey, I just noticed the blood transfusion tubes and heartbeat monitor on Gulliman’s backpack! That’s a nice touch.

    • Donald Wendt

      Nice catch. So…it’s really just an epic cool dreadnought suit?

      • SilentPony

        Yeah, looks like. Some sort of healing iron lung type thing. I’m guessing if he leaves the suit, he dies.

    • Reven

      That’s a mechanicus symbol on it’s back too right? Maybe Mars finally found an STC to make him into Darth Vader lol

  • Victor Hartmann

    Pretty cool!

    Let’s finally pull the trigger on Cypher’s story line, that’s been strung on long enough. Looking forward to reading how that plays out. And hopefully GK GM Voldus brings the Cryptex, I mean Terminus Decree, to Terra so they can kill, I mean free, the Emperor from the Golden Throne. Although, they’ll probably hang that one over our heads for a few more years until the clock finally strikes midnight.

    • Emprah

      If Emprah dies, Chaos wins, according to the main codex and some books, since he is the only thing that keeps Chaos from overtaking the entire universe.

      • Nilok

        That’s why Ynnead needs to kill Slaanesh, so the galaxy is calm enough for the Emperor to die. Think about it, the only reason the galaxy is so crazy is because Slaanesh was born, banged a hole in the universe, and created the Eye of Terror (that sounds very wrong for a literal explanation of the events). Once Slaanesh isn’t causing so much trouble for both the mortal plane and the Warp, the Emperor will finally get some god damn sleep.

    • Loki Nahat

      You don’t really understand storytelling, do you?

      • Victor Hartmann

        I was referring to Chekov’s gun, which if you understand storytelling well enough to make blanket statements such as “You don’t really understand storytelling, do you?”, you should have caught the reference to. Clearly you did not (otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion), so here’s the quote from Anton Chekov:

        “Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

        In the post I referred to two specific “guns”: Cypher (which combines his role in the Horus Heresy, what he’s been doing since then, and the sword on his back) and the Terminus Decree. The triggers on those “guns” should be pulled in the upcoming story line or at the very least, their plots advanced. The Terminus Decree could be delayed but the combination of a Grey Knight Grandmaster and Cypher heading to Terra is too a big a coincidence to ignore. Anyone familiar with the lore of the Grey Knights will be looking for something there.

        Meanwhile, the inclusion of Cypher makes it pretty clear that his “gun” is becoming front and center to the story line. Which it should. There have been references to Cypher and his mission for many years now. Time for that to come to a conclusion. You can’t keep having the camera linger on the gun on the wall and not make it critical to the story.

        So, if you would be so kind, enlighten me. How exactly and in detail have I demonstrated that I do not understand storytelling?

        • Loki Nahat

          so it seems clear you seem to miss the point of 40k, EVERYTHING can misconstrued as “Chekov’s gun” as you seem to do, the Terminus Decree nor Cypher are integral to any story, they’re Ominous Tropes, never to be touched or used, there’s no need for them to become even central to the setting because they’re not even central to their own stories.

          Go read some more books, especially the horror kind, since you like old writers, start with some Shelly, or Lovecraft, learn that nothing in particular is important to the story, somethings have drama in themselves, without being elucidated upon.

          • Victor Hartmann

            Would have made more sense for you to man up and admit your were hasty in being needlessly and inaccurately rude instead of trying to “win” with further inaccurate statements.

            In regards to your missive, you may have been correct a few years ago when old management was happy to just let 40k forever be 5 minutes to midnight. Everything frozen in time. Which resulted in stagnation and the decline of GW.

            However, that is not what has been happening in modern 40k. The clock is ticking again. GW has stated that they are advancing the clock to 1 minute before midnight. That will become our new playground in 40k for a while.

            I’m curious as to why you didn’t do a bit more research and check up on what is happening with Cypher. If you had, you wouldn’t have described him as an “Ominous Trope, never to be touched or used”. Clearly, GW is using him. He’s one of the three central characters in a future campaign book for goodness sake. Then “they’re not even central to their own stories”. Come on man, if you’re going to try and look smart by quoting TV Tropes from a website, at least use it correctly. Obviously Cypher is central to his own quest. He even has his own mini-codex/supplement as well as an audio-drama.

            Side note. TV Tropes is a fun website but don’t get too hung up on it. It’s entertainment, not research.

            Yes, there are often people, items, and whatever which are there to flesh out the world without being plot points. It’s not like Chekhov said “everything must be barren and empty except for items specifically being used as plot points”. He’s saying that if you draw attention to something, you have to pay it off.

            In regards to the Terminus Decree, that’s speculation on my part. I have a pretty good feeling that it’s going to get payed off. Nothing could create chaos and strife within the Empire faster than the loss of the Emperor of Mankind. Read up on it, you might find it interesting.

            Sorry dude, if this keeps up, I’m going to have to start charging you tutoring fees. In the meantime, it would be polite of you to simply apologize and stop being condescending while trying to pretend you have superior knowledge. Try being civil instead of trying to “win”.

          • Loki Nahat

            Whats TVTropes?

          • Loki Nahat

            I kinda feel like I’m talking to a child here, at which point was I rude to you? Oh right, never, bar the last sentence, on a false logic aside; you also can’t set up a strawman by slagging off TVTropes, and then call “I win”, I had no idea what TVTropes was a website before all of 5 minutes ago, I was talking about the literary usage of the ominous trope.

            He’s central to his own quest for a future campaign book, yes, well done, we know that right… but he shouldnt be should he, he should be left well alone, like all other ominous devices, the benefit of being vague in world building is you let the players run their own stories rather than making them slavishly follow the season of the story, tis a boring way to run a setting.

            I’ll let you get back to school.

  • Drpx

    I thought Cypher’s goal was to go to Terra and shoot the Emperor in the head so he could reincarnate as Malai or something to that effect.

    • MechBattler

      Naw, dude. He’s just going there to deliver the pizza and milkshakes Emps ordered 10,000 years ago for the totally rad surprise party he was going to throw for Horus. Too bad the cheeky bugger had to go emo and ruin the whole thing with his “DAD DOESN’T LOVE ME SO I’LL DESTROY EVERYTHING HE CREATED!” tantrum. If only he’d just gone there. Of course, it would have been awkward given that Cypher got lost along the way….

  • AX_472

    any one else REALLY disappointed in the Cypher model?

    • Graham Roden

      Nope, he looks pretty cool, less like a contemporary dark angel. I loved the old miniature but this new one fits nicely with the Heresy era plastic marines.

    • SYSTem050

      Personally I like it as much as I disliked the original, which is to say alot

  • vlad78

    I haven’t been drooling like that in front of GW 40k main line for many many years.

  • did not buy the first set with greyfax and co, bit I’ll certainly get this one.

  • Graham Roden

    That’s me having to paint 3 Primarchs this year then.

  • mysterex

    So a major campaign involving a CSM black crusade and none of the 9 characters released are CSM, given that Cypher is with the imperials.

    • NightShade2k

      We need no characters! For we bring the pain my friend! The time of the imperium has come to an end! the time of chaos has begun! but on a serious note we did get a new ahriman and a giant demon primarch of late, though a new abby model would be nice.

    • David

      I think Magnus fits that bill

      • ZeeLobby

        He wasn’t released for this campaign tho.

        • David

          A few calendar days off. What matters is there is a Demon Primarch model for Chaos.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure he’s even part of the story. If he’s not part of the campaign then the OP still has a completely valid point.

    • Well, Cypher is and has always been with Cypher, but you have a point.

  • Boondox

    Anyone notice that all the DA behind Cypher are wearing Legion black?

  • Jim Morr

    Cyber is one really ugly design. Looks like runaway from Sailor Moon cartoon. His swords guard has even hearts at the ends if you look closely. And its handle is painted pink…

  • Mathias Vilhelmsson

    Looking at the hilt, I guess we can confirm that it is in fact the Lion Sword.

    • Andy Wise

      Nice pick up.

  • Am I the only to realize the long lasting consequences if Cypher ever reveals about the events that led to the destruction of Caliban 10000 years ago to Guilliman ? Worse. what if Luther wasn’t the heretic one ? even worse: what if Cypher was about to reveal a crapload of secrets to Guilliman, like what the Emperor had in store for the primarchs, what truly happened to the thunderwarriors, or things of that magnitude. Considering Roboute is probably quite horrified at seing what the Imperium has become, what his sons have become, I bet it could have terrifying consequences

  • Martin B

    This is cool, don’t get me wrong the sculpt is really nice but has anyone else noticed the bolt gun under his left hand (power fist) is connected to the ammo drum by a belt feed. That’s really going to get in the way when you take a swing and find that it gets stopped short because it’s connected to your armour or alternatively you rip the ammo drum clean off and have to spend the rest of the battle dragging it around behind you.

  • Eoin McCormack

    That guilliman model is awful…

  • Will. F

    :::Spoiler Alert::: its Alpharius