Skorne Errata Under the Microscope: Part1

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Skorne was in a weird place when MKIII hit. But, PP has made it an all new war a 2nd time with the Skorne errata!

The Skorne errata is finally here!

Double Negative
A lot of things changed across the board for skorne in MKIII. It felt hard to justify once automatic included things. Titans all lost 2 defense, animus were pretty tame or just plain useless, and casters were clunky. Rasheth was playable, Makeda1 had some identity, and Hex2 had a toolbox…but, outside these 3 not much was there from the start.
PP had hit Skorne pretty hard and it seemed they didn’t take all the nerfs into account. Losing free charges, losing higher ARM/DEF vs shooting, increase in point costs all might have been good ideas by themselves to tame the skorne train. However, when added up together it was to much to overcome. Zaadesh2 helped a little but, it was a bridge too far at the end of the day.

So the errata is here! Lets take a look at the casters who might be hitting the tabletops near you.

Hex1 gets a free upkeep and one of Cryx’s signature spells Parasite! Skorne in general never really had a problem with high armor if they could get a titan near it. However, this really ups the shooting game they can play. Venator Reivers are POW12 vs Large bases and throw parasite in that mix we are looking at a POW15 shot from a single infantry model. Not to many heavies are going to want to be near that.
He also got Sunder Spirit which is a useful cheap long range nuke that Hex1 can pick solos off with. Pretty solid changes to this warlock and I am definitely going to dust him off.

Mak1 whole battlegroup has shieldguard. Scarab packs around the world rejoice. She also received a heavy modification to the spell the Lash. This allows her to have one of the highest threat increases in the game. Living the dream with Molik Karn adding in Rush, Quicken, and the Lash she can increase a beasts SPD by a crazy 6″!!! Molik hitting something 17″ away is acheivable with Mak1 now not including side steps. Another crazy spell she has is Jackhammer. This is usually a warmachine thing but, hey let Molik get some extra swings in, why not!? Without an arc node though it is somewhat limited range. However, jamming heavies is going to be really hard with her toolkit.
Last but not least her feat got a overhaul. Similar to Harbringer’s Martyrdom ability she can suffer a damage and have a infantry model not die. This means clearing zones without grievous wounds is going to be painful vs Mak1. On top of not dieing , models receive retaliatory strike. So not only do you not get to kill her infantry they get to swing back or beasts swing back after you hit them. Pretty rude!

Morghoul2 went from meh to master overnight. He gives bloodrunners parry now which is mildly useful. His big changes though are he is Fury 6 now and received 2 new spells. Shadow Play is an upkeep that makes a model incorpreal during your turn. Yes, Molik Karn ghosts are a thing now… If that wasn’t crazy enough he got Mortality on top of it. Don’t let this dude see your caster because you are going to be blinded, Mortality on you, and have a ghost of Molik Karn charging through 100 models right at you. Scary stuff!


Rasheth is no longer 1 and done arcing through models. He can now arc all day. This makes his spell assassination a possibility.

Xer1 lost rift but gained a threat extender. Similar to Nemo1’s locomotion he now has the LURCH! A beast in his battlegroup can move 1″ for each fury up to 3. That is not as fast as Mak1’s Molik Karn but, combined with Xer1 feat the damage output will be glorious!

Xer2 is all about the speed. His battlegroup is just a flat +2 SPD. Throw in Rapport to make a beast of his MAT8 and Stranglehold for some range nuking and Xer2 is back on the pain train. Archidon’s are base SPD9 with Xer2…sorry Khador but a Archidon can literally fly circles around your jacks.

Revenant’s Final Thought:
There were some small updates to other casters but the ones listed above are by far the biggest. The living rulebook idea in general I am a fan of. Things that are blatantly abusive can be fixed with a PDF release instead of waiting 5 years for an edition or book change like GW’s old trash model. I remember when Vampire Counts book came out in early 2000s…the vomit inducing lists I made lasted an edition.
I do like some of the changes are good for Skorne. But, just how they overnerfed in MKIII’s initial release I may think they have overstepped in this erratas buffs. I will take a look at the other model changes in the next article. But, my gut reaction is that Skorne is now in circles company at the top. A+ if you are Skorne fan , A+ adjusting obvious inadequicies in a timely manner, F in how far things were adjusted.


~Have you check out the Skorne errata? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Havik110

    And now legion is at the bottom of hordes…All legion needs is point adjustment. Everything in the army is too expensive minus the hell mouth and death stalkers.

    • UpAndAtom

      I agree on the point adjustments and I think it has a lot to do with the issues seen in several other factions. Khador are getting away with murder for some of their heavies.

      • Havik110

        IMO its more to do with MKIII buffs to Waramachine along with the fury management nurfs most of hordes sees and then the nurfs that legion took.

        I understant a heavy jack cant cost the same as a heavy beast but the points were skewed way too much IMO.

        Next with legion they nurfed eyeless site. Well okay it was too powerful before but then they start passing out variations of it to other factions. Una2’s griphons can charge through forests as if they werent there.

        Eyeless sight? sorry you cant see through those forests. So we pay for pathfinder but it is a bloated rule since we cant use it when everyone hides on the other side of the forest.

        THey nurfed saeryn into the ground and then gave her feat to una2 who can spam 8 point birds that wreck stuff in a way Saeryn never had.

        They nurfed L2 and then basically gave her feat to a cygnar caster.

        They nurfed our heavies’ speed and removed the one rule that made them a little more survivable in tenacity and once again, we are still the most pricey beast faction because our beasts have a lot of rules on the cards that really dont do much.

        They nurfed both units people used to use in legionaries and hex hunters (i assume because most legion players had them and they wanted to force them to by another unity) but they nurfed them so bad you never see either on the table.

        They gave us the hell mouth rather than fix the faction and now Skorne is overall a much better faction.

        I am really disappointed to the point that I dont really want to play the game. First GW screwed me over, I finally get into hordes and now this crap.

        • Drew

          Rhyas, both Thagroshes, and several Lylyths still have pretty viable builds, and the new theme force is a lot of fun, too- it seems solid, too, though it’s hard to know how “competitive” it’ll be until we see some tourney results.

          • zeno666

            Abby2 and Fyanna2 are also gaining ground.

            Legion is in a good place. But sure, they could use some point adjustments here and there, as could most Hordes-factions.

            But as a Skorne player I sure hope it stings for the other factions now when we finally have something to show for.
            Trust me, we’ve suffered (in a very Skorne way!) for it 🙂

    • Drew

      I think Trollbloods have a lot of problems, too, and can easily compete for the bottom slot. Hopefully they’ll both be addressed in the next errata; I don’t think Legion is QUITE as bad as people make it out to be, but that might be just because I have little sympathy for Legion given how bonkers some of their builds were at the end of MkII. =)

      • JN7

        I agree. I pretty consistently win with Legion and have a good time playing the faction. Every game with Trolls is an uphill slog.

    • petrow84

      IMO, currently both the Warlord, and the Swordsmen are fine.
      They really need to do something with the Warmongers, Legionnaires, Harrier and Stinger to be remotely viable.

      They could tweak the Hex Hunters, the Nephilim Soldier, Saeryn1, and Fyanna (the solo), but they are on the verge of being passable.

  • UpAndAtom

    I’m finding it difficult to gauge just how powerful Skorne are now. This is due to lack of games (personally) and tournament data, as well as the viability of almost everything in the army. The latter being a fantastic place to be.

  • Davor Mackovic

    Let’s just hope they don’t do the “Living Rulebook” just to sell minis. Oh look, this mini or this range is not selling, “let’s update them”.

  • marxlives

    I like the idea of a living rulebook too. It doesn’t sell 60 dollar rulebooks, especially with the faqs on the site, full mini rulebook in the start set, and warroom pdf but does keep me in the game and buying.

    • Damon Sherman

      it’s mostly for the hardcover crowd. Got a buddy that picked one up despite all of the rules being in the abridged copy.

  • JN7

    The Skorne changes should be the hallmark for every faction going forward. The design team should take a look at everything in the same manner.