Tabletop Spotlight: Card Rogue

Card Rogue Roguelike

Are you looking for a Tabletop Roguelike? Well come see what Card Rogue has in store for you!

The Tabletop Spotlight is on Card Rogue – and I’m pretty sure we’ve come full circle. Card Rogue is a game inspired by Rogue (and other Roguelike games) which was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over a copy to check out:

If you’re not familiar with what a Roguelike game is – it’s a subgenre of Role-playing games in which the player(s) typically engage in a Dungeon Crawl style adventure. The kicker is that the dungeon is procedurally generated so levels (and thus the adventure) are random (to an extent). This has spawned a vast number of PC games and inspired many more. I’m pretty sure if you read out site regularly you could probably fire off a list of games that are or were inspired by this subgenre.

So what does this have to do with Card Rogue? Well it takes that idea of a procedurally generate dungeon and turns it into a simple card/tile based game. You take the role of 1-4 players who are exploring a dangerous catacomb. Each game will be different and will challenge you in different ways.

Another “genre” this game borrows from is “Munchkin” because in order to complete certain objectives you will need to work with your fellow players. However, at some point in the game the time will come to betray them. Why? Well the winner is who has the most victory points – and according to Ricky Bobby, “if you ain’t first, you’re last!”

The game also has a single player mode – which is helpful after you’ve betrayed all your friends and they refuse to play with you any more. It also has a story mode that you can explore, too! I think this is a nice touch and a great nod to the fact that Rogue was a single player game.

If this sounds like something you want to check out, you can read-up on the rules HERE. And actually, you’ll need to keep that link handy because the rules aren’t included in the box! Why? So they can keep them up-to-date digitally. Card Rogue is out and available in stores now – so if you’re feeling adventurous go check it out!

Card Rogue

card rogue contents

Card Rogue is a tabletop roguelike game set in the underground catacombs that haunt the dreams of so many adventurers. Play alone against the game, or gather four players together to try and survive the mysteries of the dangerous catacombs. The game board is randomly created as the players make their way down uncertain paths. Thus, every game is different and requires a unique approach.

To survive, a player must be lucky, adaptable, and tactical. Traps, enemies, loot, or fame are met around every corner. Players must ally together to survive, but at some point they must betray that trust. Only the strongest and smartest will make it out alive, and only one player will be pronounced the victor.


You have to know when to help your friends…and when to go Rogue!

  • Ryan Saunders

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