Tabletop Spotlight: Mine All Mines

Can you become the best dwarven miner to ever mine? One way to fine out…

The Tabletop Spotlight is on the Mine all Mines – A Dwarven Mining Game! Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over this neat family game to check out:

Mine all Mines is a pretty simple game – you play as a dwarf miner who is looking to make their fortune in the mines. You have to venture into the mines to get minerals and supplies so you can craft fancy jewelry. You can then sell your wares to hire more underlings so you can make more jewelry and turn an even bigger profit. The catch is that your friends are all trying to do the same thing and there is a limited number of rounds for you to complete your goals. The player who ends the game with the most “VPs” wins.

The components are pretty simple – you get a a couple of different decks, a marketplace row and some plastic “Gems” to use with the game. The decks have some fun artwork on them that fit the theme of the game. The Dwarf deck has a bunch of different types of dwarves you can hire to help your operation and they all have different art to match. One of the other decks represent the tools you can use and another deck is the type of jewelry you can create. I don’t know if this was intentionally but the dwarf jewelry in particular seemed very dwarf-like. Maybe it’s because of movies like Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit or because of other pop-culture influences like video games that imaginary dwarves have a “style” associated with them now, but whatever the case, this game did manage to nail that look!

Overall, this game is pretty simple to pick-up and if you’re looking for a family game everyone can enjoy then check out Mine All Mines – it’s in stores now from IDW Games…just don’t eat the gems.

Mine All Mines $29.99

Keep your friends close and your pickaxe closer!

Mine the caves of the rocky highlands and forge the materials you find into glorious jewelry to please the Dwarf King. Mine All Mines puts you in control of a clan of dwarves that you’ll send deep into the mountain to mine precious minerals.

Each round, you’ll go deeper into the mines to reap bigger rewards, benefiting from the work of players who’ve gone before you. Will you choose to keep the game friendly or will you profit by picking their pockets instead?


Don’t dig too greedily or too deep…You don’t want to pull a Moria!

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