40K Lore: Skarbrand

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Alright loremasters, it’s time to delve into some forbidden lore. Behold! The Exiled One, Skarbrand…


Skarbrand was one of the greatest champions of the Blood God. He has slain untold millions, left entire worlds ravaged in his wake, and even ravaged the realms of the other Chaos Gods. It is he who destroyed the First Palace of Slaanesh and killed Nurgle‘s great poxviathan. In the great battle with the most mightiest of Bloodthirsters, he received his axes – Slaughter and Carnage which imbued with the spirits of defeated enemies. However, it is also this unswayable dedication to destruction that proved to be Skarbrand’s undoing.

Tzeentch, having taken note of the prowess of Khorne’s favoured slaughterer, fuelled Skarbrand’s rage even more with his whispers. With constant taunting, Tzeentch goaded Skarbrand into ever greater acts of destruction, until his rage grew so great that Skarbrand took up his axe against Khorne himself when his attention was elsewhere. Although powerful enough to fell an army, Skarbrand had only succeeded in opening up a chink in the armour of the Blood God. Enraged, Khorne snatched up Skarbrand in his clawed grip, and choked him until all vestiges of personality and thought had left the Bloodthirster, leaving only his rage behind. Khorne dragged Skarbrand to the pinnacle of the Brass Citadel and held him aloft for all to see. Then Khorne hurled Skarbrand across the Warp, where he flew for eight days and nights, leaving a blazing trail of destruction across the realms of the Gods. Skarbrand’s landing carved out a massive canyon, and tore his wings to shreds.

Ironically, however, Skarbrand served Khorne in tortured banishment better than he ever could. He had become an incarnation of mindless wrath, unbound by any loyalty or logic, indiscriminately spilling oceans of blood in the name of Khorne.

Recent Sightings

During the Gheistos Cataclysm in M41, Skarbrand was sighted in a rampage directed against Space Marines of the Vorpal Swords who were attempting to relieve the Planetary Governor’s Fortress from a Daemonic siege. In 975.M41, Skarbrand would materialize on the Cadian-held Fortress World of Lutoris Epsilon. His berserk rage would go on to infect all he surveys, driving the Guardsmen defending the planet to turn on each other in mad frenzies.

It is rumoured that Skarbrand was cloven in two by Dante when banished back to the Warp, at the Gates of Pandemonium. But it is never safe to fully trust rumors, after all.

Until next time, Loremasters. The Emperor Protects!

  • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau

    Skarbrand is so sexy that it hurts my private parts.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Thank God!

      I thought I was the only one.

  • MechBattler

    The guy that invented “Always Angry, All the Time!”.

    As an aside, it’s kinda awful his Instant Death comes from a Warlord Trait and isn’t built into his axes. He’s a solo act. It doesn’t feel right that his deadliest ability only works by making him the leader of an army. Doesn’t make sense fluffwise at all.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I like his profile in AoS more than 40k

      • Xodis

        Thats because in AoS he is something to fear, and in 40K he is something to target while laughing.

        • MechBattler

          That’s not really specific to Skarbrand though. MCs as a whole took a huge nerfbat to the face when the ones that had Eternal Warrior lost it and they started flooding the game with easy access to low AP and Destroyer weapons and the MCs got nothing to compensate for it. Unless it’s got wings or can get a good invul or cover save, it’s basically doomed.

          • Xodis

            Oh I agree, just making a statement/joke about the state of 40K lol

      • Agent OfBolas

        In 40k he is so useless I can’t remember one game with him on table.

  • euansmith

    “In the great battle with the most mightiest of Bloodthirsters…”