Goatboy’s Model Review: The Saint and the “Fox”

Goatboy here again with another set of model reviews: Celestine, her friends, and Greyfax.

Goatboy here again with another set of model reviews.  Today I finish off the initial Triumphirate from GW with the Saint, her friends, and her behind the back talking buddy Greyfax.  Overall the models look amazing and beyond some building issues are pretty fun to paint.  The review will have the Saint and friends first and end off with Greyfax.

We’ll break each review into the Build, Paint, and Overall sections.  The build is pretty obvious as I go into how hard it was, any weird things I saw, and hints on how to better complete this model.  The paint delves into the painting thoughts and ideas on how best to get the model to the table top. Overall is more of a value thought on the model.

The Saint and Friends

Or as I call her – why did you make so many small bits with flash to clean off!


Holy crap does this model suck to build.  In fact – I think there is so much over complications involved with what is a very fragile model.  I thought Cawl had a ton of issues with trying to clean off small cables and bits – but the Saint and friends win the end.  I don’t understand why the wings and backpack were not one solid piece.  Why did she have a fragile Iron Halo? How come the sword arm isn’t just one piece instead of a tiny hand with a small groove? Do all the heads need to be 3 pieces? The one big thing in all of this is that GW did do a wonder with hiding seam lines throughout the model.  I just feel like there is a ton of things they could have done to make it a bit easier and stronger set of models.

Beyond the build issues I really hate the floating model thing GW has been doing.  Sure it looks cool but it feels like my model is either going to break or have the “connectors” bend a crap ton and you have a sad Saint eventually.  It was too bouncy so I added some terrain pieces to help anchor each of the flying women.  Lucky for me I ended up getting 2 Renegade boxes for clients so I have a good deal of bits to utilize and have them touch and create a glue anchor point.  I would advise you to do this too as it just makes the model a lot more solid.

Build: 3 out of 5 Upset Bathroom Servitors after Taco Tuesday – The model is amazing and while complicated it does go together well enough.  It is just no fun to build.


While the build is a pain in the butt the painting isn’t too bad.  There isn’t a ton of things “hidden” by cloaks, arms, weapons so it is easy to hit everything on the model.  The detail is very sharp and small so washes and glazes work very well on the model.  I sorta wish the friends had swapped weapons where one was holding the sword in right and the other in the left.  It might have made the unit a more painterly looking.  Still this is a dream to paint when you compare it to the older metal model.

Paint: 5 out of 5 Dancing Servo Skulls


This model is still a dream when you compare it to the metal hunk you’ve all seen, played against, and gave the opponent crap about.  This is the type of models we want to see from GW as they clean up their older metal line, give us a “centerpiece” character model, and make it easier to play with at the same time.  I can only hope we do see a reworked Abbadon and other “Chaos heroes” at some point.  These plastics really showcase how much GW has improved when compared to other games and while I can complain about tiny bits and weird ways to connect them to their bases – it is still 10 times better then some crappy neo resin and metal hybrids I sometimes have to throw together for a client or two.

Greyfax Review


The only thing that is a pain is the dang hat.  The brim is separate and my fat fingers found it hard to initially get set up right.  I was worried I was going to bend it out of shape and have to resort to some kind of terrible green stuff job to get to work right.  Or leave the hat off and she looks like a weird old school stewardess.  But she was the easiest kit out of the 3 in this big boxed set.

Build: 4.5 out of 5 Stink eyed Eldar Princes


She isn’t too bad at all other then being very small.  All her separate forms are pretty well detailed so again washes and paints go onto the model easily.  It is pretty easy to separate each line, texture, and design in the model.  She is wearing metal armor and thus it is easy to initially set up with a basic silver and going from there.  Even though her face is small her features are pretty prominent too so it isn’t hard to get the right softness you want on the face.

Paint: 4.5 out of 5 Fresh Pots of Paint


This is a model that probably wouldn’t do well as a single clam pack release.  She is cool, her rules are ok, and she is fun to paint but paying upwards of 30+ dollars would be a hard pill to swallow so it is a good thing she is added to a combo pack to help lower her cost.  The real winners out of the boxed set is Cawl and the Saint as they are big helps to their specific armies so this is consider more so the “free” model out of any GW boxed set combo.

Greyfax Overall: 4.5 out of 5 crisps, cookies, and saltines.

If you are an Imperial player this and the newest big boxed set are going to be things you want.  The rules seem good, the models are pretty dang awesome, and overall this is the type of marque releases I like to see from GW.  I am hoping we get some more Chaos love as Magnus – while cool as hell – needs some brothers to come and kick some Imperial butt.

~How did you like model the model quality of the Imperial Triumvirate?

  • Raven Jax

    Maybe it’s just me, but I bought the box specifically for Greyfax. I’ve always wanted a cool looking Inquisitor model like that. The hat was what sold me on it (even though, yes, it was a pain to put together).

    • Honest Kairos

      I regularly play against someone who uses the Wrathful Crusade Formation (2000 pts, fielding both Celestine and Greyfax.) In my opinion, Greyfax is the crisper looking mini, and, in gameplay, may not pack the punch that Celestine does, but ALWAYS ends up being the bigger nuisance/disruptor to all my grand schemes.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Celestines face is too unanimated imo.

        • Honest Kairos

          She does have a very blank and confused look, I agree. Weirdly, her Geminae have great face sculpts.

  • stinkoman

    what’s the rule with flying models like this vs the old low flying model as far a LOS? I like the new model, but it looks like it will snap really quick. my old model, OTOH, pretty solid. Am i going to get flak for using the old model because it doesn’t soar above the terrain?

    • Honest Kairos

      With Celestine, it’s complicated: She does have the ability to fire an Unlimited Range attack, but the rules don’t actually specify anything about LOS, unless I missed it.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        it is ordonance, so it does not care

        • Honest Kairos

          Ah, good call. Thank you for pointing that out.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            Np 🙂 It is also Assault so oyu can Orbital facesmash someone and then go charging 😀

    • Honest Kairos

      I don’t think you’d get flak btw, you can always “counts as” rule using the old model.

      • stinkoman

        im pretty sure you dont need to count as with the actual model. the problem being is the obvious difference in the positioning of the body of both models in their original form. they are still about the same size (barring the wing span).

        • Honest Kairos

          Hmm, good point. I’d still say you’re fine, but I guess that depends on if you’re playing with friends or strangers at your flgs.

          For instance, I’d house rule “add a finger length to the sides for cover” etc.

    • Oddiun

      ‘Wings’ are also specifically ignored for los although honestly hers aren’t much bigger than the base (as opposed to a winged hive tyrants wing span)

  • Earl Tower

    I am looking forward to fielding all of these minis. Thanks for the heads up on just how difficult the new Celestine model is. I’ll go into it with open eyes. The new one sure looks fantastic compared to the old one.

  • Kevin Maloney

    But how do you transport Celestine, though? I’m terrified that either those wings or the little flying stand are going to snap in the carrying case.