Star Trek Deep Cuts: Unpainted Minis from WizKids


WizKids is bringing a line of unpainted minis for Star Trek Attack Wing out later this year.

This last quarter WizKids has launched their “Deep Cuts” line of unpainted minis for both Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. These low cost kits include primed miniatures ready for hobbyists to paint up themselves.  It looks like WizKids is looking to expand their unpainted offerings into the Final Frontier.

ICV2 reports

  • A line of ten Star Trek Attack Wing ships will launch in August.
  • Each kit is priced as $5.99
  • Tech kit contains a single primed miniature.
  • The Star Trek Attack Wing Gameplay components such at base and decals are included.

Wave 1 of the Star Trek Deep Cuts line includes:


  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey
  • Federation Intrepid Class
  • Reman Warbird
  • Klingon K’t’inga Class
  • Federation Defiant Class
  • Federation Galaxy Class
  • Federation Sovereign Class
  • Romulan D’deridex Class
  • Romulan Bird-of-Prey
  • Federation Constitution Class

Here are some sample ships to get an idea of what we are talking about:



I’m curious about the popularity of cheaper priced versions of minis that come unpainted.  Imagine if you could buy X-Wing models unpainted for half the pre-painted price. Would players adopt them? And how would that affect the game? Also note that the STAW components that come with these Deep Cuts kits is vaguely worded and only mentions modeling components like the base. There is no mention of gameplay stats, card and tokens.

~It sounds like the hobby and painting side of the industry is taking off over the last year.  I wonder what’s up?

  • durendin

    Two reasons I don’t play Attack Wing. The minis are woeful – top prices paid for what essentially are glorified key-fobs. Secondly, the scale is seriously off – something the Star Wars games gave huge attention to.

    I think they’re addressing the wrong problem of pre-pained minis – which isn’t a problem for those that wish to paint anyway.

    • Josh Sands

      Not gonna lie. The fact a Dominion Battleship is the same size as the Defiant bothers me.

    • Sorien

      In reality, scale just isn’t possible in the game. The Defiant would be an unrecognizable blob compared to the Neg’Var.

      • Drew

        You’re absolutely right about that. I do wish we had a LITTLE more attention to it- like, the Defiant and the B’Rel should be on the small scale of the game’s minis, while the Negh’var, the Jem’Hadar Battleship, etc. should be on the large end- but the ships in X-Wing are far closer to each other in size in the source material than those of STAW, so the same kind of scaling really couldn’t be done.

        • The MadScot

          The stupidest thing WK did was the Tiny version of the TOS Constitution class Enterprise and the followups. Why Wk didn’t just invest in a slightly larger model is beyond me. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of examples of larger versions out there to draw from. As it is, I’m using Galoob Micromachine versions of the TOS & TOS movie versions of the Connies, and for the Excelsior class ships. Especially the Enterprise B! The WK versions are so pathetic it’s beyond words.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      scale isn’t possible in a game where some ships would take up half the table and others would be the size of a grain of rince.

      Reasons to play are that its a really cool, fun game, with seriously more depth than X-Wing. And its Star Trek!

      I really hope I can get some people at my club to take up the game with this, assuming they are available in the UK.

      • Lord Blacksteel

        Except for all of the other spaceship games that somehow manage it. For Trek alone there have been the old RPG minis and the Starline 2200-2500 that are in production now.

        People aren’t talking about absolute scale – they’re talking about relative scale, as in “why is this bird of prey larger than the Enterprise original,A,B,C, and D? It’s a problem that could be easily fixed yet they don’t.

    • Agent OfBolas

      lol, actually Star Wars from FFG are totally off scale …

  • Valegorn

    I actually prefer STAW over X-Wing, there are more options, more factions, more upgrades, and a much much larger range of ships.

    The scale and painting doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    • Sorien

      Me too!

  • jasonsation

    Prepare for a shipload of unpainted X-wing minis games coming to a store near you!

  • Kelly J

    If the models are still garbage paintjob is not going to help.

    • Drew

      Having repainted a number of the STAW minis for each of the various factions, quite a few of them actually look really nice once painted up properly. It’s just the stock paintjobs that are junk.

      • Donald Lindsey

        They look alright when painted properly, but the figs are still under-detailed micromachine crap.

  • The Truth is that I have all of these when I bought a couple of sets of Fleet Captains from a garage sale. I also bought out a store from all their hero-clicks minis when they stopped selling them.

    I don’t need THOSE ships, I need a squadron of Akira class or Andorian ships… What really bugs me is not that they want to repop them, it’s that they think we don’t OWN any. I am their target audience, I paint my own minis… but I have 15 birds of prey, I love painting them, but I don’t need ANOTHER set of the ships they have released 100 times… I need the unique ships!

    • The MadScot

      I was fortunate enough to be given a box of the Federation/Klingon Fleet Captains box. I rebased all of the miniatures and made some mods on the BOP’s to have their wings level so as to be in cruise mode. I’ve custom painted a few of these miniatures and provided them as prizes for the missing ship models in recent OPs. I still have a few that I have not painted yet just put in STAW pegs. I’m currently working on a Borgafied version of the USS Voyager.