Star Wars Destiny: Yellow Villain Preview

The Bounty Hunters are coming with the new Spirit of Rebellion Expansion for Star Wars Destiny – come see the next wave!

Fantasy Flight Games is back with another preview of the cards and dice coming with the new Star Wars Destiny Expansion Spirit of the Rebellion. We’ve already got a sneak peek at some of the heroic characters making an appearance, but now we’re getting a new batch of scummy cards to use!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Characters

One of the baddest Bounty Hunters around is coming to Destiny – it’s everyone’s second favorite Assassin droid IG-88! Why is he everyone’s second favorite Assassin Droid? Because BT-1 is the best. That said, IG-88 has a pretty great ability to scrounge cards/equipment from your discard pile. Sure, it’s not 100% of the time, but that could net you some pretty cheap upgrades down the line!


Unkar Plutt might not seem like much in terms for damage, but his ability will not just net you resources, it’s also a way to attack your opponent’s hand. With a smaller 30 card deck, that’s a viable strategy to mill someone’s hand, removing valuable options. If they don’t have a way to get those cards back it could spell disaster for their plans!


I’m sure everyone remembers the Guavian Enforcer! The fierce stare, the eyes full of emotion, the intimidating presence… Yeah, none of that was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when these guys were on screen, let’s be honest. These guys were pretty much Bala-tik’s goons who quickly became Rathtar Fodder. On the plus side, they seem to be cheap and can always remove a shield…

The Upgrades

Blackmail is a card I’m sure folks are going to want to include in their decks. 5 out of 6 times, your opponent will WANT to pay for you to remove this die. And if they don’t you get a to stab at their hand, their resources or give your characters shields back. This card is a mean way to play the long game so if you’re looking to slow the pace down watch out for blackmail!

Vibroknucklers are a good way to get in some quick damage. Plus the ability to pay extra for damage is pretty nice, if you got the extra resources to spare (or you Blackmailed them from your opponent earlier…)

This card is another great way to slow down the game and allows your cheaper characters to stay in the fight longer, or your tougher characters to stick around even more. I like the idea of sticking this on IG-88 from the discard pile for free!

The Events

Friends is High Places seems a little risky – unless you have some built in recursion in your deck (like IG-88). Also, you need to either have lots of dice or some really good rolls to pull this one off, but getting to top-deck 3 cards and play one for free seems pretty solid!

If you’re in a resource bind, this can really help out. Besides those weapons weren’t doing you any good if you couldn’t play them! Might as well get some cash for your effort and hopefully some random Assassin Droid can use your scrap…(are you detecting a theme yet?)

Ah the Trade Federation. Masters of the ol’ Bait and Switch! Well now you can do the same to your opponents. Did you think that was just another resource? Surprise! Take a punch to the face instead!

Overall, these cards are going to add some new stratgeys and play-styles to Star Wars Destiny. I’m curious to see what else the community comes up with when these hit the meta later this year. Keep an eye out for Spirit of Rebellion packs in the second quarter of 2017!


BT-1 is the reason that we’re on IG-88…at least in my head canon.

  • While I’m sure they have marketing reasons to drum up hype for the expansion, it would be nice if before its release they can manage to get the original back in stock ANYWHERE. It’s been over two months since my LGS was given their one box and even Fantasy Flight’s own store has been out of stock since initial release.

    • Tshiva keln

      They aren’t going to. They consider it more of an expansion and what we have now is what we will get. Same with spirit of rebellion – will be a release and then gone. Apparently the next set after that will be considered a core set and will stay in production for a year until the next core set replaces it. Expansions will continue between then, all one hit wonders. The starter sets will also change along with the core set and remain in print until superceded. Not good.

  • MMO Builder

    I’m not feeling it with the art in this set. I know Wizards sets the bar high, but some of these look like solid school projects where someone traced a photo, but they ultimately lack the polish I’d expect from a CCG. Maybe it’s the card frames, they don’t really give a Star Wars feel, overall I’m not blown away. Thoughts?