Warhammer Digital Announced

Black Library’s Digital Arm gets a new home and it looks like more goodies are on the way!

Games Workshop has announced a new home for all things digital in the World of Warhammer – Warhammer Digital! The number of eProducts from Games Workshop has increased over the years. They used to be housed at Black Library but with the rapid rate of expansion it seems like GW has decided to split Black Library and Warhammer Digital into two separate platforms. Black Library isn’t going anywhere – it will still be the home of all the great Warhammer books you know and love. But Warhammer Digital will be the place to go for all things, well, digital!

via Warhammer Community

“Say hello to the new home of Warhammer Digital – your place to shop for all eBook codexes, rulebooks, Battletomes and supplements.”

Rules and Supplements

If you’re a fan of all the different eBooks or if you’re looking to add more to your digital collection then Warhammer Digital has all the current e-versions available for purchase. Just download them to your tablet/eReader and you’re ready to play on the go – no need to carry all those codexes in physical form!

You can get rules for 40k, AoS, and even the Horus Heresy Red books from Warhammer Digital!

Painting Guides

If you’re a hobby fanatic they’ve got you covered, too! You can get the latest painting guides from Warhammer Digital and easily find the miniature paint schemes you want.

More Apps

All the Apps!

Games Workshop has been ramping up all their different Apps and now they have a new home on Warhammer Digital. So if you’re looking to keep better track of your Blood Bowl team, get the lastest White Dwarf, or if you want to take a crack at AoS Armybuilding on the go then this is your new one-stop shop!

With this new focus on digital products and a new home for Warhammer related Apps I get the feeling it’s only a matter of time before we see a 40k App. And I think we can all agree we need one. Maybe we’ll see one with the launch of 8th…

Anyhow, Warhammer Digital is up and running. Black Library is still around, too (with some fancy new updates I might add). So pop on over check out both sites when you get a chance.


Check’em both out for some free downloads in celebration of the new site!

  • SilentPony


    I’ll still be using Battlescribe, thank you very much

    • Mike X (Official)

      I would be, if they didn’t make BattleScribe Pro into crippleware and release the horribly buggy and slow V2. My phone can’t run BattleScribe 2.0, so I haven’t been able to play a game in like two months.

  • ZeeLobby

    Anyone try their new list building app? How is it?

    • Aezeal

      Well it’s something you have to pay for… so I refuse to use it.. money goes to models unless I really need to pay it.. plenty of alternatives so I don’t NEED to pay.. so I don’t.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. I was just curious if it’s something that will actually work for them.

        • Sigmarine

          I subscribed so heres my opinion, in which I’ll compare it BattleScribe which I’m also big user of.

          Reliability – much less prone to falling over than battle-scribe.

          Update Speed – It updates a lot faster for new releases which you would expect given GW have advanced foresight.

          Integrity of content – I.e does every army have “warlord traits” listed. – Very good and consistent. Battlescribe can be hit and miss depending on contributors.

          Rules content – GW have made every possible rules group you could want (battleplans, alliance rules, warscrolls etc) available. Battlescribe once again depeneds on the contributer.

          Ease of Use – fairly simple and easy to use. Equal to Battlescribe, not better.

          Ease of Rules reference – Sadly you have to look at your army list, check your choices, then go to another screen to see the warscroll. Also you have to do this for each indivdual unit/warscroll. Battlescribe Having one list of everything on one screen is a lot easier.

          Exporting – awful, can only do PDFs which also contain massive images. Nice idea as you can add custom pics of your units, but I’d like a plain text version for printing.

          Cost – £12 a year isn’t too bad for the feature and all basic warscrolls are free. However, if you want all content for your army (allegiance abilities, artifacts etc) to refrence in the app ie readable. these cost extra. E.g for sylvaneth you either have to buy the battletome (£25) or the unlock battle pack (£20). If you prefer paper battletomes, or ibooks etc then you will be paying a hefty amount on top of your original purchase. And this leads to the another issue

          Scalability – ie storage consumed – really prone to bloat. So my AoS app was at 82 mb with 3 army lists compared to battle scribe at
          73 mb with 3 army lists and the list data for 30k, 40k, necromunda and AoS. I then downloaded all the stormcast eternal warscrolls, formations and allegiance info the AoS app. End result: it is now 517mb!

          Overall: I can bare with rules referencing and export stuff. I buy majority of my rulebooks digitally these days so being forced to use the app (over ibooks) likewise is something I will adapt to in time probably. The storage issues are its biggest fault in my opinion, currently I usually carry both mine and my regular opponents codex on my phone, alongside my army list and lists of their commonly used units, it saves time on looking stuff up or asking questions. I cannot do this with the AoS, even just having easy access to everything in my army is a huge chunk.

          • ZeeLobby

            This is an AWESOME write-up. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! I’m honestly shocked it wasn’t buggy and/or there weren’t issues in point cost. GW’s past attempts have been anything but accurate. So that’s good to know.

          • lmn118

            Can agree with much of that review. I stopped using Battlescribe when he went to version 2. It went from a reasonably stable and functional list builder to an unstable pos.

            With Azyr I did have some issues printing the pdf’s but that could be network issues rather than app.

            Storage wise I’m at 640mb, this is because each warscroll is stored as a pdf. Not a huge issue as I’ve still got around 30gb free on my phone. I dont have a particularly large card in either.

            For a free builder you might want to try http://www.scrollbuilder.com I believe GW will be helping with the upkeep for it in future.

    • Walter Vining

      its not out yet. unless you are talking about the AoS one

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, was asking about AoS one. Pretty sure the 40K one will be almost identical.

  • Raven Jax

    Part of the reason I paint and play miniatures is to get away from computers. I spend all my work time on one, so I don’t want to spend my entertainment time on one. While it’s good they have e-copies for those who want it, I hope we never get away from bound books (though 40K books could use some consolidation).