Warhammer Live March 1st-3rd

Warhammer Live is back this week with another exciting line-up! Are you ready to get your weekly fix of all things Warhammer!?

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Today, the Warhammer Twitch show is all about those lovable stunties! The first game is featuring a Duardin force take on a Destruction Horde. That game is currently in action if you want to hop over and check it out.

The second game will be a battle over Ur-Gold with a Fyreslayers forces duking it out against some Stormcast Eternals!


This Thursday brings us the interview portion of the week. Inside the Studio will feature Andy Clark who was one of the writers who worked on the new Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch. So if you’re looking for a spoiler-filled good time be sure to hop over tomorrow and catch that interview!


Do you want to see Guilliman in action? Well guess who’s going to make his World Gaming Debut! Roboute Guilliman will be on the tabletop and ready for battle in the first game of 40k on Friday! And if you think it’s going to be a cake-walk for the Primarch guess again because he’s facing off against another legend – Skarbrand the Exiled Bloodthirster of Khorne will be there to rumble! Khorne wants Guilliman’s Skull…

The second game will have a lot to live up to after that epic brawl. So it’s going to be a classic Ork vs Human fight. Will the line hold vs the Green Tide? Watch to find out!

Remember – it’s free to watch live, but if you want to watch previous streams or interact with the chat you’ve got to subscribe!


Rise of the Primarch Sneak Peeks…Setting a reminder now!

  • Aztec43

    What is the US time with the fight with Guilliman vs Skarbrand?

    • AnomanderRake

      Website says they’re doing two games between 1500-2200 GMT (a seven-hour span) and the Guilliman v. Skarbrand one is first. So probably around 0700 PST, 1000 EST, somewhere in between otherwise.

  • AnomanderRake

    Back-of-the-envelope math (without charges) Skarbrand takes about four phases to kill Gulliman’s 30k incarnation, who has a 70% chance of getting an Instant Death wound with the Gladius Incandor through before then, but if he doesn’t Skarbrand will finish him off with 1-2 wounds remaining. So we get to see whether Gulliman has grown old and arthritic in ten thousand years of stasis.

    (If you actually want to fight Skarbrand with a 30k Primarch you ought to send Mortarion. Instant Death on all attacks, a 3+ Invulnerable save, rerollable It Will Not Die, and virtual immunity to Fleshbane so Skarbrand’s stuck using his S6 into Mortarion’s T7.)

    • Aezeal

      You are not taking into account the relics of awesomeness he’s recieving now.

      • AnomanderRake

        Given that 30k Guilliman winning is mostly down to his chances of getting a lucky Instant Death wound through (via Murderous Strike on the gladius) and how 30k and 40k treat Instant Death/Eternal Warrior these days I expect new Guilliman to lose his ID trick and get better baseline stats/rules.

        That said it’s still kind of funny that they’re taking a character who already wins that fight 70% of the time and buffing him up. This could be the most transparently rigged Ultramarine victory of all time. (/kidding)

  • ChubToad

    The only thing that matters now is when do the pre-orders go up on GW page. When??