Cygnar: Brickhouse Holds the Line

Checkout the new Cygnar jack Brickhouse, who holds back the baddies like no one’s business.

What Is It?

This is a new character jack for Cygnar. It is Beth Maddox’s bonded jack so you know it is made for beat sticking! Brickhouse cost 18 points and you can only have one. If you are looking for a defensive jack that can hold the line, Brickhouse might be the solid warjack for you.

What Does Brickhouse Do?

Brickhouse is on the Centurion chassis but, without a shield. So it is a little slower at only SPD4 and has a rather low defense of 11. It does however have a great MAT8 that means you won’t have to boost very often to hit anything. It is only ARM19 so if another heavy gets to Brickhouse it will probably squish him.

Brickhouse is armed with a RNG1 POW15 open fist. This is nice if you want to throw anything. He is also armed with a RNG2 POW18 hammer. That 2″ melee threat will make up a little for his speed.

Special Rules:

  • Bond(Maddox): Retalitory Strike. Since Brick’s MAT is so high he can reliably hit anything if his weapon system is down. A lighter armed heavy might risk losing a aspect/system if Brick can get a high damage roll on the swing back.
  • Carapace: Stealling Skorne tech seems to be the new thing. Brick is just as tanky as the bugs of Skorne vs shooting. Throw in Arcane shield and he is probably not even worth shooting at.
  • Force Hold: Stealing MKII Skorne tech woot. Similar to the old Locker Animus of the Skorne Sentry of olden days, Brickhouse can lockdown models that get in melee with him. You might even catch an opponent off guard with this if they are going for some tricky side steps or beat backs.
  • Critical Smite on the Maul: This could be hilarious in combination with Maddox bond. A model could come in on Brickhouse, hit him, Brick retalitory strikes and smites them away. Scary stuff.

What is a Good List with Brickhouse?

Brickhouse is a great shooting sponge. With the Carapace rule he is almost pointless to shoot. I think he could be a great answer to the CoC battle engine for this reason specifically. Maddox wants to get the most out of her feat but, she needs models to survive to get to the enemy.
This list gives you fast hard hitting models and enough elctro leaps and shooting to clear the path from annoying jamming models. Swordknights get a lot of work out of Dauntless Resolve. Brickhouse can either be tanky with Arcane Shield from the junior or fast with Assail!

Cygnar 75 Points

Major Beth Maddox +30
Sylys Wyshnalyrr 4
-Brickhouse 18
-Centurion 17
Rhupert Carbolo 4
Journeyman Warcaster 4
– Hunter 11
Major Katherine Laddermore 8
Lanyssa Ryssyl 4
Goblin Tinker 2
5 Storm Lances 20
10 Sword Knights 13

Revenant’s Final Thoughts

As CoC is seeming to get more and more popular it is nice to see a warjack that just doesn’t get deleted by the TEP. Brickhouse does come at a steep cost, it is slow and it’s armor is not going to keep it alive in melee which can be a bad combination.

I give Brickhouse a grade B-

Good but, needs support for him to get the job done.

~What do you think of Cygnar’s new character jack BOLS? Please share in the comments below.

  • ZeeLobby

    Such a goofy model.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Well the model style looks awesome but the pose is horrible.

      Both the hammer (like an angry chef waving his giant spoon around) and the stop hand carves a nooooo into my eyes.

    • Kinsman

      Aye it shocks me that PP would still approve something like this so far into their lifespan. When you’re starting out, you gotta do what you gotta do but they’re damn near 20 years old now, where is there QC?

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean the quality is fine. The detail is great. It’s just the posing that’s odd. They also have a huge sense of humor though, they’re definitely gamers at heart, so I could see them letting it through on that alone. I mean it’s just one jack in a see of Cygnar jacks. I don’t think this is QC emergency level necessary, but it is still goofy, haha.

        • amaximus167

          Agreed. The pose is awful. I know it is standard in the mini industry to have figs holding their axes/hammers and other such weapons at the bottom of the haft, but that is not how those weapons should be held unless halfway through a swing. So it already looks a little unnatural. Now, have the jack holding it straight up and down like a crosswalk attendant’s sign and it just becomes super goofy. Add a ‘stop’ hand to it and it beyond bad.

  • Ty Hayden

    And Skorne stole Locking from Cygnar first. The Centurion used to have Magno-Lock back when Scorne was only in the IKRPG. I know they are not the exact same, but its about time Cygnar got their magnetic-mojo back.

  • Charles Laine

    The one thing that I really REALLY can’t stand about these Privateer Press models are those completely stupid and implausible oversized flat-head screws. It just looks ridiculous.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s definitely an acquired taste for sure. I don’t mind it. Reminds me a lot of old Final Fantasy.