Fritz’s Tabletop: Mastering The Overlord Mechanic

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You are the overlord, an evil mastermind tasked with defeating adventuring parties and crushing them with your minions.

The adventurers are ready, and the quest is ready to start…

…but this isn’t a role-playing game where you are the game master telling the story and making sure the players have a heroic adventure.

YOU are the overlord, an evil mastermind who is tasked with defeating the party and crushing them with your evil minions.

MANY great board games share this Overlord one vs. many experience so let’s take a look at some starting tactics!

What is your master plan as the overlord? When do you send in your minions? When do you release your boss monster? Do you really need to defeat the players to win the quest?


Understand how each character class works is also important for the starting Overlord- dealing with a damage dealing dice chucking warrior class is the first to understand.


Might and magic- magic is an important part of many one vs. many board games, and mastering it as the Overlord- understanding how your players are going to use magic against you and the role of the wizard class is KEY.





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    That was good fun, thanks.