HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War Shifting Focus

Shifting Focus traits bring a whole new dimension to characters – check it out!

Shifting focus allows you to add complex characters with multiple traits without maxing out a single dial. Instead of jamming multiple traits into one model, they spread them over several that are linked using the Shifting Focus keyword. The new Avengers/Defenders set has 6 characters with this trait.

Let’s start with AI turned super powerful android, Vision.


The artificial intelligence turned android, Vision, has among his many powers the ability to change the density of his physical form. The Avengers’ resident robot can match the density and hardness of a diamond, or he can become practically sub atomic, allowing him to pass through the spaces between atoms.  The extreme edges of his powers are represented by his Shifting Focus trait, Density Shift, which is shared by the two versions of Vision in this set. Like other Shifting Focus figures, you can give Vision a free action if he began the turn on your force and replace him with another character with the same trait on the same click number.

So, for 5 clicks of life at 50 points, you have options bouncing between a hardnosed close combat brick or a hard to pin down range combat sniper.  If you need durability or a close combat fighter, you have Sidestep, Invincible, and Exploit Weakness that turn into Impervious and Close Combat Expert.  If you need ephemeral evasiveness or if you want to attack at a distance, the translucent sculpt Vision has the Flight symbol, Phasing/Teleport, Penetrating/Psychic Blast with a range of 6, and Super Senses with a daunting 19 defense value with Sidestep and Range Combat Expert on the back end.  Both versions of Vision have Indomitable to get the most out of your actions, Shifting Density options, and the Avengers team ability, which lets him take move actions without counting against your normal number of actions per turn.

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