Star Wars: Destiny – Red Hero Preview

Fantasy Flight Games shows off the Red Heroes from the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion Expansion for Star Wars: Destiny!

In Star Wars: Destiny there are 3 different colors for the Character Cards: Red, Blue and Yellow. These determine what upgrade cards are available when constructing your deck because you can only include matching colors or grey (neutral) upgrades. We’ve already talked about the Yellow Heroes & Villains. Today, we’re going to put the Red Heroes under the microscope!

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The Characters

There are 3 red heroes to show off (and a couple of support “heroes” as well).

The Rebel Commando is up first. This character is a non-unique card (so you can run more than 1 in your hero pool). The Commando has a relatively basic die and ability. But there are ways to improve this option (more on that below).

Mon Mothma is making her Destiny debut and is one of the best support characters we’ve seen. She might not be able to directly damage your enemies but she can be a huge boon in terms of influencing the other cards and characters in your deck. Her ability can help you turn a bad dice roll into something worth while too, with a little luck of course!

Baze Malbus brings ALL of the ranged shooting to the yard, and if you’re on the receiving end, get ready to duck! Baze is deadly as is, but when you combine his attacks with the right equipment he can generate some scary amount of damage in a good round (more on those cards below).

The Support

We can’t introduce C-3PO and not also include R2-D2! These two cards are technically support cards…but I feel like at least one of these Droids should be considered as a hero. One of these Droids has saved key players in the rebellion multiple times and without this droid, the rebellion would have probably been destroyed long ago. I’ll let you figure out which one.

Planetary Uprising is a pretty straight forward card – pay two and the opponent has to deal 2 total damage to their characters how ever they want to distribute the damage. Which means you get to say, “quit hittin’ yourself” when you play this card…

The Events

I really like Guerrilla Warfare because it 1) it’s basically free and 2) it helps you dump those blank results. When your opponent thinks you’re done for the round and maybe over extends with a play you can surprise them with a swift hit to the cockpit courtesy of some Ewok traps. Well, at least that’s what the card looks like you’re doing.

This card is the perfect follow-up to Guerrilla Warfare. But really, it’s a board clearing card. It’s expensive but sometimes the turn is not going your way and it’s time to reset. Or maybe your dice pool is much smaller than your opponent – this card is perfect for forcing them to lose that advantage (at least for a turn).

Spotting just means you have to have a Character of the associated color in play for the card to work. In this case it’s a Red Character. But this card can be pretty mean if used correctly. Not only does it deal damage to a character, it also removes an opponent’s die! Congratulations, you just cost them some of their action economy AND made them hit themselves.

The Upgrades

Training should read “just makes Goons Better.” If you’re running a couple non-unique characters (like the Rebel Commando or a Storm Trooper) you just doubled their dice pool for two resources. If you think about it, that’s a really good deal.

Most unique Heroes have a deck building cost that is typically 3-4 points higher. You can only have a character pool of up to 30 points. But if you can basically sneak in a non-unique hero and give them an extra die you’re basically cheating! But you’re not because it’s on the card…so you’re just playing by the rules? Yeah!

Rocket Launcher is pricey no matter how you slice. It costs 3 resources to play and each damage facing costs 1 resource to play. But look at the damage! combine that with the right support/character die and you could easily kick-out enough damage to drop a character in one turn. For example, if you had rolled that 4 result and had Overkill in play below…

…And you happened to get a +3, that would mean you have the potential to drop 7 damage in one shot. You’d still have to have everything in place, but it would be worth it! There are also lots of ways to turn your dice to the right facing as well. If you do happen to get your death die rolling your opponent will be sweating that turn – unless they sound that Emergency Evacuation alarm.

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