Konflikt 47: New Heavy Walkers

These new walkers for German and Soviet forces are packing some heat!

Soviet Mammoth Walker – $96.00

Having suffered terribly at the hands of German Thor and Zeus heavy panzermechs, the Soviets put a tremendous effort into replicating their effect. After capturing a Thor, they were able to replicate much of the multi-leg technology.

Picturing the Mammoth as a mobile bunker rather than a combat vehicle, they returned to the multi-turret concept of the mid-war years. With better armour and weapons, its performance far outweighs its predecessors such as the T-35.

Literally a mobile weapons platform there is nothing this beast can’t do. With such a variety of weapons, the Mammoth can literally take on whole platoons on it’s own and it’s strong enough to take the hits back! Make sure you back it up with some hefty anti-tank!

Cost: 420pts (Regular), 500pts (Veteran).
Weapons: One turret-mounted light howitzer, one front-facing casement-mounted heavy howitzer, one turret-mounted light autocannon (front and left arcs only), one turret-mounted light autocannon (rear and right arc only), one pintle-mounted HMG.
Damage value: 10+ (Super Heavy Walker).
Options – Replace any light autocannon with an HMG for –5pts per autocannon.
– Add dozer blade for +25pts
Special Rules: – Walker
– Slow
– Tough (front arc only if dozer blade fitted)


German Zeus Heavy Panzermech$96.00

The Zeus panzermech was built to operate as a tank hunter in difficult terrain or to assist the Thor panzermechs in reaching their urban targets. Unsuited to the urban role, once the Thors were delivered to the target, the Zeus often protected the flanks of an assault, preventing enemy armour from cutting off the attacking forces’ lines of supply.

Whilst it’s main purpose is being support and protecting flanks, it is nearly just as capable as the Thor panzermechs to be on the front. But, putting Thor and Zeus panzermechs together would even make the earth tremble.

Certainly being a tough nut to crack, you can place the Zeus into any combat situation and nearly guarantee it’s survival. As perfect as it looks as a centre piece it also becomes the ideal distraction. So big and deadly your opponent will be avoiding it completely or throwing everything they have it at. Use that time to strike!

Cost: 410pts (Regular), 500pts (Veteran).
Weapons: One turret-mounted super-heavy anti-tank gun and one forward-facing light autocannon. One pintle-mounted MMG.
Damage value: 10+ (Super Heavy Walker).
Special Rules: – Walker
– Slow
– Tough (front arc only)

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  • Drathmere

    The feet on that spider mech look awful! Why are they pointing upwards rather than being planted on the ground. It looks like they took the legs off of some other mech and just glued them on in a different orientation. With such a rich story, why waste it on these bad clockwork goblin designs?

    • ZeeLobby

      Its common with ladders and some construction vehicles. The tank is set up in firing mode, and drives the heels of its boots into the ground to absorb impact. When it moves, it lowers the “padded” feet. I’m asuming this is what they were going for.

      • Drathmere

        That makes some sense now. It still doesn’t look good to me, but it looked positively awful before you explained that. Thank you!

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. No problem. It’d be interesting if you could pose it in both positions, or even transform it on the model (which is doubtful). Them at least including it in the description would have helped, but I just had to assume that’s what they’re there for.

  • Emprah

    If not for the price, these would make lovely ork mek’s pet projects.

    • mckenna35

      Strangely enough, if you can buy them off the British site, it’s a much better price given the current exchange rate, Warlord’s exchange rate for Pound to USD is like 1.5 to 1.6 which is way over the current rate.