White Dwarf 40th Anniversary Celebration

White Dwarf turns 40 this year and to celebrate Games Workshop “Crosses the Streams” with a few new models!

We saw some teasers already, but GW is back with MORE! I can’t believe that White Dwarf has been around in some form or fashion for 40 years, but it’s true! The magazine was first published in 1977 and to celebrate this momentous milestone Games Workshop has a few special things to show off involving THE White Dwarf himself: Grombrindal!

via Warhammer Community

“Grombrindal: White Dwarf’s 40th Birthday, with the White Dwarf himself joining in the celebrations in a rather remarkable suit of Mk. XXXXXX power armour!”

Hey, you got your Dwarf in my Power Armor…

“On top of that, the Forge World design team have been working hard to bring Grombrindal and his arch-nemesis, the Black Gobbo, to Blood Bowl pitches everywhere! You can get your hands on this special pair of Star Players first of all at Warhammer Fest at the end of May, and look for a full release later in the year. You’ll find full rules for both Star Players in May’s White Dwarf, too.”


The May Issue of White Dwarf is looking to be a treat! It’s going up for Pre-Order this Saturday! If you want to get you hands on Grombrindal, you might want to mark your calendars… Hey, even if you don’t the magazine will still be packed full of great new stuff.

They have an interview with John Blanche who’s art work has been around influencing the look and feel of all things Warhammer since the issue 4 of White Dwarf! Plus we’ve got more Kharadron Overlords to talk about (and new Hero Cards for Warhammer Quest), the Blood Bowl Playbook and a whole lot more. And I’d be willing to bet that we’ll see some more info on 40k 8th, too. Who’s ready for the May White Dwarf!?


Don’t Cross the Streams. Unless, you know, it’s the only plan you got

  • Kinsman

    So there’s this dwarf, he’s almost Lobo-like. He travels the universe/s always fighting and surviving.

    He joins himself to whatever cause is available and battles to defend humanity and then disappears. Only to reappear again when there’s a great need.

    Is this the same WD in the grimdark future as we know from the days of Karl Frantz. Quite likely, friends, quite likely.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      Younglings! The White Dwarf has been battling Fimir and Lich Lords long before he met this newcomer Karl Franz.

      Grumble Grumble Grumble

  • ZeeLobby

    Not gonna lie, wish he was in Kharadron styled armor, lol. Is it bad that I’m already sick of seeing other races in power armor after one look?

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      If Squats are Men of Stone from the golden Age, i guess the Design could be Squad based 😉 Just think of it as Humies in Squatspowerpants

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha. True.

    • marxlives

      Too true for a second there I thought I was looking at a forgefather.

    • Shawn

      I don’t mind. I just wish they had 40k rules for him. I’d paint him up as Iron Hands and call him Medusa’s Iron Dwarf.

  • Keith Wilson

    funny pre-orers for may issue are coming up and i still havent gotten my april issue in the mail .. lol

    • kriegsnet

      Same, never got my April in the mail. But if you email or call GW support, they’ll FedEx you a copy out.

      • kloosterboer

        Me either. GW will fix it.

        I thought this was my ( recurring) problem alone, and it turns out their mailing distributor is a shambles and this problem is prevalent among US subscribers.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. It’s been pretty bad everywhere, or so I’ve heard, in the US.

      • Adam Parrott

        I didn’t get mine either (Texas), but I called and they sent one. I believe they will do this every time if it’s considered late, which is about one or two weekends into the month. I called on April 12th just fyi.

    • Arthfael

      Did you try to sneak “ore” in a comment on a space dwarf?

  • Talos2

    Blood bowl white dwarf is a scary prospect as he’s always crazy broken anyway. The black gobbo looks cool though

  • Xodis

    Still waiting on my Chaos Grombrindal…. lol

  • Timotheus

    Man, John Blanche looks exhausted. Really hope he’ll stay around for a while.

  • Christie Bryden

    those Bloodbowl ones look fantastic.

  • Joshua Boyle

    Am I the only one really unimpressed with some of the more recent Forgeworld sculpts? Are these bad sculpts or just poorly painted? The Space Wolves Contemptor was also a pretty poor sculpt too, imo.

  • vash113

    Anyone else notice that the White Dwarf is wearing the new leaked style of Power Armor with the edged knee-pads, the vents in the sculpted chest plate and the raised collar?

  • amaximus167

    So, is the WD with power armor only available in with the 40 year issue? I am still confused as to how we are supposed to get him…