40K: 8th Q&A Part Deux

Missed the second 8th Edition Q&A? We got you covered.

Games Workshop hosted another Q&A session for 8th Edition today. We were tuned in an taking notes for all those who missed it. Enjoy!

What is a Primaris Space Marine?

  • New generation of Space Marine
  • Bigger, more powerful
  • More focused in role
  • “Very very *specific*” – in regards to battlefield role
  • other types in the future, still specialized

Indomitus Crusade

  • What Guiliman has been up to
  • Banded together parts of the Imperium
  • Created new Primaris Marines
  • New founding of Primaris Marines
    • Ultima Founding – Entire Chapters of JUST Primaris Marines
    • All marines gifted with Primaris Tech
  • Not all test tube babies, can be made from recruits
  • Existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris
  • *Andy seems Really excited to play with different stories about how flesh turners will feel about Primaris Marines
    • Will they accept them
    • Will they want to work with them
    • Will they want to be “upgraded” to a Primaris Marine…
  • Primaris Marines – Add them as you like to your existing army

What is Mk. X and what about Mk. IX?

  • New class of armor, not just for one troop type (alluded to different abilities)
  • What happened to IX–who knows? It’s a mystery!

Indomitus Crusade part 2 – This time it’s personal

  • Guilliman travels to give Primaris Marine tech to all Loyalist Chapters
  • Fighting vs Chaos
  • War on all fronts, including Xenos threats
  • He’s trying to help where he can – but the Galaxy is kind of on fire

Creating the New Rules

  • How long has it taken to develop 8th? At least 18 months – probably longer
  • Lots of testing, lots of background changes
  • Improving Three Ways to Play
    • Specialized more for each
    • take feedback and improve each version of 3 ways to play–match play, narrative, and open
  • Continue to playtest the rules
  • update rules for match play, narrative, and open

Army competitiveness/parity at competitive level?

  • Lots of playtesting and future playtesting
  • Not afraid to make changes in the future
  • And react to feedback “quickly”

FAQ/Feedback Sites

  • There working on ways to get feed back in the future
  • Currently it’s just Facebook/events/in person
  • Later they will have a new “forum-esq” site

How many Imperium know about Guilliman’s Return?

  • Not many regular Imperial Joes know about him.
  • Think about it – Not everyone knows about a Space Marine!
  • If one shows up on your planet? It’s not good.
  • Who knows about Guilliman? Upper echelons of Military Orders, High Lords, Chapter Masters etc…that’s about it

Primaris Marines — All From Mars?

  • Primaris Marines – 1st Batch is from Mars
  • Eventually all Chapters will be able to make their own – Guilliman is gifting the tech to chapters so they can create their own

Melee vs Combat?

  • CC is much more devastating
  • Surrounded units CAN’T Fall Back
  • Units are A LOT quicker?
  • Sweeping advance – consolidate from one combat to the next
  • Combat happens twice per game turn vs shooting’s once per game turn

How will “Initiative weapons” work?

  • Lash Whips – Combat Interrupt – not the only weapon, but it’s an example
  • Power Fists will be -1 to hit! But if it hits, it hits hard.
  • Unwieldy could be minus to hit (implied – not confirmed)
  • Other levers than initative to pull
  • Basically, if a weapon had a rule that impacted the way it worked on the initiative step, GW has tweaked those weapons via other modifiers besides “initiative”

Selecting Psychic Power – Pick them or roll?

  • Match play – you can choose or roll
  • Open / Narrative play – optional
  • You get to CHOOSE: Random or pick

Perils of the Warp – Still a threat?

  • Yes – but no major details

Choosing Armies

  • Force Org. detachment for pretty much every army. Even an army entirely made of Elites – there is probably a force org chart for that…

How will you tailor your army?

  • More access to command points, stratagems, army specific rules
  • You tailor based on Keywords (more below)

Specific Army Rules (examples) – this one was unscripted so it’s very general concepts

  • Imperial Fist – Better vs. Defending/fortifications
  • White Scars – Hit and Run

Battle Forge Army Each Unit/Detachment must share one keyword, Examples:

  • Imperium – limited stratagems to just generic “Imperium”
  • Space Marine – Gain access to Space Marine Stratagems on top of Imperium Stratagems
  • <Chapter> – Specific Chapter Strategems on top of the others
  • The more specific the key word the “deeper” you can go with the Stratagems

Characters in Transports

  • Based on transport capacity, not number of units
  • Characters can hitch a ride with a unit
  • You could fit 2×5 man units in 10 (something) transports
  • If a transport has a capacity of 12, you could fit a 10 man squad + 2 other characters for a total of 12

Command Squads have rules to help protect characters

  • Tyrant Guard example
  • Command Squad example
  • Lookout, Sir! type rules

Rule *Drop Pod*

  • 9″ Away from enemies
  • Units deploying from the Drop Pod at least 9″ away from enemy

New vs Old weapon changes

  • Weapons have been rebalanced
  • Grav shouldn’t be the “Auto-include” that it is now

Combos for Competitive Play?

  • Yes, with Keyword Mechanic it’s still a thing
  • Combine Keyword combos and Psychic Powers – competitive players can still build power lists

Exploding weapons without templates?

  • They still hit pretty hard
  • Battle Cannons seemed to work just fine for Pete

Invulnerable Saves

  • Work pretty much the same
  • Saves are an “instead of” roll vs an “in addition too”

Power from Pain happens *after* damage roll

  • Come back on a 6
  • You still take the damage, so it’s a lot like an additional save

Large Creatures – Will they get to smash?

  • Yes! Good save, Bit faster, and smashy
  • Large Creatures will work!

Wound allocation

  • Defenders choice
  • No longer directional
  • Defending player chooses where the wounds go

Can I play an entire army of Dreadnoughts?

  • Yes

Legion Strength – Will The Codex get redacted/replaced?

  • Well, “the chap who wrote it is back” –and it did not go well in 10,000 years, so we’ll find out!

Primaris Marines and Chaos influence

  • They’ve been designed to resist, but we’ll wait and see…

Tactical vs Primaris Marines

  • You should take both – they serve different roles
  • Tactical marines are more flexible, Primaris Marines are there for specific battlefield roles
  • You’ll see this repeated thought the Primaris types vs “regular” Space Marine roles

Psychic Powers

  • Mix of old and new. “The intention of those powers” will be kept for new and old powers
  • Example: Mindwar – it’s a classic power, but it might be tweaked slightly for new edition

How will you collect feedback?

  • Now – Facebook, events, Twitch
  • Later – Working on a New Site  for feedback
  • Forum-ish site with upvotes/downvotes

GW and Tournaments

  • Yes , working with and talking with them. Giving advice and more interaction with T. O.


  • Email them questions!

Terminators, will they feel like Terminators on the battlefield?

  • Yes.

Does Pete thin his paints?

  • Yes.

On a scale of 1 to Kharne, how excited are you for 8th?

  • Angron Excited!

Will you continue playtesting 8th after the release?

  • Yes, even after the release.

More Primaches?

  • Possibly…mentioned a “cowardly(?)” one. edit: Apparently Pete said “cowled” – who could that possibly be…


Well that’s all we got from the Live Stream Q&A – That’s a lot to digest!

  • kloosterboer

    How are there no comments? Where’s the greek chorus?

    • Gearcrow

      Well, when everything that was said in the Q&A is amazing what is there to complain about? Oh wait, this is the 40k community, I’m sure people will find something. Personally I can’t wait. Everything we’ve found out about 8th edition so far has been like wishlist fulfillment for me. The only two things I’m still praying and hoping for are plastic Sisters and Lion El’Jonson returning.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Yeah just about confirms it.. cowardly lion, hah I see what he did there..

        • Walter Vining

          cowled. its morty

          • orionburn

            So you’re saying they either heard it wrong or auto-correct strikes again? I didn’t get to watch it live this time around. Makes much more sense than the Lion at this point.

          • Walter Vining

            im going with heard wrong. cause I heard the same thing, but someone else I know (who had a question answered) heard the other thing. and we already saw the leak of mortys weapon.

          • Shawn

            I watched a replay of it, Pete said cowled.

        • That and the pic from the other day that looked an awful lot like a lion shaped shoulder guard/cloak. Either Johnson will disagree with Girlyman and split the Imperium or he’ll Leroy Jenkins over to the Dark Side of the Imperium to try to save the Blood Angels. Either way it should be entertaining (provided it isn’t written by the same people who brought us the Numarines).

          • We’ve seen so many things in the rumour engine which fit to High Elves, I doubt that lion was Johnson.

          • Mebbe. I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            From what it sounds like, Russ/Space Wolves will not be pleased with Guilliman either. That could make for some strange bed fellows what with the Dark Angels and Wolves agreeing on something.

          • Xodis

            Don’t they have that Hate/Respect thing going on? Could make a lot of sense they ally together and make a competition of who can kill more of the new Gullimarines that are an abomination lol

          • Drpx

            It’s implied they’re like actual brothers. Hate each other but don’t let others pick on them.

          • It could be the other way around as well. Guilliman might not be all that pleased with the Unforgiven or the Space Wolves. I’m just not sure there is enough here to spark a civil war. The primarchs should be too smart to fight over the Imperium while it’s ripped in half and besieged on all sides. I think that it’s more likely that one primarch will control the Terra side and the other will control the dark side, at least for now.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The Rock can move but Fenris is firmly on the Imperial side of the Rift.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            you mean super mega ultramrines. or Wardines… hmmm open up a can of wardines in here!

        • Andrew B

          We’ve had Magnus vs Roboute. I think the next chapter will be Mortarion vs Lion.

  • Emprah

    I am kinda relieved that old marines can be primaris-d up. Now you can just get Mark 7 helmets (If they are a fan selling, GW may sell them in upgrade kits, and there will be a lot online) and make your regular marines into Primaris Mark 8 marines.

    So Grimnar, Dante, Ragnar, Angelos, Azrael and all our good jolly old friends won’t necessarily be obsolete.

    • SWISSchris

      I thought Primaris helmets look more like Mk IV. What am I missing here?

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        They do look like MKIV helmets. I think that was by design.

        • Trey

          Mk-X looks a lot like Mk-IV

          I think of it as Novus-Maximus armor.

          Bolt “rifles” (no buttstock thus ” “) are little more than Stalker pattern sized with Kraken bolts.

          Size wise looks like the Sons of Anteus experiment worked the resistance to chaos may be from bits of the custodes or grey knight or maybe the Exorcists

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The fluff says that the work for creating the new geneseed started 10,000 years ago. So it is unlikely that the GK are involved but some of the brainwashing techniques to help the Exorcists combat daemons would be good.

          • Trey

            Started 10k ago not completed 10k ago.

            If the commission was to make a better Marine then each time the Adeptus mech. tried something and it worked it may well have been folded in to the project.

            Here are known things that could be added to a marine

            marines could be “Blanks” so chaos would have no grip on them at all from the warp- Primaris may be a low level ver of that. Since they seem to be clones there is little reason to think that this rare gene could not be replicated into them

            Or be clones/Genesplices of the Sensi (old fluff)


            marines could be “sons of anteaus” – which it seems Primaris if not the same method but the same result, personally I would think as “retcon” that Sons of Antaeus were a trial run for Primaris in some way,or flip it around that the success of the Sons of Antaeus tech was folded into the Primaris marine program.. 6 one way 1/2 a dozen the other.

        • SWISSchris

          Yeah I’m positive it was intentional, just don’t know why Emprah above mentioned MkVII helmets? Unless they mean to take current marines with MkVIII torsos bodies and add MkIV head to approximate mini Primaris marines?

      • Xodis

        Not sure, but I wanted MKIV marines and now I have big ones lol.

    • georgelabour

      They’re like Poke’mons! But with chainsaws, ultra violence and latin chanting!

  • Xodis

    Existing Marines can be made into Primaris…..good bye Space Marines of old lol. Nice way to keep those special characters in the game too…..wonder how long until Chaos still the tech laps and starts mass producing more of their kind?

    • orionburn

      You know all it’s gonna take is for one bad batch of these guys in a chapter to taint the entire run of them. This could be a great way to bring some serious turmoil to the Imperium. Might be reading too much into it, but the plot possibility is there.

      • Scatter 667

        i so hope that this will happen and backfire for girlyman! would be great to see those new uber-marine fall to chaos or wrack the imperium by themseves;-)

        • Keith Wilson

          i bet he engineered some sort of “kill switch” or ability to drop them like a bad habit if they rebel in any way

          • Scatter 667

            that kill switch woul be a nice idea and sound like a job to find out about for the alpha legion i think;-)

          • A kill switch would be just another reason to go rogue, because it would show that even their own creator doesn’t trust them at all. So if that ain’t a reason for a rebellion, what is? 😉

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Not to mention the kill switch could be utilized by the enemy.

          • Drpx

            After dissecting a few, Fabius Bile gets with some Noise Marines to produce the Brown Note gun.

          • Scatter 667

            That all sounds pretty familiar to the fate of the Thunder Warriors, which were just made to win terra and perish thereafter! Back then they also turned against their creator. But it could also well be that Cawl, the heretic, messed up while trying to perfect the work of the false emporer of mankind. It was also mentioned that not all of the legions would agree with what Guilliman did so there might very well be the possibility for a rebillion.

          • Big E has an amazing history of getting his creations to turn on him.

          • orionburn

            My exact same thoughts. Lot of people are writing this off as a poor fluff to introduce the Intercessors but there’s a lot of different ways this can go.

      • Koen Diepen Van

        Yea to bad good story telling does not sell models.

        • Xodis

          Would be pretty good story telling and quite in line with the character of Fabius to grab a batch or the tech and start pumping them out in droves.

      • Xodis

        Fluff: Insert Fabius here lol

        Business: We all know GW isn’t going to throw away the chance to get more revenue by making EVIL supersized marines lol

        • Rob brown

          To be fair the Thousand Sons models are already that big and I’d be amazed if the Death Guard weren’t the same. I guess they were just swollen by the chaos gods!

          TS players will be so annoyed if all other marines get 2 wounds bar them.

          • Xodis

            Yeah, as a CSM player that uses all the legions, that would be annoying. Good to know the “chaos infused” marines are already bulked up, next is the CSM regular troops who need a freaking name instead of just CSM squad lol

          • Keith Wilson

            nurgle could and should have superior durability of all the 4 …. weather or not that means multiple wounds remains to be seen. Im betting its something like the leaked avatar of khaine ability where they ignore a wound or mortal wound on a 6+

          • Xodis

            T5 is fine with me, its actually pretty powerful this edition since they will still have a 3+ save of some sort.

      • ZeeLobby

        People keep saying these plot things. I just don’t know if GW has that potential.

      • Drpx

        “What did we learn from the Heresy?”

        Absolutely nothing.

    • Keith Wilson

      1 year and i bet we wont see current scale marines in store any more

      • Naaa, too many flavours of them to be replaceable within 1 year. But at some point in time, they probably will be.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, I’d say 3.

          • 3 years is nothing when it comes to GW releases. It’s 2017 and I still wait for GW to even start replacing resin Aspects with plastic ones.

          • Exactly, people are being ridiculous with this talk, the SM lines are mostly new, they’re not going to stop selling those kits, they make a crap ton of money each time someone buys one

          • Keith Wilson

            your deluded if you think the end game isnt phasing out the current scale in favor of the new ones

          • James Regan

            probably, but what people are pointing out is that the ‘end game’ will end in a decade or more

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            But it is all about Money. Those Classic Marine Molds are old, and with every kit they make and sell it becomes more worth for them. I bet the Number of X Kits is passed. Why would they say : “Naw, look, thes make money, but lets throw them away!” – It wont happen within a Year, in 3 Years, maybe. If old Molds evantually break and they do not make new ones. But i would not bet on it.

          • Not really, no

          • Vorropohaiah

            eventually. I think as long as people keep on buiying them theyll keep on selling them. then by the time enough primaris kits and vehicles and characters are available and sales of old marines drop beneath a certain margin… that’s it, they’ll pull the plug

      • Replacing the old scale marines with the new ones is probably the end game, but it won’t happen in a year. They’re going to see how well these new ones sell before they do anything that drastic.

        • It won’t happen in 10, the mk iii kits are 7 months old and there’s supposedly another batch of HH compatible models coming again this fall

          • Keith Wilson

            dont kid yourself ….. scale creep has been happening since they started making models ….

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The problem is that these new marines have a different story behind them and so we are forced to keep older and newer models.

          • It’s basic economics, GW’s injection molds are expensive capital intensive investments with long term payouts, the almost entirely recent SM line is going *nowhere*

          • Karru

            They will most likely replace the current 40k Marines and keep the HH ones. That way they can milk both sides for loads of money. My estimation is that it will happen in around 2 years.

          • The idea of replacing kits that will be 5-6 years old at that point doesn’t make economic sense on GW’s part, sternguard, vanguard, tacticals are all 2013, devastators, BA tacticals are 2014, they’re not phasing out brand new kits, they make substantial profits on every unit sold, that’s their whole business model lol

          • Karru

            Oh, so you are telling me that it would be absolute madness from GW to phase out an entire model line that is quite new? Let me tell you about Tomb Kings then, since it seems you missed that happening.

            Tomb Kings got updated in 2011. They got a nice amount of new kits. In 2015, a game was released called Age of Sigmar. In the following year, the ENTIRE Tomb King line was discontinued, this includes kits that were “merely” 4 years old at the time.

            What I am saying is, we have ample reasons to expect GW to replace the current 40k Marines with these. They force people to update their old armies or continue to play with their discontinued ones. They slowly phase out support for the Old Marines through rules and start making Guilmarines the poster boy of 40k. Thus GW makes more money because people have to buy Guilmarines because they are now the ones with the most support and the best rules.

          • Except you’re comparing GW’s worst selling plastic line to it’s best selling one. TK got axed because they weren’t worth the shelf space they were sitting on, saleswise.

          • Karru

            Except you are saying that replacing kits that are 5-6 years old makes no economical sense on GW’s part, implying that you believe they won’t do it and haven’t done it in the past. Problem is, they have.

            The axing of Bretonnians was to be expected, but with the “limited” Death collection, removing an entire faction of relatively new models was completely unexpected. While TK might have not been the most popular model-line, it wasn’t due to the army itself being bad or the models looking bad. The problem was always GW and 8th edition.

            So again, Guilmarines replacing current Marines is in no way unrealistic. They have given countless “fluff” reasons for it and that way are “padding the way” for them. They are already saying that Old Marines can be “upgraded” to Guilmarines. They are already saying that more “variants” of Guilmarines are on the way to fill different battlefield roles.

            Basically every single sign points to the fate of current SM being phased out in time. It will most likely start with them not getting that much support. Meanwhile Guilmarines get everything from A to Z. New books, new models and new background. Then they “advance the story” in a way that makes it sound more and more in favour of the Guilmarines while Old Marines start to “die out”. In a few years, we’ll be seeing “While Stocks Last” in vast majority of current 40k Models.

            From what we have already seen, Death Guard also seems to follow the way of “large models”. This is the current GW trend. They sell bigger models for a higher price. Better for them, easier to sell to new players, especially young, GW is happy, veterans are not.

          • Fergie0044

            Agree with all this.
            And yet, if they’d simply came out and said “we’re making marines bigger now. heads and shoulder pads staying the same (for conversion purposes) but expect all marine kits to be replaced within the next 2 years.” I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. All this fluff numairne nonsense makes it seem like they’re trying to pull a fast one on us, which upsets me.

          • Jabberwokk

            I strongly suspect this to be the case. I can’t think of a business argument that would make it more profitable to not head that direction. If they take their time most won’t even notice.

            However I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing if true.

          • Vorropohaiah

            those are HH kits and have nothing to do with 40k. I imagine even if normal marine kits are phased out those will remain in production

          • It says 40K on the box, they’re absolutely 40k kits

      • The Rout

        I’ll take that bet 🙂

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        I still don’t understand why people are calling these new guys “truescale”. They are the same scale. They are larger in the fluff, and they are larger in the tabletop. Plastic nobs weren’t “truescale orks”.

      • Hussein Alobaidi

        Wasn’t there a new devastator box released quite recently ? Wouldn’t make sense to make them obsolete so quickly while chaos have to hang on to havocs for so long.

    • Fergie0044

      Yea, such a cop out. The final nail in the coffin will be when someone pries open Bjorn’s dreadnought, and then upgrades him to a numairne before shutting him back in. Cause all the cool kids are numarines now…

      • georgelabour

        If anyone tried that Bjorn would punch them, steal a keg of mead, and then go back to sleep.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      Finished the day before they finished the Space Marinzmarinz.

    • Drpx

      Take a page out of Privateer Press and we can have Calgar 2, Pedro 3 etc.

      • Xodis

        Kind of already do since HH should be getting the 8e conversion.

    • georgelabour

      Well Fabius has been working on his Numen for a while now

      And there was that gene seed cache The Iron warriors split with Abaddon so they both could mass produce new foot soldiers…

      From the picture we’ve been given showing the Primaris Marine growth tanks I couldn’t help but recall the description of that (far more gruesome) set up that was depicted in Dead Sky Black sun. Not to mention the ‘clone’ of ventris, and super mutant astartes that came out of it.

  • Muninwing

    “Sweeping advance – consolidate from one combat to the next”

    time to dust off my Wychcult army… they can run the whole battlefield and never get caught in the open again!

    • J Mad

      The other player only needs to keep the units 4.1″ away to stop that tho.

      • Scatter 667

        why 4.1″? did they say what consolidation move will be?

        • J Mad

          In one fot he teaser rules they said up to 3″ and you can be in combat if you are within 1″, so 4″ will get you into combat, if they are 4.1″ away no combat

          • Scatter 667

            oh, i missed the 3″ consolidation! good to know, thx:-)

          • Heinz Fiction

            And also it’s towards the nearest enemy so not necessarily the one you want.

          • J Mad

            I never thought about that, yeah that could be bad XD

          • Scatter 667

            oh, have to think about that one, but khorne doesn’t care 😉

          • J Mad

            And Khorne for all we know gets a rule that lets them move 6″ into combat :3

            Who know.s…. XD

      • Xodis

        Actually further than that since anyone wanting to consolidate into another group would probably have their model as close as they can to the next unit, while still being only 1 inch away from the unit they are currently killing.

        • Scatter 667

          i see what you are saying. might be were important how the models are positioned during the charge and pile in to maximize the effect! have to keep that in mind;-)

    • Keith Wilson

      yea im surprised sweeping advance came back .,….. welcome to the rhino rush age once again

      • Muninwing

        i’m surprised, but delighted. it gives some better chances for assault armies.

        one thrown bone does not make an avalanche.

  • orionburn

    Confirmation of characters being able to share a ride in a transport makes me happy just to point and laugh at all those that had a complete meltdown of characters not being able to join units.

    • Xodis

      Yeah that was a nice day lol

      • orionburn

        It definitely was one of the more entertaining ones as of late!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Never understood why people were freaking out.

      There is no way The Inquisitor would either have to ride in his Land Raider alone or run behind it while his squad rode inside.

      • Trey

        Well because its GW and they have been known to do dumb stuff..

        Looks like they are trying not to do that this time. mostly (in newt voice)

    • Farseerer

      Haha it’s not like it’s going to stop those same people crying that the sky is falling when the next set of rules are leaked tomorrow.

      • Xodis

        Currently we still have no answer on Dedicated Transports and Assaults, so they still have that hehe

  • Scatter 667

    Thx they answered my questions about protecting characters against direct attacks. But they did not address the second part about the possibilities of sniper and that not every army has these, which makes it somehow uneven.
    But the look out sir type of thing might help to keep them alive a bit longer and maybe make it into combat.
    guess i have to wait and see how characters work on the table…

    • J Mad

      yeah, i’m assuming sniper will be pretty strong. When i saw snipers had that rule i was pretty jealous of those few armies….. (I play DE and nids mostly).

      • Scatter 667

        i’m playing CSM and there is just no snipers in the model line. But i guess with the new deep strike unit rules there might be possibilities now at least to mimic the drop pod.
        So finally the death bubble will be a thing i guess since you have to wrap the chars with a unit to avoid nearest modell and you need a unit for the lookout sir thingy…

        • J Mad

          Yeah, but at least CSM might have the best terminators in game, 3man with combi weapons 🙂

          • Scatter 667

            this is exactly what i’m hoping for will be the new termicide;-) drop in, shoot the char, charge it and rip it to pieces with the chainfists and claim the skull for the skull throne;-)

          • Rob brown

            Having to make a 9″ charge will be a challenge but at least possible. Also with a 9″ exclusion, preventing pods and rear deepstrikes will be easier. Or require that an area be cleared by artillery to make space for a drop pod landing if you can choose when they come on.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By


          • Rob brown

            True, still not easy but do-able, particularly with abilities, command point rerolls and being able to take overwatch casualties from the back. Trygon tunnels and hormagaunts… rubs hands excitedly.

          • The Rout

            What if you can run then charge? 8.1 on 3d6 is VERY doable

          • Technically you only need an 8″ charge. You may only get 9″ close, but being 1″ away counts as close-combat-range. So 8″ is required to be rolled. No?

          • Nyyppä

            More than 9″ away. That’s the rule.

          • Well, above says “at least” and that means 9 *or* more.

          • Nyyppä

            Yes, but I’d put more faith if in written word than spoken one. Especially when the later is a product of zero preparation.

            Then again if this is true the DS + charge is slightly easier.

          • J Mad

            Its only a 8″ charge, they said you make it if you are within 1″

        • Rob brown

          I also wouldn’t be suprised to see psychic powers used to fill some of the gaps. Tyranids may not have snipers but I can easily see a psychic power that can target individuals in a unit, similar to focussed witchfires now.

          • Scatter 667

            the 8 or 9″ charge (depending on wording since 1″ is technically not within 1″) might be doable with unit special rules and stuff as you said.
            Area denial will definitely become a thing, so meassureing will be key for that.
            Maybe psychic powers will open options, but i fear that might be to powerful and not for everyone. Khorne is special ok, but i can’t see Ork phychic powers like that. But maybe artillary will be able to do that, like old barrage weapons?

          • The rules aren’t even out and we already need an FAQ if “within 1 inch” means <=1" or <1".

          • Scatter 667

            i guess so;-) i’m don’t know if this has been FAQed for AoS, but it definetly needs clarification since it might make all the difference between new skulls for the skull throne or a sitting duck;-)

          • SYSTem050

            Ehm is this an American/British English thing as to me within 1″ means if I measure 1″ from my model and it touches the base of another model jobs a good un.

          • Well, for me it also means “one inch away or less”, but looks like not everyone reads it like that 😉

          • Scatter 667

            ok, i just checked the subterranean attack rule in the tac reserve artikle and it says: “…anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ away..”
            whick would mean its 9″ plus x, which would require a 9″ charge, since 8″ would leave you at 1″ plus x and thereby outside of the fight range.

          • Rob brown

            Theres no such thing as British-English.

            There’s only English… and the travesty you call American-English ; p


          • SYSTem050

            True. In a similar vein my ex’s father used to take great delight in telling Americans (and no doubt Canadians and Australians) that he didn’t have an accent rather this “was simply how the language sounded when one pronunced it properly”

            To be fair he was a bit of annoying 🙂

          • Someone

            No not an FAQ – people need a basic tuition in maths.

          • Scatter 667

            no, the point is the “more” in the rule. with more its clear but, is it would be 9″ flat it would be the question what within means.

          • Only if you believe in GW publishing “math correct” rules, which I personally do not.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      My bet is that every army will have a sniper unit.

      • That would mean DE get something new? I can’t remember them having any snipers.

        • J Mad

          DE has Hex-Rifles, its there snipers.

          • Hex-Rifles? Are they being used by Wracks? Those are actually the only cowards I could imagine sniping stuff.

          • J Mad

            Wracks and Haemoculus

          • I see, thx.

      • Xodis

        I wouldnt expect that personally. It makes sense for some armies, but pure volume of fire makes sense for others. Take CSM for instance, why take the time to snipe a character when we can just blow them to the warp with all of our bigger weapons. Orks? Too many reasons not to have a sniper there.

        • Rob brown

          Definitely, I don’t want to see every army with identical unit times. Some would level the whole area with a barrage of fire and some would chew their way through, tooth and claw.

          In terms of defence armies will either have command squads which seems like a neat trick, better armour/invulnerables or tougher HQs.

          If anything snipers should be rarer than they are now. I would expect to see Deathmarks toned down a bit.

          • Drpx

            The Pope tried to tone down crossbows in ye olde war cuz any random peasant could take out a knight. Didn’t work.

        • Mr.Custodes

          Of course Orks have one, how do you explain the Celestial Lions otherwise? Are you suggesting the Inquisition LIED?

          • Xodis

            Well I am a CSM player…so absolutely lol

          • Scatter 667

            Damn pesky Ork snipers! They are out there, they have to be, the inquisition says so! And they are always right and true and only fullfil the emporers will and would never ever lie 😉 assuming they would be able to lie would be the outmost heresy!

        • Volcano

          Pretty sure 3rd ed lootas, instead of having their current equipment, chose a squad from another codex and gained their weapon options, one of the squads they could choose was space marine scouts. So yes once upon a time there were Ork snipers in game.

          • Xodis

            Ah, before my time but thats pretty cool and kind of fluffy. I mean giving an Ork a Sniper Rifle and hitting on 5+ at best isn’t too worrisome.

    • Kaughnor Cave

      There was a tidbit about Characters interacting with command like squads. Things like a court of the archon might be more desirable now to mitigate against snipers.

      • davepak

        they might give some armies assassin type units that can just appear and attack characters (e.g. death leaper).

        AOS has a few assassins like this already (for skaven I believe) so I could see a tyranid or “cunnin” ork unit do this.

  • orionburn

    “Even an army entirely made of Elites – there is probably a force org chart for that…”

    And Deathwing fans everyone just let out a collective squee.

    • J Mad

      Harlequins too, tho as a Quin player it wasnt a negative for 7th ed.

    • KingAceNumber1

      Ditto my pipe dream of Typhus, LR’s, and as many Death Guard terminators as I can fit in the list.

      • Scatter 667

        actually it was already possible for chaos with the marked lord turning cult troops from elite to troop choices. but nice others can do that now too.
        Really looking towards the other yet undisclosed detachments;-)

        • Simon Bates

          Typhus got you Plague Marines as troops, but not DG terminators.

          • Scatter 667

            That is true. But i was referring more to “elite” choices in a CAD. In this case plague marines turn into troops and effectively you don’t have to take real “troops” choices in your force at all. You are right that all terminator is not possible, but going without “troop” choices is.

    • Nilok

      I thought some Tau players were already doing that.

      • davepak

        for a full suit army, yes please.
        Now, if FINALLY my xv9’s don’t suck….

  • “Existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris” – LOOOOOOL

    So there you have it, Minimarines will be gone for sure soon. Remember the fluff is advancing now.

    • OldHat

      That isn’t what they said, but sure, why not jump to that conclusion?

      • Yea, why not? I can jump all the way.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      41k here we come

    • Farseerer

      It does seem to be pointing that way I have to admit

    • Drpx

      Someone make the Oprah meme.

  • Michael McGuiggan

    Cowardly Lion?

    • Probably. Who else would call him that if not Roboute?

    • Parthis

      BoLS are mis-reporting it. They said “Cowled”, and it’s Mortarion.

  • Michael Ryan Fraiser

    Nothing about primaris dreadnoughts huh?

    • Damistar

      Since Dreadnoughts require a marine hero on the brink of death, maybe there hasn’t been enough primaris candidates available yet.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        No, we are getting Primaris Dreads. It is 100% Confirmed

        • davepak

          I wonder what they will look like, and just how much better they will be. I mean, I have several “old” dreds to finish building – but if we are about to get “new and improved” models – I am not sure I have incentive to finish them….

    • Xodis

      That was already confirmed when they released the information about the Primaris Marines.

    • David Leimbach

      Wouldn’t a primaris still fit inside a regular dreadnought?

  • generic eric

    Cowardly? You lion

    • SilentPony

      Lorgar, duh

  • SilentPony

    What do you mean its a mystery what happened to Mrk9 armor?!
    Duh! Mrk9 sounds like its for dorks, and so help me God these new Space Marines will be the epitome of a 90s kid’s definition of RADICAL!
    Xs everywhere! Xtreme Space Marines wearing Power Armor X with Xtra geneseed and Xtra range bolters!
    Might as well call it the Radical Crusade for Cool Kids with Lights in their Shoes X.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Mark 9 was likely in development and then they just moved on to mark X.

    • Grimbuddha

      Remember when you had a meltdown because you were positive characters wouldn’t be able to ride in transports with other units?

      • SilentPony

        Yeah, its almost like they’re releasing rules in a terrible, piecemeal way with massive holes that are filled in days later that people retroactively claim means there were never any holes to begin with.

        • Xodis

          Or, more likely they actually meant that these are “teasers” which are not meant to answer all questions and stop erratic speculation but rather just get you to a point of wanting to know more information.

          • Donald Wendt

            So…you’re saying they’re just drumming up hype for the release of their new product? Unpossibru!

        • Grimbuddha

          I think it’s more like they’re “teasing”, or even “pre-viewing” rules. The “release” will come later… on the release day.

        • Wonderdog

          The books are all at the printers by now mate. In fact I’d be surprised if they arent already stacked up in a dispatch warehouse waiting to ship already…

        • Arufel

          Haha you’re so full of sensationalist nonsense! Granted, it’s very entertaining though.

        • Munn

          No, what’s been happening is that people see the hole and go, ‘oh, wonder what they’ll put there?’ and move one and then reactionaries see the hole and shouting about how dangerous and terrible the hole is and how incredibly stupid the construction company is for leaving a hole and how the hole will kill the neighbourhood. Then they put something cool in the hole and people go ‘oh neat, so that’s what they did’ and reactionaries go ‘You can’T JusT ClAim theRe wASn’T a hOlE!.’

    • GnomesForge

      He does make a fair point though. This does smack of 90s xtreme radical Marines. I am still baffled at how having taller Marines turns the tide more than having Custodes already out there.

  • Philip Estabrook

    Cowardly Lion?

  • Bonemaw

    too bad they didn’t answer any questions about the psychic phase and if they are porting over the rules of 1’s in AoS matched play.

    • davepak

      well, they DID say how you get powers, AND they did say that perils are in, and it inflicts mortal wounds.

  • Blightstar

    I think they mentioned “cowled one” and that would make sense since Mortarion is coming and he has a cowl.

    • Xodis

      Yeah he is almost a given seeing as the starter is Ultramarines (who have their primarch) vs Death Guard.
      So I think the first big wave will be Death Guard w/Primarch and Primaris Marines, then the Lion will awake for some more shenanigans. After that is anyones guess IMO.

      • SWISSchris

        Agreed. Think today’s hints are for the Lion. The Death Guard release trailer made it look like Mortarion was coming with their scythe pics. Even if people don’t take to the rules (can’t see why not right you wouldn’t) the minis are looking amazing.

  • Fergie0044

    “Unwieldy could be minus to hit” whooo, Called it! Not that it was a difficult prediction but I’ll take my internet award anyway…

  • Arthfael

    I loved templates. I loves Initiative. I loved the idea (not the reality) of different armour facings. But I think I will love 8th, many great changes, and till I see how the game works I cannot see why I should complain.

  • Iron Father Stronos

    cowardly lion el jhonson.

  • David Leimbach

    Will chapters that refuse the primaris tech stay as “mini-marines”?

    Exactly how much bigger is the primaris than recent marine lists.

    • Xodis

      Can’t see how they wouldnt stay the same if they refused the tech, but the NuMarines are about a helmet taller than older marines according to the video of them released earlier this week.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I don’t think any chapter will refuse the new marines but some chapters may not accept the new marines, from a cultural perspective.

      • Drew

        I could see the Space Wolves in particular having a lot of issues with new marines being foisted upon their Great Company structure, particularly as they’ve never bent the knee to the Codex Astartes anyway.

        I know I’m planning on keeping my space vikings at regular marine scale. Heck, they’re still on 25mm bases!

        • Rob brown

          Hmm, Space Wolves not wanting to be bigger and tougher… ? I think they’ll take the tech and then tell Girlyman to bore off.

          • Drew

            True, could be!

            My thought was they might react sort of the same way they do to teleporting- we’d rather keep on doing things the way Russ intended, thanks very much. Then again, this is new 40K…you never know! =)

        • davepak

          Some fluff will wipe out a lot of them, and in their hour of most dire need, will come reinforcements….or some stuff like that.

  • Gunther Clone C

    A “cowardly” primarch, huh? Like…cowardly enough to knock out Leman Russ in an honorable duel? #salty #DAscrubs

    • Keith Wilson

      other sites are reporting it is “cowled” … not cowardly …. ie the model has a hood on …. its Mortarion

      • Rob brown

        I definitely heard cowled – though of course the video is there to listen for yourself.

  • Camisa

    Just one detail. Drop pods enter 9″ from enemy but i think i read something about 3″ to desembark…. in the post of nids and tunnels…. so that means a possible 6″ of charge distance. Unless deepstriking termies… am i assuming this correctly?

    • Karru

      The unit disembarking/tunneling also needs to enter outside 9″ from the enemy.

      • Rob brown

        That was made clear in the video. Both the pod and the disembarking unit must be placed outside 9″.

        The 9″ rule sees to be seeing a lot of use as a limiting factor for charges. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something along similar lines for outflanking and disembarking from transports, with assault vehicles allowing disembarkation at any distance.

        I’m just throwing it out there so I can say “see, I said that” if it comes to pass ; p lol

        • davepak

          This is cool….but VERY limiting. Drop pods (and other units like trygons) are going to mainly be appearing near table edges.

          I mean, you need 6″ for the drop pod, and 18″ for the space on either side – thats patch of table about 24″ wide with no enemy units – not very likely early game.

      • Camisa

        Ok, but drop pod 9″, desembarque will be something, in the end will be 9″ less something…. cant be that bad….

    • Frank O’Donnell

      No the unit disembarking must also remain 9″ away

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    How does Guilliman spread the knowledge of the Primaris to all chapter when half of them are on the other side of the new warp rift dark Imperium thingy?

    • Mr.Custodes

      There are gaps in the storm, but its dangerous – something like 1 in 100 ships. Yes, Guilliman did the 40k equivalent of spamming their inbox until they get the message.

      • Parthis

        Ironically offering a size increase, too.

    • davepak

      his twitter feed silly.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Do you guys think there will be Primaris Grey Knights and Deathwatch?

  • Vachones

    The most exciting news in my mind? No, not the Adeptus Restartes, although they are kinda cool. Its the website/platform for feedback. If they do this right, the community will finally have a more direct path of communication to GW and they will hear the player concerns and questions beyond just the FB group.

    Of course some gamers will be rude or unreasonable, but that’s to be expected. GW has weathered that pretty well so far and honestly they have “earned” all the skepticism and cynicism with years of isolating themselves. I love this new GW, I hope they keep it up.

    And yes, they are not acting any different than any other modern day gaming company, I know, but they have the resources and the fan base to do this right.

    • davepak

      Excellent point – they do have the momentum of “Kirby hubris” to make up for – but – this new GW is doing a very good job at it so far.

      I applaud them, this is a radical change from days of past, AND if the new rules are better balanced than before – I can forgive a lot.

      • Vachones

        I like that, “Kirby Hubris.” Excellent term for what GW evolved into. Him stepping down, the failure of AOS on launch, and the poor sales I think finally pushed them to make changes. Sometimes you have to get worse before you get better.

  • Minyiki

    By combat happens twice per game turn did they just mean that your models can attack in your opponents turn or does it mean something more?

    • Ghaniman

      I just read that too, and no one seems to be talking about it. If a game turn is both players turns, then yes, as currently once in yours, once in mine. But they also said its a 1 to 2 ratio of shooting to melee, so I’m at a loss to explain it.

      • davepak

        Yeah, technically don’t we have that now?
        Shoot once in my turn, fight in my turn, then fight in your turn?

        Perhaps they meant something else.

        • Ghaniman

          Actually upon re-reading it, the passage doesn’t specify per person or per game turn for both. I’m tempted to lean toward the former, exactly as the status-quo.

    • VanosOfManos

      That does seem like the reasonable takeaway: it’s how it works out in Age of Sigmar. Your shooty troops get to shoot on your turn, but your melee units (assuming they survive) get to attack when you select them to in both your opponent’s and your own, effectively giving you two turns of CC attacks. That can be a huge difference maker, and the selection of who you choose to use when (discounting the 8th ed rule of chargers go first) will make that even more important. Combat Phase can be pretty brutal when you get everything lined up right in AoS.

  • Drpx

    Sweeping advance is back? Everyone grab a bucket and get ready to start bailing.

    • Parthis

      No, that’s not what was said. BoLS are being odd with the reporting of this.

      Essentially; if you wipe a unit you consolidate like you do now… however, with the consolidate move you can move into engagement with another unit, thus locking you in combat and shielding you from shooting.

      The context was “how can we protect assault units if everyone can flee or you’re left open after killing?”.

    • mrbleak

      I wish It came back. Oh how my Orketh hath missed that rule, alas it seems like it´s not how it is reported here but more balanced ;D

  • MechBattler

    My Salamanders weep at the new drop pod rules. Unless they can move after disembarking, flamers out of pods just got scr*wed sideways.

  • Kyle

    So much AWESOME

  • Rafał Pytlak


  • edendil

    Primaris terminators?

  • piglette

    This looks better than pancake Edition even!

  • Tushan

    So 9´away deepstrike and 8´flamer ranges. Fun..

    • Rob brown

      Thank god

  • Jennifer Burdoo

    The bits about Sweeping Advance and two combats per game turn are disconcerting, because I like neither. Sweeping advance into combat was FRUSTRATING in the old editions, especially for gunline armies like my Guard. And the two combats thing? It’s ALWAYS been like that, annoyingly so. I wish units had the choice to fire instead of fight when charged.

    • Even if there is sweeping advance, you can always retreat in your own turn.

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        So you won’t be trapped in cc as before, with no one able to shoot at whoever just swept into you?

        • Well, we know DE Wyches having a special rule to catch back on you if you try to run. But apart of that? No, don’t think so.

    • Rob brown

      You can fire when charged, it’s called overwatch.

  • Luca Lacchini

    “Primaris Marines – 1st Batch is from Mars
    Eventually all Chapters will be able to make their own – Guilliman is gifting the tech to chapters so they can create their own
    Not all test tube babies, can be made from recruits
    Existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris”

    And there we go. Say goodbye to the line of poor, tired (sic), old stunty marines. Extinction comes in many different faces.

  • Thomson

    Pete said the hit hard “IF THEY HIT” which they almost never do. He did not say they worked fine.

  • OptimusDerf

    Cypher was hanging out with Papa Smurf, and they teased some lion part of a model the other day. I would really be surprised if El’Johnson didn’t come out of whatever dark corner of The Rock he’s been napping in.

  • Fomorian

    For the “Perils of the Warp” info – they also said that the psyker will suffer “mortal wounds” when he is affected. Maybe you want to add this into the transcript :)?