40K: Adeptus Astartes and Chaos Space Marines Preview

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Take a look inside the new edition Index Books. Here’s both regular AND spikey flavored Space Marines.

During a seminar on the upcoming changes to the Warhammer Community site, which included the addition of an FAQ Forum and the release of the Warscroll Builder for Age of Sigmar “very soon,” GW took the opportunity to tease a few pages from the upcoming books for 8th Edition. They released a few pages of Space Marines (including a bit on the Primaris) and they also have a look at what Chaos looks like.

Also as a part of this seminar, two new models were teased. The Angel of Decay and the Redemptor Dreadnought. You’ll find a couple of videos for those guys down below!

via Warhammer Community

First up though, let’s take a look at the Space Marines.

Loads of Primaris stuff on display here. That’s one of those fancy Mk. X helmets up there, along with some color schemes for your boys.

The Ancients are the standard bearers–they are veteran soldiers of the chapter, and have proved themselves worthy of great honor and distinction.

But where there’s Space Marines, there’s also Chaos.

But that’s not all. As mentioned before, each of these factions got a new teaser video showing off two new units, the Angel of Decay and the Redemptor Dreadnought.

Here’s the Chaos one, complete with spooky demon voice and sickly green glow (as befitting an angel of Nurgle).


And then we have the Redemptor Dreadnought in a video entitled “Even in Death, I Still Serve.” This Dreadnought, much like the Primaris, looks to be even biggerer badderer than the others. It towers over the Space Marines, which is nothing new, but it looks big. And incredibly well-armed. Which I suppose is to be expected when you’ve got a crushing powerfist and a plasma gun for an arm.

With so much promotion of the Space Marines and the Death Guard/Nurglefriends, you’d almost think that the Imperium vs. Chaos was going to be a central conflict in the new edition or something.

What do you think of the new models? Of the new paint schemes?

  • benn grimm

    Cool dread, Mortarion pics please!

  • ZeeLobby

    A Slaanesh boob! Maybe all is not lost!

    • Deacon Ix

      Several in fact 🙂

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        might even be strange primaris Male Thingiis!

    • Vachones

      It was a ridiculous theory that Slaanesh would be phased out because he/she was not kid friendly, one started by a well known 40k contributor who traffics in controversy and clicks. I don’t know why everyone jumped on it and ran with it.

      • Randy Randalman

        You mean the same way they jump on every negative rumor started by a random internet poster? Or the way they align their hopes to a rumor, and when it proves untrue they blame GW?

        They are also wrong about Marines being phased out any time soon, and cc somehow being nerfed.

        • John Henry III

          I think Marines are on a 5 year plan of being phased out. Slowly and bit at a time since lore wise normal marines can be upgraded to primaris marines.

        • Le_smee

          I think it’s pretty likely Marines will get phased out over time, my monies on one humongous battle to save Terra with severe casualties.

      • ZeeLobby

        Eh. I’ll believe they’re not cutting Slaanesh when I see an actual Slaanesh release again. It’s been a long absence.

        • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

          Wasn’t the most recent release in 2013, that Finecast Herald? For a less prominent subfaction, that hasn’t been too long.

          (Plus, Age of Sigmar continues to add more details regarding the search for Slaanesh, Fulgrim’s mention in Gathering Storm, and then there’s that one BL author directly stating the absence is building up to a larger release…)

          • stinkoman

            they’re most likely waiting for the AOS timeline to turn around where slaanesh is found. that way they can release new greater demons for both 40k and AoS.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Yeah, that’d be the logical place for a dual-system splash release. The BL author I mentioned was Robbie MacNiven,
            “[Slaanesh]’s not been removed permanently, it’s coming back to Age of Sigmar as part of the ongoing narrative.”

    • Iconoc1ast

      Hooray for boobies!!!

  • ZeeLobby

    “Loads of primaris stuff on display” Der. They’re the new Space Marines.

  • Fraser1191

    Typical they release pictures but they’re too small to read

    • SilentPony

      I think we can assume the text say something along the lines of ‘throw away all your old Marines and buy an entire new army. See, all the cool chapters are doing it.’

      • Fraser1191

        Not gonna happen I just got enough for a gladius

        • Mr.Gold

          formations are going away in 8th…

          • Fraser1191

            I know. But I’m saying I just got enough guys to make it

      • Randy Randalman

        Isn’t happening. Even GW in person still used the old ones and encouraged them alongside. The original Marines are not only getting rules in the new edition, they will be continued in the new codexes. So it isn’t the Bretonnia/Tomb Kings syndrome, where rules are available but never put into an army book. Original Space Marines have all of their models updated and in plastic, so there isn’t a need for new models. But they are staying in the game. Period.

        • SilentPony

          Pfft. Tell me with a straight face that GW wouldn’t sell their soul to get everyone to throw away their Marines and buy Primaris marines. Normal marines are going to be tolerated, but nothing more. Totally expect managers to just kinda glare at them and remind you that Primaris marines are on the shelf, and all the cool kids like Primaris.

          • Gabriel De-Vere

            How depressing of you to say since GW have been doing nothing but giving us what we have craved for all time… Amazing miniatures that are just getting better and better and a new rule set…

            I bet your the kind someone would give you $100 for free and you’ll still think is that all???

          • Thomas

            Well, personally I think the models are absolutely atrocious.

          • kloosterboer

            Someone has to. It’s called statistics.

          • Koen Diepen Van

            When ppl give you free money it’s time to become question their motives

          • BrianDavion

            and lose out on future cross over sales from the HH boxes?

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          they will do everything they can to phase out the minimarines, its just they’ll do it slowly (like boiling a monkey). If they did it quickly then GW HQ would be besieged and burned by angry nerds. By doing it slowly they think we won’t notice.

          But we will notice, and by increments, like sand falling through the neck of an hourglass, we will plan our revenge….


          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            i am not into that “Phase out” but if they do it – I put my money, that it will at least take 3 Years. I play GreyKnights, those Sigmaris Prime Marines will not enter my holy club of Mary Sue Masterdoon!

          • BrianDavion

            Grey knights, too Mary Sue for Gulliman…

            I think we’ve got a new slogan!

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            :,D The Primaris Stuff did not shake me in regards of the Khornate Knights x)
            Grey Knights
            We too Sue, for da blue
            [also we paintourself with our best Pals]

          • stinkoman

            minimarines are for HH and noobs only. Numahrines are for 40k and the cool kids.

      • paxter

        Did u not notice those chapters were chosen because in fluff they were completely decimated in battle? (The featured shoulder pads on the top part of that photo)

        • As soon to happen with all others I guess.

        • SilentPony

          Sauce? What story has the Knights of Vengeance chapter getting decimated? Also Salamanders, Raven Guard, etc….
          Wolves maybe. Blood Angels and Ultramarines, sure. But the rest? I’m gonna need to see a sauce.

          • stinkoman

            here’s some BBQ sauce… Wolves got decimated on their home world by Magnus didn’t they?

  • Stormandreas

    It’s absolutely GREAT how GW changed the Chaos Psychic powers to have 6 powers in each table… Good change indeed.
    So for 8th, revert it back to 3…. WTF! REALLY!?

    • Sergio Celi

      It’s all for the sake of simplification. Don’t complain. Thank GW overlords for their mercy.

    • Dan Wilson

      Fear not, lowly heretic.They’ve based the psychic phase on the AoS model so its reasonable to look at the bigger picture of magic in AoS as a guide for 8th40k. Most wizards know the two universal spells plus one of their own unique spells (unique to themselves). Beyond this, as they release new battletomes, armies are getting more and more developed magic choices. To the extent that basically each army gets its OWN unique lore of spells. As they release the full codexes for 8th, the psychic roster will grow, with each army getting its own characterful and flavourful set of abilities. For the likes of Necrons or Dark Eldar, they will likely get some kind of “equivalent” abilities, e.g. cryptek abilities or power through pain abilities etc.

      • Randy Randalman

        No logic and reason based on evidence around here, Dan. You are required to always assume the worst, beat it like a dead horse in light of all evidence to the contrary, and caps lock rage whenever possible.

      • Stormandreas

        This is simply not true. Look at AoS released battletomes. Take something like, Flesh Eater Courts for example. Do they have Wizards? Yes. Do they have their own Magic? No.
        Flesh Eaters don’t even have their own Command Abilities, or army rules!
        Ironjawz are the same.

        ANY Order faction however! They get full army rules, new spells, artifacts, as well as their new units. And yes, Chaos have gotten some, and new models, but in no way comparable to Order.

        It’s a simple fact that GW has its preferences on certain armies and factions. Chaos have almost always had the short end of the stick when it comes to fighting the imperium (and this is coming from a primarily imperial player!)
        Similarly with Tyranids and Dark Eldar. Tyranids have, for 2 Editions been one of if not the worst army in the game (after being nerfed twice).
        Dark Eldar got nerfed through to 7th, and were kinda left in a meh state until the Fracture of Biel-Tan was released, and even then, they are an addon at best!

        And now with 8th, we’re seeing more preference towards Imperium (Primaris Marines anyone?), with very little input for chaos other than like… 6 new nurgle units which are in the starter box, and nothing for Xenos. Now I know we only know the Rules and backstory for 8th so far, but to release virtually a whole new faction for the imperium right at launch, even though the imperium already consists of over half the armies in the game, shows a clear preference.

        • Dan Wilson

          Flesh Eater Courts were one of the earlier tomes released. Furthermore, the strigoi, which the flesh eater courts are clearly based on, were characterised as not having magic at all. From Sylvaneth onwards the tomes had command abilities, items and decent magic. It just so happens that most of those tomes have been Order faction. Your belief that they are prejudiced against Chaos doesn’t hold true in that Desciples of Tzeentch (which is an amazing book and army) AND the Blades of Khorne also got full command abilities etc. Of course Khorne doesn’t use magic, but I believe there are some prayers in there.
          My manager told me that these Marines have been in the works for ten years. Jes Goodwin has been working on them, came out of the woodworks at a recent manager’s meeting to talk to them about it.

        • Frostasche

          Then spells like Black Hunger, Feeding Frenzy and the Summoning Command abilities on ghul king warscrolls are fake? I mean if someone online says they do not have their own spells, it cannot be just ranting, even if the rules clearly state otherwise or can it be?

          • Simon Bates

            No, he’s right that they don’t have spell lores, the way that Sylvaneth, Bonesplitterz and Disciples of Tzeentch do. Nor do they have Command Traits and Relics, as every Battletome since Sylvaneth has had. The reason for this is that GW had a change of heart sometime around when they put the Sylvaneth book together (which is, probably not coincidentally, around the same time they would have been preparing the General’s Handbook) and have ever since included these features. Serpahon (an Order faction) do not have them either. The only specific subfaction that has been shown favour in this regard is Stormcasts, who have had their old Battletomes replaced with a new one, which has all the Trait/relic goodness.

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          The Preferance is, were the money is. Can not blame it on them, as long as other stuff comes (like GSC – that was epic)

    • GrenAcid

      I dont care for any other spell than GIFT OF CHAOS.
      I want to change their precious models in to shambling mass of warp-flesh to eat former friends.

  • Xodis
    • euansmith

      “… will comfortably seat a family of four and still have space for a set of golf clubs in the trunk.”

      That is an awfully bit Dread.

      • Spacefrisian

        Its kind of orkish, they sure they got the right notes on this.

        • euansmith

          Maybe the Empire has learned its lesson and is starting to loot stuff back off the Orkz? 😀

        • euansmith

          Looking at the photo again, leaving out the Sarcophagus bit and replacing it with an Ork head, this would make a great basis for a Deffdread. It would need a bit of roughening up, of course.

    • Hussein Alobaidi

      Without sounding too kinky. That thing is a lot bigger than I expected

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        you can tell because it has big hands and feet.

    • phobosftw

      Don`t know about you guys but, that looks orky to me..


      • Darkcat

        Yep first they took idea from crisis suit and now ork. What next half space marine and tyranid…

    • Wolf-Assassin

      Bjorn demands a new shell.

      • euansmith

        “Vot do you mean, “I can not be gettink and upgrade?” Vot kind of contract iz this?”

    • ieyke

      It’s like they built a Dreadnought AROUND a standard Dreadnought.

      • zeno666

        Haha, true
        Classic GW. Space marines inside space marines!
        Now… dreadnoughts, inside… dreadnoughts.

        I bet Forgeworld has some land raiders inside land raiders, haven’t bothered to look at their stuff for years.

        • ieyke

          Oh. Man. You should look at Forgeworld. Amazing stuff over there.
          Their Deredeo Dreadnoughts and Leviathan Dreadnoughts are amazing.
          There’s a whole arsenal of amazing Forgeworld stuff.

      • Evil Otto

        Yo dawg, I heard you like dreadnoughts…

    • zeno666

      Well at least it looks like a dreadnought that can actually walk.
      Looks like he skipped leg day though…

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        If it falls over it can’t get up. Just lays on its back wailing like a baby having a tantrum.

    • Mr.Gold

      stormtalon with legs…

    • Shinnentai

      Actually looks a little derpy from that angle – I was really digging it from the lower angle shots I’d seen.

    • Where does this “everything must be huge” nowadays come from? Someone at GW having the need to compensate for something?

  • euansmith

    Out of a sense of fair play, will Guilliman sends the Fallen some Dark Angels Primaris Marines?

    That Dread is super cool.

    • Haighus

      I don’t like the legs, which is a pity, because the torso, limbs and weapons look great. The legs appear far too weedy to support the torso though. I would need to significantly bulk them up if I got one.

      • Nick1080

        I think the angle of that pic is making them look worse than they are – they don’t look so bad in this pic:


        • Txabi Etxebarrieta

          Wow, what a difference a flattering angle makes.

  • SilentPony

    Oh that poor dreadnought. Just have a seat honey, it’ll be okay. We’re gonna fix you up don’t worry.

    • EmperorOfMankind


  • I’d like to see more on the primaris marines in existing chapters.

    I assume that at least for now they will follow the basic primaris template in terms of wargear and squads etc.

  • Ryan Williams

    You do realise ‘angel of decay’ is a poncy way of saying ‘Mortarion’, don’t you?

    • Wolf-Assassin

      My first reaction to. And i rely hope it is him because then there will be more returning 🙂

      • Ryan Williams

        It is. Common knowledge for ages now.

  • Karru

    Couldn’t really care in the slightest about the Guilmarines as I already have myself a Marine army and I am in no need for another at this time. The Dread is something I’m most likely adding to my Dread collection as I like the model.

    As for Chaos, Mortarion isn’t anything new. Everyone knew he was coming since Death Guard was announced. I’m currently hoping that the next Legion that gets updated will be Emperor’s Children and Fulgrim. Unfortunately, knowing GW and looking at the current lore “progression”, Khorne will be the next thing in line for some “work”. World Eaters and Angron will most likely be the safest bet when it comes to “guess who the next Primarch and Legion we are getting is going to be!”

    Not surprised that Chaos lost some of their powers. It’s Chaos, one should always expect that something gets removed, this has been the standard of Chaos since 4th edition Codex was released. Then again, Psychic Powers are supposed to be a lot weaker than they were in 7th, so it really doesn’t matter. What will matter is how useful they’ll be.

    Overall, nothing really of interest here. I hope they’ll release their faction focus soon for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines in the near future, as I am curious on what SM is getting and what CSM is losing this time.

  • Frey Jepson

    Bigger space marines and a bigger dreadnought? This is so lazy.

    • ieyke

      This is what Space Marine should’ve been all along.

      • Then make them thus, across the board, but not under the pretense of a new elite that supposedly coexists with the old scale. Having these dreads dwarfing all previous ones, including the Hellbrute, is just off.

        • Shinnentai

          I suppose they wanted to sell the new range of minis without too many videos of people burning their old Marine armies on Youtube.

        • ieyke

          The Hellbrute isn’t special…. It’s just a Chaos Dreadnought. Of course it’d be dwarfed too.

    • Spacefrisian

      And Astronautmarines.

  • Darkcat

    Dreadnought: You have 20 seconds to comply!

  • GrenAcid

    I like new dread, it looks a lot like RoboCop mech.

    Angel of Decy is Mortarion or just new deamon mini for CSM? I hope for later.

  • EmperorOfMankind

    Sure as hell doesn’t look like they’ve toned down Slaanesh like many feared.

  • EmperorOfMankind

    I can’t find a non potato quality picture of the chaos powers. Please assist.

    • Brad Parks

      There’s a post on the Reddit forums where people have run it through text recognition software that seems fairly accurate.

      • EmperorOfMankind


  • william timonen

    Where can you find them with readable text?

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    At the end we buy at least one pack anyway
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Marco Marantz

    Im optimistic and concerned about Chaos….optimistic that Slaanesh will actually be viable with very useful abilities (almost always attacking first in melee will be huge), possibly some better Ld, possibly get Rending which is -4…..the bad side is, compared to all the new primaris toys i hope we dont see every chaos list take one of the daemon primarchs just to get access to some real punch.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Cool Dreadnought.
    Though I still prefer the good ol’ MK V Dreadnoughts over every other iteration of them.