40K: Dark Eldar – Giving Me(lee) Hope

Games Workshop has teased some of the new Dark Eldar Rules and they just might the first hope for Melee armies everywhere.

The debate of “Shooting vs Melee” in 8th is still going strong. I’ll be honest, things weren’t looking good for the Melee side of things, especially after we saw what the T’au were brining. Now, the shooting side of the equation is looking pretty strong, I don’t want to dismiss that at all. However, the new Dark Eldar Teaser has some pretty good news for anyone that has some dedicated Melee units.

via Warhammer Community


“When an enemy infantry unit in melee tries to Fall Back out of combat with Wyches, they can only do so if they win a roll-off with you. That is so incredibly powerful because it will protect your close combat units from getting shot and allows you to kill whatever you are locked in combat with.”

Combine that with the Tactical Reserve rules we saw earlier and it seems like Melee Armies will have a fighting chance at getting into combat, staying in combat, and avoid getting shot to ribbons. Now, before anyone sets their static gunline army on fire, let’s just be clear – this special rule currently only applies to Wyches (for now). But, this rule or something similar could be included with other dedicated Melee units – that’s the hope/fear anyways.

If it were up to me, I’d have this a rule like this available in each army, but NOT for each and every melee unit. No, that wouldn’t make sense – what would be the point of the Fall Back rule if everyone just had a way to ignore it or contest it? But, it would make if sense if a specific unit (or two) per army had that ability. Let’s use the Tyranids as an example (because they were used as the Reserves example):

Here are the Trygon’s rules for Subterranean Assault. Now imagine if that other Troop unit (like Hormgaunts or Genestealers) in the Trygon’s tunnel had the No Retreat rule or something like it. So when this new threat pops-up the ‘Nid player has a few choices to make. Do they charge with the Trygon and hope they can weather the overwatch shots first? Do they send in the Troops first so they can hopefully tie-up the unit? Do you split the units and charge two different things? Do you charge a single unit and hope that both the Trygon and the Troop can hold-off killing it so they can follow-up on your next turn? Decisions, decisions…

Oh and it’s not like the unit that was trying to fall back will forfeit their melee or shooting(pistol) attacks. And hey – it’s a roll-off, it’s not an automatic thing! So, as of now, I’d still say that Shooting has the edge vs Melee in 8th. However, rules like this do give me hope that Melee armies might have some more rules to help them balance (or perhaps tip) the scales in their favor. After-all, we’ve seen a lot of info about ranged weapons and only a handful of info on close-combat. At this rate we might all have new theories by Friday!


Aside from that glimmer of hope for Melee units/armies, Frankie did mention a few more cool things for the Dark Eldar – things that I think are important to call-out:

“In the new Warhammer 40,000, Raiders are exactly what they should be. They are blisteringly fast, open topped transports that deliver warriors where you need them but remain a little fragile. Open Topped vehicles allow you to shoot out of them still, which is a massive benefit. You can even fire Pistol weapons out of the vehicle when it is engaged in close combat!

With a toughness value and wounds, these vehicles are also much more durable. Lastly, these vehicles have a 5+ invulnerable save versus shooting attacks which will help when getting blasted by heavy weapons, and they ignore the -1 penalty to shooting heavy weapons after moving, keeping them agile.”

  • Open Topped vehicles still allow you to shoot out the top
  • Passengers can even fire Pistol weapons if the vehicle is engaged in close combat – neat!
  • Dark Eldar vehicles will have a +5 Invulnerable save vs shooting
  • Dark Eldar vehicles ignore the -1 penalty for shooting heavy weapons while moving

Plus, if you think about how the new vehicle rules will work, then Raiders and Venoms won’t explode and kill everyone inside anymore (they only die on a 1). That’s a big boost for the Dark Eldar attack!

They also teased a few of the weapon profiles, too:

  • Dark Lance – Strength of 8, AP of -4 and D6 damage
  • Disintegrator Cannon – 3 shots, all do 2 damage at AP -3.
  • Incubi Klaive – +1 Strength and AP -3 (leader has +2 damage on 6’s to wound)
  • Hydra Gauntlets and Razorflails – -1 AP for Wyches’ attacks

Wyches will also have a +4 invulnerable save in the fight sub-phase, too. This also should give melee heavy armies some hope. Why? Because if Wyches as a melee unit get a special save in the fight sub-phase, why would they be the only ones? I can think of a couple of other super fast units that should probably have a special fight sub-phase invulnerable save, too…

 Go Read The Full Dark Eldar Reveal Article HERE

Overall, I’m happy for Dark Eldar players – it sounds like they are getting some cool, new rules to help them out in 8th. And I’m cautiously optimistic about the state of the balance between Shooting vs Melee. I think it’s safe to stay in a “need more data” mode before any final judgement calls can be made. Again, based on what we’ve seen as of right now, Shooting still has an edge but I’m not ruling Melee out of this one just yet. Time will tell!


Well Dark Eldar Players, what do you think of your teaser? And all you players that favor melee vs shooting – are you willing to push your luck and stick it out for 8th or are you going to load up on guns?

  • Balor

    From what has been released in the info so far shooting does not just have an edge but is still the clear winner. There are so many questions with only the minimal hits at the rules and the continual answer we keep getting about melee. Everything is awesome! http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/14bb93b12f9b715e609f6e566c31401bdae312613262ad21e25ea75bd6b995fa.jpg

    • Brian Murphy

      Agreeing with Balor here. There best news here is that Raiders can move and shoot without suffering that -1 to hit (Does that apply only to the vehicle’s guns or also to the passengers?) and have a 5++ save vs. shooting. That strongly implies that, on a table with good cover, they’ll be able to deliver their cargoes. (Do we know if you can assault out of vehicles yet? I’m assuming so, but you know what they say about assumptions.)

      As it is, deep-striking in all its forms looks like a real gamble. You might be able to pull off that charge, but the odds are against it, and you’re more likely to end up a few inches short and perfectly placed to eat a lot of fire from a gunline’s Rapid-fire weapons. (Potential worst-case scenario: a single squad of IG under “First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!” orders can unleash 28 (7 x 4) lasgun shots plus whatever special and heavy weapons they’ve got as well. That’s gonna leave a mark, and since it’s in the shooting phase, that clever witch power won’t save ’em.)

      • Nick Vaughn

        Not really more of a gamble in its current arrangement. Right now it’s deep Strike, hope they pop whatever they’re gonna shoot at as soon as they land, and then endure shooting and assaults as tightly bunched sitting ducks. I much prefer the new system.

        • AircoolUK

          In AoS, trying to keep the gaps between your units less that 9″ is a challenge…

          …or a great way to lure your opponent into dropping his units onto the table exactly where you want them.

    • angelblade

      From what I’ve seen non of the melee vs shooting arguments have yet taking into account that on paper a shooting army should have an advantage at the beginning of a game but be at a disadvantage in the end. Melee strength is purely in it ability to engage quickly with the key priority enemy targets and eliminate them.

    • Nick Vaughn

      I dunno, armies that can come in from reserve and immediately charge are going to completely negate a powerful armies shooting ability. I would imagine many of these assault units will also get extra dice on the charge, roll three and pick the highest, or diminish a units overwatch ability. For all we know, some units can also be placed closer than 9″ as well.

      Again, the ability charge from reserve is a big game changer, especially if those units pull off some big turn 1 assaults, denying some of the opposing armies ability to shoot in the following phases right from the start. This in turn allows the rest of the army to advance to advance more safely.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    I still get confused about how people would rather bring a knife to a gun fight… I mean if your unit is so BA enough to wither the firestorm, then sure, by all means it should do good in CQC. However that unit has to be designed for that. That’s just me though.

    • ZeeLobby

      Because it happens in the fluff ALL the time. It’d be amazing if 8th actually did a decent job reflecting the awesomeness of the fluff.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I suppose, but everything would be even more crazy! Movie marines still wouldn’t reflect the silliness of what the fluff over all paints! Course there is the, fluff is propaganda stance one may take. But I mean generally in nearly all game systems people tend to prefer melee to decide outcomes. Granted most systems always make hand to hand more decisive (excluding warhammer and Aos, and 40k surprisingly). Example Bolt Action, it is to the death and it is swift. Flames you go until you lose your nerve and fall back, and usually get swept. It doesn’t usually go round to round!

    • Darth Bumbles

      I think it’s taking the game back to its tactical roots, monsters in one area are weak in others – glass cannons basically – so your CC units will get cut to pieces in the shooting phase unless you can cleverly use something to prevent it like getting into CC really quickly.

  • Muninwing

    “Wyches will also have a +4 invulnerable save in the fight sub-phase, too. This also should give melee heavy armies some hope. Why? Because if Wyches as a melee unit get a special save in the fight sub-phase, why would they be the only ones?”

    um… because they’ve had that since 3rd?

    a unit having had a special rule for over a decade does not mean that other units will get it. in fact, if other units have not gotten something similar, i would say it’s unlikely they would get it now…

    • Nugget7211

      I assume he meant specifically melee heavy dark eldar armies, since it was a dark eldar faction focus, not a general combat article

      • Muninwing


        wyches are the only units that have had this rule, AFAIK. and they’ve had it since their 3rd ed codex.

        “melee heavy armies” (plural implies more than just DE) says it all though. he’s extrapolating incorrectly.

        • Nugget7211

          Guess it’s different interpretations, I assumed he was talking about reaver jetbikes possibly getting it, or hellions maybe

          • Muninwing

            i mean, that’d be neat…. but again, they never have before.

            i would love it though. i’d think that would be a great way of making Hellions worth a damn.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh man, those 20 hellions I glued together!

          • Thierry Boxmeer

            Wouldn’t it be more useful to keep the models separate?

          • ZeeLobby

            With their current rules or really doesn’t matter XD

        • kingcobra668

          Assassins have it, just to shooting as well.

          • Muninwing

            meaning that they have their own rule.

            they have 6+ armor, but gain a 4++ in CC due to being gladiators. that’s different than just having a 4++

            the author of the article is missing the fact that this is not a new development, but a longstanding established thing with that unit. meaning that it’s not being given to them now for a new reason. meaning that it does not in any way imply that anyone else will get the same boost.

    • ZeeLobby

      I don’t think Frankie ever played DE before. So glad he’s testing them!

      • John Kerrigan

        It is his favorite army, he just hasn’t played them competitively since 6th ed.

        • ZeeLobby

          Makes me feel even more like this is promotional material. How do you state their 4+ dodge save as anything novel. Feel like it’s been there since 3rd. Oh well, hopefully if he had fun playing it means they might actually be fun to play again.

          • John Kerrigan

            Also I would take this unsolicited response from the guy who had to play against Frankie’s DE.

            from Reece “Dude, you have no idea, lol. Drukhari are going from zero to hero in a big way, lol”

            But you are right they are fluff pieces to increase notice, awareness, and hype. They have said as much on they’re bi-weekly streams. They have also mentioned that the articles they are asked to write are edited by GW.

            You cannot fake the kind of enthusiasm they are showing, and they love 40K and the hobby.

          • ZeeLobby

            True that. These are the guys who’ve followed and loved the cheese of 7th edition though. Part of me wonders if GW could have pooped on plate for 8th and they would have had nothing but praise, haha. I mean I know that’s taking it to an extreme, but when all you see is excitement and praise, it just comes off as plastic. This could all be due to what GW allows to be released though.

          • Vachones

            Not really, they are like a lot of players and dealt with the worst abuses of 7th edition because they love the game. They can be cheerleaders, but they have never shied away from telling you when things were broken.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. No doubt. I mean they have financial stake in 40Ks success as well. I mean these are all TOs, independent store owners, etc. Im glad they’re involved and not some random Joe off the street, but anyone who takes any of this flower and Sunbeam response to indicate the game is going to be balanced is just kidding themselves. Still, if it’s better than 6th/7th, I’ll play it.

          • Vachones

            I’m optimistic that it will be a good start, and that because the lines of communication are open now broken things will be dealt with at least on a yearly basis. I get that many are skeptical 🙂

            They have a financial stake in the success of 40k for sure, and I think that means more people playing the game and quicker games with less rules arguments. I predict if nothing else the game will accomplish just that; easier to learn, quicker to get started and play a game, less arguments. If they do that, I’m happy.

            But it won’t be perfect, it never has been. I still think they missed a chance to do alternating activation with 8th.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Would have been cool. I’ve yet to play a true alternating activation game, but I’ve really enjoyed Infinity’s reaction mechanic and Runewars initiative based activations. Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s amazing. I always thought it was weird that combat has always been a quasi alternating activation phase while the other phases aren’t. Would have been a good time to unify.

            And im definitely a skeptic. 4th and 5th were a blast locally for 40K and it’s been slipping downward slowly. Now most of the local players have moved on to other systems, and part of me just knows that if the initial release is janky, it’ll affirm to most of them that they’re just better off playing something else. Hoping they get it close to right out the gate.

          • euansmith

            I was really hoping 8th would have the turn sequence from the LotR game; Player One moves the entire force, Player Two moves their entire force, then work out attacks.

          • euansmith

            Certainly Goatboy hasn’t shied away from telling us when things are broken; he calls them Army Lists. 😉

          • PrimoFederalist

            You have no idea what you’re talking about. They’re not fans of 7th and created the ITC to fix GW’s broken rules. Wow… just, wow. So far out of touch with reality, haha.

          • ZeeLobby

            You do understand that 40K is their livelihood right? They’ve been fans of 7th as well as it’s a major source of income for them. They created the concept of the ITC but we, tournament players, wrote it and voted on it. It’s an amazing thing they did, for sure, sparking that interest, but it’s because they have a financial stake in the success of 40K, not because they hated 7th’s broken rules or despised the game. ITC still allowed many broken things froma7th in the long run, the tournament community just decided not to make it a priority in our ITC choices. I think you need a reality check, lol.

          • Charon

            ITC was not ther to “fix” broken rules. Players VOTED on rule changes. ITC was intended to create a fun experience, not to rule out broken stuff. There was no attempt to balance 40k via ITC.

          • euansmith

            They are working, I’m hyped 😀 Though that might be some overflow hype from AoS: Skirmish.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Man every time I hear that dark elder naming them selves I think they are saying Drew Carey. Then I realize having to listen to that laugh and see that face is pretty much torture and find it fitting. After he lost all that weight I would even suspect he is a Homunculus!

  • Luca Lacchini

    If they manage to fix the Hellions, I’ll happily buy a second Gangs of Commorragh box to pump my DE army to a swarming nightmare of razor-bladed skimmers.

    • Muninwing

      hellions were so great… never.
      i’d play them in 3rd for a change, but the second you couldn’t charge after shooting rapid-fire weapons, they became an expensive liability.

      i even converted a Heamonculus to ride one, to lead them for fun. but after 4th dropped they just never got decent rules.

      • SprinkKnoT

        I converted all my hellions into Corsairs. Figured they’d be a cool way to do “jetpacks”.

        The fact that they required cover to survive, but would often die from moving into cover never made sense to me.

      • Luca Lacchini

        Baron Sathonyx made them nasty.
        Obviously, he’s gone the way of the dodo.

        • Muninwing

          i rememeber that there was a complaint about Space Marines who were “painted wrong” — some players thought that you could only get the chapter tactics of a given group if the army fir the look.

          meanwhile, some of these arguing loudest would play Sathonyx lists where he would be commanding units of Trueborn, and the paintjob was whatever they chose it to be.

          i liked the character, but he was usually used in breach of his own lore.

        • DrunkCorgi

          Yeah, losing him killed my interest in DE, and 40k in general. He made an otherwise subpar unit fun to play, but it became clear GW wanted to move towards superheavy massively overpowered war machines and away from infantry.

          I’m cautiously optimistic that the DE could be viable again, IF poison weapon weapons have a STR value again. Otherwise shard weapons still won’t be able to crack a rhino, and all my dark lances will be tied up trying to bring down Titans.

  • AEZ

    I’d still say that Shooting has the edge vs Melee in 8th

    Why? I mean.. in AoS regular melee troops are quite a bit cheaper than regular shooters.

    • euansmith

      That is a very good point. If Assault Marines were noticeably cheaper than Tacticals, players might not mind losing some on the way to the knife fight.

  • Alex Tin-Maung

    As a Dark Eldar Player, those weapons stats excite me. Dark Lances have always been iffy for me over Disintigrator Cannons due to the 1 hit so the D6 damage is a plus. I wonder if that will carry over to the Blasters, that could make for a very lethal Trueborn taxi.

    • Simon Bates

      Considering that Blasters were the DE equivalent to meltaguns (not the same tech, but the same role) I’d be surprised if it didn’t. The only thing is that a 12 inch range DL would be straight-up inferior to a Meltagun, whereas previously Blasters had strengths and weaknesses compared to Meltaguns.

  • SprinkKnoT

    Skeptical on the power of Wyches, but everything else is golden. Excited to have Raiders full of Kabalite Warriors again.

    • Muninwing

      i’d love to be able to field wyches again. i have four raiders full waiting to go. i’d made the army just in time for 5th to gut them…

      • ZeeLobby

        Wyches was honestly all I ran. As soon as they died as an option, I boxed my army up. It has been there since that day, haha.

        • Antoine Henry

          And you will keep your Dark Eldar army in a box except maybe for shooting options

      • AircoolUK

        I have all mine crammed into Venoms as they were generally one trick pony Haywire bombs.

        Still didn’t stop me from using them in CC.

  • Randy Randalman

    Units can assault when they arrive from reserve, but they have to arrive 9″ or more away from the enemy. That’s an idea largely from AoS, and it’s simply the most fair way to do it. It’s too good to reliably be able to charge from reserve, and it was awful that units couldn’t do anything before when they arrived. Now they can act and have a chance to get into combat, with surefire ways to modify it or re-roll the charge likely to be available to some units. Really a perfect balance.

    As to shooting vs. melee: it’s a dumb panic discussion on the internet, nothing more. Melee is already better than it was in 6th/7th, and we hardly have any of the rules for melee or melee units. That said, it is a game 40,000 years in the future with super weapons all over the place, so shooting should feature prominently. The most important thing is for units that do rely on being in melee need a way to get there and punish something once there. Are we already forgetting that they got rid of the whole defensive grenades/in cover thing? That means assault units get to actually strike first on the charge. Also, most close combat units got faster, got a delivery system with a chance to charge upon arrival, and some have high rend or a way to keep a unit locked up.

    Again, melee is already better than it was, and we still have a lot of reveals left.

    • Mike Holmberg

      The problem is that they keep on focusing on making melee hit harder. That wasn’t really an issue, the issue was that baring units having rerollable 2++ level of resilience they don’t make it to combat where these buffs will matter…

    • KombatWombat

      I’m curious as to exactly what you think, for example, my Black Templars have gained out of the reveals so far for the change in edition. None of my assault units are any faster as far as we know, and Terminators are actually slower. We haven’t yet gained a delivery system – there hasn’t been confirmation of whether we can charge from all vehicles. The new AP system comes out as a wash – 3+ armoured guys now have some ability to save against what used to be AP3/2 weapons while in the open, but my 2+ guys now need fear the old AP3 weapons, and both now fear AP4. The ability to ‘draw in’ other units with Pile-In moves is nice but for the most part it’ll just make gunline armies deploy their units 5″ apart.

      Similarly, we gained attacking first when charging, but Marines had Initiative 4 which was better than what most shooting units had. If a unit was faster than me but not very dangerous – like Guardians – going first now makes little difference. Against units that I was faster than, I’ve gained nothing. Against a unit with both higher initiative and dangerous in close combat I’ve gained the chance to try and whittle them down first, but from the other side of the fence the other player has had an equivalent loss for their assault unit.

      The changes to Morale don’t help me aside from the very rare time that I would fail a Morale Check against shooting. In combat, models dying to Morale might cost me models even if I won (or not, we have no confirmation either way), and if I won combat before I would most often Sweep them (+D3 for Crusader) or, if they were fearless/ATSKNF stay safely locked in combat for the opponent’s shooting phase. There’s changes here certainly, but nothing that gives my punchy guys a boost.

      Deep striking, if the Trygon’s rules are anything to go by, has helped my Terminators by giving them the opportunity to charge from reserves. However I do have to swallow an Overwatch round first, and then try and make a 9″ charge – and Templars have no way that comes to mind for re-rolls for charging or charge bonuses (except for a single Warlord Trait that currently applies only to his unit). Not really a definite benefit, but I have gained a risk/reward opportunity that could be situationally powerful.

      The loss of templates mean that I can now bunch my guys up. This can be a boon against armies with good template weapons as it’ll mean that casualties don’t knock my squads so far back. Somewhat situational, but helpful. I’ve also gained +1″ to my charge rolls, which is actually objectively good for me, if a little… limp.

      Weigh that against the ability to move and fire heavy weapons with little penalty, split fire for everything, the loss of the ability for assault units to be safe locked in assault, the loss of the ability to tarpit a dangerous shooting unit, multiple Overwatch and whatever else.

      I’m not being snarky, I’m genuinely asking you, how is my close combat-biased Black Templars army better off? What have we gained, and I’m going to really stress this point, that has been confirmed by GW’s many reveals and isn’t just rumour or speculation?

  • Charon

    Open Topped vehicles still allow you to shoot out the top
    – No change here
    Passengers can even fire Pistol weapons if the vehicle is engaged in close combat – neat!
    – Straight nerf, you could fire every weapon before – even short range splinter rifles
    Dark Eldar vehicles will have a +5 Invulnerable save vs shooting
    – Pretty minor considering most vehicles moved to a 3+ save (which still allows a save against lascannons)
    Dark Eldar vehicles ignore the -1 penalty for shooting heavy weapons while moving
    -as every vehicle

    I also do not see how a 4++ save that only works in the fight phase (remember you can fire pistols in combat, which is not the fight phase), a small -1AP on only 3 models and a complete random rule that is not even remotely reliable make a S3/T3 unit viable that now gets hit independent of weapon skill and just lost their only advantage – initiative.

    I am opten to surprises but by the sound of it they are as useless as they were before as none of their weak points was tackled,

    • ZeeLobby

      Welcome to the everything is awesome 8th edition! 😀

      Clearly it’s all changed for the better.

    • Vachones

      Passengers can fire from open topped transports in close combat?
      Every vehicle in new 40k can ignore the -1 penalty to fire?
      DE vehicles don’t get any other save aside from a 5++?
      Sure about all this?

      • Charon

        Pretty sure as vehicles are never considered to be bound in combat in the current edition. So you are free to shoot away (you can even overwatch with passengers from open topped).
        It was in the vehicle preview.
        Pretty sure they wont get the same 3+ like heavy armored units (dread, Russ,…) so even IF they get a 4+, it will be down to 5+ anyways pretty quick.
        The only weapons that would actually allow the 4+ are the same weapons you did not really need to care about in 7th.

        • Vachones

          In 7th, embarked units can fire overwatch, but you can’t shoot in the assault phase. So warriors would have to sit there and watch their boat blow up and then get killed in the process. Looks like in new 40k the pistol exception will help armies with units embarked on transports.
          We don’t know the armor save if there is one for the raiders, you are probably correct that it probably won’t be a 3+ or a 4+, but a 5++ is not bad as it means that anti-tank weaponry can’t drop it any lower.

          • Charon

            8th also said nothing about shooting in the assault phase, just that you can shoot pistols. For all we know, shooting still happens in the shooting phase, regardless if pistols or not.
            Why would I fear anti tank weaponry when mid tier multishot weapons are probably still the biggest threat due to volume of fire?

          • Vachones

            Oh sure, I think we have debated before whether S5 and S6 shooting will still be the threat in 8th as it is now. I suppose we will see how the game plays out as a whole as to whether that is still the way to go.

    • Lord Blacksteel

      Well, no – in the weapons preview they specifically mentioned that vehicles suffered the same -1 penalty to heavy weapon shooting for moving as infantry did. So that is a nice little bump for the fast-moving raiding force the Dark Eldar are supposed to represent.

  • ZeeLobby

    Warhammer D6K 😀

  • Leif Leegard

    Um.. Wyches will also have a +4 invulnerable save in the fight sub-phase, too. This also should give melee heavy armies some hope.

    Why should it? This has always been a thing, it hasn’t changed. Why should other armies expect it?


    We still don’t know all the abilities for assault units so is quite tricky to say it for now who is the winner…but even now in 7th I have great games with my space wolves crushing shooting armies in close combat ..I hope dedicated assault units have lots of abilities to help them to get there and stay there till they finish killing…maybe jump packs will have stun atack when they land cavalry ability to tight up more then one unit by raw force of impact bikes to..we need to wait..

  • AircoolUK

    It will all come down to the units bespoke rules.

    From what I can remember, we’ve only seen one melee unit so far. The others have been either shooty or somewhat more specialised.

    What cannot be in doubt that each unit will have rules that support its role on the battlefield.

    Dedicated close combat units will have plenty of funky rules to screw over whomever they’re fighting, unless they’re engaged with another CC specialist.

    Take the Crisis Suit as an example, manoeuvrable, shooty and flexible; you can make them generalists or with a specific role in mind. From what we’ve seen, a Crisis Suit has rules to support that.

    Imperial Guard still have their focus on massed fire and tanks; each unit with rules that support its role.

    Daemonettes have the chance to crunch through the thickest armour, and obviously get some other bonus if taken in larger units.

    Perhaps the best unit to showcase this principle are the Khorne Daemons. They have one purpose (or two if you want to be particular), so get bonuses to Strength and Attacks to reflect their route one approach.

  • Tirelion

    Lots of assumptions and wishlisting here.

    • euansmith

      I know, I expect better from the Internet 😉

      • Andrew O’Brien

        About an edition for which all the rules are not out…