40K: The Devastation of Baal

The Blood Angel’s home world is on the brink of destruction – will the system of Baal survive in 8th? Come find out!

We’ve been speculating on the fate of the Blood Angels for 8th. They were trapped on the wrong side of the Great Warp Rift and were being assailed from all sides. Well now we can stop guessing…

This one comes with a SPOILER ALERT!




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On the brink of utter destruction the Blood Angels were “aided” by their ancient nemeses: The Bloodthirster Ka’Bandha!

It seems when you anger a Bloodthirster they don’t forget or forgive easily. Was Ka’Bandha “aid” because the mighty demon wanted to finish the chapter himself? Perhaps he just didn’t want to share the kill. Or maybe something more sinister is going on…

And where do you suppose Hive Fleet Leviathan went! It’s not like the Warp and Tyranids mix very well due to the way the Shadow in the Warp cuts off the connection from reality. Personally, I’m conflicted about this one – I was hoping for a different resolution for this story arc. Maybe it’s not over either. But this feels just a tad “hand-wavy” in my head-canon.

At the same time, it probably would have been just as” hand-wavy” if Guilliman showed up and *POOF* they defeat the Tyranids and save the day. This way we get a nice twist to the story…

I guess we can retire team fist bump and replace with it Blood Angels hugging a Bloodthirster…where is Goatboy…


I did NOT see that one coming. What do you think of this story twist for the Blood Angels?

  • Mathew G. Smith

    I’m actually kind of disappointed it wasn’t the Silent King and his Necron legions. They never really went anywhere with that plot thread, and the Tyranids are his number one enemy.

    • Evil Otto

      Exactly. If there’s a cavalry coming, it should be someone who the Blood Angels don’t want help from, not Guilliman. The Necrons would have been a great choice, and having one of their fleets scatter the tyranid ships in orbit and destroy them in a surprise attack would have been better than “Chaos made the tyranids go away.”

      • Inco Gnito

        I am sure the Blood Angels actually don’t want help from the Ultramarines and Papa Smurf…
        Noone wants help from the Ultramarines…

        F-ing nerds …

        • ieyke

          Of course they do. Don’t be an idiot.

          • Inco Gnito

            Nah… nobody needs nor wants smurfs to help them.
            I wouldn’t be suprised if the Blood Angels would have seen the Ultramarines arrive and simply jumped into the jaws of oncoming tyranids.

            Ultramarines… f-ing nerds….

          • Algernon Wells

            If anything they should have the Minotaurs do it. Nobody wants help from Minotaurs because nobody can be sure the Mino’s wont turn on them immediately after.

          • Inco Gnito

            Yeah getting the Minotaurs to help you out , is like paying one of your bullies to beat up another one… you are just going to get it in the end.
            But the Ultramarines would make you sit around a campfire in the end, singing kumba yo while they tell stories about how awesome they are. Then they will make you feel their pecks.
            Ultramarines … f-ing nerds!

        • Boondox

          How about the Marines Molevolent? Thems guys are like herpes….

    • Spit-Burn

      Who said it wasn’t? Never underestimate the power of an unreliable narrator. (And Dante and Guilliman covering it up.) The authorial tone is that of the official party line, not necessarily what ‘really’ happened.

      The skullduggery (HUR!) on Baal Prime might be a bit harder to conceal, of course

  • Muhamad Adhi Setiadi

    We all know at this point the Lamenters are too busy in Remnant.

  • OrbitalHammer

    khorne cares not from where the blood flows, as long as it flows.

    the blood angels have always teetered on the brink of falling to khorne, and i suspect he did not want to lose them

    • Robbyn


      I refuse to acknowledge this… 🙁

    • Evil Otto

      Khorne: “Ka’Bandha, go fight the tyranids and rescue the Blood Angels.”

      Ka’Bandha: “Aww do I have to? They suck and I hate them.”

      Khorne: “Yes, you have to. The Blood Angels are going to fall into my service soon.”

      Ka’Bandha: “Boss, it’s been ten thousand years. They’re not going to fall. Just give it up.”

      Khorne: “Ka’Bandha…”

      Ka’Bandha: “Fine. I’m gone.” (muttering under his breath as he leaves) “Stupid blood god, he just wants them ’cause they have ‘blood’ in their names.”

      Khorne: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?”

      Ka’Bandha: “Nothing…”

      • hokiecow

        Then Ka’Bandha spends 10 hours trying to stack skulls just right

        • Evil Otto

          “No you fools! The Hive Tyrant skulls go on TOP, the Carnifex skulls go on the BOTTOM! How many times do I have to repeat myself?!?”

        • Silas7

          I work for a grocery store.

          The pain is real…

      • Rafał Pytlak

        “Naaaaail…I mean Ka’Bandhaaaaaa! Gather the Dragon Balls and save the Blood Angels!” 😀

        • Luciferiel

          *Sigh* Yes Super Kami Guru.

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Super Blood Kami Guru allows this

          • Nightwalker

            Ka’Bandhaaaaaa! Do we have a visitor?

            Ka’Bandhaaaaaa! Take his coat!

    • Kinsman

      I’m honestly having trouble following that thread. How did Ka’B help out? One moment nothing, then suddenly a skull pic on the planet. What exactly did I miss in this story?

      • Jared van Kell

        Warp shenanigans is what happened.

  • Crevab

    Tyranids NPC faction 4eva

    • euansmith

      Maybe better that than have GW try to give them some personality; those poor Necrons never knew what hit them.

      • Except it made the Necrosis diverse and interesting, krather than just what was essentially metal ‘nids?

        • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

          The current version’s the decayed remnants of an ancient empire, secure in the belief of their own superiority – way more redundant in the setting than “metal ‘nids”, Eldar/Imperium have that covered.

          My go-to would’ve been to put more focus on the talky Necron Lords (which predated the reboot), play up the bitterness of their servitude, and diversify the C’tan, giving more room for DIY + making them feel less like cousins to the Chaos gods. No need to up-end the feel of the faction to put those variations in place.

          This is definitely on topic.

        • euansmith

          I liked the old hardcore ‘crons. Simple and direct.

          • Luciferiel

            *Raises a glass.* Here here! This guy gets it.

          • Carey_Mahoney


          • Sporkel

            There only ever was one single Hardcore ‘cron, and they named him PIMP, Sir!

            Good day!

  • mrbleak

    Anyone know the Ork lore or where it is? I heard something about Ghaz fighting Tyranids in a endless battle

    • danutzfreeman

      That’s in the Octarius sector,which is nowhere near Baal.

      • mrbleak

        Well duh, genius, I know it´s got nothing to do with bloode angels… if you´re not gonna answer the question why even write a response? If you know where the ghaz ork lore is why not just tell me? cause that was the question.
        such a troll… 🙁

        • danutzfreeman

          How am i a troll? You said you heard something about Ghaz and tyranids and i told you it’s happening in the Octarius sector. I could answer about ork lore your question but since you seem to lack manners i think i’ll let you hanging.

    • Rechnin

      I have heard a few rumours about the Orks, and from what I have heard, to Ghaz is really pissed!

    • Karru

      Ghaz is fighting in the Octarius system against the endless waves of Tyranids, as you pointed out, while gathering a larger WAAAGH! than the one that hit Armageddon. He is following his vision given to him by Gork and Mork. Beyond that, the only Ork related event happening is the possible 4th War of Armageddon, which includes the Orks Ghaz left behind when he went out to follow his vision.

      There was rumours regarding Orks vs Tyranids campaign type of deal coming somewhere in 2018.

      • orionburn

        Would love to see a new box set every year with the updated 40K GHB included in it. Would be a good way to (hopefully) get more people playing Xenos armies.

        • Karru

          That won’t be happening, that I can say with confidence.

          The starter box we are getting will be the one we’ll enjoy for a good 3-4 years most likely. They won’t be updating the content much, at best they might update the book inside, but that’s about it.

          They want to push Guilmarine sales and the best way to make sure that happens is with the starter box. That’s why they haven’t even considered updating the old AoS starter box. They want to push the sales for Sigmarines, so they won’t replace it.

          New players are more likely to start collecting Guilmarines if they are in the starter box. That’s the thing that keeps them from updating or changing it.

          • danutzfreeman

            Well as someone who mains Deathwatch the starter box does not interest me at all since i’ve heard that all models cannot be modified without a lot of cutting.It’s why i said that we should have multiple starter sets like what Death Masque was to Dark Vengeance,the more different sets the more likely there willl be something people will like.

          • Karru

            Try telling that to GW. They haven’t been really that interested about people playing other armies that much. They enjoy pushing marines over everything.

          • danutzfreeman

            Unfortunately true,still i can hope right? Even if it is the first step on the road to dissapointment…

          • Karru

            Yeah, I mean, the Death Masque box was great and I firmly believe that GW should do more boxes like that. It doesn’t even have to be a “starter box” per say, but smacking 2 armies together, adding the rulebook and “mini army books” in there would go a long way to promote their other armies. Heck, they could do so little as to start making “double boxes” with the Start Collecting! boxes. Just take two of those boxes, add the rulebook in there and there we go, players now have options to choose from.

            If even that sounds “too much”, make a store/webstore special. Buy two different start collecting boxes, you get the full rulebook for free. So many options, but the chances of GW listening to any of these is so slim.

      • Evil Otto

        Games Workshop fluff 2018: “An’ den Gork n’ Mork stomped alla da bugz good, and Ghaz went n’ joined Gully-Manz krusade becauze he waz awesome and Ghaz respekted ‘im so much.”

        • Tothe

          I buy that theory.

        • georgelabour

          Edit that last bit after krusade to say

          “Because YArrick glared at him really mean like and Ghaz figured he’d do da ‘oomie a propa good ‘un before a final scrap in the ol’ stompin’ groundz.

          Then he punched the lot good and ‘ad a roit propa larf of it all.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        4th war? But isn’t the third one still raging on Armageddon/Ullanor? Is this some kind of way of cutting out from the old events? New mark power armour, new ar and so on?

        • Karru

          It was referred to as the 4th war, as the 3rd one was considered “over” once Ghaz left the planet. Orks weren’t eradicated at the end of the 2nd war either, so it makes some sense.

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Well, if you put it that way…yeah.
            I don’t know why but it just bugs me, it probably shouldn’t but it does.

          • Karru

            Well, if nothing else, think of it like this. It sounds better than saying 3rd War of Armageddon Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Er’ ektik Buga;ro? Da zog iz dat? Da boyz gonna smash iz!

          • Anyway, once a planet is contaminated by orks, you can’t do much about it. I think that the war is over once there is no more external reinforcement. Then it’s just a question of mopping up.
            Of course it will take hundreds of years … but the war is over. Situation back to normal. 🙂

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Everyone was nearly dead and then Mary Sue arrived and kissed it all better. The End.

    • ZeeLobby


  • Bodzio90210

    Nooooooooo, not this Ultras smurf. Wipe my chapter, its better than helping from Guilimann.

  • BoeufCitron

    That blue guy saving the day … seems like we’re gonna endure it all along 8th.

    • Karru

      This is what people wanted, so GW provides.

      • Ebsolom

        What people?

        • Karru

          Those that cried for story progression.

          • Ebsolom

            Oh, I don’t mind story progression, I just thought you were referring to people wanting Robot Girlyman to be every ones “go-to” saviour.

          • Karru

            But that is exactly what you are getting when you say you want story progression.

            I noticed that vast majority of people that wanted the story to go on haven’t read the most recent fluff coming out in their game books (meaning, not Black Library). It is very, very bad and extremely repetitive.

            In a nutshell, this means that you had two options. Don’t progress the story and continue with the old lore, which had certain limitations that made sure things didn’t get out of hand, or progress the story and make sure that Ultramarines and Guilliman gets the top spot.

            New products means they want to sell them. One way to help that along is to make the story suit them. Thus making Guilliman and the Guilmarines the “true heroes of the Imperium” is the most logical outcome.

            Unfortunately, the writing staff in charge of this stuff is very poor these days. They have the creativity of a 12-year old RPG Game Master, so they stick to those same tropes over and over and over again.

            That was the reason why I never really cared if the story progresses or not. It was doomed either way. Left stagnant and nothing changes. Move it forward and you get extremely boring lore to read. What I have always found amusing is the comments people leave like this was a shock development. Like they were expecting GW to do something interesting and exciting.

          • Ebsolom

            I understand why the lore moves on like it does, especially from a financial point of view but that still doesn’t change the fact that RG wouldn’t be my choice for the second coming : )

          • Karru

            To be honest, to me Guilliman was always the most logical one to return. He was the only Loyal Primarch that was 100% confirmed “alive but dying”, while everyone else is just a complete mystery or just plain dead.

            He was also one of the only ones capable of having any impact. He is a statesman after all and a good one at that. Most other Primarchs that were not confirmed dead, such as Leman Russ, are not really interested in leading the Imperium to anything but another battle against its enemies. Guilliman at least acknowledges that there is more to ruling an empire than just crushing the enemy to dust.

            While I would like to see Dorn return as well, mostly to see his reaction to what the Imperium has become, Guilliman was the one that made the most sense to me.

          • The Lion is neither a complete mystery, nor plain dead.

          • Karru

            Oh yeah, I always forget that little tidbit as very little is ever mentioned of him in the grand scheme of things.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Yeah but we’re talking about the Loyalist Primarchs here. 😛

          • lol, nice one 😀

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Some dead horses never get old. But with all that business in the Rock from Warzone Fenris, and since Dark Angels will probably be getting some spotlight now there’s been a Wolves/Ultras/Bloods chain of stories, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lion back soon…

          • BrianDavion

            the Lion though would have been a horriable first choice because he’s not a statesman though, the whole Ultama founding? eneugh people have issus buying it with GULLIMAN behind it, no one would belvie Russ, or the Lion would have any long running contingency plans

          • Sure, the story would have needed to be different.

          • Haighus

            Yeah, I think Dorn is the only other (loyalist) Primarch who could assume the mantle Guilliman is currently taking. He was one of the contenders for Warmaster after all, only hindered by his relatively* poor diplomacy in personal relations.

            However, I think Guilliman is more suited to the current Crusade. Dorn would be most useful in rebuilding the Imperium after the current situation has been stabilised.

            *I say relatively, because looking at his dealings with Malcador, he is very capable at dealing with political machinations, but he falls down in charisma and yielding to maintain relationships. Which is basically only an issue when dealing with others with similar power- a very small group that includes other Primarchs, Malcador, the High Lords of Terra etc.

          • vlad78

            Dorn … rebuilding? Dorn knew how to fortify, he knew how to conquer, he knew how to hold, he also knew how to adapt when not blinded by his stubornness but Dorn never had Guilliman inspiration for Empire building or organisation. Being a talented primarch for state business and not just a freak like some of his other brothers, Dorn could have easily taken the mantle, but Guilliman is the most obvious choice nonetheless.

          • Haighus

            Dorn also controlled an interstellar empire prior to being reunited with the Emperor, he knows how to build and organise empires.

            He is also known for his very effective methods in bringing worlds to compliance- he didn’t just conquer worlds, he rebuilt them and brought them truly into the fold of the growing Imperium. He was one of the most effective Primarchs in leaving stable worlds behind him. The Horus Heresy may have changed him to a degree that this ability was lost somewhat, but certainly during the Great Crusade he left worlds stronger than he found them, even if he had to destroy them during conquest.

            However, I absolutely agree that Guilliman is a better choice in the current situation, as he has better skills at diplomacy and statemanship. Dorn is superb at rebuilding and organisation, which is why I think he would be ideal in strengthening the Imperium after it had been stabilised.

            The reason Dorn did not take this role, or at least a more active role in the Scouring is that he was focussed on revenge and wiping out the Traitor Legions. He was much more scarred by the events of the Siege of Terra. Guilliman had the relative luxury of being able to step back and take objective control of the Imperium whilst Dorn hounded the Traitors to the Eye of Terror.

            This is probably why matters came to a head in the Codex crisis, because they are both very much Warmaster material, and vying for differing visions for the surviving Imperium. Dorn relented to avoid further civil war.

          • vlad78

            There’s another reason, Dorn was not that much innovative, Dorn saw no reasons to change things which worked. Guilliman always sought to improve what was.

          • euansmith

            “… and that”, conclude Daemon Primaris Warmaster Kilgore, “was why humanity finally fell to Chaos. B’whahahahahahaha!”

          • vlad78

            I always wondered how could the Crusade reach Guilliman and then Terra, now we know, it’s a trap. All records of 40k 7/8th edition must be purged.

          • Adam Wright

            I wish they had taken an opportunity to expand on storylines of the other first founding chapters. Ultramarines saving the day all the time gets boring.

            I’m a big fan of Salamanders and GW treats them like an afterthought. Vulkan is an immortal and could easily return to 40k. He and the Salamanders are the only Marines that treated humans as something worth fighting for.

            *Sigh* just SOMETHING other than Smurfs to the rescue ALL THE TIME.

          • Karru

            You are correct, but the problem always has been GW itself. The Writers in charge of the “game lore” are very uncreative. This unfortunately leads to very boring and repetitive stories, which in 40k means Ultramarines and Guilliman. Everyone else is the victims and the ones that suffer, while Ultramarines and Guilliman will always be the knights in shining armour, saving the day.

            One of the many reasons why I never bothered with the latest lore. The Space Marine lore started going downhill fast after 5th edition Ward-fic for the Ultramarines was released, in 6th and 7th edition, the entire lore took a nosedive.

          • BrianDavion

            except it’s not the Ultramarines, what little info we have suggests the vast bulk of the Ultramarines chapter are still in Ultramar fighting the Deathguard, what it is is the Indomatus crusade, that proably includes elements of an aweful lot of chapters, including yes, the Salamanders. as for them being “an after thought” they basicly are. remember back in the day it was “codex ultramarines” not “codex space marines” the Ultramarines, blood angels, dark angels and space wolves are thus always gonna get the most ink

          • BrianDavion

            keep in mind that it doesn’t help that they’re limited to three paragraphs, even the most epic battles if limited to three paragraphs could look bad, I mean, simplified the battle of helms deep is “theodin and co holed up in a big ole castle and fought lots of orcs, just as the orcs where about to breach the gates gandolf showd up with reinforcements and killed them”

    • Carey_Mahoney

      “Endure” is definitely the right word here. That guy seemed to have taken Warp Travel to a completely new level of accuracy, given how precisely he shows up just where he’s needed.

  • Chumba

    Thank god your lord saviours the ultramarines came to save you Blood angels!

    • cudgel

      It is almost like Ward was rehired or something….

      • Chumba

        I know right?! Plus wasn’t Baal meant to be on the cutoff side of the rift? I thought that was meant to create some suspense that some chapters ands worlds couldn’t get help? :S

        • cudgel

          No where is beyond the reach of Ultra-terra.

      • He actually was rehired as a freelancer end of last year.

        • cudgel

          lol yup.

  • mrbleak

    Man, and I thought Monoliths would rain from the sky to save the day but I guess “Smurf EX machina” had a better ring to it XD

    P.S. Feel the black rage gauge fill up Blood Angles players :3

  • Marco Marantz

    Gotta love Chaos…and now the Blood Angels owe their butts to khorne. Will they be declared traitors? Find out next week on Grimdark: tales of the improbable

    • orionburn

      Yeah! Someone else gets looked at suspiciously for once besides my Dark Angels.

  • Karru

    I just love the reaction people are giving like it was a shock that this would happen. You got your lore progression boys, now enjoy it like you said you would!

    Everyone and their grandmothers knew this would happen. Ultramarines will be everywhere because that’s exactly what happens when you return Guilliman and give him the ability to manufacture a legions worth of mega soldiers. There will be no final death for any major player in the 40k universe, at least on the Imperial side and no major victories for the enemies of the Imperium. Get used to the fact that it will be Guilliman and his Guilmarines that will always arrive at the last moment to save the day.

    • Timotheus

      So true

    • Admiral Raptor

      “There will be no final death for any major player in the 40k universe, at least on the Imperial side and no major victories for the enemies of the Imperium.”

      Same as it ever was. At least now the Blood Angels aren’t stuck fighting the most NPC race in the game. We might even get an interesting narrative about the chapter’s internal struggle against the black rage and damnation.

      • Karru

        Exactly. Basically, we traded the old lore and gave the writers a free reign to do whatever they want now. So instead of stagnant repetitive lore, we are getting boring repetitive lore with stupid plot-twists

        It will be interesting to see how BA returns from their current problem. With their arch-nemesis basically taunting them, we might see some Chaos action on their front.

        • SilentPony

          Well, ‘free reign’ as long as they don’t kill off any named characters that have models, don’t kill off any Chapter than someone might be collecting, and come up with contrived reasons for BA players to buy more and more and MOAR Primaris Marines.

          So by free we of course mean $39.99

          • vlad78

            I disagree. Dante is supposed to die on Terra defending the golden throne against both chaos and tyranids. The BL books are heavily hinting at that. They will kill major SM players, to replace them with Bigmarines.

          • euansmith

            “We are gathered here together to mourn our fallen brother, Dante… and to give a BIG SPACE MARINES “HI!” TO HIS REPLACEMENT, SUPER DANTE!

          • vlad78

            Bigger is his first name. Primaris his middle name.

            Bigger stronger faster.

            *this toy is not suitable for children over 144 months old.
            * this toy is not compatible with the former astartes line. Mixing both lines of miniatures may cause psychological injuries.

    • Steven Hyche

      Yeah because this is the only thing that happened……

  • Timotheus

    “A great rebuilding of both world and chapter was undertaken…”

    Yeeeee…..simple fluff explaination why we will soon see Primaris Marines in Blood Angel colour schemes and the rest of the chapters will follow in the same manner. 🙂 Who said Primaris aren’t replacing regular marines again?? *sigh*

  • Admiral Raptor

    Works for me. The whole Leviathan story arc was painfully boring. Tyranids just aren’t interesting as antagonists. Give me a story about the Blood Angels and their successors battling Ka’Bandha while possibly being lured into damnation.

    • Karru

      It really is a pity when it comes to Tyranids. They were very interesting faction to read about in the past but now they are just “an endless wave that cannot be stopped until someone realises they can just blow up the hive ships in orbit”.

  • euansmith

    I laughed out loud (with geek-dark pleasure) when I read that even the Knights of Blood rocked up for the big showdown. That’s the kind of grey-area shenanigans I like in my grim dark.

    • Crevab

      who do you think summoned the bloodthrister?

      • euansmith

        In my head, the Guilliman’s propoganda machine is claiming the save, but actually, Ka’bandah and his horde massacred ALL of the remaining ‘nids after the Rift disrupted the Hivemind; he then made obscene gestures at Dante and promised to return when the Blood Angels got their themselves back to fighting strength. 😉

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          After that they had furious Kissingfight! Wich Dante won, but only to be then laid down by Ka`bandahs big “Weapon of Khorne” – This heresy distrupted Greyfax`s Weekend with Celestine!

          Damn you Inquisition! LOVE CAN BLOOOOM!

  • Robbyn

    I will slay that Bloodthirster and those Tyranids!!! Dammit…that is NOT the way it should have gone down :/

    While I’m super pleased to still have a worthy, living army (poor squats), I’m utterly annoyed with how they twisted Ka’Bandha’s attack…

    I would have expected aid from the Necrons at least…

    • euansmith

      What do you expect? Robots? Fake emotions. Sad.

  • LaffingGod

    Blood Angel Primaris = lots of GW money.

    Of course Rebooty Ghoulieman is going to save the day and upgrade them. It’s the grimdark version of story progression where nothing actually changes. Except for the Squats.

  • To me that sounds like all the other “fluff” they vomited lately.

    (Do I smell some Ward in here?)

    • Rob brown

      Does anyone feel like Matt Ward might be like Harold Meacham from the Ironfist series…

      • Aura1

        Meacham was cunning and devious. Ward isn’t within shouting distance of cunning.

      • euansmith

        What, a more interesting and rounded character than the protagonist? 😉

  • Defenestratus

    New GW fluff generator…

    Flip a coin

    Heads, the planet is destroyed.
    Tails, the planet is almost destroyed but is saved at the last moment but some completely improbable turn of events.

  • Woody

    And finally hive fleet leviathan arrives….. annnnnnd its gone.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Gulliman Ex Machina from now on thu shall cal thy mystorous savus!
    [it is high Gothic!]

    • euansmith

      He was, no doubt, assisted by Maria Susiua Calgar; the sisters of old “Big Hands” Calgar.

  • Boondox

    Even for GW this is super cheesy and a lame story to save Baal and the BA. Although it is story progression it’s certainly not what I expected or wanted and I’m not even a BA player. There was so much potential for the Necron’s fighting against the Tyranids based on The Word of the Silent King. I’m glad Guilliman is back but he should have had his hands full with his half of the galaxy and not been able to reach Baal in time for… The Silent King to return with a few tomb worlds worth of his Necronies and start wrecking shop on the Tyranids. Although devasted the BA could have survived in enough force to start fighting against the Chaos forces on their side of the Cicatrix Maledictum. Eventually let some of Guillimans Primaris Marines reach them to replenish some losses but keep the big man in blue way from Baal. Instead GW waved their magic wand and served up a limp story for such an awesome Chapter….

    • Karru

      This is exactly what people should have expected. The current writers that are in charge of this stuff are very bad and mostly driven by the GW sales. Guilmarines are coming, GW wants people to buy them by the truck-load so they make sure the lore reflects it as well “how awesome Guilliman and his Guilmarines are” so you too would be interested in buying them. A simple concept that is known to all those that follow anything GW has done in the past 2-3 years.

      • Boondox

        I’ve been following 40K since Rogue Trader and with the mostly positive developments of the past few years I was optimistic that GW finally had some real creativity. I understand that everyone is going to get Primaris Marines but give a better reason for it than this. Guilliman being back is cool but having him save every Chapter from extinction during the Indomitus Crusade is tiresome. I would have liked the Tyranids to be wiped out by the Necrons and then give the Necrons some love game and storywise. Maybe a Necron civil war as the other Necron dynasties have issues with The Silent King only killling the Tyranids and not the BA. The connection with Sanguinius was a real gem but now it’s a trite footnote compared to the victories of Guilliman.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          These days the creativity seems mostly about rejigging elements and factions from the glory days of 40k.

          Brand new storylines are mostly terrible. I think GW these days lacks staff who genuinely understand the core feel of the franchise, that lays oddly between satire and horror.

          • euansmith

            Given the current political climate, there should have been loads of source material to mine for the both the “satire” and “horror” sides of the equation.

          • Aura1

            It’s telling when you compare and contrast. The Horus Heresy series – overseen by Alan Bligh for over a decade, relies on John French (a novelist) and the Black Library stable to design the lore, flesh it out and approached the game design purely from the depth of the established setting, each book spending months (and occasionally years) in pre production to get the final product.

            40K – re-hired Matt Ward in 2016, a mediocre writer who, whilst not deserving of the extreme hatred shown by some, is frankly not on anybody’s list of great talents, and let him loose on the entire storyline in a 6 month period, utilising the talents of zero Black Library writers and only the copywriters from the design studio – strictly under instruction to get new model ranges in to replace their main selling Space Marines.

            Whilst I don’t blame the junior designers for writing tepid rubbish in such a rushed, pressurised, sales focused environment, I do feel a bit sad that 8th edition seems a great idea ruleswise but the ‘moving the plot on’ was done in such a cheap manner.

            It’s like the Horus Heresy series was an auteur film with years of painstaking work and 40K was stuck with a 3 month Transformers sequel pre production schedule. The disparity between quality is evident.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I agree absolutely with everything you’ve said there. And such a shame to trash a work of art 30+years in the making with hurried decisions aimed purely for (and wow is it obvious) short term commercial advantage.

            Luckily with 30K staying with a streamlined version of 7th it provides a refuge from bad rules and badder fluff for long term players.

      • Aura1

        To be fair to the junior copywriter who was told to put together 500 words on Matt Ward’s fever notes about Baal, their primary focus will be ‘Blood Angels players will want Primaris – so any excuse to put Primaris in red.’

        This is the problem with rulebook lore. The black Library authors are getting more sophisticated and building narratives and characters but rulebooks are spinning the story on solely with no tension to ensure every faction gets the new toys.

        Ideally, none of these chapters would even have Primaris at all and would be fighting desperate, outnumbered campaigns and been devolving into Heresy era Black Shields with cobbled together gear and non standard set ups (story wise that’s fantastic) but how to sell Primaris unless it’s in Angel and Wolf collections? So everybody gets Santa Guilliman dropping off Deus Ex Machina packages from his magic warp sleigh.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          Very true.

        • euansmith

          I wonder how people would have reacted if only the Ultramarines got access to Primaris technology? I wouldn’t have minded, as it would finally make them the shining lights GW has long claimed they are. But I can see a lot of non-Blue players getting their black carapace in a twist over missing out on better everything.

          • Aura1

            Probably there would have been uproar. Which is a shame as the joy in 30K is such massive differences in Legion character and loadouts. If 40K had shown a willingness to make chapters on the Dark Imperium side quite a different style, developing guerrilla tactics and makeshift, out of the crypt archeotech (even getting heretical and bargaining some xenotech) that would be a nice variety creation. So you have Ultras and Successors being rigidly Primaris focused with their limited load outs but tougher Marines whilst Blood Angels etc become more and more a force working deep in enemy territory, focusing on new tactics and breaking with traditions.

          • euansmith

            It is early day yet, I guess. Maybe Dark Imperium will go down that path. Tentacles crossed 😉

          • Aura1

            All hail our future Grimdarkness in the Grimdark future.

          • euansmith

            “We can rebuild it; grimmer, darker, more desolate than before!”

    • As a son of Sanguinius, I largely prefer the story where a crusade come to save the day than a stupid alliance with a Xenos death.

      The crusade is lead by the lord commander of the Imperium. But it comprises lot of chapters including Black Templars and Fists.

      I think that the only change in the written story should be to make that explicit:

      “At last, reinforcement arrived in the form of the Indomitus Crusade. Imperial Fists, Black Templars, …, Custodes, …. Guilliman, now lord Commander, heard Dante’s call for help and managed to pass the cicatrix in order to rescue the doomed Legion.”

  • Evil Otto

    What? WHAT?!?!

    (Nerd. Rage. Intensifying.)

    You’re telling me that a hive fleet so large it blotted out the stars around a planet was disposed of by this deus ex machina? That chaos could simply kill them all?

    Y’know, I forgive a lot of Games Workshop’s fluff. It’s supposed to be an over-the-top universe. I’ve even liked the Gathering Storm. But the tyranids are rapidly becoming a cartoonish threat, easily defeated with a hand wave. In this case a single bloodthirster and his chaos super-pals who apparently don’t want their favorite chew toys to get taken out by someone else.

    And Baal and the Blood Angels get rebuilt offscreen? The Blood Angels get rescued by Guilliman? I was expecting the cavalry, but it’d be nice if there were some details other than “after many more battles, Baal was finally cleared of the xenos threat.”

    It’s like if the last third of Star Wars was replaced with text on the screen “After the heroes delivered the Death Star plans, Luke Skywalker flew a fighter in a desperate battle, blowing up the station. Then everyone got medals.”

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      on the otherhand, what do you expect from 25 Lines of Text in a little Box?

      I still got some hopes that the GS might go the HH route with Books flashing out the background. otherwise, yeah, this is stupid. And Tyranids are like the Worf of 40k x) It is so strong it can beat this Klingon! Oneleven!

  • Rafał Pytlak


    1) Wasn’t Ka’Bandha vanquished to the warp by Sanguinor less than a few decades ago? What happened to the whole “banished for 1000/666 years to the warp” nonsense?

    2) Speaking of…WHERE IS THE SANGUINOR!? Shouldn’t he be there in the darkest hour? And was Girlyman the “there is still hope” he was talking about. Wow…

    3) How did Roboute managed to get to Baal? Wasn’t the whole shtick of the new warpstom that it divided the galaxy in half? And now we see that it’s no biggie, from Terra to Bhall like a taxi. What the…

    • Evil Otto

      He just went over the storms. It took a primarch to figure out that space is three dimensional. 😉

      • Rafał Pytlak

        So he killed the kayfabe? 😉

        I still believe the warp storms go all the way up and down the galaxy like a force wall, cutting everything and preventing it from coming through.

        • Ryan Miller

          The storms then, would divide the universe, not just the galaxy, and the nids would still be cut off.

    • Mad Leprechaun

      I guess you could say.. he was Sangu-IGNORED.


      • euansmith

        I thank you for your service.

  • Commissar Molotov

    There’s gonna be an awful lot to ignore in the new edition.

  • SilentPony

    Ahahahaha! Classic GW. Pulled the same BS with Warzone Fenris.

    ‘It was all bad and like totes serious guys, I’m for realz, things were not looking good. Then things changed and they won, and everything is fine.”

    At least have the balls to kill of Dante.

    • Dante’s safe. He had a vision of standing in front of the Throne, it seems. He may die then, but not on Baal.

      • SilentPony

        I thought it was a vision of him standing in front of a golden door? Which could have easily been the door to Sanguinius’s tomb, where Dante dies defending the Primarch from ‘Nids.

        Just saying, his model is like 15 years old, and he’s kinda’ boring. Would have been a nice change of pace.

      • Aura1

        Grimdark would be served by all of these people prophecised to save everyone all dying horrible, premature deaths. Are there any characters that *aren’t* the chosen ones, seemingly born to play an important role in the prophecised end times and yadda, yadda, blah, blah…

  • piglette

    I don’t care for Blood Angels.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Serious question to native speakers: would you consider this fluff piece good writing? Because for me it rather sounds like some run-off-the-mill fan fiction.

    • SilentPony

      Depends on what you want. If you’re in marketing, its genius. They basically killed off majority of all the Blood Angels and their successors in the Galaxy, with the exception of that one that’s really hard to paint, and then rebuilt them all with the newest models.
      Basically ruins the entire BA model line, but hey, at least it means BA have to buy new models.

      If you’re a BA fan, yeah, no, you get to eat a poop sammich for all your loyalty. But that’s GW in a nutshell. ‘Buy more models you sheep, and shut up about it!’

      • Heinz Fiction

        well thanks but I’m more interested in opinions about wrinting style and form not so much in regard to content.

        I’m asking because I noticed a drop in writing quality over the last years and I’m not sure if it’s just the translation or the source material. Right now I’m wondering if I should buy the english rulebook(s) or stick to translated versions…

        • Aura1

          Black Library fully separated from any rulebook work last year. Forge World still had Alan Bligh (until his very recent death) and John French adding some class to the Horus Heresy series. But the Gathering Storm and (looks like) the 40K 8e are back to copywriters in the game design studio who aren’t great writers (although Matt Ward and the other consultants/narrative leads are primarily to blame).

        • SilentPony

          I’m not sure. GW has never really been good at writing their own fluff. Mostly just ‘Brother-Captain Aaarandor stabbed the Ork in the head, carving through skull and brain matter. And then he shouted Emperor, and we fade to black to make it seem like he died, until the big reveal in the Epilogue that he’s alive.’

          Having been here since 3rd, I can tell you this is on-par with GW.

          • Heinz Fiction

            I think they had some really good fluff texts from 2nd to 4th edition, also 5th and 6th edition WHFB. Army books were a joy to read for me back then. Beastmen even had poem in the footer over serveral pages…

            Later on it was more like: “The great general [new character model] assembeld his army consisting of thousands of [new unit] and serveral dozens of [new monster] and went from epic battle to epic battle each more epic than the last (did we mention it was epic?)”

    • Aura1

      It’s poor writing. But the rulebooks (other than Forgeworld HH) don’t use professional authors from the Black Library stable, they use the game design copywriters. It’s one place where paying more for a professional would vastly improve quality.

      • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

        They need to just hire the people from FFG.

    • Evil Otto

      It’s terrible. There’s no sense of drama. You’re correct that it comes across as fan fiction. It’s as if GW simply couldn’t think of a way out for the Blood Angels… they’d been setting up this devastating conflict for a long time. The doom of the Blood Angels was supposed to be upon them… and then the hive fleet disappears, killed by chaos dudes off-screen, and RB’s there with reinforcements, and the chapters are being rebuilt.

  • Angus MacKenzie

    ‘…the Tyranids sought contact with their Hive Fleet, but it was gone…’ Proof that Tyranids have been squatted!! Better throw a misguided, entitled temper tantrum based on nothing but my imagined over-interpretation of one sentence!!!

    • euansmith

      That’s the spirit 😉

  • Evil Otto

    This is roughly the level of threat the tyranids now represent in Warhammer 40K:


  • Rob brown

    It is fairly ridiculous to suggest that any one person could attempt to ‘fix’ the galaxy. Guilliman or otherwise. I am also not a fan of how he seems to be leaping from one side of the galaxy to the other.

    • Aura1

      It’s the Garro goes anywhere with no travel time from the Heresy on Primaris steroids.

      • Garro took time, years even. He collected a few dudes, some of which even reached Sol on their own. But that’s the thing: He picked them up. He didn’t fight massive, galaxy-changing battles and set up Chapters with Super Marines all in a day’s work…

  • Ricky John Steenekamp

    Back in the day ol’ Sang really gave Ka’Banda a challenge, perhaps one that he hasn’t seen the likes of since their last encounter. I think that the Bloodthirster aided the Blood Angels as a sign of respect for Sanguinus.

    • Evil Otto

      Respect really isn’t a thing for bloodthirsters.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        Well in the old fluff, Khorne were really into the whole knikght code and chivarly fighting with the best. So…

        • Evil Otto

          True. I think they’ve pretty much abandoned that of late, though, and Khorne is all “KILLMAIMBURN!!!” all the time. Makes him less interesting.

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Maybe its a wink towards the old gamers, and who knows… a return to some of the obsolete fluff?

          • Aura1

            Ka’Banda has chats in a room with Slaaneshi Daemons. He’s about as chill a guy as you get for a being invented by humanity’s collective Milwall fan psyche.

      • Ricky John Steenekamp

        The very nature of Chaos is that it’s unpredictable.

  • carlisimo

    What’s the point of the Cicatrix if it doesn’t prevent Guilliman from crossing it to save the day?

  • bfmusashi

    Knights of Blood get it done.

  • David Leimbach

    What happened to the Knights of Blood after the battle?

    • euansmith

      Dante, “Oh no, look the Knight of Blood are getting away.”

      Knights of Blood, “Pardon? What?”

      Dante, “You are getting away, again… despite our best efforts to stop you… (tzzzzz tzzzzz, amscray).

      Knight of Blood, “Oh yes, sorry, dudes. We’ll be off to promptly escape from this devastated world in to the Lost Angels underground. Tomorrow, still wanted by
      the government, we’ll survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a
      problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find us …. maybe you
      can hire The Angels-Team.”

      Dante, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  • David Leimbach

    Guilliman is like a geneseed chapter insurance salesmen.
    “I see you’re a bit low on man power. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Now, for a limited time I can sell you some Chapter Insurance to get you through these tough times. These primaris guys will help you out for a bit until you can get on your feet again. In fact you’ll love them so much you’ll never want to them to leave. Sign here on this fealty contracts bottom line…”

  • Sorien

    Just a way to get the entire BA chapter as Primaris.

  • ja25s

    Does anyone else find it odd that what should be a side bar (based on number of letters per line) on a page in the rule book would be so chopped up with that much space between sections especially 1 and 2 where it’s mid sentence. Possible fake? Praying just bad fan fiction.

    • Aura1

      It’s consistent with The Gathering Storm layout.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    All that is just a marketing trick for a new BA Super-Duper Chapter Master and his new BA Primaris pals. Yawn.

  • Thomas


    This setting is an absolute dumpster fire now. Enjoy lads, I’m off.

  • Inco Gnito

    This! This right here… this is what I have been worried about.
    What kinda lazy writting is this? For the love of Sanguinius, can you give the Blood Angels something a bit more dignified?
    And can we stop writting the fluff so it suits the miniatures and go back to making the miniatures suit the fluff?
    This is bringing me one step closer to simply ignoring the new GW fluff.

    • Aura1

      Don’t worry, the Black Library novels will spend the next 8 years rehabilitating and improving the story the games designers under Ward put out. I admit, whichever poor sucker has to do the novel of Baal’s rescue will have to swallow their pride and grind out some awful cliches whilst trying to make it hold together as a decent story, but those Black Library guys are Fiction’s Finest – standing as lone candles in the dark hurricane of ‘whatever GW paid Matt Ward as a consultant despite literally ANYBODY else being a better choice’.

      They are our last, best hope.

  • Frey Jepson

    I really can’t help but be disappointed with this plot. Leave the ultramarines out of it. Give the Blood Angels their own savior or doom them to die. The Tyranids are after the astronomicon. I think there should be interaction between Chaos and The Tyranids, considering The Great Rift is barring their path.

    • euansmith

      Maybe, rather than being destroyed by the forces of Chaos, Hive Fleet Leviathan has invaded the Warp instead?

  • PitaChan

    How much you wanna bet that Ward wrote this..

  • Jimmy Rajden

    Maybe there is a hint in the new galaxy map. If a hive fleet as big as this one dissapears it is bound to show up somwhere else. Any “new” fleet or a named Leviathan fleet in the map where it isn’t supposed to be?

  • Jay Mort


    Well… at least they are consistent.
    Consistent at just ignoring all the historical aspects of 40k story and every possible military possibility…

    “The same strategy won’t work twice…”
    Oh, I’m sorry… I guess the Tyranids developed an immunity to overwhelming concentrated firepower…

    And here I thought the borg were supposed to be the necrons.

  • Golden Yak

    Meh… kind’ve a lame, status quo outcome. We had this big thing where a giant warp rift cuts across the galaxy, splits the Imperium in half, classic chapters are cut off with enemies all around, it’s Doom time… and Guilliman just shows up and saves the day. Giant warp rift? Not a problem, apparently.

    Would’ve been much more interesting if the blood angels actually lose the Baal system to a combination of tyranid onslaught and massive Warp incursions, and have to become nomads wandering Imperium Nihilus saving who they can when they can and scavenging supplies and recruits from random worlds they come across.

    Also, hopefully when they talk about the demise of Hive Fleet Leviathan, they’re only talking about a tendril that was attacking Baal, since Leviathan was described as many times larger than any previous invasion.

  • am1t

    So let me get this straight; Dante the 1000+ year old chapter master of the Blood Angels used Zzapp Branigans killbot tactics against Hive Fleet Leviathan???