Bombshell: Pre-Order Counterblast 2nd Ed


The pulp sci-fi game is back with a new edition and nifty starter set!

via Bombshell Miniatures:

Calling all space aces! Grab your particle guns, strap on your rocket packs, and prepare for pulp sci-fi cinematic excitement, Counterblast 2nd Edition is on its way! Bombshell Miniatures is very proud to announce the latest version of Counterblast with new streamlined gameplay, a faster interactive activation phase, vehicle rules, unique player missions, episodic campaign guidelines, and a new Hero Builder for crafting your very own customizable heroes and crews, as well as an open crew format without being faction dependent allowing you to use any models from your collection to build your crews and level them up while exploring the Outer Reaches.


Counterblast 2nd Edition$50.00

Counterblast is available as a full sized, full color hardback book with 160+ pages of rules, new art, and expanded information and lore of the Counterblast universe. Each hardback book purchase includes a free PDF copy. In addition, during the pre-order campaign, each Counterblast book purchase will include an all new Sally Starfield model absolutely free. All items available for pre-order are estimated to begin shipping in August 2017.


In keeping with the nostalgic feel of CounterBlast, we’re also pleased to offer an all new starter set for those beginning their adventures in the Outer Reaches or those wishing to expand their existing crews.

Counterblast Lunchbox Edition$100.00

This starter set will include everything you need to play:

  • Custom tin lunch box with full color art
  • Two custom-cut tray inserts manufactured by Battle Foam™
  • Two faction crews of your choice
  • Black and white quick-start rulebook
  • Full color statcards for each crew model,
  • 2 quality Chessex® d10 “Moxie” dice sets in faction-related colors
  • Counterblast tape measure

Eligible faction starter crew selections for the Lunchbox Edition are:


Edofleini – Alien invaders from a distant dying galaxy, the Edofleini are a race of powerful psifers. This starter crew includes two Edokin trappers, an Edo underling, an Edo eyespy, and an all new Edo Prime Leader character, “Destroys Nulls”.


GDF – Tasked with defending the free races of the Galactic Council of Worlds, the Galactic Defense Force are highly skilled soldiers protected by Lazsteel armored environ suits and wielding powerful Pulsar weaponry. This starter crew includes a commander, a human sentry, an enforcer, and an all new Illyrian ranger.


Lancers – Comprised of merchants, smugglers, prospectors, and all manner of seekers of fortune, Lancers are often found making their way in the Outer Reaches as best they can. This starter crew includes Wanda Whitestar, Smap, a trusty Lancer HLpR bot, and an all new Alanti character model, “Unagi”.


Mekkus – Intent on destroying all organic lifeforms, the Mekkus central AI has determined manipulation of the psionic powers of The Deep is needed. To achieve this end, they have harvested and experimented on wounded opponents, grafting the biologic with Mekkus circuitry and components, forming a horrific union to aid in accomplishing their driving directive. This starter crew includes a defender with particle cannons, an aggressor with gamma disruptors, a seeker, and an all new Cyren.


Neiran – The ancient matriarchal Neiran Empire is ever seeking to gain more territory for its Empress in the name of the Firstmother. This starter crew includes two clansisters, a scythesister, and an all new Huntress.

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