Cygnar FIGHT! Hurricane vs Stormwall

The Hurricane is out. Now we can have the age-old tomato-tom(a)to argument with the two Cygnar colossals.

Cygnar has 2 similar colossals but, they do have some major differences. We are going to take a look at the special rules, the ranged damage, and melee damage to try and come up with a conclusion on which colossal really gets the most bang for the buck!

Round 1: Special Rules

The Stormwall has a free model that does damage 3x during the game. The lightning pod not only does damage but, also contests scenarios and causes disruption. The lighting pod can also be places in really dirty spots to be targeted by electro leap ranged weapons for maximum effiency. This can be great if you are running out of models and need to put something into the zone.
The Stormwall can limit access into areas of the board by using its Sustained Fire rule. This lets it put out walls that do POW10’s to models that move through them. This can be a great deterrent for infantry and stop charge lanes.

Arc Node: Having a giant arc node gives you the ability to threathen wide range of the field for board control. However, colossal are usually engaged a lot of the time diminishing the returns. Especially if the Hurricane goes in on a target or 2 and can’t kill both.
Turbulence: No flight within 12″. This can be huge if you can somehow catch the fliers hiding behind obstacles. They will lose a turn if they cannot gain pathfinder or ghostly and can really mess up some charges.
Cortex Damage: The Hurricane can do cortex damage vs enemy warjacks. Even an enemy colossal has to be somewhat worried if the hurricane can roll up to it and take out all of the cortex boxes it has.

Round 1 Winner: Stormwall. The stormpod’s ability to contest scenarios, kill enemy models, disrupt warjacks, and be a target for electric weapons is an amazing ability!

Round 2: Ranged Damage

2 x RNG 14 POW 15 Big Guns: These are the tried and true, tested and proven guns that have been killing cygnar’s enemies from afar for years. Exceptional threat with decent damage.
2 x RNG 10 ROFd3 POW 10 Chain Cannons: Back in the day these were higher power but, they lost a couple points in MKIII. Potential for multiple shots but, relatively low Power.

2 x RNG 12 POW 16 Storm Emitters: Not only is this the highest base POW gun that cygnar can field it is electric based damage. Nemo3 and the firefly both can increase the damage output and the Stormstrider can increase the RAT value. The real fear of these weapons though is the ability to slam small and medium base models and knockdown heavier targets. Knockdowns and slams win games and the Hurricane can do both!
2 x RNG 14 AOE 4 POW 13 Cannons: Cygnar is pretty light on AOE ranged attacks but these are a nice sized at 4″. Combine this with a Siege Breach and you could easily delete a unit of shield walls models. The AOE gun can also receive a RAT increase via the Trencher Master Gunner.

Round 2 Winner: Hurricane. The Storm Emitters are disgusting monsters that every caster has to fear. They also synergize with electric weapon buffs to make them even more deadly. The Cannons higher power outclasses the chain cannons of the stormwall.

Round 3: Melee Damage

Voltaic Fist w/ electro leaps: The fists can kill multiple models and still threaten heavier targets.

Shock Fist w/ cortex damage: The fists get free damage vs warjacks and can threaten colossal by removing their cortex entirely.

Round 3 Winner: ???? This is a hard one and really can come down to the meta you are playing in. In the Austin Meta there are Helios factories and jacks galore. I would much prefer the extra cortex damage. In a meta with more lower armor infantry like cryx or mercenaries the elctro leaps can really be of use.

Revenant’s Overall Winner

I am going to give it to the Hurricane. In a sandbox with no other buffs besides focus , Hurricane can kill casters with the ability to knockdown and slam with the Storm Emitters. I weigh this more heavily then a relatively equal melee damage output and scenario contesting of the lightning pod.

~Do you like the Stormwall or the Hurricane more? Why not both?

  • Crevab

    Interesting. But you give the Hurricane points for electric synergy and no mention of being able to Triangulate off the Lightning Pod?

  • Nosebleed

    I’d say Hurricane wins on this one. The ability to directly deal cortex dmg is underrated!

  • marxlives

    Only way to find out is to take the last NQ rules and have them wrestle each other. IF IT AIN’T IN THE RING, IT DON’T MEAN A THING!