Cygnar: Hurricane Knocks You Down

It’s finally here!  The second colossal for the Cygnar is coming to a table near you.  He’s cruising for a bruising.

What is the Hurricane?

This is the counterpart to the Stormwall and the second colossal for Cygnar.  It comes in at a whopping 39 points and FA:2.  Only 2 of these bad boys can be fielded but with so much punch you probably won’t need a 3rd.  It has knockdown potential 2 big AOE guns which is not something cygnar is known for.  Also, it is a giant arc node.  This is good and bad depending on what you are fighting.

What Does the Hurricane Do?

The Hurricane is pretty similar to the stormwall in the body department with SPD5 MAT/RAT 6 and DEF10 ARM19.  What really differentates the 2 are a few things.  First, there are no free storm pods for the Hurricane.

The Hurricane is armed with 4 guns and 2 open fists:

  • 2 RNG 12 POW16 Electric Storm Emitters.

These 2 guns have a special rule called “Thunder Carge” which is pretty much the thumper cannon’s momentum rule with the caveat if you are immune to electric you don’t suffer the effects.  So, yes the Hurricane can slam medium or small models d3″ and knockdown large bases.  These really open the door for assassination runs and zone control.  However, if you are max range this could also be an annoyance as you could knock your target out of range for a 2nd shot.

Also, don’t forget electric damage type is a big deal! Here’s why:

Firefly: buffs electric damage which effectively makes the guns POW18.  That is Hyperion territory but, with 2 shots!

Stormstrider: buffs attack rolls of electric damage

Nemo3: buffs electric damage

  • 2 RNG 14 POW 13 AOE 4″ Cannons.

This kind of AOE is really new for Cygnar.  Outside of a Grenadier you didn’t see to many AOE shots coming from the swans.  This really changes the game.  With this kind of range an important solo is going to have a hard time dodging this shot.  Boosted POW7s kill most solos on average.  Throw in something like Siege’s Breach and a whole unit can disappear if they get to clumped up.

  • Shock Fist: RNG2 POW 20 with Cortex Damage.

This is really interesting in the colossal vs colossal fight.  If you can get the hurricane to hit the enemy colossal and knockout all 6 cortex boxes you probably win the game.  This can be combined with a lancer/defender or a arcane tempest riflemen to get that last couple cortex boxes.

Special Rules

  • Arc Node:  This is a double edged sword.  While it’s great to have a huge arc node up the field usually your caster wants to activate after your arc node.  But, usually colossals want to activate after your caster. Also, it is really easy to jam a colossal and there is no special rule saying that the Hurricane can Arc while it is being engaged.  This is useful but, might not matter past the 2nd turn.
  • Turbulence: No flying if you activate within 12″.  This can stop legion beasts in there tracks if you can jam them up.

Lists With the Hurricane:

The Hurricane is a crazy beast that it hits incredibly hard at range and can open up sick assassinations.  Knocking down heavies is also a great way to make your opponent real sad!  This list is more fun then competitive but, send in your hurricane to knockdown a heavy with its gun and have stryker shoot it to disrupt it. Use the feat if things are getting spicy to slow down the turns a little.  Remeber, Stryker can always Earthquake from one of the open arc nodes.

Cygnar Army – 74 / 75 points

(Stryker 1) Commander Coleman Stryker [+30]
– Hurricane [39]
– Hurricane [39]
– Squire [5]
Captain Arlan Strangewayes [4]
Gun Mage Captain Adept [5]
Journeyman Warcaster [4]
– Firefly [8]

Revenant’s Final Thought:

Hurricane is awesome.

It has huge guns that can be buffed, it has knockdown assassination potential, and has cheeky things like an arc node, no flying , and cortex damage.  All around a great model to added to cygnar’s stable.


What do you think of Cygnar’s new baby?  Will you be playing the windy robot?  Please share in your comments below.

  • Crevab

    and how would you compare it to the Stormwall?

    • petrow84

      As for my local meta’s experience; Stormwall is a cool utility stuff, whereas Hurtricane is more toward assassination and sheer brawl. Each has place in the Cygnar arsenal.

  • marxlives

    The Hurricane’s guns do slams and the i think the Stormwall deploys lighting pods and….AoEs? aka covering fire? Hurricane’s job seems to be cortex damage to make them into a melee beast against warjacks. And it does board control by slamming models and Stormwall works by denying areas of the board to infantry. I think Stormsmiths can use the lighting pods for triangulation. Great way to cut damage across the board for high de models.

  • dekere17

    So… do you build these at all with themes in mind? Because, I feel like you should…

  • petrow84

    pStryker is very mean with 2 colossi, but Darius would be even more evil. Since grievous wounds won’t stop his repair, it takes a lot of dedicated attack to bring them down. Plus, they can arc Jackhammer to each other.