Konflikt 47: New Errata


Konflikt 47 has a new FAQ out. Grab the rules while they’re hot.

via Warlord:

Amongst the rule changes are clarifications, adjustments, additions and removals! Most of these changes are in align with the latest Bolt Action errata.

That said, the number of errors is thankfully not massive and should make sense to you, the players. We have included some words on some issues that are not in themselves errors or in need of errata, but may clarify the thinking or reasoning behind some of the rules and units in the game. We hope this is a welcome addition, it’s obviously a game devised by the small team at Clockwork Goblin, but it’s now yours and we would be arrogant to ignore the players if they are fundamentally in a different place than us the designers.

Download Errata PDF Here

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  • Discoqing

    Yay! I haven’t played a game yet, but at least there should be clarification if I stumble upon anything!

  • Foehammer7977

    Even though it’s zero dollar, I find it annoying that warlord make you go through a web store transaction just to download this PDF.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s probably just to keep track of player base. I agree it’s kind of annoying.