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Big Models in 40K, Chaos, FAQs, New Models, Privateer & FFG

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May 8 2017

It’s been a busy weekend gamers, with news and minis from everyone from GW to Privateer, to FFG and more.

8th Edition 40k – A Positive Change

8th edition a month away. We’ve been given a handful of rules. Let’s wildly speculate! …I mean, look at what we know so far.

40K: Blood Angels Doomed?

The Sons of Sanguinius are in a whole world of hurt – It’s looking grim for the Blood Angels in 8th Edition.

FFG: New Releases “SW: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion”

The new Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs are out now. Check out all the releases from Fantasy Flight Games for this week and beyond!

40K: Shadow War: Armageddon FAQ & Errata

There is a new Shadow War: Armageddon book on the way and an official GW FAQ & Errata to boot – check it out!

New Episode of ‘Plan of ATK!’ with Simon Berman

This episode: our Illustrious Leader does an interview about BoLS and the state of gaming!

GW: New Releases May 6th “Pricing & Links”

A new Shadow War: Armageddon Rulebook and a whole bunch of floating dwarfs arrive this week from Games Workshop

The Thing: Alien Terror Comes to the Tabletop

Hunt down an unseeable, unknowable menace at Outpost 31 in this upcoming game.


Privateer: New May Releases

Coming soon from Privateer Press, a trio of solos and a new light jack for the Protectorate.

40K: 8th Edition – Large and In Charge

Large models are going to be pretty beefy in 8th, come take a look!

~OK, you’re all caught up. Onto the new week!

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