Konflikt 47: New Walkers for US Forces

Uncle Sam brings the heavy metal to Konflict 47 with a swagger!

US Jackal Walker – $32.00

A breakthrough in the power of repulsor pods led to first the Jackal and then the Mudskipperwalkers, built to keep up with fast moving jump infantry. The M5A5 Jackal sacrifices firepower for speed but the A6 version adds a flamethrower to compensate.
Nimble and able to survive small arms fire, the Jackal is the perfect lead for a flanking squad. It’ll be able to put pins on targets at a distance with it’s MMG, giving it plenty of time to jump in and wipe out the enemy squad with it’s vehicle crushing fists.

Cost: 90pts (Regular), 105pts (Veteran).
Weapons: Right arm-mounted MMG, 2x Fist.
Damage value: 7+ (light walker).
Options: May add left arm-mounted infantry flamethrower for +20pts
Special Rules: Walker
Single Crew


US Bruin Assault Walker – $48.00

The Grizzly works well in most situations but when it comes to heavy defences, or when confronted by heavier tanks and walkers, you’ll be wanting some heavy rocket firepower…

In response, the versatility of the Grizzly’s fists was sacrificed for heavy firepower in the form of heavy rocket racks. The Bruin retains the functional 75mm gun but its primary role is to crack bunkers, gun emplacements, and to blast apart heavy tanks with its rockets.

This Medium Support Walker has no need of HE for it’s casement mounted AT gun as it uses direct fire with the rockets. Aim to get into a good position with troops supporting your advance before opening up – removing any obstacles in your armies way and allowing the swifter elements of your force to break through!

The Bruin in Konflikt…

Cost: 220pts (Regular), 285pts (Veteran).
Weapons: Forward facing casement-mounted medium anti-tank gun, pintle-mounted HMG, arm-mounted heavy rockets (fires in left, right and forward arcs).
Damage value: 8+ (Medium walker).
Special Rules: Heavy Rockets (direct fire only, fires as heavy howitzer)


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  • Hawt Dawg

    One of dem games I wanna play but no one else. 🙁

    • ZeeLobby

      Aww. Me too! Bolt Action just didn’t appeal to me, but this alternative history Konflikt is something I would definitely get down on.

  • ZeeLobby

    Everything that’s old, rusty and robotic just makes me wonder if I can somehow include it in the new Fallout game, lol.

    • dinodoc

      I was thinking 40k Dreadnought

      • ZeeLobby

        Definitely look a little more like something that could actually be functional, haha. I do love my toasters though.

    • georgelabour

      Well they had to have had other attempts besides Liberty Prime right?

      Also Scrappers from Osprey (frostgrave, Horizon wars) is out, and I haven’t read it yet but it may make allowances for junk mechs.

      • ZeeLobby

        Ooooo. I didn’t even know that. I’ll have to take a look. We’re just about to start a massive Frostgrave campaign (just made a whole tables worth of terrain) and I love Osprey’s work.

  • marxlives

    Honestly, some of the Konflict walkers are the best out there, and in some cases do BT better than BT in aesthetic. The design is simple, WW2 does a job, and actually looks believable in its design. Large legs for stability, check. Basically a moving weapons platform that can get to places tanks can’t…check.

    Biggest problem with most sci-fi walkers is that they focus on….close combat. Which is ridiculous, makes about as much sense as charging a dude with a kitchen knife when he has a machine gun. The fact that human advancement into cybernetics, virtual intelligence, augumented and AI, reality, able to use miniature black holes as artillery and megastructures would make sword more viable?

    One thing I like about BatteTech is that melee combat (just like bayonets today) is truly a last resort action. And the tech isn’t so far out there to make melee just down right irelevant. And Konflict seems to go the same route…believable alternative history/science fiction, even with their most extreme elements.

    I mean if I can fabricate materials to build megastructures, transport materials into space at a low cost enough to construct them, and use shielding and weapons that literally distort time and space…what is a melee weapon? Keeping track of a lot of actual science, rather than space magic really brings into context how ridiculous some of these concepts really are.

    The only problem with Konflict is size. I don’t mind getting into a game that only me and a buddy will play once in awhile if it is skirmish level. But there really should be 2 walker, 2 squads, two player set for under 100 dollars. But if it is an all in game like 40k, KoW, Konflict, I am a little hesitant. Even a game like Runewars, I can get into because it is 99 bucks for two armies and I don’t really care if the game grows. Warmachine two player sets are also great at 80-90 bucks, but once a two player set pushes past 100, I am a little hesitant.

    I am also a little wary based on where the game is produced. Nottingham is either charts, charts, charts in design or they dumb the game down so much its either 3 below or above.

    • Foehammer7977

      Well, if you read the konflict background, the walkers aren’t universally replacing tanks. They have been developed as specialty vehicles which are useful in dense and/or urban terrain. In open terrain, tanks, particularly tanks with new Rift weaponry, still reign supreme.

      Now if you look at urban combat, suddenly close quarters battle with grenades, SMGs, and bayonets becomes much more common. If fighting through buildings and houses, the ability to tear apart barricades and walls with a giant hydraulic fist becomes useful. In the background these “power fists” are often used for demolition/Sapper tasks rather than “punching the enemy”.