RPG: Green Ronin Bringing Lazarus to the Table Top

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Green Ronin has announced a new game and a forthcoming Modern AGE system. Dive into the world of Lazarus.

The Season of Sci-Fi continues with a new RPG (and a new system) from Green Ronin. First up there’s the Modern AGE, which going by the title and scant information to be found, will be a modern/action version of the Adventure Game Engine they’ve used for Dragon AGE, Fantasy AGE, and the Blue Rose RPG. Then secondly there’s the first big setting they’re going to release it as a part of–Lazarus.

Lazarus is a series of graphic novels that take place in a dystopian future, where the world has been divided up into sixteen different families and feudalism is reigning supreme. Each of the families has their own caste system of real people, serfs, and waste, and how do they defend all of this oppression and wealth? Each family is protected by a Lazarus–and the series focuses on the coming of age of the Lazarus for the Carlyle family–Forever Carlyle.

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[Lazarus presents a] vision of a world dominated by corporate families and featuring staggering levels of income inequality becomes more relevant by the day. Lazarus tells a powerful story and soon you’ll be able to add your own chapters to that around the table.

“I’ve been a gamer since I was ten years old,” said Greg Rucka [creator of Lazarus]. “RPGs, in particular, have been an important part of my life in so many ways—as recreation, of course; as entertainment, as a means of escape, yes; and, honestly, as an enormously vital part of my development as a writer, and, I would hazard, as a human being. My best friends were made long ago around the gaming table. To have been part of creating something with Michael Lark, and to have that creation standing strong enough that Green Ronin sees its potential as a gaming world, might just possibly be the greatest compliment I could ever receive. It sounds hokey, I suppose, but it’s true—as someone who has spent days, weeks, months, exploring the worlds of others at the gaming table, to add to that is a big deal.

“That I get to do so with Green Ronin makes it all the more of a joy for me. Chris and company know their stuff inside and out, and more, they know where the mechanics end and the story needs to begin. I couldn’t be happier to be working with them on bringing Lazarus to RPGs.”

Green Ronin will publish the World of Lazarus this Fall. The book will present Lazarus as a setting for the Modern AGE RPG, which will be released concurrently. Modern AGE takes Green Ronin’s popular Adventure Game Engine—as seen in the Dragon Age, Blue Rose, and Fantasy AGE RPGs—and adapts it to the modern action genre.

More information and previews for the World of Lazarus and Modern AGE will appear on www.greenronin.com in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information. If Green Ronin comes out with a sci-fi system, they should call it AGE of Tomorrow. You’re welcome Green Ronin, that one’s free.

  • Kevin Maloney

    Colour me intrigued. I actually have enjoyed Lazarus so far and am interested to see how an RPG of it would work.