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I’m afraid when your friends pick up this book, they’ll find it’s Fully Operational.

Age of Rebellion’s newest sourcebook is all about Engineers, and Fantasy Flight Games has a look at some of the new species and specializations your engineer can take on. Kaminoans, Shipwrights, and Crafting, oh my! This sourcebook will help you MacGyver your way out of any situation.

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First off are the Kaminoans–who engineer Life Itself. You may remember them from the Star Wars prequels. Tall and lanky and given to genetic engineering, these graceful scientists make perfect engineers, medics, doctor, or technicians. They get a boosted Intelligence score and a free rank in Medicine–so really any class that would benefit from a little medical knowledge or a high intelligence is a good fit for these guys. They take a hit to social things though, so keep that in mind.

Shipwrights are Engineers who can get the most out of any ship. Whether it’s making them move faster, have a better silhouette, or Pushing the Specs, Shipwrights are how your trusty bucket of bolts will get out of even the worst scraps intact. And then when you finally get a chance to rest, they’ll have your ship up and running again thanks to their abilities to Fine Tune and Repair. All in all pretty solid talents for adventures/campaigns that are very ship-centric.

Speaking of ships–everyone knows that you should never just buy off the rack. Fully Operational has a flexible ship construction system that lets you design all manner of projects. Start with a frame–something simple like a speeder bike, or go for more complex like a Corvette) and then layer in options and parts and you’ll get your labor. The bigger the project, the longer the time it’ll take, but what a payoff it’ll be to roll out in your own custom-corvette that can outrun those pesky Star Destroyers and/or Republic Frigates. Just the thing any good spacer needs.

Fully Operational$29.95

Design. Build. Repair. Destroy. The struggle against the Empire isn’t only for those who carry the biggest blasters or fly the fastest starfighters. No war can be carried on without the tools to wage it, and Engineers serve the Rebellion and their comrades by designing, building, and maintaining all the equipment necessary to end the Empire’s reign of terror in the galaxy. Weapons, droids, vehicles, and gear of all varieties are more than just plasteel and bolts; they represent the will of the free people of the galaxy made corporeal in defiance of the Emperor.

Fully Operational is a 96-page sourcebook for Engineers in the Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game™. Featuring three new specialization talent trees and new races to populate your campaigns, Fully Operational is an essential addition to your collection. It includes detailed rules for vehicle and starship construction as well as sample campaigns that emphasize the role Engineers play in the Galactic Civil War beyond being simple background support. A livery of new ships and vehicles also awaits you, ready to be included in your Age of Rebellion campaign.

Now if only that laserbrained rodian would stop cross-wiring the hyperdrive…

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  • Matthew Pomeroy

    Big time yes on this one!

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