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Assassins, Inquisitors, and Sororitas, oh my! Take a peek at their 8th Edition Incarnation.

GW and Reece are back with another Faction Focus today. This time it’s a look at the Imperial Agents which comprises the Officio Assassinorum, the Adepta Sororitas, and the Inquisition. Let’s begin.

Now how exactly these factions will work in concert with the rest of the Imperium is not exactly clear–but from a quick look at the keywords on the Eversor Assassin’s profile, we can see that they’ve got the Imperium Faction Keyword. And I’d guess the rest of the units in this faction have the same, so you’ll want to keep that in mind while you’re building your forces.

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The Officio Assassinorum particularly have had quite a ramp up. They all come in at very reasonable points costs for matched play and have interesting and fun abilities. The Vindicare is a truly deadly sniper with his ability to ignore cover and invulnerable saves on a gun that is AP -3 and always wounds Infantry on a 2+ with D3 damage (or D6 on a 6 to wound!). However, the award for most improved goes to the Eversor, who’s always been my favourite of the Assassins. He now can appear from reserves anywhere on the table more than 9″ away from enemy models but charges 3D6″.

This seems pretty potent. Especially if they can charge the turn they come in. Basically they can appear out of nowhere and engage your units that really wanted to be shooting next turn and just start tearing into them. Or did you have a unit that was going to be charging? Well now they’re dealing with a 6 wound unit with a Neuro-gauntlet and Power Sword. Oh, and who explodes into mortal-wound-toxins whenever killed.

Which is going to make it all the more bittersweet when those triple ones turn up on the charge roll and they get blasted into oblivion next turn. But if you’re worried about Assassins or other deep-striking, infiltrating, shenanigans, there’s always Coteaz out of the Inquisition.

The Inquisition also offers a lot of tools for the Imperial player’s arsenal. Many of the same faces are there still, and Coteaz particularly still offers up a great toolset, although it is now much more focused in application. His rule Spy Network (similar to his older rule, I’ve Been Expecting You) now allows you to fire on an enemy unit that is deployed after the game begins — such as Terminators coming in via Teleport Strike — but only with a friendly Inquisition unit within 6″ of him. However, as almost no other units in the game have this ability, it is quite a powerful tactical advantage.

I really like this rule–it encourages you to build a list around a theme (the Inquisition Keywords) and can be a challenge to fit it in with the rest of your forces–but it gives you a ton of tactical options as a reward.

Then of course there are the Adepta Sororitas, who put the Faith in “Faith in the Emperor.” Their new incarnation seems built for them to leverage their core Acts-of-Faith synergies to provide for greater market reach and increased numbers in the 4th quarter. At least according to the latest actionable items from this morning’s drop-in with the new Division Chief.

They now boast some powerful tools such as their Iconic rule, Acts of Faith which triggers on a 2+ roll at the beginning of your turn. If you pass, one of your units gets to use an Act of Faith which ranges from a free move, free shooting phase, free round of melee, or the regeneration of D3 wounds for a previously slain model in a unit. This gives you a huge amount of efficiency and flexibility from your units. They all have the very good Shield of Faith rule which not only gives you a 6+ invulnerable save but allows a limited version of Deny the Witch to every unit with it.

That said, a single Act of Faith would seem a bit limiting, right? Well fret not, you can get as many as you want. Celestine grants an automatic Act of Faith to a unit within 6″. Imagifiers also grant you an additional Act of Faith to a unit within 6″ on a 4+.

Celestine continues the Faithstravaganza by improving Shield of Faith rolls for anyone nearby, and her attendant Geminae Superia. Once per game she can come back at full health on a roll of 2+ when slain, so, on the battlefield she’ll be hot stuff.

Speaking of artless segues, here’s a look at the Penitent Engine which is full of literal hot stuff in the form of two Heavy Flamers.

The Penitent Engine is another potent vehicle dramatically improved from previous versions. They are improved on a basic level due to the changes to how vehicles work, and they are no longer in danger of getting taken out from a single shot in most cases. Defence aside, they really shine in the offence department. With 2 heavy flamers, they can plow through units and have excellent overwatch capabilities. In melee, they get 4 Attacks at Strength 10, AP -3 dealing 3 Damage each. But where it really gets crazy is when they pile in and attack again in combat on a 4+!

You can find all this and more, including a look at the Immolator if you head on over to the full article. In the meantime, start planning your detachments because the Imperial Agents are ready to deploy in the Emperor’s Name.

Which assassin are you hoping gets the biggest rework? What do you think of the new Sisters? Will they finally get the book they need in this edition?

  • dinodoc

    So they’re just not going to update Sisters of Battle?

    • Karru

      They make up the Adeptus Ministorum section of the book. As these are just indexes and not full fledged codices, one can assume that if GW updates Sisters one day, it will be part of a book release for them.

    • MechBattler

      They are left to languish. I was hoping they’d be one of the launch factions for 8th.

      • dynath

        In the grim darkness of the future there is only space marines.

        • euansmith

          “Brother Crying Freeman died when his helmet filled with tears.”

          • dynath


            In the grim darkness of the future named characters don’t wear helmets

          • euansmith

            😀 😀 😀

          • Spacefrisian

            At least we know it makes sense for Ragnar, he headbuts bullets.

      • ZeeLobby

        Man. What a better pick then primaris

        • MechBattler

          After seeing how awesome they made the Celestine model, and how they were really individualizing the rules for the factions and moving away from USRs, I was really hoping they had put some TLC into the sisters.

          They’re such a flavorful faction, just dripping with personality.

          But NOPE. GW said, “Derp, les maek bigga spess mehrines, hyuk hyuk.”
          They didn’t even do something cool like blend AdMech tech with space marine tech to make super cyborgs or something. I don’t know if anyone else thinks that cool, but at least it would have been more creative!

    • kevinharoun


    • Bakvrad

      Makes it hard to play them without 8th rules and the article says they are in the index…
      So… wrong? Or do you mean if they get a full fledged Codex with completely new rules and stuff and so on?
      Still possible. Those indexes are no reason to believe they don’t get a true update later on. If that reasoning would be true no army would get an update 😀

      Time will tell ^^

  • Brendan Kirk

    Coteaz’s ability isn’t very effective. It allows an Ordo Malleus unit fire overwatch at the target, not shoot. SInce Henchmen warbands are gone, this generally means snapping off a few shots with an Acolyte unit, and the best thing they can take is a storm bolter or plasma gun that isn’t very points-effective.

  • euansmith

    I think it is a shame that the Data Slates still look to be referencing rules in the main rule book. Still, a home made rosta could include any stray rules in a handy one-stop-shop.

  • MechBattler

    Huh. So Eversor gets an attack bonus for charging in consecutive turns. So basically they’ve made him even MORE of a relentless combat machine than before. You basically want to keep throwing him into combat until he explodes.

    • Simon Bates

      I think you’ve misread that. The Charge phase is separate to the Fight phase. In 7th it would have been worded “In the turn that he charges” or similar. It just means he gets 2 extra attacks when he charges.

      • MechBattler

        Well, that misinterpretation doesn’t really change my impression of him.
        He’s definitely roid ragier than before.

  • kevinharoun

    Frenzon should have been named “Oh yeeaah!”. I know I’ll be saying every time I charge with him.

    • Crevab

      Or the other Eversor classic. “WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY”

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Sisers sound more usefull. But might scale bad into huge armies. Maybe they stay in the obscure Ally detachment section.

    Still no plastic, wich i realy do not like and Jakobus is not that mandatory here. Celestine is even morea must add.

    • Spacefrisian

      I wonder if i can field her without the extra 2 models, i kind of only have the original metal one.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        you can, Geminae cost extra. But she is better with them

      • Manuel Bateman

        build your oown geminae from the sisters jumppack troops?

        • Rabid Wombat

          A squad of Seraphim cost $110 USD, can only be ordered direct from GW, and only comes with one Seraphim Superior. There doesn’t appear to be an option to get a single Superior or a blister pack of two Seraphim anymore. Even then, you are going to have to do some metal kitbashing, because only the Superior sculpt comes with power sword and *plasma* pistol.

          Option two would be to mod a couple of Assault Marines and get some second market female heads (like the “Statuesque” line), then go to town with some green stuff.

          Option three, the Triumvirate of the Imperium is $80 USD; bite the bullet and sell off Greyfax and Cawl. Sadly, this is probably the cheapest option.

  • Manuel Bateman

    you gonna see the vindicator. alot..

  • silashand

    The “limited version of Deny the Witch” is just plain unusable as written. Since the new DtW requires you beat the enemy’s result, the only time they will *ever* get to use it is if:

    1. The power requires 5+ Warp Charges or less. Any power of 6+ or greater and the Sisters player can’t even make an attempt.

    2. The opposing player happens to roll a natural 5 on 2d6.

    3. The Sisters player then has to roll a natural 6 for it to work.

    Assuming my counting is correct there are 49 psychic powers in the game (48 army plus Smite). Of them 7 are WC5 and 1 is WC4. These are the only ones where the Shield of Faith rule could possibly apply. Using the above this works out to a less than 2% chance of success against the weakest powers in the game of which they comprise only 16% of all available powers.

    Honestly I like most of what I’ve read so far of 8th edition, but I cannot think of a worse rule than this one. Either it’s a typo, or no one bothered to playtest it even once.