40K: New Anniversary Model For 2017

There is a new Primaris Space Marine Captain Model heading to GW Stores for their Anniversaries – come take a look!

via Games Workshop Facebook


This model, a Primaris Captain, is the 2017 Anniversary model, currently Exclusive to store Anniversaries.

It will be available at our store Anniversary on 8th July, the first store in the UK to have him!

You can buy him separately, or get him free if you spend £150 or more

That’s a pretty cool looking model – but let’s say you prefer if your characters keep their helmets on. Good news then, GW has that covered too:

Now, this is an Anniversary model which means it’s going to be a limited release. How will that work?

Apparently every GW store will get one on their Anniversary day! Now, that means you’re going to want to frequent your local GW store if you have one. Otherwise, you’re out of luck… Sorry folks!

On the flip side, doubt this will be the only Primaris Captain model we see – just give it time.


There’s always eBay, right?

  • Don’t service studs denote the time that they’ve been a space marine?

    • Parthis

      I believe so, but there is a way of upgrading stupid stumpy marines into super tall awesum marines. He probably wanted an upgrade for his birthday.

      • Kefka

        Seeing as the Indomitus Crusade ran for 100~ years maybe he came early and rocked the boat?

        • Emprah

          SOme chapters use it for 50 years. others like the Blood Ravens for 200, not just 100. So if he got one per 50, he can be an Indomitus Veteran.

    • Horus84cmd

      8th Ed is set 100-200 years after the resurrection of Roboute. So there is scope for a Primaris marine to gain them. Also, as Parthis points out the Primaris background has included the nugget that all SM can be “gene-engineered” to Primaris. Which I am sure in a few years will be the case and we may even see the SM range effectively being fettered out.

    • Jonathan B.

      50 years per silver stud. Considering that the Indomitus Crusade lasted for 112 years, the Primaris Marines would be eligible for two.

      • Horus84cmd

        Well 10, 50, 100 years depending on the Chapter – there is no strict rule laid down.

        • Sparowl

          Guilliman will be fixing such anarchy in his new, updated book (that all space marines will be required to carry – talk about a book deal)

          • AEZ

            He’ll probably whipe out all non codex chapters 😀 starting with space puppies

      • SilentPony

        That and I got the impression from Dark Imperium that some of them had combat experience before the Crusade. Some of them remembered when the Primaris project first started, implying either they’re ancient, or were in stasis.
        So its entirely possible groups of them were unfrozen from time to time for test runs as it were.

        • Matthew Callis

          The novel mentions a Primaris captain as having been in and out of stasis.

    • vlad78

      Service studs can be of different sorts, they can be granted for decades or centuries of services. Each chapter uses them in a different way. Those studs meaning can be this character has been a captain for 20 years. (or far longer actual time due to travels in the warp)

      • So how many years of services do they mean for Ultras?

        • vlad78

          I’d be keen to have this information. Insignium astartes doesn’t give any precise data. Moreover, the primaris are Guilliman’s thing but also seem to have developed an (perhaps fleeting) independant culture, therefore if that captain went though the greyshield ranks, the Emperor knows what amount of time those studs mean.

  • orionburn

    These special releases always confuse me. Does it mean my local FLGS that sells GW products will be able to get them, or does it have to be an actual GW store?

    • Horus84cmd

      Limited to GW stores on their yearly birthday weekends.

  • ZeeLobby
  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Makes me think of Captain Titus from Space Marine, but the studs are on the wrong side of his head and his hair is just a bit longer than in the game, but, this would be 100-200 years since then, so, time for his hair to grow out. Plus would explain how he had his service studs while being a primaris marine, was an upgraded marine.

  • Chris Hilliard

    Great, so I have to drive 700 miles to even see one. Thanks for nothing GW!

  • Cergorach

    Crapcast or plastic on sprue?

    • Might be crapcast like Captain Centos. I’d say resin based on a few details which look like having slight undercuts. But I may be wrong, GW is putting out well done plastic kits lately.

      • AEZ

        It’s not that crappy lately right?

        • It’s not *that* crappy, but still crappy and cluttered with gates and still not free of bubbles.

  • Skeksis

    Another Space Marine.

    Hooray for Hollywood.

    • It’s difficult to change habbits you built up for 30 years. And GW doesn’t want to break the cycle of Marines sell best, so we sell more Marines, so Marines will sell best.

  • Zreat mi Legenderi

    Ultramarines…. the most boring marine chapter ever created and the one that gets more love from GW… I can’t understand that. Even the Imperial Fists adn Salamanders are more interesting! Rubout Guilliman the most plain Primarch… Compare him with any other of his brothers! History, feelings, actions… and the most absurd CodexChapter! Guilliman wrote it but each edition they get more and more out of Codex Rules options! Soon they will be less Codex than Space Wolves! Ridiculous….

    • Zreat mi Legenderi

      In 9th edition what will be new? Secondaris Ultramarines? Tertiaris? People at GW… Are you really earning money writting that stuff? They payfor that? Tell me you’re doing something more useful as cleaning WC. Do you think you’re good writers and creatives? Ridiculous…

      • Danny Carr

        Salamanders have flames on their armour, black skin, red eyes and love flame weaponry.

        Space Wolves have a distinct viking aesthetic, use war wolves and are unorthodox in almost every way.

        Dark Angels have a strong knightly aesthetic and are insanely secretive and obsessive.

        Iron Hands are very cybernetic, kinda Darwinian in outlook and until recently basically emotionless.

        White Scars have a Mongolian aesthetic and an extreme focus on bikes.

        Raven Guard are Astarte spec ops/ninjas with unnaturally and extremely pale skin .

        Blood Angels have the red thirst, black rage, drink blood and are blinged out to high heaven.

        The other legion chapters for one reason or other look different from a baseline Space Marine in the 40k universe and/or have particular unique quirks that set them apart from other marines. If you’re a new player and Salamanders were the poster boys you’re image of a Space Marine would be as friendly, black skinned, red eyed pyromaniacs. Which while awesome they’re not like that; space marines in general are nothing like the Salamanders.

        So that leaves the Imperial Fists and Ultramarines as the 2 most baseline and normal marine look and lorewise in how they do things.

        • Nicolas M

          TBH, the Ultramarine HAD a specificity, namely a strong Roman Legion aesthetic. But thanks to Ward (once again) they lost that to become “vanilla marines”.

    • Horus84cmd

      Get over it. Ultramarines are simply the go to paint scheme for these kinds of promo-shots. Harks to way back whence the studio decided the blue was the easiest to paint and looked best on box art.

      I am sure the model is Chapter-less, like all the recent special even sculpts.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Sports a crux terminatus on the belt buckle.
    Sooooo… we’ll see Primaris Terminators?

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Don’t give ’em the idea…

    • jmaximum

      Isn’t the new Primaris Captain in the new version of Termie armor?

      • There are conflicting rumours about that.

      • Luca Lacchini

        The Gravis Armor seems to be a boosted MkX (+1T, but no armor save improv), rather than a full-fledged termie.

        • jmaximum

          Ok, cuz I’m reading the white dwarf for Dark Millennium , and they are discussing the new MkX armor and variants, and they pretty much make it sound like termie armor without calling it Mk X terminator armor.

  • AircoolUK

    Not for me, I like the basic look of the Primaris Marines. I’ve had it up to here ‘head height’ with cloaks, lanyards, scrolls, and other assorted tat on power armour.

  • Horus84cmd

    In my opinion another solid mini. Lots of scope for painting and making your own.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The Imperial Space Marine has some good rules in 8th. I am sure this guy will be no different.

  • Xodis

    Yeah for helmet options!!!!

  • MechBattler

    And the tax to get the model, ahem, “Free”, continues to climb.

    • The amount of kits you can buy for the ‘required tax’ stays nearly the same though 😛

      • MechBattler

        Think about this though. That’s $190 worth of models, before tax. I think very few people drop that kind of dough on an average, “Oh, let’s just see what they’ve got on the shelf.” trip.

        It’s getting tiresome that their “celebration” of an anniversary is just another overpriced model.

        They only make this thing available for one day anyhow and it’s a single model. Either lower the amount you have to buy to get it, or GASP, give it away for FREE. It’s ONE model for ONE day. I think they can afford to not be skinflints for a single day to make their customers feel special and appreciated.

        • I think you missed the sarcasm in my reply which was expressing that miniatures got more expensive.

          • MechBattler

            Wasn’t sure if you were being serious or not. Now I know. Sarcasm acknowledged.

            Still doesn’t change my point though.

  • piglette

    How many captains does an average ultramarines player have in his collection?

    • dante13

      Over 9000..

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    were did his iron halo go?

  • dante13

    Kinda looks boring and he should be covering his face better, those Plasma pistols are deadly man…