Black Library – New Releases 6-17-17

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This week, heroes drop in. The Stormcast Eternals descend to the realms of Chaos, and the Elysian Drop troops descend into battle.

A fairly quiet week for the Black Library–probably something to do with that new edition launching or what not. But even so, there are still two new releases–one Age of Sigmar Adventure and one 40K Audio Drama, this time featuring the Elysian Drop Troops. It’s nice to see the Astra Militarum (and a pretty stylish branch of them, no less) get a little bit of time in the spotlight. Er. At the mic, I guess. It’s an audio drama–there’s no spotlight, obviously. But they do have all the foley and performance you could want.

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Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (Hardback) $27

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel

During the greatest battles of the War for Life, the Stormcast Eternals suffered a great tragedy: the Hallowed Knights Lord-Castellant Lorus Grymn was lost to the Realm of Chaos. Now his fellow Steel Souls venture into the domain of Nurgle himself in search of their lost comrade…

It’s a return to the Mortal Realms… sort of. It’s something new for the Age of Sigmar as the Stormcast Eternals take on Chaos not just in the usual places, but right in the very heart of the Dark Gods’ own domain.

As the War for the Realm of Life continues, Lord-Castellant Lorrus Grymn leads the battered remnants of the Steel Souls warrior chamber against the sargasso-citadels of the Verdant Bay. The Hallowed Knights claim victory, but at a terrible cost – Grymn is lost to Realm of Chaos. Now Gardus, newly-reforged and fresh from the destruction of the Scabrous Sprawl, must lead his warriors into the foetid heart of Nurgle’s realm in search of the Lord-Castellant, where they must once more brave the horrors of the Realm of Decay…

Written by Josh Reynolds.


Scions of Elysia (CD) $17.50

An Astra Militarum audio drama

The 158th Elysian regiment of the Imperial Guard make one of their infamous drop assaults – in their home system. But when disaster strikes, it falls to Sergeant Zachariah to save the campaign from failure.

The Elysian Drop Troops are a unique force within the Astra Militarum, and Chris Dows captures the dizzying, vertiginous nature of the way they fight so well, it’ll make your head spin.

The Elysian Drop Troops are famed throughout the Astra Militarum for their rapid deployment tactics, utter fearlessness and expertise at grav-chute assaults. The 158th Elysian are once such regiment, ordered to pacify piratical warbands at large in their native system. But as the campaign commences, disaster strikes, the regiment’s inexperienced and arrogant captain the cause. Only through the ingenuity of Sergeant Zachariah is a victory salvaged, but at a terrible cost.

Written by Chris Dows.

Running time approx. 58 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Jonathan Keeble, Stephen Perring and Melvyn Rawlins

When making a recording about the Scions of Elysia, the only thing that will never drop is the audio quality.

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