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Metal Dawn is an upcoming cooperative board game about stopping an insane AI…and a Metal Dawn.

Picture a future inspired by the ’80s, where a sinister AI has taken over and it’s up to a bunch of people who are Bad Enough Dudes to work for a special Agency to go around and fight its minions and try and stop humanity from getting caught by this network from the sky, or Skybound-Net. Well, picture no more–Metal Dawn is here to make your robot-fighting dreams come true.


It’s a cooperative board game that casts you and up to three friends as special operatives of “The Agency.” Your agents are tasked with exploring a machine-controlled Washington D.C> to find loot and fight minions so that you can one day put a stop to the evil AI that controls everything.

I have to say, I love that this game is cooperative–there’s a special place in my heart for those games. They’re just about always good to pick up and play. There’s something about the “us vs. the game” mentality that makes them a great fit for any group of friends–and this game looks to be no different. It’s full of action and explosions–and it’s already funded, so what more could you want?

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Metal Dawn

Metal Dawn is a new sci-fi action-adventure cooperative game from Everything Epic (Publishers of the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China the Game, Rambo: the Board Game, Secrets of the Lost Tomb).

In Metal Dawn, players will have to move around Washington D.C. and protect the hot zones from the oncoming robotic forces of Dominus, a Rogue Artificial Intelligence Defense Satellite that has become self-aware and has decided to destroy humanity.  While fending off the countless cyborgs, drones, and exterminators, players must collect intel to use in hacking Dominus eventually getting it to land on Earth making it vulnerable to direct attack.

Each player will have different unique special abilities in each game. You’ll control 2 Agents, each with their own unique special ability. Also, each player will be assigned to control a different Division of “The Agency” with control over a big once per game power.

While moving around Washington D.C., your Agents must equip themselves with Weapons and Gear to defend the capital. Additionally, they must use the Zone’s abilities to further their goals. When the machines invade zones, overflowing them with their inhuman power, will the Agents be able to take them down using their elite skills and special abilities? Maybe you’ll find a Rocket Launcher you can use against the bots. Perhaps a jetpack will get you where you need to go just in the nick of time. You may use an intel at the right moment to eliminate a group of bots before they can overrun a zone, or perhaps save that intel to use in hacking Dominus to eventually have it transform into Robot Dominus!

We love games with simple mechanics that lead players to tense meaningful decisions. We were inspired by games like “Dead of Winter” and “Pandemic” creating a challenging yet thematic cooperative atmosphere. We wanted to include many various board zone actions, ongoing threat progression, character customization, missions that when completed either help with threat or “level up” your agents. There’s also tons of unique weapons and gear to equip your agents with allowing for fun thematic combat and special actions.

When we first started designing Metal Dawn, we knew we had something very unique coming to life. We had a highly thematic cooperative game with some worker placement game mechanisms that mixed some of our favorite gameplay elements rolled up with highly engaging character progression with a high threat and meaningful gameplay choices that keep players working together and coming back for more! Inspired by movies like Terminator, TV shows like “24′, and real life history like Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” helped to bring the background story of this game to life!

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May we all be bad enough dudes.

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